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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

group member814 2018-09-06

I am very orally inclined, and the thought of sucking another man's cock with Lisa, or licking her pussy while she has another man cumming inside of her is an intense turn on that always brings me quickly to orgasm. Behind Lisa, I cupped her breasts and kissed her neck and shoulders as she rubbed Doug's cock. On her knees before us, she seductively wet her lips, then leaned forward and kissed the head of Doug's cock, all the while looking up at me. His dick felt familiar yet different, and I liked feeling it pulse and throb in my fingers or watching it bulge as I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and rolled them gently in my palm.


Photographs of a Big Woman

group JackFlash1959 2018-09-06

"Ok" I said "Look, you've got a beautiful figure and I think your nipples really help the shot. I looked over at Rick and asked him to spread and tease her pussy lips so they had some depth for the camera. It was a beautiful wet pussy shot and in the background, barely out of focus, were her tits with those giant areolas, extended nipples and Rick's cock pressing deep into her mouth. Scooping up some pussy juice, she rubbed it on Rick's balls and turned to the side and pulled his cock as deep as she could take it into her mouth. Her nipples dragged along my arm with each thrust and I saw Rick's cock pumping his cum into her mouth and she groaned in delight as she swallowed every drop.


Helping Hand

group Kapricorn71 2018-09-06

Yvette jerked my dick with her hand as she licked and sucked my nuts. She stopped and turned her head back so that his dick came out of her mouth, "How come your so quiet this time? Tim got off the bed and put his hands around her waist to pull her back to meet his thrusts. She started pumping her pussy onto Tim's dick more intensely than I had seen her thrust before. He put his dick in her pussy, and Yvette opened her legs wide, saying "give it to me baby." He pumped hard enough for the slaps of their bodies coming together to bounce off the walls of the room.

My Friends Daughter Chapter 3

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-06

Wanting to prolong her orgasm, I kept playing with her nips, but just ran my finger up and down the inside of her slick lips, brushing her clit like I had been doing since we started watching the movie. I moved my head back down and licked Karri again, this time stopping at the top of her lips to push her hood back and exposed her hard clit. Karri moved away from my nipples and ran her nails up the inside of my thigh, causing my balls to jump up, and my hips pushed my cock deeper into Lexi’s mouth, as a groan escaped my lips. Karri pulled her mouth back away from my cock and said, "Lexi, he’s ready to cum."

Bobbi's Birthday Bash

group Boxlicker101 2018-09-06

Moving my face slightly, I drew Bobbi's engorged clit into my mouth, and started sucking, while my tongue caressed the sides and top of the lovely pink pearl. Aaron moved out of the way, because he knew Bobbi was no more than seconds from cumming, and he didn't want to get knocked off the bed by her wild movements. She was smiling at me, and at Aaron, who was moving into position to be sucked off, and at Frank, who was fondling her succulent breasts and tonguing her nipples, so I started licking between Bobbi's other inner and outer pussy lips.


Chloe's first REAL gangbang

group Gudrun_Schyman 2018-09-06

One of the men came up to her and grabbed her long blond hair and pulled it back so she opened her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked straight into his when he grabbed her head with both hands and started to fuck her little mouth. After a while, the man let go of her head and pulled out his cock and jerked it in front of her face until he came. He too grabbed her head and f***ed his cock in her mouth and began to fuck it. He continued to fuck her until he came and then he pulled out his cock so the cum sprayed over her back. 

Close encounters...

group mbo98 2018-09-06

feeling the juices dribbling down my shaft all i can think of is telling you to suck my cock clean like a bad girl, and Kelsey notices my big grin this time. Kelsey is sitting back admiring the view, but all i can see is you sucking the tip of my cock as i slowly tit fuck you... You know it doesnt take long for me to explode like this so you let your fingers tease my balls why i fuck those tits. Hearing my moan you lie back just like Kelsey is and wait, as i take my raging cock into my hands and start stroking...

Towers of Pleasure Ch. 02

group sdsioux 2018-09-06

Meg's hands were all over Debbie's beautiful mountains as she too had pulled her dress off, ready for some hot girl to girl action. As Debbie stopped her biting Meg's mouth went to her own breasts and she lovingly licked the hard nipples so they were even bigger and harder. I couldn't wait any longer and I picked Meg up as she wrapped her legs around me and I slowly inched my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Debbie replied "You got two blowjobs from me in the same day plus you got to fuck Meg and you came on our faces and our titties."

First Time Threesome

group threesome1 2018-09-06

Michele smiling her devilish grin as she grinded her thick ass into my semi hard cock said, "being fucked by two guys from both ends the whole time sounds so hot!" I got next to Michele and rubbed and fingered her tight wet pussy from behind as she sucked James cock. Michele turned her to ask "Do you like watching me deep throat James?" Michele soon took my cock in her mouth as James positioned himself behind her and entered her pussy. As Michele sucked my cock and got fucked by James I reached under her and rubbed her clit the whole time she was being fucked.

Two Women's Planned Event Ch. 02

group foxylady1954 2018-09-06

I looked over at Paul, he was still smiling and still tied up, “Poor baby” I said “I think you need a little attention as well” I slid off of his cock and went down to the foot of the bed, knelt on my knees in between his spread legs and with my arse high up in the air, I proceeded to suck Paul’s near bursting cock, running my tongue around the tip of the head and slowly licking the sides, tasting my cum and Judy’s juices, it was an exotic cocktail and one that never fails to excite me.

French Country Girls

group Ronald Thurman 2018-09-06

Monique's curvaceous slippery body pressed into my back as she wrapped her arm around my chest and the soap slickened finger of her other hand found its way deeper between my butt cheeks. With one hand gripping Monique's hip and the other wrapped around Gidget's waist as she kissed me and rubbed her hard little tits against my body, I could feel the volcanic tingle start at my toes and work its way up towards a Krakatoan eruption. As the little dark haired beauty pressed her quivering body onto mine I could feel Monique guide the head of my cock along Gidget's slippery crease to the opening of her sex.


Linda's Web of Seduction #3 (continued)

group trisexual69lvbbc 2018-09-06

Gazing up, my mouth on her red furry mound, my tongue moving in and out and around her eager fuck hole, I saw Linda gazing back at me while she sucked on the dildo like it was a cock. Slowly Kathy began pegging me, in and out, smacking my ass ever so often, usually when slamming the hard pink dildo into my happy fuck hole. Linda started thrashing on my face as she came and I could feel Kathy shrudder as she slammed her pink cock one last time deep into my asspussy, her cry of ecstasy muffed out only by Linda's thighs, which now gripped my head in a vise-like grip.

Welcome Home Baby Ch. 02

group h3lls_sweety 2018-09-06

Robert's cock was soon to explode, she is soo fucking tight he felt like a hard grip was stroking him, he picked up his pace and his hand snuck down to her clit, he massaged her clit fast, as his cock pounded in and out of her forcefully, Scott felt her tighten knew she was near, and was amazed and his cock started shooting more cum deep inside her. Sandy's hands ripped at Scotts shoulders as her third orgasm washed over her and she screamed, not caring who could hear, she felt both men cum deep in her and bucked wildly until she laid there spent, impaled by two cocks.

Sharon Models for Porn Shoot Ch. 04

group SharonMWF 2018-09-06

As I said, when my husband left to go back to his studio, Ken stayed behind and he and I had a couple more great sex sessions before we finally drifted off to sleep. He fucked me slowly for several minutes filling me completely with each thrust until I felt the base of his cock against my cunt lips. Sex is a strong drug, once you have experiences the pleasure of excitement, the feeling of penetration, the feeling of the friction of a man fucking my cunt (or occasionally my ass), the sight of him looking with pleasure at all I am about to give, and the sight of pleasure on his face when he is pleasured, is impossible to break away from once experienced.

Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 03

group SusanJillParker 2018-09-06

In the way that he was staring at Becky's naked body, obviously Tony looked at her with even more sexual lust than Jack and Brian had. With her sexually fantasizing about Jack's cock, it was perfect timing when Tony moved Becky's hand to his cock while he continued feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. "Here's hoping you get your new car Becky," said Jack mashing his face in her pussy while shaking his head side to side and licking and fingering her sopping wet cunt. Skilled at eating pussy, Jack had Becky wiggling all over the bed while Tony touched, felt, fondled, and caressed her breasts while fingering her nipples.


My neighbor ans his son fucking my wife

group pinklovescock 2018-09-06

So I decided it was time to enjoy them: said they should be talking in the living room while I would wash the dishes. - Suck more bitch - said the son of our neighbor. I was very happy seeing my wife satisfying those males in our room, like a good bitch should do. Suddenly she kept sucking the dick of my neighbor and raised his ass to his son, asking him to stick his dick in pussy. The two males alternated the pussy of my wife, they’d cum into her pussy three times until the moment had fear that I was finishing the dishes and they recomposed quickly.

Kate's Revenge

group deepblue32 2018-09-06

"I was fucking turned on that night," said Amy, reaching into my shorts to pull out my now fully erect cock. Amy moved down the bed to console Chris by sucking his cock while John carefully inserted his nine inch member into Nina's slot. John pulled his rigid cock out of Nina and moved over to where Amy was waiting, lying on her back with her mouth open, trailing her fingers over her erect nipples. No sooner had Chris got balls deep into Nina than Kate ordered him to pull out and said: "Now it's time for your punishment, you little Spanish whore. Rich reached down to hold open Nina's mouth and started fucking her face.


A Fantasy of Sharing

group Loose Cannon 2018-09-06

I told him that we would only be a minute, but he did not feel like stopping because at that time, Mike had never been with a girl. As I sat down in my car, I heard Laurie yell Mike's name and just as he looked over, she opened up her robe and showed him all the goods. She did not stop me, in fact, she looked at Mike and asked if he would like to grab her ass. I thought Laurie was going to cum, but instead she turned over and stuck her ass in my face. As he was cumming, I tried to move out of the way, but Laurie had me pinned and told me not to stop licking her.

The Mark of Jane

group xtcnymphette 2018-09-06

I let myself in the backdoor as I had for years and caught Brad with Jane in a doggie position his hand squeezing her huge tits pumping his cock into her from behind, screaming 'OH God you feel so good.' while she screamed the house down in a wild orgasm begging him to fuck her harder and deeper. The furious fucking that took place then was a blur of blood curdling screams and wild energetic thrusting, moans and shivers that took us both as I came repeatedly and his orgasm built to frenzied proportions until he finally exploded inside me screaming 'Oh God that feels so good, you're so delicious, so tight so fucking hot.


Three's Definitely Company

group CanadianM 2018-09-06

As she slowly moved closer, her eyes widened as she watched Kelly take off her top, her big breast swaying as she slid down, kissing Aaron's chest as her hands slid into the waist of his swimsuit and she slipped it off letting his rock hard cock spring free. As Jenna joined her friend, she smiled at her and gave her a kiss and then swirled her tongue around the fat head of Aaron's cock, which Kelly offered her. As Jenna felt Aaron's rhythm increasing and heard soft moans of pleasure escaping his lips, she slid her hand down the crease of his bottom and pushed a fingertip into his asshole.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 01

group jim313 2018-09-06

We both turned to watch our wives eating each other and as I fastened my eyes to Cory's talented tongue as it worked it's way around and in every portion of her crotch with particular attention to Ellie's puckered anus, Larry reached over and put his hand around my thick erection and it felt good. Cory took her cue and rolled over between Larry's legs and began running her fingers over his balls and soft penis as she told him how much they had enjoyed watching us suck each other. Cory told her that she ran into the same problem whenever she wanted to bring a guy home for me but that now we had a large enough group of friends that she can just pick up the phone and have a delicious cock over in a short time.


Dawn Ch. 02

group Turpitudismo 2018-09-06

As they left the room Ant glanced back over his shoulder, his cock was already stiff at the thought of seeing in his wife in that outfit and once Jim had had his fun she was going to get a good fucking before she took it off! Dawn took hold of Ant's stiff cock and began to wank him slowly with her gloved hand as she continued to watch Jim, she didn't take her eyes off him. Dawn and Ant slid down until Jim was able to hold her legs together and ease his slippery cock between her boots.


Teacher's Revenge

group Stonedancer 2018-09-06

I step down off the bench and stand right in front of your face, so you are eye level with my pussy as I pull down my lace panties and discard them on the floor. Your classmates are all turned on by the sight of me naked, wearing only a strap on, slowly fucking you in the ass while you stroke your cock. When your buddy pulls out of me I tell him to step over you on the bench, straddling you so I can suck our cum off his cock. I am now getting fucked from behind, sucking on the previous cock that was inside of me, and you are getting fucked hard and fast again by your classmate through my strap on.

Lila's First Threesome

group platinumpink2000 2018-09-06

Our friend Kevin had joined a fraternity and lived right off campus in the frat house, and Dean spent a lot of time hanging out there playing video games between and after classes. Kevin kept fingering my swollen, spasming pussy as I leaned forward and took Dean's cock into my mouth. "Take that cock, baby girl," Kevin whispered to me as he pounded my pussy as deep and as hard as he could for a few moments before suddenly coming to a stop. I slid my lips up and down finding my rhythm a few times before Kevin suddenly slammed his cock as hard as he could into me, pushing me forward and causing me to cry out, Dean's dick falling from my mouth once again.