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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sarah's Punishment

group captnspank 2018-09-06

Sarah opened her eyes as Christoph removed the sack from her head. 8 men stood naked in front of Sarah whilst the 4 other submissive holding to cocks in each hand began the orgy in front of her Sarah’s eyes. he f***ed his cock down Saras throat she gagged and sucked hard the man smiled down at the whore looking up.ramming her mouth. after all 8 cocks had had there way all 4 girls sat in a circle while sucking cocks they where ordered to whip Sarah hard once with the whip go round the table n cum into her mouth. he pulled his cock out of her mouth sat bk on his thrown and order Sarah to fuck him.

Bewitched and Betrayed

group ruralgoddess 2018-09-06

We rested for only a moment, then she leaned down and began to tongue me again, this time sliding her legs around my head and pressing herself to my mouth. I felt too uneasy to stay in the room long, and I didn't know how long Belinda would really be gone, so I closed the book and put it back exactly where it had been. The few times Belinda left for the afternoon after that, I would return to the room with the magnificent torture bed. I expected to be put in another bedroom now that Dmitri was home, but Belinda told me to come to bed with her as usual.


Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-06

While I was licking Erika's clit and fingering her, my cock began to swell as the level of pleasure continued to build thanks to Meredith's talented mouth. I don't know if Erika ever put her hands on Meredith's tits or kissed her neck as Meredith had done to her, but either way Meredith soon started to tremble as she came while I continued to tongue her clit and finger her pussy. I continued to hold her by the hips as I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her hot, slippery pussy but, once I got a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands around to fondle her swinging tits.


life adventures of a truck driver

group loutay 2018-09-06

My cock was getting hard thinking about Brenda And Linda, I ask them do you enjoy watching gay porn while we wait on Joe? one guy cock was so big my ass was getting wanted in my pussy.I turned my head Brenda started kissing her neck and ear lop she started to purrr .Her fingers got tighter around my cock. lisning to the girl licking and sucking each is so damn hot our cock were so hard i turn to Joe and gave him a long deep kiss and he grab my ass and pull me closer to him .

Big City Temptations

group TV_News_Babe 2018-09-06

"Carol, this is Doug and Tony," Andy said, directing her to the two middle-aged men next to her. Andy opened it as silently as he could and Carol saw that the light emanating from the huge flat screen gave an eerie glow to the otherwise dark room. Andy motioned for them to stay in the back of the room along the wall, looking over the several rows of posh chairs, half of which had men in them. But Tony leaned over to Carol's ear and whispered, "Look at Andy's pants." After a pause to not make it look obvious, she shifted her eyes to the right and saw the same bulge in the front of Andy's pants that Tony noticed.


Transportation at its Best

group jushorny 2018-09-06

Sure, it was a little intimidating and embarrassing to be spread out naked in front of my boss, but the lips of the former tattoo artist mouthing my cock, teeth lightly grazing the skin, was all it took for me to forget all about inhibitions. Both ladies knelt between my spread legs taking turns pleasuring my balls and cock. I watched the combination of my pre-cum and the mouths making my balls and cock glisten. I spread my legs further as Sue sucked my balls in, pulling them away from my mouth. I felt myself bucking; probing deeper into whichever mouth was on my cock, moaning as teeth bit into my balls. I watched as Becky and Sue stopped licking my cock and kissed.

Phoenix Ch. 01

group dragonwriter 2018-09-06

Mary Ellen McCarty as I live and breathe, she stood there looking down on me all red hair and freckles in a very nice tailored pant suit and stylish flats. She turned in her chair to face me, those big beautiful tits leading the way saying, "I just left before you could leave me Jack. As I nervously sipped my drink, Mary Ellen seemed to study me carefully for a long time or perhaps it just seemed like a long time, then she said softly, "Fuck it!" She drained her drink, stood up and turned to me saying, "Where's the bed?" They were just as I remembered, big round white breasts standing tall and proud with amazing deep red areoles a good three inches across featuring pencil eraser sized nipples hard and firm...


The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

group 2018-09-06

After one drink I was brought out from bed, at the man's behest, he wanted to meet me, and to my parents slight discomfiture, they agreed, their minds having been set prior to his coming, they struggled as the 'Boss' focus shifted from mother, as they realized his preference of sex, went beyond the norm. I lay across the big cushion as he penetrated ans I counted each time he pushed into me, '1,2,3,4....', and so on, then at 9, he came, but just before as he grunted he asked, 'Can I keep it in', yes said mother, 'she's not producing yet', he was reassured, and so at 9 in my count, there was a warmth spreading all around my crotch, my first fuck, and behind the thin line of vaginal opening, my love canal was smeared with the warm semen of a man.

Mrs. Winters & Kevin's Friends

group saraslutty1 2018-09-06

One weekend during the summer Kevin Winters invited his friends Steven, Charlie and Tom over to his house to just hang out. "I don't know about you guys, but Kevin's mom, Mrs. Winters, is pretty hot." Charlie said under his breath. Tom looked at a picture of Mrs. Winters and imagined she was speaking to him as Charlie continued to read. She stood there listening to Charlie explain how to shoot while Steven and Tom snuck peeks at her body, still covered by her robe. If you guys want something just make your self at home." She said as she grabbed her robe, threw it on and walked inside the house.


A Valentine's Day Threesome

group Schaka 2018-09-06

He looked back into the bedroom and saw Suska turn and sit up on the side of the bed, her head in her hands. "Oh my God, John, you're naked!" Suska covered her eyes and partially turned her head. By the time her parents announced her betrothal to Sanjay, they had progressed to long sweaty sessions, laying head to toe, fingering and kissing their intimate parts. Her startled disgust at her sister's action turned to a long silent scream as she moved her finger in and out of her aching ass while sucking hungrily on her clit. She imagined Anita between her legs like her sister, sucking her engorged clit while fingering her pulsing asshole.


Out for a run 16

group 2018-09-06

After about 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi, I needed to cool down and maybe get a little exercise, so into the pool I went, I started to swim some laps, but I was getting that feeling – like I was being watched. He was getting quite and eye full, my dark black hair was pushed back, I was still trying to get my breath, and this caused my 36 D breasts to heave up and down while they rested on the cement side of the pool only a few feet from his hiding spot. I decided to give my spy just a little more to think about by spreading my legs very slowly so that he got a good view of my dark hairy pussy.

A Hotwife gets an Irresistible Urge

group KenLukin 2018-09-06

I told him I was chatting with a friend and wanted to suck his cock while trying to type. My friend sent a, "Hi Rob," message, and I honestly tried to type a response and begin to suck Rob's cock at the same time. I messaged my friend to let him know Mark had arrived, then stopped typing and switch sucked both stiffening cocks, back and forth. "Fuck, you're in a horny mood today, Katie." Mark commented as I allowed his straight nine-inch cock to linger deep in my throat. Seriously intense cock sucking and deep-throating, lots of stroking, and soon he was ready. I was happy to let him know that I'd sucked and deep-throated Rob and Mark, and both had shot their hot juice into my mouth.


group MrLoverman1986 2018-09-06

As the three women watched Bob pump his cock, Louise moved around a little between Beth's legs so she could look between Beth's thighs. Both girls watched Bob's big cock move in and out of Beth's pussy hole. Louise said, "Yes!" She began to touch herself again as she watched Bob lift his hips and thrust his big cock into Beth's pussy. Bob could feel the pure joy of release as his balls pumped and pumped his cum up the long hard shaft and out of the huge purple cock head buried deep in Beth's pussy. While Beth held her daughter helping her come down from her fucking, Bob went between Louise's legs and began licking her clit while the red vibrator still stimulating her pussy.

What We Suck Besides Blood

group SizeQueenSupreme 2018-09-06

First the seven inches sawed all the way into my mouth to the balls, then I turned my head letting the eight incher in the pony-tail follow, he seemed disappointed that he didn't give me any trouble and I swallowed on his organ a few times just to rub in how easy I was handling him. My scream was not long-lived though, the man with the beautiful almond eyes and massively thick organ plugged my mouth right up, and though I was careful to retract my fangs to avoid cutting him, his girth forced my teeth open, almost unhinging my jaw as he plowed his way in.


The New Neighbours.

group 2018-09-06

Dave had a fairly impressive tanned slim body and barely a hair on him except for his beard and scruffy hair and Jess had an amazing slim pale body with a nice pair of round hanging tits with little pink nipples sticking up and a trimmed red bush just above her shaven pussy. "Yes she is" replied Dave then Jess pulled her head away, stood up and opened her legs. "Looks great from here" grinned Dave tugging his cock as he watched his hot sexy wife riding his new neighbour. "Oh yeah" she replied again, then she leant forward towards me and gave me deep long kiss and as we embraced Dave nudged his hard cock into Jess's asshole.

Jenifer Comes of Age Ch. 02

group LustyWolf 2018-09-06

John had his cock out of his pants now and was slowly stroking it while looking on lustfully at his roommate being fucked by this hot chick he had just met 5 minutes ago, naked and riding Steve for all she was worth. Jen took John's cock in her mouth and began to suck him off while still riding Steve. While Steve was eating Jen, she took John's cock in her mouth and worked him up to a nice hard-on again. John, positioned the head of his cock near Jen's pussy, but she said, "No, eat first." Luckily for John, Jen didn't bark anymore orders, she was riding her wave up again as John fucked her from one end while she sucked Steve's cock on her other end.

Hotel Threesome (MMF)

group cvilleguy22902 2018-09-06

He rinsed the remaining soap from his skin and exited the shower and bathroom, turned and saw Mandy on the furthest of the beds, laying on her back, her legs raised and spread, giving him a full view of her pussy and ass. Chris knelt down in front of Mandy, bringing his head only inches from her wet pussy, deeply inhaled the scent of her, then pushed himself upwards and took a long taste of Jack's cum. Sensing what he really wanted, Mandy lifted her head up and off of Chris' dick, and with her hand pointed the spit-covered shaft towards Jack. Mandy worked her hand furiously, up and down his wet shaft, and in her mouth his cock grew, pulsed until Chris gave her head one final push.


Insatiable at Work Ch. 14: Weekend

group insatiablerob8 2018-09-06

Bryan is not anywhere near a morning-person, but he was just coming to...of course, it was bound to happen since she was excited and shaking him, "Honey, you need to wake up...Robbie's got breakfast...get your sleepy-ass up." We all devoured breakfast and talked about the conservatory and the game, later that night. Get it nice and wet for that pussy...nice and wet...gonna give ya two big dicks, this morning...we'll give'ya all you need...way better than the toy!" I pulled her knee back to her chest...and she grabbed the other; I held them both, to keep her spread open...he just smiles and keeps fucking.


The Halloween Party

group goblinbox 2018-09-06

They returned to their kissing, with deep passion as I saw Ursula's hand reach behind Vanessa and grab a hold of the zipper on the back of her dress and pull it down. Her soft skin glowing, and it appeared evident that there was nothing underneath, as Ursula's long fingers stroked the length of her back, working her dress off until it had been completely removed from my fair Vanessa's body. Vanessa's breathing became nearly orgasmic from Ursula's attentive touch, which began with her fingers, and now with her mouth, as her soft lips kissed over Vanessa's breasts, licking her nipples, wrapping her lips around them and sucking on them.


Sin City Weekend: The Flight

group Kitchen_Magician 2018-09-06

All of of sudden we hear the flight attendants voice over the speaker saying "ladies and gentlemen, we are making our decent in to McCarran International Airport, please place all tray tables and seat backs into their upright and locked positions and put your fingers back where they belong" OK maybe she really did not say that last part, but we are getting ready to land and you turn to give me a quick kiss and a thank you. Once we've retrieved all our luggage and hailed a cab to the Mirage you decide to have a little fun and start flashing the cabbie when he looks in the rearview mirror We 3 are in the back seated closely togther.

Double Fucked In Public

group r2cool 2018-09-06

I helped him out putting baby oil all over his hairless smooth shaved body including his fantastic cock I also paid special attention to his great ass and hairless hole, and he did the same for me giving a very good massage while he was at it, when all of a sudden in a loud voice that most everyone around could hear he said “I need someone to sit on my dick now” I ask really right here now? I said I a very loud voice “Somebody Double Fuck Me Now Please” a good looking dude about 42 came over and grabbed the baby oil and greased up his 7” cock and straddled Jason and proceeded to work his cock into my hole, it took about a minuet for my hole to stretch enough so that he could get his full length up my ass.

slumber party part one

group likmypussy 2018-09-06

we sent olivia to get us 5 extremely large cups of water when she'd finished we hit play on the porn so they couldn't hear what we were doing, then we huddled around my bed so they coudn't see it as i pulled the emergency puke bucket from beneath my bed and poured all of the water in then i went toward the closet and said "we need to wear something we can get wet in" i heard the closet close grabbed the bucket and stepped in i pretended to pull out clothes and walk away, then a few seconds later i hearded it reopen and saw two grinning faces lying on the floor peering in they didn't see me until i dumped the entire bucket on thier heads.

Alex Loses Her Cherry

group brento669 2018-09-06

As this was going on, the other two men undressed and one walked up behind her and she began sucking on his dick as well. She positioned his face over her snatch and began licking her pussy, tounge fucking her and all. Joe kept pumping her pussy and Alex released from the mans dick she was sucking. Ohhhhh yes, please harder, harder!” At that point Joe pulled his dick out of her pussy and the other pulled it out of her ass and the two of them jerked off right in front of her face. With that she said, “ ohh ya I love the taste of your cum!” The last guy that had not yet exploded began to fuck her pussy.

First time Hubby let his friends have me.

group alcapoony 2018-09-05

“Dam Bill your wife is the best” “That pussy of hers besides looking great is the tightest I ever fucked” “ I love her tits, awesome hard nipples” “Did you see me cum on her tits” “ Did you see me cum on her tits, my load was bigger” “That was the best hand job I have ever had” “Your one lucky guy Bill” At the same time I felt someone between my legs I heard “Jeff say now it is my turn” I had forgotten about Jeff.