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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Video Amateurs Ch. 03

group betwixt_and_between 2018-09-05

You know the last thing I want, Miss?" he asked Nicole, his stern face inches away from hers. "Which one's your husband?" the cop asked, indicating Jerell and me. Then the cop started pumping away, slapping Karen's ass cheeks as though she were an unruly mare. Jerell said, "Oh, man, I put out the 411 to Laurence soon's I made the call to work." "I'se just getting' off shift when Jerell tell me you all be havin' a sexual ruckus and wants to know will I join in." Laurence started pumping his hips in more rapid rhythm, gasping spasmodically. "Now that you've got me loosened up," Karen said, "there's something I've always wanted to try.

The Opening of Shanni Ch. 4

group Jonesfalls 2018-09-05

As Yummy went to get in line to get her boarding pass, Helen walked toward us and gave Shanni a big hug. Shanni hugged her back in such a way that her hands were causing Helen's skirt on her black business suit to ride up in the back, giving me a nice view of her sexy legs. I took hold of my rock hard dick and jerked it toward Keva's mouth, I shot the first spurt of cum directly at the target, the second and third just missed hitting her lips and chin. Once while Shanni was lying on the bed watching TV, Jenny came over to her and stood with her pussy just inches away and talked to Shanni about how big the guy's cocks looked on the dance floor.

Three Friends and a Slut

group Wistful1 2018-09-05

She directed my dick head back to Debbie's mouth and said "Now you try, and swirl your head around his dick while you suck." Debbie sucked me and I could feel her tongue moving tentatively and Lona watched with a serious look on her face. When he started to get close he called Lona over and she scampered down Debbie's back just in time for Dave to pull his cock out of her pussy and shove it in Lona's mouth. Remembering our gentleman's agreement, I pulled myself up and out of Lona's pussy and shoved my cock into Debbie's mouth and let loose. Debbie was leaning all the way back against Dave and I fucked her pussy while Lona straddled her face to get her pussy licked.

A Great Experience at an Adult Theater

group 2018-09-05

When we got in the car she started playing with my cock through my pants. Looking at me for approval, I told her I want to watch you suck it. A man with a thick eight inch cock came in front of her and made her get on knees on the seat and started fucking her. She started playing with the other 3 cocks taking turns sucking them. She started cumming when I sucked it from her mouth. After the guy came in her she turned to me and said. She got so turned on she ended up fucking and sucking five guys before we left. When we got home she made me suck their cum from her pussy.

Night Out Ch. 2

group steven ghezzi 2018-09-05

Jason said, "Sure, you want some?" Mike grabbed a glass and poured himself a shot. Mike began thrusting into me fast and hard into my ass, Jason filling up my pussy, and I came, feeling my juices running out onto Jason's legs. Mike told me to give Jason head and I reached down to unfasten his pants and pull out his cock. Jason kept thrusting upward, hard, making me moan into the back of Mike's head. Then he started slamming into me, over and over again, and finally he leaned down and whispered, "Now. I'm going to cum." I fell down to my knees, turning, and he fucked my mouth until he came.

Fantasies Can Come True

group Imsureryou 2018-09-05

She loved the way she got "punished." At times she said she did things wrong just so she could feel his wrath. They started to tell me all about them and how to use them the right way. I started to kiss her, slipping my tongue into her mouth for my first taste. My hands went down her body and felt the outside of her hairy pussy. I felt her in my mouth that way, I started to suck on her. I sat back and slipped my fingers into my pussy, pushing my panties to the side. So I started to tell him to "fuck her harder." "Ram her pussy." "Make her scream into my pussy." He screamed, " I'm gonna cum," that's when I came.

The Surprise

group reddancer 2018-09-05

Pam got a huge kick when Tim saw Candi sitting in her living room. Candi got up from the couch, put an arm around Tim and said "Yes, isn't this something you've always wanted?" Tim looked right at Pam and said -- "yep, goes on more than you think. I know feeling her hand on my pussy just about blew me away." Pam said to both guys. Candi and Pam moved apart, and both women took the men's balls in their hands, fondling and bobbling and tickling them, to add to the excitement. Pam grabbed Tim first, and said "now, everybody stay in control here, because we're going to take turns." She lowered herself onto Tim's cock, as Candi did on Rob's.

Our Most Recent Visit to the Club

group Atrampboy 2018-09-05

A couple minutes into it one of the several single guys who were there looking to play came over and asked if he could help. As I worked her shoulders and occasionally stealing a glance at our new friends progress, she took hold of my cock and started to slowly stroke me. Soon Tes' ass started to rise up off the bed as his fingers had abandoned any pretense of a massage and were focused on her very wet pussy, she urged him closer to her head and took him in her mouth. After she came on my face she pulled me up to kiss her, she loves tasting herself on my mouth, and I asked what happened to the other guy.

Walk in the Woods

group sxychrmd1 2018-09-05

A very good song comes on and I start to sway my hips in a little dance as I walk. I said suck it." He commands as he grabs both sides of my head and impales my mouth with his cock. All of a sudden he stops, "I want your pussy, get up and bend over the table." Then with one very quick, hard thrust he slams his whole cock into me as deep as it will go. One guy sits in the chair and pulls me over so that I'm sitting on his hard cock facing him. Now the third guy comes over behind me and starts pressing his cock against my virgin asshole.

Chapter 2 : The Next Night

group oldjohnny 2018-09-05

She's now sucking me hard and deep, Linda plays with my nipples, then starts flicking her pointed hot tongue over them. Sue starts to cum, she sits up, pushing her pussy down hard on my cock, only moving her hips back and forth now. I can feel Linda's finger inside Sue's ass, It was making me wanting to cum. Linda went down, kissing the inside of Sue's thigh, then started licking and sucking Sue's already fucked cunt. Linda's finger slides inside of Sue, her tongue licking Sue's clit. I see Sue's tongue, tracing Linda's pussy lips, then teasing her hard clit. Pounding her tight hole, I moan myself and grunt, as I cum hard inside Sue's juicy pussy.

Island Fever Ch. 27

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-05

But you want to marry her now instead?" Clearly agitated, Pamela shrugged her shoulders and asked, "What did I do wrong along the way? The way I look at it, Kristanna and Devon both stole the man that I love right from underneath my nose. I had been quite hopeful, of course, that Pamela would accept my offer of entering into a relationship with not only myself, but Kristanna and Devon as well. "I freely admit that I look very bad in hooking up with first Devon and then Kristanna, and eventually both, after all of the things I told you during your first few days here," were my words for Pamela. I want to give all of you girls - you, Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Lindsay and Amy - the absolute best life possible.


Tom Billionaire Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-09-05

And to our utter and complete surprise, Joey straightened up and stated, "Dada!" Then she leaned forward into my arms, pressing her cheek against my chest. But even though Taylor was my wife, I probably spent three times as many hours alone with Cassandra, going back and forth to work as well as my various business trips. In the four or so years she'd been my personal assistant, I could count on one hand the number of times she'd been away from me for any extended length. "Fifteen minutes, sir," Cassandra grunted, turning her face to the side and letting the cool surface of the wood press against her cheek.


Cuckold Story: My real story with a bi male and hi

group luster001 2018-09-05

As usual one day I was chatting with a matured guy in gay site ( One day, he called me and said his wife going out and will be back by evening and the k**s went to school. Suddenly, he stopped and went to the bathroom and got his wife's two panties. He opened his laptop and showed some pictures of his wife's pussy and pissing. He asked whether I like to have fun with his wife. He said he will talk to his wife and if she is ok then we will decide. And we cleaned ourself and I left from his place by thinking his wife's pussy. He said his wife is fine with me.

Prison Sex

group toniclisa 2018-09-05

As he was thrusting his thick cock into my dripping pussy I would smile at the other inmates watching. I felt his cock contracting and knew he was going to cum in my pussy too. He slammed his cock into me one last time and I felt his hot juices pumping into my cunt. It felt incredible, a cock in my dripping cunt and one in my ass. Jessie was suckling on my nipples and biting them while David was slapping my ass and pulling on the back of my hair. They both came at the same time spilling their cum into both my holes and burying their cocks to the hilt. I kissed David one last time and told him I would see him later and went back to work.

Hard-Balling Soft-Ballers

group Oatmeal1969 2018-09-05

I'll bet you love it in your mouth." She just groaned, but as I pulled off my shorts I heard myself saying, "Just watch," as I knelt down in front of her and started to stroke her lips with the drooling head of my seven-inch dick. I slowly fucked her face while Tony moved around taking pictures, until suddenly she started to moan and gasp and I looked up to see that Andre had stripped and was running his long tongue up and down her juicy slit. The head had already slid inside her and I watched in disbelief as he slowly pumped and rolled his hips and drove the rest of the way into her pussy until his balls were up against her butt and she was impaled on ten inches of hard cock.

Red Molly and the Lycra Clad Heroes

group Mag58 2018-09-05

I was panting like crazy as my pussy was being stretched in all directions and Lee slowly buried his finger deep inside my arse, making me gasp and when he began pressing against the membrane that separates both holes it made my stomach feel like it was on the spin cycle. Giggling I cupped his balls and began giving him a slow and sexy blow job as Grant slid his fingers between my arse cheeks and pushed a couple of fingers into my once tight pussy and when I moved position and opened my legs further another finger slid straight up my arse too making it tingle again and me purr as I made Lee's cock nice and hard.


Coach and the Girls Ch. 01

group Teddybearsubmissive 2018-09-05

Each girl walked toward Coach, some looking at his body, some at his eyes, but all kneeled down before him and sucked, licked, and fondled his cock and balls for five minutes except Grace and Faith. Miss held the stop watch for the rest of the girls; and after all seven had sucked their coach for their time frame, she stepped forward. Coach lovingly put his hands on either side of Miss's head, and placed his cock on her lips. Take it all, take every inch of my cock into your mouth, my pet!" Coach watched as Virginia lay down on the floor behind Miss and started to fuck Miss's pussy with Bell's seven inch dildo.

Saying Stay Ch. 07

group LingerieRobot 2018-09-05

Which is great, but sometimes I want to spend an evening watching a bad movie on the couch or going out to a nice restaurant - you know, dating things. When I thought of all I had experienced since coming here - Dawn gleefully jumping me that first night, Julia with her head tilted back in onanic bliss, Josh's endearing denseness, Simon leading me to appreciate the other half of the human race, Ellie bringing me into her world and her ass - I felt as though I had grown years in the past summer. "If you don't want to be with us any more, that's fine," said Julia, crossing her arms in a way that let everyone know that it was distinctly not fine.


A Fantasy

group MetallicNails88 2018-09-05

I pull Jacks cock out of my mouth and pause to lick Tims pre-cum off my fingers seductively, both men looking down at me, topless with just a skirt on. I smile, and then I lean towards Tim. I hold his dick with my right hand, and slowly stroke it up and down, twisting gently and squeezing the head. I reach down and stroke my clitoris with my fingers, it's so slippery and wet, I use the wetness to glide my fingers across my clit, and within moments I cum closing my legs tight around Tim, moaning and almost screaming so loud, my back arched and my whole body shaking, my pussy contracting inside and gripping Tims cock.

Joey Takes a Chance

group c7racer 2018-09-05

By the end of the night and having passed up the chance of taking some guy back for some fun, I suggested that Zoë and I go back to my place for a coffee and chat. Her hands began a dance across my body, her head sliding around on my chest, teasing breasts and nipples, stomach and then lower. Suddenly as I slipped further under her wonderful spell, I felt one of her fingers gently pushing at my ass, easily gaining access without a conscious acceptance from me, thanks to the juices now flowing freely from my pussy. I started to wonder if my friends had pussies that looked liked Zoë's, whether they would enjoy this same treatment, or even if secretly some of them had already tried it...


An Unusual Bar Pickup

group Jailor 2018-09-05

"The suck me harder, slut," I whispered as I grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth over more of my cock. I began to moan as I held her head, not letting her take those sweet lips from my cock as I filled her mouth with my hot cum, spurting again and again as she eagerly drank me in. "Since you can't seem to satisfy that little slut wife of yours, looks like you need to be taught a lesson." I heard Ami moan from the bed. "NOW" He opened his mouth, looking up at me in fear and wrapped his lips around my cock. I called over to Ami and ordered her to come lick my ass while her man sucked my cock.

Emma's Spanish Sauna

group hotrodbrown 2018-09-05

She spread her legs more, and gasped as she felt Anders pushing his cock into her waiting pussy. Matthias didn't need much inviting and she felt him rubbing his cock, wet from her mouth, against her tight ass. Her pussy clamped down on Freddie's dick as Matthias pushed into her ass. Desperate to be completely full, she took his cock in her mouth whilst Freddie sucked on his balls. Matthias's cum was running out of her ass and over Freddie's shaft and balls as she rode him, and he reached up grabbed her shoulders, forcing her all the way down as he came. Feeling his massive dick explode inside her made her cum herself, and the sauna was filled with the shouts of their pleasure.

Wife finally joins the fun! Part 2

group niagaraguy72 2018-09-05

He looked up and our eyes met and he immediately said, "oh sorry man...I ...uuhh" I laughed and told him not to worry about it, i didn't mind if he looked at my cock. She sucked us like that for a minute, then stopped and told us she needed to be fucked now. She told me to move over so she could straddle Tim's cock. Tim grabbed both her tits and shoved them into his face, taking turns sucking her nipples. My mouth was inches away from Tim's cock pounding her pussy. My wife said that I must have freaked him out a bit by sucking his cock like that. My wife laid on the bed on her back and told me to tit fuck her.

Friends Request Ch. 04

group Past_Glories 2018-09-05

Clare and Stan came to a sudden halt beside us and we stood there in confusion as the barmaid looked at Janine holding my hard cock in her hand. "Well then I'm happy I didn't come along two minutes later or I would have missed the show completely," Maggie said with a grin eyeballing me and (I noted) Janine. "So," Maggie said with a grin, "you and you are going to have a baby," she pointed at Stan and Janine. Janine said she did and got some from the bathroom as Clare sat up. Clare ran a hand over Maggie's skin and asked for the lotion. Janine and Stan shared some lotion and worked their fingers into her back raising some contented groans from Maggie.