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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Girls

group joy_forever 2018-09-05

His hand slid under Joanna's dress, slowly making its way up her he suspected she wasn't wearing anything underneath it, and he could feel the heat coming from her bare pussy. Ivan started finger-fucking Joanna in earnest, her moans mixing with the slurping sounds Ella was making. Suddenly he pushed hard on Ella's head, his cock sliding all the way down her throat as it started jerking, making her gag and swallow desperately to get all the cum as it pumped into her. "Ella, I'm sure Ivan's talented tongue is itching to get to work on you." She started lazily lapping at his meat, enjoying the way she could feel it grow as her tongue curled across the soft skin.

Ashley's Special Gift

group lovecraft68 2018-09-05

"So you've never thought of that long blonde hair in your hands, or those big blue eyes looking up at you?" I leaned forward and began whispering in his ear, "Or better yet those soft full lips, pouting and trembling as she stares at your nice big dick and I tell her to suck it?" He started to get to his knees, but with a smile I said, "No fair, I want to see what I'm going to taste!" Brad hesitated and I added in a whisper, "Come on baby, and show Ashley your nice hard cock." I winked, "Give her something to think about while she plays with herself later."


Mr. Sims' Extra Credit Ch. 05

group NickHardon 2018-09-05

We heard about your extra credit program and how you focus on the nervous system." Marci did all the talking and Jessica just stared at me and licked her lips. Jessica's hands were working on Marci's zipper and soon she was just in her bra and pants. I can't believe you are making me come!" Marci said as she grabbed the back of Jessica's head and ground her pussy into her face. Marci grabbed my cock with her free hand and Jessica cupped my balls. "Sit on his face Jessica so he can lick your pussy and make you come like you did for me. I think focusing on Jessica's plum pussy kept me from coming into Marci's hot pussy in just a few minutes.

Cynthia's Box Ch. 01

group sr71plt 2018-09-05

As we watched, Thad Standall standing close behind me, his protruding basket pushing at my butt and his hands on my pecs and nipples, Cynthia moved the vibrator a tad until the tip was positioned between Judith's cunt lips, and then she slowly pushed the vibrator in. Before she reached me, I saw Thad Standall go down between Judith's open legs with his knees and pull her hips up to his pelvis with his hands on her buttocks. She clearly didn't want any protection or help from me, and I would have felt somewhat deflated, if Cynthia Standall hadn't reached me and was kissing me on my lips and nipples and feeling my rising cock through the now-damp material of my pants.


group deveson 2018-09-05

Ever since you were a teenager, the feeling of water massaging your naked body has always made you horny and often, after a workout at the gym or a swim in the pool, you have found yourself in the showers, with your fingers working quickly between your legs. The slightly oily texture was different to the water coming down from above but similar enough to feel like the sensations from within your pussy were spreading out all over your body. “It looks like someone is feeling a bit left out” you said as you pushed the zipper down from my pants and reached inside to pull out my growing cock.



group Manny2314 2018-09-05

Cassandra wrapped her hand around the covered shaft for a moment, making Eric gasp, then quickly grabbed the waistband and pulled them down in one fairly swift motion. Kristin, still smiling, gently nodded at Cassandra, who then turned toward Eric - or, rather, his penis - reaching out and wrapping her hand around the shaft as far as it would reach. She raised her hips slightly and then lowered them, moving the cock inside her stretched out pussy, over and over, each time sending a thrill through her body, the ripples of them being seen by all. This caused her hips to push down, Eric's cock to move deeper into her pussy, and Cassandra to moan "Oh, Fuck!" as she felt the unexpected intrusion.


My Obsession with Old Men

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-09-05

My legs started to spread a bit with every hard pinch, and then I felt fingers playing with my pussy, and rubbing my clit making me moan and I started panting just like a true whore. As I felt myself getting my lips around a hard cock, I heard my Daddy say "You have a sixty year old cock in your mouth now whore." Sucking old cock and licking old man balls makes me feel like a nasty whore, and I love it. One of them reached down to my sopping wet cunt and began playing with my clit, making me moan on the cock deep inside my mouth. I wanted to feel both these old man cock's inside my juicy cunt, pounding me like the dirty whore I am.

Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-09-05

Cassie, Nichole, Monica, Bert, Janine and Larry were next to shed theirs followed by Jack, Audrey and Mandy. As soon Nichole knelt and lowered her face to Mandy's pussy, Curt moved in behind Nichole with his erect cock ready for her inviting ass. Janine and Monica moved over to Mandy and stood on either side of her to watch Audrey get pummeled with the three young cocks. Monica and Janine also joined them on the floor and they moved Audrey into a doggy position so she could watch her son's girlfriend get fucked with the three cocks that had just been in her. Audrey thought that eating Monica's pussy was indeed like sucking a small cock that spewed cum.


Unexpected Cuckolding Introduction

group tallcooldrink 2018-09-05

"It's easy!" Mindy encouraged as she revealed Mark's thick cock, equally impressive as Jack's was the night before. Jack helped and slid his pants and boxers down, revealing the hard erection I witnessed Mindy sucking the night before. Putting my hand on Jack's shaft, I let him push his cock in my mouth, tasting another man for the first time. Mark went to her head and put his cock in her mouth and she pleasured both men simultaneously. I opened my mouth and his thick cock went deep down my throat, allowing me to taste the two of them fully. As he pulled away from Mindy and I, she lowered her dripping pussy on my mouth again, allowing me to taste the creampie.

Mistress Of The Manor

group betin6 2018-09-05

Mistress Karen turned and faced a small and petit, blonde hair girl, dressed in a short PVC maids uniform. Mistress Karen had removed her dress and now stood in front of them wearing a beautiful red Basque and stockings. The little maid had removed a section of the seat and now that mistress was sat on it her little slave was staring right up at her naked pussy. Mistress Karen started to rub herself a little and then Suzie handed her a vibrator. Her breasts were licked and sucked by both men and women as mistress Karen stood and watched. Surrounded by eight hard cocks, mistress Karen took each one in turn and began to suck it.

Mary's Gangbang Daydream Ch. 03

group loveking 2018-09-05

Mary noticed that what looked like a desert trolley was being pushed toward their table by two of the naked waitresses. Mary could not fail to notice that Jerry's cock was causing a large bulge and looked like a tent pole holding up a tent inside his underpants! As Mary watched, the waitress placed a small spoonful of cream onto each of John's nipples, one more on his belly button and finally the last spoonful on his belly, immediately above, and almost touching the head of his stiff cock! The waitress smiled back at her, knowing that Mary had already noticed that some of the cream had been purposely placed on the tip of John's cock!


Swiss Girls School

group fotisampini 2018-09-05

Madison moved her hands up to softly stroke Kimberly's belly, and Charlotte let the vibrator slip out, and gently pried open Kimberly's vice-like grip on her nipple. She was already beginning to lose it, and John began to thrust his hips up and down, not wanting to be left behind, but that was too much for her, and she came in breathless little moans, her body stiffening, her hands grabbing her tits, then collapsing down on him, gently rocking back and forth, her breasts on his chest as rode out the waves of pleasure, still clenching and unclenching his cock. Charlotte's arm moved even faster, and Alicia gave out a little series of cries as the orgasm hit her like a freight train, and her pussy tightened so much that John could barely move his cock.

Mark & Shauna Ch. 01

group StrapOnMan 2018-09-05

After a few more beer, I asked him if Shauna would ever consider fucking another man in Mark's place. Mark asked me what I would want in exchange and, though I would have done it for free, I told him that I would love to fuck Shauna and that DP was always enjoyable. We made plans to get together at his place for the next long weekend and then he went home that night to talk it over with Shauna. Laughing we began to talk about her fantasy, how creeped out Mark had been when she had told him, and whether she thought their relationship could handle it.

Ruby and Friends Ch. 02

group MarriedFun 2018-09-05

I watched intently and could see her tongue slip out and lick his cock as she slowly slid her lips further down his dick. She was really enjoying this new cock and she wanted to taste his cum so badly that she just let him pump and pump until he began to quiver and he moaned to her "oh damn baby, oh oh I have to cum... He expected her to pull off but no she buried his monster dick into her mouth as far as she could, he twitched a few more times then let out a loud grunt, followed by a few more as he unloaded his stock of cum that had been building for a while.

Annie Bradford & Mal Content Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-05

Annie got out and gave Mal a soft, wet kiss before turning away to walk to the bright red double doors. The back of Jackie's dress was unzipped and Barbara's hand rested on her tanned back; and when she saw them kiss, Annie felt a tingling feeling in her stomach; part jealousy, part arousal. Annie sipped her wine and watched a woman named Elise shrug off her little black dress and drop to her knees in front of a handsome blond man in a white dinner jacket. "Well then, this is as good a place as any," Annie said, as the redhead climbed up and out of the pool and straddled the blond-haired man and they began humping away like a pair of rabbits.


My Mans Lover

group Pussywillow0815 2018-09-05

Donna usually brings a few loads of laundry which I usually end up doing naked, with my pussy and ass plugged, while my man watches her show off the various new panty and bra sets she purchased during the last month. I licked her pussy to prepare it for my man, rubbed her feet while she sucked his dick, started a shower for them to enjoy and presented warm towels fresh from the dryer when they were finished. In the extra bedroom, My Man's Lover watched as he inserted a plug in my pussy and another, even larger one, in my ass. "Yes!" I heard from My Man's Lover, "If she's gonna pleasure herself, she can do it while licking your cum from deep inside my ass."

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 103

group SteveWallace 2018-09-05

It makes me just want to experiment a little to see what it's like to turn on a whole bunch of men and a few other women to the point where you just know they'd like to fuck your lights out right on the stage." She laughed and added, "THEN I can start my freshman year in college on a high point." Tori turned back to me, gave me a tender kiss, and said, "I need you to make love to my mother now, only this time I'm going to help - a lot."


Frat's Little Sisters Want You

group JoeDreamer 2018-09-05

"Well, if I'm going to chance Kyle's wrath, I might as well make it worth while!" I laughed as I rolled on top of Pam. She wrapped me in her cheerleader legs as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips. I took the invitation and got behind Pam. My cock wasn't quite recovered yet, so I leaned forward and started licking her pussy and ass. "You wouldn't!" Pam cried as she pulled the redhead's fingers out of her mouth, but then she looked at Maddy's smile and added, "Okay, you would." Maddy nodded and the captain of the cheerleaders and the president of the little sisters then proceeded to slowly suck Maddy's two fingers into her mouth.


Honeymoon Ch. 02

group KevinandDawn 2018-09-05

When she grabbed my head to force a nipple into my mouth, I resisted little and popped her hard bud between my lips and began lightly nipping at her nipple. On the other end was a guy, somewhat young by the sound of his voice saying, "I enjoyed your show." I said thanks; he said "How would you and your woman like a little company?" My curiosity piqued, I asked what he had in mind. The guy between her legs had worked his hand and tongue into a rhythm that was driving her crazy and she started loudly moaning around the dick that she was sucking.

Mark and Dinah: Skiing

group Rathgon 2018-09-05

"I know, I didn't expect this on Friday," the woman said, "By the way, my name's Dinah, Mark's off getting lunch." Jan guessed she was in her forties, she looked fit and had a broad smile. "Lets get this stuff in the washer and dryer," Dinah said, referring to the wet ski clothes, "I'll go get you some sweats." When Dinah returned, Jan was dropping her sock into the washer, standing only in her panties and sports bra. As Jan continued alternately scratching, stroking and rubbing Dinah felt herself becoming aroused, her nipples hard, her pussy soft. Dinah moaned when Jan's hand slid under her panties and stroked the smooth soft skin of her butt.


Melissa and Her Purple Panties

group Jaythedog 2018-09-05

The black haired man she was looking at walked over to her, stood next to her at the bar but never spoke. As she knelt down and began to suck this man's dick, Mel got incredibly turned on. Mel was so wet and turned on from sucking cock in the bathroom and needed to get off. When Patrick was finally done fucking Mel in the parking lot, he pulled his now half-limp dick out of her cum-filled pussy. As she walked, Mel felt like a lady, until she noticed a little cum run out of her. Jay moved closer to her cunt and put the head of his large, hard dick, right at her pussy lips.


We went to a wedding and got fucked

group morepantiesplease 2018-09-05

Next to Jodi, in the same bed, is a man whom we only know as Glen. Some of the other spots on the bed are where Jodi sat sat up so she could go to her knees when Glen wanted to take her in the ass. Just before Glen went in Jodi for the second time I was in her leaving my package behind. Jodi followed my cue and took Tom to the bed. Tom and Jodi fucked on the bed. With Jodi on her back and her panties pulled to one side he tried to get his cock in her. I thought after Tom and Joan left the room that we were going to clean up and head to bed.

After the Office Party Pt. 01

group ThornTales 2018-09-05

The last time Lianne had been out with this lot, things had been messy - as one of the few staff that commuted, she'd booked a room at a central hotel, but despite the temptation to go hard at it again this year she didn't want to suffer the same jibes as last time round. She'd be ever so good - glass of water before bed, remove the eye makeup, drag a brush through her hair, get up at a sensible time and have a shower, coffee, decent breakfast... Looked at her, breathing hard, eye makeup running from tears, hair dishevelled. Each time I think you're not being truthful, I'm going to spank your arse.

Semi-pros Ch. 01

group unclehans 2018-09-05

It slipped right in, and although in common with her roommate, Jane, Roanne has a very slack cunt, she used her muscles to squeeze my cock. Jane came over and started kissing Roanne whereas Sharon planted one of her tits in my mouth. "I think Roanne's coming to the boil." said Sharon "and you haven't cum inside me yet this evening apart from my mouth." I was still soft after fucking the others in such quick succession so Jane used her hands and mouth to raise the dead and as soon as I was hard again, she sat back on my lap, guiding my knob into her back passage.