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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Goa Trip Ch. 02

group mayakaran28 2018-09-05

Finally after much deliberation and browsing through their magazines Maya decided to get a dolphin tattooed on her chest just above her breast and it looked as if it was going to dive between her cleavage, Anjali got a shark done on her tummy just below her belly button and Babita, a mermaid on her ankle. In just few minutes, Anjali was dripping wet and had started thrusting her pussy against Maya's hand, asking for more. Maya screamed in pleasure as she started to cum on my thrusting dick while I roughly smacked her bottom, while continuously licking Anjali's pussy. After seeing Anjali come I lost control completely and started fucking Maya hard and fast which triggered another orgasm and she went off like a rocket.

First Threesome Ch. 01: The Approach

group rainman0720 2018-09-05

I'll ultimately get her off; up to that point I'll go down on her, or use my hands and fingers, or I'll pull out her favorite vibrator, whatever I feel like that night. But on this night, she chose to read a story about a couple who invite a mutual female friend for a threesome, and it was the wife's first time having sex with another woman. And I never said anything or asked her why she read it; if she wanted to talk about it, she'd bring it up. The note read "Hi. If you're interested, I'd like to get to know you. She held the note in her hands and stared out the window the whole trip home, not saying a word.

Wife shares her boy toy

group michaelelaine 2018-09-05

I went through the entire day with a hard cock while my wife continuously sent me pictures of her massive tits and wet pussy. This time my ass quickly swallowed my boy toys cock and I begun to ride him fast almost instantly. The same with my wife's boy toy came up behind her and started fucking her pussy right in front of me. My wife did not seem to like that so with one hand she spread her ass and the other one took her boys cock out of her pussy and slid it into her ass. I heard her boy toy start moaning as well and slapped my wife's ass as he came hard.


My Wife Melinda Takes Two Plus Eats Pussy - Part 5

group 2018-09-05

As I sucked Sara's nipple I rubbed my cum into her tits but during all this I watched as my sexy, sweet wife Melinda's mouth worked the head of Kevin's cock. Sara pulled away from me and lifted Melinda's shirt over her head causing Melinda to, clearly reluctantly, take Kevin's cock from her mouth momentarily. As soon as the shirt was over her head Melinda went back to sucking Kevin's dark cock. Soon Melinda took her free fingers of her left hand and began rubbing her saliva and pussy juice covered clit. Just as I was pondering Kevin's offer, Melinda began to grind and buck on Sara's face cumming with a high whine and a shudder.

The Club Lounge

group themasseuse 2018-09-05

I started to pull my hand away, but her eyes opening wide and her thighs squeezing tightly around my fingers, looked at me and whispered “again”. The strange hand had now slipped up under my skirt finding my naked buttocks, maybe not aware that I was wearing a thong, I didn’t care, if only I could coax him to explore my now wet pussy with his long thick fingers. I pressed my hand hard inside the girls panties and froze, trembling and grasping tightly around the girls hips as I came with such a force I had not felt in a long time, squeezing his fingers between my thighs.

Backpacker Ch. 01

group Nightwing88 2018-09-05

'Put you hand on her head,' Brad said, as he looked down at the busy Eve. 'Mind if I have a go?' Brad said a little while longer, walking right up next to me so his cock was aimed at Eve's engorged cheek. 'Fuck you boys feel so good,' Eve exclaimed as she took Brad's cock back in her mouth, sucking it for a moment and then replaced it with mine. 'That's it,' Eve said as Brad took the tip of my cock in his mouth. 'I wanna have some of this,' Eve said as she got on her knees and took my cock from Brad, shoving it into her mouth and sucking it.


Flight of Fantasy

group harrypotter_rod 2018-09-05

Entering she took off her shoes and put her feet on the sofa, at which I complimented Maria over the beauty of her lovely feet and gently began caressing her feet moving my hands to her ankles and calves, I kissed her toes very lightly and then with hunger and passion, while running my hands over her feet and calves, suddenly she sighed and shifted her weight and opened her knees slightly My mouth tongue, hands and fingers now showered her feet and toes with kisses, caresses nips and licks, her knees opened fully and I kissed her thighs over her jeans, moving up I kissed Maria delicately all around her vagina over her jeans, this made her say that she had many beautiful things to show me, I told her, "take a bet you cannot show me your beautiful thing!", she took this as a challenge and asked me to undress her, I did just that, the sight of her nude body exited me intensely, her lovely breasts seemed most inviting and I was obviously very hungry.


Mary's Evolution: Book 05

group furryfan 2018-09-05

"I feel naked," Mary said, looking at the blouse Greg had bought her, and while the sheer and sleeveless peach colored top was beautiful, it did little to hide her obvious assets, and in fact was designed to do anything but that. "You looked like at the kid in the Home Alone movies," Greg would tell Mary later when speaking about her reaction to seeing Lloyd, and while it was amusing later, there was nothing funny about the way Mary looked at her old freshman English teacher who stared at her with a mixture of lust and trepidation. Lloyd wasn't drooling, but he wasn't far from it, smiling lecherously at Mary, who only managed to utter, "Mister Anderson?" before looking in horror at Greg and asking to use the bathroom.


Learning Curve Ch. 09

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-05

Allan slowly extracted his penis from her mouth, leaving a long string of saliva that Alena couldn't keep her eyes off until it snapped and the longer end lightly slapped against her chin. "Oh, we always watch some film when we play, dear," Kathy chirped, then slowly extracted her fingers and brought them to Alena's mouth. With Allan pounding into his wife from behind, Kathy had a little problem in maintaining a place from which she could attack Alena's clit properly, sliding on and off the slick flesh she so badly wanted to gobble up. Alena assumed a supine position, with Allan's hand resting possessively on her rear and turned her attention to the television screen where Kathy was now sixty-nining with a coffee colored female with gigantic tits.


A Tale of Two Tails

group WereIT 2018-09-05

One night while Brittney and I were having a marathon sex session she started trying to get me to cum and started going through her list of friends asking which ones I wanted to fuck, and my cock apparently got harder when she mentioned Brittney’s name. He then looked to Jon and asked, “do you know of any other batter that has an easier time getting to third base at his first at bat?” Jon smiled and simply said, “it depends on who’s pitching.” Sarah started laughing and slapping the table.

The Ice Storm Ch. 02

group Emily_Dick 2018-09-05

As my lips pulled back from Becky's cum-coated face it suddenly struck me: I had never really kissed another woman before. Just as I thought I would finally get his cock, Carl muttered something about "missing me so fuckin' much"; then his head dove down to my pussy. I want you to keep your fuckin' eyes open and watch this." Carl couldn't tell whether I was joking or serious, but he did exactly as I asked. Becky then leaned over and quickly but gently took the entire head of his cock into her mouth. Carl's cock mouth reappeared, but Becky's tongue stayed with it licking slowly but deeply into the open slit. Surely Becky didn't want to suck Carl's cum from me like this.

Lexi's Great Adventure Ch. 01

group BlackBandit20 2018-09-05

You will wear the specific outfit that you are given, you will pay for the clothes with the black card then return to the limo for further instructions. Your other clothes have been packed up and are in your limo." Alexandra then knew that Lexi was out to play for the weekend. When Lexi got to the airport, she was taken straight to the tarmac where a small jet was waiting for her. "Yes ma'am, Miss Lexi" The front desk clerk smiled and handed her a room key card. Lexi didn't hesitate, she slid the key card in and opened the door. Lexi let out a moan as she continue to fellate the cock in her mouth and all the while the dildo continued its relentless hammering inside her pussy.

A Request for Advice

group mikeinto 2018-09-05

Jacqueline came over to where my head was resting and positioned her slit over my mouth, facing her boyfriend so she could watch him move in and out of my body. He pulled his cock out of me and I looked up from between his girlfriend's legs just in time to see him rubbing himself and see his dick start to spasm and fire large strings of hot cum onto my belly and onto Jacqueline. I wasn't looking at her, I had a mouth full of hard dick to fuck on, I could just feel her little licks between my legs. It certainly opened up new doors for me, ones that I hadn't even considered exploring, like group sex and fucking other women, things which I may decide to try more of some time soon.

Three Cocks Satisfy

group ainu 2018-09-05

We got to my room and Ernie was just having his orgasm, sort of pulling back his upper body while shoving his hips as tight against Rosie as he could and sort of moaning. "Chad," she said, looking slightly back at him, "push it all in." Then I watched, her mouth stayed partly open and moans or something came out for a couple moments. I could see the way her head jerked back that she was shoving her hips back at him, working hard on getting a good fuck just as she had with me, earlier, in a different position. She was thoroughly turned on by Chad's fucking her, his huge cock working inside her, and my cock got her attention sporadically, in between orgasms.

Chrissy: Torture and Reward

group Azuldrgon 2018-09-05

It was erotic to say the least and I was just sitting there watching it before I saw Chrissy's face slide inside the open blouse and Mae's face twist in passionate pleasure. My cock slid into Chrissy which made her moan into Mae's pussy. As she started to moan, I watched Chrissy slide above her head and Mae's tongue instantly started licking her. She started telling me how much of a slut Mae was and the way she took Chrissy's toys and such. Mae moaned as she felt the hot cum on her stomach before Chrissy covered her mouth in her juices. Mae held Chrissy's head in her hand as she licked before she motioned for me to bring my cock to her mouth.


surprized by the wife 3

group 2018-09-05

Just a minute said a big naked man standing directly behind my wife. My wife looked a little bit nervous as his hands traveled up to her tits. Fuck me I thought his cock must be at least ten inches long to poke Shagging the arse off my wife and all j could do was watch or so I thought. Next thing I knew I felt what I thought to be the tip of someone's cock there loads in my mouth up my arsehole and up my wife's fanny. At home I said at least you didn't have to suck on a cock like I No she said not one cock did have to suck on I think it was about seven

Thetford forest

group diver1uk2003 2018-09-05

Another male was stood watching and videoing it with his cock out and clearly enjoying the display in front of him. Clearly enjoying the fact that she was seemingly directing the action she told her to turn around and take Phils cock in her mouth. Cum clearly dripping from her she just remained bent over as the second woman videoed the dripping pussy. This seemed like a sign for the second woman as she then directed the other man to take his place and for the woman bent over to clean the first man’s cock clean. The second man now pounded her like it was his first and last fuck in life and clearly not about to last long.

A Very Different, "Three's Company" Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-09-05

Naomi then pushed a finger into the sopping wet pussy and Chrissie felt it delve deeply into her warmth causing her vaginal muscles to contract involuntarily. Chrissie felt her juices flow, her pussy swell and she squirted streams of cum into Naomi's mouth. Debbie lay alongside Naomi and stroked her firm pert breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples as Chrissie worked the overheated pussy. It felt as if Naomi was fucking her with it and Chrissie sucked on it much like she would a man's cock. As Naomi fondled the breasts, Chrissie returned her attention to Debbie and kissed her hungrily as she thrust down on the thick strap-on, their tongues explored each other's mouths again.


A Sleepless Night

group lesismore 2018-09-05

Keri simply couldn't get those images of sucking cock and swallowing cum out of her head; her pussy was throbbing too intensely from wanting a thick, hard cock in her mouth. Keri sucked on her friend's cock and in a few seconds was swallowing a load of sticky cum; the man walked off quickly and the person watching them started strolling towards her. And so during the next hour Keri took many cocks into her mouth, expertly sucking out spurts of hot cum, and swallowing all of it except for what dribbled down her chin; and all the while she used her seat to push the banana in and out of her dripping pussy.

Kelsey's World Ch. 37

group riverboy 2018-09-05

"Let's ask that cute guy in the suit," Kelsey said, gesturing at a handsome older man trying to hail a cab. "You ready for sweet Charity, Honey?" Kelsey said, looking over her shoulder at Will's blissful face as he fucked on. Kelsey, Brie and Charity went right to the stunned looking young men, introducing themselves and hugging them both. "I don't know what you're waitin' for, Honey," Kelsey said to her, stroking Raymond's wet shaft next to her cheek. Charity and Brie giggled as they moved in on the two young men, and both of the newbies groaned deep, masculine moans when soft, warm, feminine hands caressed their sweaty hardness.


Putting on a Show

group Insomniac13 2018-09-04

After he had thoroughly tasted Natalie, he pulled back slowly and looked over to Ken. The man sat on the couch and was grinning broadly, watching his wife being so brazen. With Ken good and hard, Melissa worked at her own clothes, stripping down quickly all while biting her lower lip as she saw the man's girth. you feel so good..." Melissa moaned as she felt his release inside her and a moment later, Natalie, having watched her husband cum inside another woman, came herself, soaking Melissa's jaw and neck in her juices. "Gorgeous..." Scott said, losing himself to the view Natalie presented and Melissa's skilled grip.

The Dream

group scarlet wombat 2018-09-04

He looked at the room around him, it was dome shaped lined with mirrors wall and ceiling seeing his reflection in the mirrors on the ceiling he stared at himself dressed in a silk suit laying on a mound of soft furs. Moving his tongue with ever increasing vigour he began to nibble gently with his teeth eliciting small moans from deep in the back of her throat, her juices began to flow like a great flood and he drank them eagerly. He hesitated, his life dull and grey flashed, he looked at the perfect form writhering beneath him and once more began to plunge into her body he felt his explosion begin to come suddenly he felt it like molten metal bursting forth as they both cried out from passion.

Wife's Threesome Fantasy

group innocentwife 2018-09-04

You leave the room and as I wait there I can still feel my vagina pulsing from me Cumming and it seems like an eternity until I hear you come back in. Thoughts quickly leave as I cannot even contain myself with the sure delight I am feeling right now and you are now feeling it too as you as well are excited by my rapid sucking and you cum into my mouth! After I cum yet again, I tell whomever it is to come up on the bed I want to suck you! They oblige and I suck whomever it is off until I feel them cum and I pull them out just as they do because I don’t know who it is anymore.

Yummy 2

group cumslutt77 2018-09-04

such nice fucking cocks!" Jill groaned, sliding her hands up and down them, then pushing their willing heads down to each others' aching cocks and gurgled as they wrapped their cocksucking lips around the other's. "Wanna feel how fucking wet this is making my sopping cunt, darling gurly-bois?" Jill shuddered. But, Jane offered to ride with Jack in his truck, and it didn't take long for both Dana's and Jane's heads to disappear from sight, gulping hot loads of cum from Dan and Jack's cocks as they followed each other, arriving and slowly getting their clothing adjusted to get out of the vehicles. "Wanna fuck you, son...." Dan lovingly told Jack, who willingly got on all fours, guiding Dan's cock into his open fuckhole.