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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bi Encounter with Thai Couple Ch. 01

group bi_hengst 2018-09-07

I continued to watch, loving the feeling of Jack's hard masculine body pressed up against me and I held him tighter and instinctively thrust my cock up and down, still pressed up against his warm lower back. He nodded with his eyes closed, Kelly working on his balls now, my tongue on his neck and one of my hands jerking his cock, wet from Kelly's mouth and his own oozing pre-cum. Kelly was now spreading my buttocks apart and Jack now rubbed the hard head of his cock up and down my crack. I told her to put a finger in my ass, and as Jacked watched, I lost control and felt my cum spurt in Kelly's mouth, several times.

Something Else a Little Different

group Bethyboo 2018-09-07

A knowing look passes between the two men and UPS's hand reaches to draw my lips back to his cock. I feel the postman's cock nudging my wet lips apart and suddenly he thrusts forward, filling me, pushing me onto the cock in my mouth. Gagging as the postman's cock continues to grow, UPS finds my clit and tugs hard at it, while pushing hard at my tight ring...his cock breaks through, my ass giving way and letting him in. The postman grabs me upright and kisses me full on the lips, sucking his seed from my mouth and pulling away lets it splatter over my breasts.

Politically Incorrect

group Ashson 2018-09-07

Kate and Marie giggled and put their hands up and Mike and Peter looked embarrassed and kept their hands down. "Kate, you seem to think it's a fair thing for Nadia to be nude. "Michael," I said softly, "Kate looks a little embarrassed standing there like that. She turned her head to look at us watching her as Mike started stroking her bottom and his hand dipped between her legs. I just sat there, relaxed and erect, hands cupping her breasts and thumbs teasing her nipples while she slowly sank down onto me, taking me deeper with every passing moment. My hands were lightly cupping her breasts, feeling the nipples rub against my palms as Nadia bounced.

Wet t-shirt contest

group 2018-09-07

We then all sat on the end of the stage and spread our legs and let the men come forward and suck our tits and eat pussy. My guy fingered my pussy as he licked my ass while two friends sucked my tits. I loved my tits sucked as my cunt was tongue fucked by this guy who could really push a tongue in my hole deep. Then a black guy got to my pussy and rammed his huge cock deep in me and fucked me hard. Now I had that young wild cock in my cunt and his finger in my ass being double fucked and I never wanted it to stop.


group Many Feathers 2018-09-06

I had soon learned that Jack and Doreen had been having very similar thoughts and discussions, and it was slowly starting to look like that could become a very real possibility. "Jack told me how erotic it would be to see Brad fucking me while he fucked you side by side the way we did it last night." Doreen let that hang for a moment, waiting for my response. Added to that, Brad had gotten obviously aroused as well, so much so that we had not only fucked outside in the hot-tub next to our friends, but had done so again after going into the house to bed.


Don't Tell Him That!

group Manny2314 2018-09-06

Todd and Ian had stayed in the pool when this whole thing had started, but when she first licked Ben's cock they had to get a closer look. As Rylee's mouth descended on Ben's cock again, Anna reached over, kind of pushing on the rod that stuck up, tenting Ian's swim trunks. Before Ben had coated Rylee's face with his cum, Todd had moved his hand down to Jessica's full, beautiful ass. He slid his hand between her ass cheeks, pushing a finger up to place pressure on her pussy, just as Ben was erupting onto Rylee. Similarly, Rylee, the cum now cleaned away from her eyes, could watch her husband's face as he drilled his cock into her friend Jessica.


A Doctor Follows Orders

group WayneGibbous 2018-09-06

A day or two later, we were changing a bandage on a patient in her room, Jana across from me on the other side of the bed, and when I looked up and gazed down into her scrubs hanging open enough to show a beautiful golden breast and nipple as her bra dropped off her breast a bit. Before I really even thought about it, I heard my voice reply, "Sure, sounds nice." Her hand was on my back and as it slid down onto my butt, she said, softly, "Good, see you later, Phil," and went off down the hall leaving me with a massive hard-on and a massive fit of conscience.

Bad Idea at Work, But...

group papafrogger 2018-09-06

They discussed what she was looking for as far as her salary went, he had a hard time keeping a straight face when she told him what her ex-husband paid her, he said "Peggy I have to tell you I'm impressed with your attitude and work experience, but let me write down a figure and you tell me if you can work for that amount. "Doris you are the only woman I have ever met that can make me cum like that," bending down he kissed her mouth, "Mmm, I taste good on you baby." Helping her he laid her back on the bed and as she slid back he grabbed her legs spread them open and stuck his face in her soaked pussy making her squeal.


Ms. Jackson Ch. 02

group jeffincognito 2018-09-06

Realizing that Ms. Jackson was not going to acknowledge me I scooted my chair forward, stomach against the table, making it easier for her to reach me, but also making it less likely that Hailey would notice anything unusual going on underneath the dinner table. Hailey was deep in her story at this point and probably wouldn't have noticed but, being cautious Ms. Jackson lowered her hands under the table again and instead of buttering her roll she placed the newly cut slab of butter onto her right palm. I prayed Hailey wouldn't notice the strained look on my face while I attempted to remain silent as I jizzed into my napkin underneath the table.


A Great Party

group jt123 2018-09-06

After Elise finished sucking Carl and released his cock, she turned to the trio near her and went directly to the guy nearest her, Bob. As Elise and Bob collapsed to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs while embracing in a deep kiss, Kate pulled Stan over her and Stan immediately began fucking her. Tessa rode Andy's cock on the couch, Jim steadily and deeply fucked Traci on the floor, Stan wildly fucked Kate, Elise fucked Bob at a controlled pace, and Pete and Kris fucked deeply. After a while longer, while Kate and Tessa were excitedly caressing each other's tits, Elise sat up and looked first at Kris and then at Traci and purred, "You should come join the fun.


Sorority Scavenger Hunt

group parts guy 2018-09-06

Pictures are needed for proof of completion." One member of each team reached into their bag, and fished out an envelope. Just as he started to snap the picture, the guys standing on either side of the girls reached up and squeezed a breast. a girl wearing headphones in one corner, a kid, who appeared to be in his early teens studying a book on physics, and two guys sitting together at a table. "OK, here's the deal," one said quickly, "I want both of you, and my friend here just wants to watch, and maybe take a picture or two." "You need to bend over the seat in front of you, so I can get a picture." Without missing a thrust, she leaned way forward, while her friend aimed the camera.


He Shares s****r

group 2018-09-06

With Chris' help, I succeeded in pulling his steel-hard cock-shaft from the confines of his jeans and under shorts, and soon had my date moaning in delight as he pushed my head up and down on his hard, throbbing fuck-meat. "I wanna fuck her so bad!" Mark whined loudly after hearing Drew's report, "I wanna cum in her pussy then in her ass! "Not at all!" Mark responded earnestly as I shoved his hard cock back into my soft, wet mouth "It's just fucking hot!" For a brief second, I thought Drew was going to spray his load all over me as I lay there on the bed, my pussy all creamy from Mark's spit and my girl-cum.

Blast From the Past

group Aztek Pagan 2018-09-06

Sherry turned her head away from me offering me her neck as she began to grind into my hand. “OH YESS BABY!” Sherry said as her hand moved down to my lap and pressed against my groin. When my wife wasn’t looking or was in another room Sherry would brush her hand against my hand or rub my thigh. At one point I wanted to test the waters and make sure that I wasn’t reading anything into this so I put my hand on her silk thigh, just below the hem of her skirt and noticed a smile wash across her face. I smiled, “I don’t think it is a problem, do you?” From the kitchen doorway Sherry stood watching Ann stroking my manhood.


Settling In Ch. 02a

group upforalmostanything2 2018-09-06

Marlene and Candace began to catch up and left me and Timothy to get to know one another. "Marlene I can't help but think that I have seen Timothy and Candace before, they looked very familiar to me." "Yes that was Tim and Candy, and if you want, later you can help us relive those pictures." She ground into my waist with hers and I felt my cock harden a bit. We danced and flirted the rest of the night often changing partners with Candy and Tim. The ball began to wind down and many couples began to pair up and leave. Candy pulled away from Marlene and turned to kiss Tim. Marlene stood and moved to me.

Guys and Girls Together

group Marlene 2018-09-06

And I love having a big dick up my ass or in my mouth and the taste and feel of cum as it shoots out of a hot guy or a nasty TV's cock. As he did it, Jeff leaned over and took the head of Billy's cock into his mouth and started swirling his tongue around the head as he pumped his hand slowly up and down the shaft. I was leaning my hands against the wall and letting Billy do my cock when I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and sticking a wet tongue into my asspussy and fucking it in and out. Billy was still under Carla and he lifted up and took one of her young cherry nipples into his mouth and started sucking and biting it.

First Swapping Experience

group saxonlogan 2018-09-06

after a few minutes of this I could feel the heat building in my balls, watching Annie getting shafted and with my cock in Chrissy's mouth, Chrissy's strokes started to get harder and the tension built as we all got quieter and more heated, I was sensing a building tension and knew that we were all getting close to cumming before Jack gave a little gasp and breathed 'I can't hold on much longer....' which made Annie open her eyes and say 'Wait, hold on, I want to share you' and she turned to Chrissy 'Can he cum over both of us, I want to share him with you'

2x4 Makes Great Ch. 01

group sirliketolickalot 2018-09-06

She had been sitting waist deep in the tub but after being splashed the upper half of her white suite had turned completely transparent, showing her hard nipples and tan lines very clearly. Beth shot back "Not till we see yours first." Jimmy didn't miss a heart beat and just stood up and pulled off his shorts adding them to the growing pile on the deck and showing us that he sported a complete tan and shaved pubs. After dipping the tip of her tongue into the slit of his cock to get every last drop of his gold, Lisa slumped into her seat next to me with a look of contentment plastered across her face while Jimmy just fell back on the deck completely spent by his orgasm.

Double Pleasure at the Mall

group oldeman 2018-09-06

Tim and Tom were actually paying very little attention to her head; with such a sexy girl dressed the way Lisa was, they couldn't keep their eyes off her breasts and butt. Following the girls, Tim and Tom slid as close as was possible, as if to prevent Erica and Lisa from escaping. Lisa indeed felt the hard cock under her hand and immediately began stroking it through Tom's shorts. Looking over at Lisa, Erica saw her bent over grabbing the edge of the countertop, her shorts and g-string gone, and Tom fucking her slowly and gently doggie-style. Tom resumed fucking Lisa and Erica turned her attention back to Tim. She put her legs over his shoulders, giving both of them a better angle.

A Strange Turn Of Events

group WildaRaven 2018-09-06

My hard on showed and I was hoping that either Wilda or Mandy might like to express their desire for my lonesome cock by sucking on it or playing it. Here again I had to admit that the timing was right, it sent a jolt through me as he bit down on my clitoris and for a second I did think how this must feel much like a cock going up my ass. I had not said anything but when Denny went down on Wilda I thought about how it might feel to ram my cock up Denny=s ass as he licked my wife. Oh, my god how bad I am getting I just thought that maybe if there was a third guy Wilda could take a cock in the mouth at the same time.


Bachelor Party

group sindybislut 2018-09-06

"What was that?" Laurey sat frozen with the phone still sitting in her hand as her husband looked at her with a worried expression. She wanted to hang up and run away, but that would be rude, besides, she was getting excited at the thought of Joe's big cock again. "I will occasionally have a bit of wine or beer." Laurey wasn't really good at holding her liquor, but felt if Joe knew she was only a light drinker he would keep her limited. Joe watched her face while the guys urged the beleaguered groom to take her panties off. With a press of a button on the TV remote all the guys were treated to a close up view of Laurey's mouth slurping up cock on the big screen.


Dreaming in Color Ch. 5

group WritingDreams 2018-09-06

“Don’t you need me?” he nodded his head at the bench, where Phillip was struggling in earnest now, as on the bed Sarah fought and one arm was restrained cruelly, he thought. I think the lady doth protest too much,” Ana dipped a hand into Sarah’s soaking slit, then walked towards Phillip, leaving the bound girl writhing in her restraints. She loves it, she wants it,” Ana repeated as she swung the crop in the air with a swooshing sound that, though barely above a whisper to me, must have been like the crack of thunder to the helpless doll. “What do you need, little doll?” Ana whispered gently to Sarah, and with a laugh I separated myself from the sensations.

Tax Debt Solution Ch. 02

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-09-06

Her finger still inside herself, she realized her other hand was being lifted, raised, and she watched as Josh placed it onto Lisa's exposed flesh, just above her pussy. Marci's fingertips just touched the smooth skin below the woman's navel, and Josh released her wrist as her hand moved, the fingertips trailing a path across the skin, down to her crotch, feeling the narrow trimmed line of hair, and then the thin, soft skin of her hood and labia, smooth and hairless. I want it so bad ...", she whimpered, and she watched her fingers spread the lips of Lisa's pussy, opening her up as her hand caressed her.


Lashway's Lease

group Sascha_I 2018-09-06

I know you better than that." Wrapping both arms around Bruce's neck, Lindsey stood on tiptoe, pulling his head toward hers. Lindsey looked into Bruce's wanton face, saw the lust in his eyes and nearly creamed herself when he slid two fingers inside her sopping pussy. Flames danced over her skin, starting low in her belly and spreading throughout her body as Lindsey shuddered, riding Bruce's rough fingers. Shaking, gripping, Lindsey jumped and locked her legs around Bruce's waist, her muscles clenching together on his fingers as he hit her hot button. Lindsey slid off the counter, pushing Bruce away just enough to lead him to the door by his cock.


Tropical Heat Wave

group Rocket1010 2018-09-06

Now that Dave was going to join them in the tropics, Lynn thought more and more about how it would feel to have his cock lodged in her pussy. She thought of that day in the bathroom, seeing his cock hanging invitingly, but now she envisioned it was Dave's cock rubbing against her moist slit instead of Rick's fingers. Her hips began rocking back and forth faster on Rick's finger as her mind pictured Dave's cock sawing in and out of her. After shaking hands with Rick, Dave hugged Lynn, feeling her breast push into his chest. Lynn noticed Dave's stare and smiled, slugging him on the arm whispering "looks like she is just your type."