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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fucking Two Whore At The Time

group coolguy2020 2018-09-04

Sheila had an orgasm very soon as she had lost practice but I went on and on for 40 minutes and finished with a big load in the condom. Sheila went on to keep the utensils at place and Radhika and me started our lovemaking act. I love sucking melons and Radhika was desperately waiting for the time when I would insert my piston in her cunt. I licked it for a while but wanted to fuck her really bad to stopped licking within a few minutes and inserted my cock in her pussy and started pushing it deeper. I asked her if she wanted to try anal and she said, “yes, but go slow” I used my massage oil and fingered her puckered ass hole for some minutes.


group Tomcat286 2018-09-04

Slowly, all started to have the fun with the clothes, so that Katja just sat there in the string, Lisa had her bra yet, but it was nude down there(as she took off her panties she got up to, I could see that she had only a narrow strip of hair above here labias, the rest was shaved, Rolf still had his socks and I was naked. I was sitting so behind Katja and was able to push two fingers into her ass, there I felt Rolf's giant cock work in her pussy. Katja got her next orgasm and then climbed down from Rolf, I took over and closed my lips over his cock and blew and jerked him up and he came a second time.

Pregnant and Horny

group billy69boy 2018-09-04

"Fuck this!" I heard one man exclaim, and then another chimed in: "Yeah!" and before I knew it my front door swung open, and several men pulled me from my vehicle and dragged me into the small patch of woods behind my car. I was so aroused, realizing that my fantasy was coming true before my very eyes: a hard cock found my mouth, as several hands reached under my torso and squeezed my milk-filled tits. I was getting the full treatment: hands rubbing my ass and belly, squeezing my tits and fingers probing my private entrances, along with a new cock to suck. I was getting the full treatment: hands rubbing my ass and belly, squeezing my tits and fingers probing my private entrances, along with a new cock to suck.

Eating cum from wife's pussy

group jadon69 2018-09-04

Fuck, my bosses wife's tits were DD's and I wanted to suck and lick them like nobody's business. "oh baby", she purred as she watched Debbie lick and suck my cock and balls, "my pussy aches". I looked at my boss and hoarsely told him to fuck my wife. I positioned his wife on her knees so that the girls could tongue each others clits while we fucked their willing married cunts. His wife was tight as fuck and with every stroke she licked my wife's clit and the base of her hubby's shaft. It felt so good until my boss grunted and me wife cried out "fuckin shoot your load deep into me, of fuck Al, I need that cum".

Magic Brownies

group blklthrjkt 2018-09-04

I hadn't met Matt's wife until on night when she came to pick him up after a late recording session. After dinner we said our good byes and I headed home, but not before Janet asked if I'd like to hang out with them the coming weekend. "Not yet", Janet replied as she took my hand and pulled me with her, we dropped clothing on the way and were all naked by the time we were in the bedroom. That's when I felt Matt's hand on my arm, he pulled me up towards him and soon had my dripping cock in his fist. When I told them this, Janet moved next to Matt so she could get a better view.

Sonia And Lance And I - An MFM Meeting

group kezza6969 2018-09-04

I watched her take Lance's cock in her hand, and then suck the knob into her mouth. She started to seesaw her cunt on my face, rocking on my thrusting tongue, rolling her sex across my lips, mouth and nose. Lance's hard saliva covered cock appeared between the cheek's of Sonia's arse. I moved my mouth from her cunt as the head of his cock parted her lips and disappeared effortlessly into the entrance of her love tunnel. His thrusts were hard; she became hot and wet, beginning to shudder and scream in a mighty orgasm from deep within her; he was moaning, then his cock muscle was throbbing in and against us; I couldn't hold back, and let my own cum burst forth into her.

Three Is Definitely Company

group GetSome69 2018-09-04

She ran her hands up his legs and leaned there hovering above his lap, then her head fell down into his lap, taking his cock into her warm mouth without the aid of her hands and she pushed it right down her throat, her lower lip coming to his ball sack and her nose burying into his trimmed pubes. She had the cock buried in her throat when she started to feel the gooey cum work its way out the shaft and into her throat, she drew the cock out while he was cuming getting a warm load in her mouth she swallowed it as the head emerged from her lips and she grabbed the cock, his balls falling onto his fiancés face while she continued to tongue his asshole.


Cast party

group valeriuscatullus 2018-09-04

Brigitte sucked on Matt’s 5 inch cock and caressed his body, while Lana licked the length of Jamie’s 6 inches and fingered his smooth, eager ass. I was now thoroughly confused but getting aroused as I watched Mark and Cody close in on Melissa, who by now was wearing only panties as well, and start sucking on both of her nipples while she moaned and ran her fingers through mark’s short dark hair and Cody’s shoulder length blonde curls. At this point the three girls who were watching each exploded in orgasm just before Mark gasped and climaxed, filling Cody’s ass with hot jizz and collapsing onto him where they held each other and kissed.

Explorations Ch. 07

group Manny2314 2018-09-04

"He has very nice hands," Emily said to Brianne. Brianne reached down slowly and held my cock, squeezing it and rubbing, sending chills throughout my body. My erection didn't subside as her cunt walls squeezed my cock and I watched Johnny pounding Emily. Laura's hand reached up and closed over Brianna's tit. That got Laura's attention and she reached for Emily's tit with her other hand. I felt Brianna's pussy clenching my cock as she had yet another orgasm just as Laura bit down on her nipple. My fingers in Laura's pussy paid off about this time, as she reared up with a scream, pushing my fingers deep into her cunt.

CvsN 07: Projects & Polyamory

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-09-04

But she knows how I feel." I was getting a little aggravated with this conversation, and picked up the pace, really putting it to her, pulling her back hard on my cock, holding her hip bones tightly, each stroke accentuated by the slap of our flesh together. "Debbie, I asked Beth to stay the night tonight." I was a little anxious and didn't know what to expect. I didn't really know where we stood after that first time, and I've just been letting things go as they will." I crawled up close beside her and gave her a kiss on the shoulder, as I let my hand reach down between her legs and I opened her up a bit.


White Ribbon

group GingerV 2018-09-04

I stood up, collected two glasses of wine, handed one to Rich on my way through the bedroom door and told Gail: "I'll be in the front room." I thought he could stand another little teaser, though, so I caught his eye as I kissed Gail on the cheek and gave her ass a little squeeze. I pulled my head back, which he allowed after the first tug, and interrupted what I expected to be an apology for his ungentlemanly conduct with "soon, Babe…but not yet." Gail had returned her hand to caressing my thigh when Rich had grabbed me, and I wanted her more involved than that.


FotoFun: Angle of View Ch. 03: Final

group Hypoxia 2018-09-04

"Hey Ronny, how about a doggy fuck while I'm doing this taste test, huh?" She raised her butt and lowered her mouth, first to kiss Keri's inner thighs, then to attack her pussy. Thalia grinned, "Hey, yeah!" She crawled over Cindy and replaced the blonde, ass up, face down, her tongue extended, lapping at groaning Keri who was still orally engaged with Sandi. Her finger penetrated my bowels; my rigid ramrod sluiced into Thalia's pussy; T-girl's long tongue ramped-up on Keri, who slurped harder at Sandi, who twitched and moaned. Sandi took the opening to lean forward into a 69 with Keri, lovingly laving my old girlfriend's labia, tongue-fucking into her core, and slurping her excited clit.


Dating a Nymphomaniac Ch. 02

group sivad44 2018-09-04

Then we headed to the hotel about 8PM because she wanted to "have a little sex cocktail together before things got started". I told you I know these guys, Jim. What the hell do you need a fucking gun for?" And after two times around they were all moaning and grunting, and they started reaching down and fondling and squeezing her tits and ass, and fingering her pussy, as she worked on their cocks. First Jamiel shoved his big, black cock up her cunt, while Denny and Walt straddled her head and took turns fucking her mouth, while Willie and Steve knelt beside her, jacking off and playing with her tits and clit as they waited for their turn.

The Guidance of Nephews Ch. 06

group misterwho 2018-09-04

"Do you want me to press your legs for you?" asked Suguna, realizing that Saroja was keeping quiet. "In these matters we are all the same ma," said Suguna, her hand briefly sliding under the hem of Saroja's petticoat. Suguna pushed the petticoat over the curve of Saroja's hip and applied weight and pressure in the zone so that she did not send any overt sexual signal; even though her fingers had subtly started savoring the housewife's body. Saroja had already become slick at the mental image of a series of young man doing the things she had seen Sundar do to Suguna. "No need to talk," said Suguna covering the Saroja's bare crotch with her entire hand.


Justified Favors

group GeorgeTasker 2018-09-04

Carol's eyes went even wider and the gorgeous college student looked away from the tickets and at Lyle's face for the first time. We'll give you head on the plane, the idea of sucking cock at 10,000 feet actually turned Katie on a little, and you can have a single sex session each after the concert with whichever one of us you prefer," at least that way one of them would get a break. "Lyle, you can have Carol to yourself after the concert while me and Amber do Greg." Amber started to bob her head over Greg's cock, her tongue swirling around his erratically thrusting shaft and her cheeks hollowing as she sucked hard and deep on his erection.


Gran Canaria

group stevesthe1 2018-09-04

after a few minutes i looked over to see that sue had taken her bikini off and was lying on her back naked...she grabbed my trunks and whipped them off running down the beach with them in the air whilst i stayed on my towel....we sunbathed nude for a while and sue suggested going for a swim there were lots of nude people walking along the beach and swimming so it felt quite natural to do the same...sue has a great body as as she works out in the gym and runs so she looked really hot naked on the beach....she grabbed my hand and we set off walking along the shoreline completely naked and it felt really good....we went for a swim and then headed back to our towels...we couldnt see them and wandered back and forth thinking we had the wrong place...we then realised that our swimwear and towels were gone....someone must have taken them and that we were completely naked on a beach with no way to get back to the hotel!!!

A Reputation To Uphold Ch. 01

group Londoner247 2018-09-04

As the music started Jenny began to dance sexily, swaying her hips and running her fingers through her long brown hair. As Jenny danced proudly before my gaze – all the while staring defiantly into my eyes – Jake came round to have his turn watching. Now it was my turn to press my cock against her cute little butt, and my hands reached round to cup and grope her soft tits. She swallowed once, then twice as I finished shooting cum in her mouth, and as I slid out from between her lips she collapsed onto the floor, fingering herself while Jake's dick was still imbedded deep in her cunt.

Donna, This Girl Still Haunts Me

group pop_54 2018-09-04

Julie had left Sam's side by this time and as Pete carefully folded Donna's dress and hung it over a chair, (strange how you remember these silly little details, and strange how Pete actually bothered to fold the dress neatly not just chuck it to one side), Julie unhooked Donna's bra and removed it very gently and sensually, the young girl was naked, and she looked fucking out of this world laying back on that sofa, her legs slightly open with her right leg cocked slightly to one side revealing just enough of her arousal swollen cunt lips to cause beads of sweat on my forehead.


My first all male three way!

group mycocknurass 2018-09-04

I told him I was meeting a husband and wife for regular fuck sessions (another story) this had us both hard and ready to have some fun. Allen and his friend helped me undress and as soon as my pants were off they were both sharing my hard cock. Allen told Jim if I didn't stop he was going to cum, Jim said fill my ass and that's all it took to send Allen over the edge. I was still sliding my hard cock into Allen's ass when I felt my balls tighten and I told them both I was going to cum. Now it was Jim's turrn to cum and Allen put his mouth to work on Jim's throbbing hard cock.

Special Visitor

group BearA 2018-09-04

Roger sat back down and Sarah returned her hand to rubbing his leg. Sarah continues to rub until she stopped, unzipped his pants and let Roger's cock free. Roger let out a slight moan when she moved here mouth to a nipple. As Sarah sucked on Roger's nipples, her hand reached in his pants to finger his balls. With that, Sarah reached down, grabbed Roger's cock and led him to our bedroom. I remained seated as the Sarah walked past pulling Roger by his cock like a puppy on a leash. Sarah moved to position her wet pussy over Rogers erect cock. I my eyes so focused on Sarah sucking his cock while her hands playing with his balls.

Hotel Surprise

group Jalynn 2018-09-04

The sucking sound from you fucking her mouth just made me want you inside me, but that meant I was going to have to untie you soon. You can feel her breath and tongue and your cock moves in and out of my body. I know your are stroking your hand up and down your cock watching me lick her pussy and fuck her with my fingers. You begin to thrust cock into my pussy harder and harder, making me want to suck on her clit and fuck her with my fingers harder. I could feel your hands moving over my ass as you fucked my tight pussy. With a little bit of pressure I feel it start to move in and out of my ass like your cock in my pussy.

Stone and Shari Ch. 01-02

group badfish331 2018-09-04

From there Stone shouted for Shari to model her new panties for him, so Jen got dressed and resumed her spot against the wall, and Shari put them on, with a baby-doll top, and came around the corner to show him, bending over right in his face so he could slap her fat ass as she let out a playful giggle and walked away to change again. Jen looked over her shoulder and smiled, then reached down and pulled up her pants, turned back around, and admired Shari's next outfit. She obliged, but went a little further, getting her finger wet from the juice of her pussy, she pushed it into him so slowly Stone hardly knew it was there.

Kelly & Robin

group Majorhappy 2018-09-04

Robin began bobbing her head up and down on my beer bottle like she was sucking my cock, and just before she went to pull the bottle up from between my legs, I got an idea and closed them just a little bit. Robin had grabbed my penis when Kelly asked her to, and the rush of a totally unfamiliar hand sent a jolt through me and brought me much closer to the point of raging erection. It was getting difficult to read while all of this was going on, and as Robin kept the slow pace on my cock, Kelly leaned forward to Robin and grabbed Robin's tee-shirt at the bottom and began lifting.


Bedding Every Woman in the House

group tony090909 2018-09-04

He said I was welcome to stay for a couple of nights if I wanted as his wife and daughters were away on the weekend he proposed. The second voice was clearly Sir John's and you didn't have to be a genius to realise that his wife had come back unexpectedly and that as far as she was concerned I wasn't welcome. A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find Sir John stood there. By ten o'clock Rachel had excused herself, Emma had gone to make some phone calls and I was left alone with Sir John and his wife. I waited for Sir John's wife to pull her hand away and start calling me names, but nothing happened.