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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 02

group metacarpal 2018-09-04

"Could you feel her come, you know, when you had your fingers in her?" Bev continued, now soaping Karen's pussy. Karen was a little intimidated when Bev laid on the pillow next to her head a pair of vibrators and a bottle of warming massage oil, especially when Bev told her, "Dale and I are going to give you more orgasms than you ever thought possible. Dale and Bev knelt on either side of Karen, turned her onto her belly and poured oil all over her back, buttocks and down the length of each leg. She looked down at what they were doing and the three of them watched as Dale eased his vibrator into her vagina and began to fuck her slow and deep with it.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 16

group bustyalix 2018-09-04

"It's getting a little tight in here." Coach Blue said, turning Brittany's attention to his rock-hard cock, still throbbing in her small hand. The busty blonde turned to her friend, but Brooke offered no reassurance as she focused on running her hands over Coach Blue's upper body. "You want us to..." Brittany asked, gesturing to their bra straps as she and Brooke finally looked at their coach. Both girls stepped forward and took their previous positions with Brooke rubbing the coach's body and Brittany rubbing his cock; only this time they were doing it in their bras. Soon Coach Blue felt the girls stop trying to fight it, and he slowly pulled his hands away from them and let the two busty teens make out of their own accord.


Living your fantasy

group trindriver121 2018-09-04

Jane’s hands began roaming up and down Cate’s back, until they rested firmly or her ass, Jane then began kissing cate’s neck, one Cate’s top erogenous zones, I could see by the way her eyes closed and her breathing deepened that Cate was getting really turned on. He carried her to a sofa, and lay her down, he began kissing her and she responded with enormous passion, then he worked his way down to her breasts, Cate’s B cup breast looked tiny in his large hand, as his mouth locked tight over her other breast. We were both so turned on, Cate made room on the bed, and Lucy lay flat I climbed on top of her, and my cock entered her easily, as I fucked her, she was pulling at her nipples and moaning loudly.

Double Act – Chapter 1

group TreborCox 2018-09-04

One time, I caught Tim and Bethany having sex in the room Beth and I still shared. Tim had taken up the offer, and was getting ready to leave in a weeks' time when he and Bethany decided to take off for a couple of days. I was to ring Tim and tell him in no uncertain way that I would not be joining him and my s!ster at the cabin where he and Bethany were going to. Bethany and I were both excited by the prospect of what we were planning, and had to keep it in check from the ever-curious Tim. And it was then that I did two things I felt guilty about.

Fairy Tales Ch. 06

group peaches07 2018-09-04

Apparently not deep enough for Bruin, for he suddenly grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick all the way down, Marigold's face smashing into his stomach as she fought for breath around him. Bruin began fucking her face, hard, Marigold drawing breath every time he pulled out far enough. Jacob was still fucking her pussy, and she wondered if Robert would replace Bruin in her mouth. "You should try her mouth," said Bruin, sitting on the bed across from Marigold and watching Jacob fuck her. Her fingers worked tirelessly, and as she felt Robert grunt and his cock spurt inside her, she cried out and came, hard.

The Other Men In My Life Ch. 04

group sophiewilliams 2018-09-04

There was classical music playing but nobody was dancing and I quickly noticed how all the doorman and waiters were dressed exactly the same as my chauffer, and all the male guests were in black suits, white shirts and silver Casanova masks. The fact we were all still wearing our masks only heightened my arousal and when I was finally pushed to my knees by two of the men I quickly opened my eyes and waited for the first cock to spread my hungry mouth open. Tommy grabbed a handful of my hair and relaxed his thrusts slightly allowing me to work his cock. Tommy held my head still and slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth and then I started to moan and cry out in pain.


Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 18

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-04

Taking a mouthful of champagne, Janet started sucking on Willie first, while taking Howard in her hand and jerking him off. Janet gave Howard a knowing, wet lipped smile, took another swig from the champagne bottle on the floor beside her, and stood up. With Howard fucking her fairly fast, Janet motioned Willie over and t0old him to grab a stool and sit in front of her. This time, with Howard seeming to hit her spot with a certain regularity that had her on the verge of coming again, she played with Willie's dick, flicking her tongue on the sensitive spot on the underside of his shaft near the head.


Brett & Lisa & Raeye at the Beach

group hunternaz2 2018-09-04

Your clit is standing up like a tiny cock I start sucking and nibbling on it and push my tongue in and out of your very wet pussy you are first moaning then screaming in pure ecstasy I said "Raeye you are very attractive and being that you enjoyed watching us perhaps you would like to join us?" Raeye very quickly accepted and started to undress, I started helping her out of her clothes at the same time that Lisa did. Lisa sucked it in and out of her mouth while I fucked her; I licked on Raeye’s cock in time to my thrusts into Lisa’s pussy.

Nearly Sisters

group EZ_CUM_EZ_GO 2018-09-04

"Listen, rather that stand here inside the dressing room and try to explain why we're all standing here like this anyway, I was thinking that since Mike and I were going to grab a bite to eat after we were finished here, that maybe you two should join us!" "Oh...I do that to Kevin myself." Cindy added after I had told her of my intentions of teasing Mike with a little bit of a flash in the dressing room for him. Watching Mike descend the short few steps to the main sitting area and then head towards the men's room, I leaned over towards Cindy as she sat looking over the menu.


Hot Tub Threesome for Barbara

group ltp799 2018-09-04

The touch of her soft lips and moist tongue coupled with the smooth skin of her leg was making me crazy; we must have lost track of time because we were still clutching each other when Peter returned, beers in hand. I hoped Peter wouldn't notice Barbara's arm moving back and forth as she teased me beneath the surface of the water. While not as large as Peter's, my full seven inches throbbed thick and firm in the cool night air, water running down my shaft and dripping from my heavy balls, which hung several inches from the base of my member. Wrapping the fingers of her right hand around the head of my penis, she shifted left beneath Peter's erect manhood, tongue extended to caress his balls.

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 05

group alabamacowgirl69 2018-09-04

I ay down beside my husband and whispered, "Keep your eyes closed, and enjoy." I then began to kiss him on the lips, teasing and nibbling on them for a few moments before pulling the covers back, exposing him to Brooke's fascinated gaze. My juices were flowing, and as he began to lick me, Brooke took his cock into her mouth. As we kissed, Jake moved slowly in and out of Brooke's wet cunt, while licking mine. As Jake plowed into me from behind, gripping my ass with both hands, I slipped a finger into Brooke's flowing slit, and continued to caress her clitoris with my tongue, lightly, teasingly one moment, then with more force.

Christina's Journey Ch. 01-02

group Aussiescribe38 2018-09-04

I mean, how could a guy control his emotions, when Christina was having one of her braless days, walking towards him, with her magnificent boner producing wobbling breasts, short muff level skirt, and long shapely legs, luckily most times he had some books to hidde his reaction. Like a lot of teen girls, she had experimented with a couple of her school girl friends, some touching and masterbating, and although she had found F/F sex a real turn on, she hadn't gone that way, until she met Anita. "Tonight's the big night sweetie," Anita cooed, she didn't know it, but she was about to unlock Christina's deep sexual desires.


group olebluesteer 2018-09-04

Jairo turned his gaze up to my face and as he grabbed my ass said sternly, “You’re gonna pay with this.” Jairo backed his cock out of my mouth and Joaquin took his place in front of me. As Joaquin began to pump my mouth faster and his breath got heavier, Jairo warned him to not blow his load yet. Joaquin and Jairo, still stroking their cocks, encouraged him to use my mouth as his own. With his rigid cock pulsing, stream after stream of his hot cum filled my mouth and a look of embarrassment filled his face. Joaquin and Manuel looked at one another with excitement knowing what Jairo was about to do.

Summers of Love and Tragedy

group fantasyhunter2 2018-09-04

Drugs flowed like water and easy doesn't come close to describing the sexual ways of the hippie chicks that came to San Francisco with flowers in their hair. I don't know how long we had talked before he came right out and said, "Hey, man, I think it would be a trip to suck your cock." "Oh man, that big cock feels far out, now fuck me baby!" He demanded as he was shoving his ass back at me. Since my ass wasn't sore I didn't think I had let him fuck me, but I wondered if I might have sucked my first cock.


Poker Night Pt. 04

group lordroxbury 2018-09-04

With the particulars on their end out of the way the four of them went ahead and got dressed and decided that it would be a good thing to get away from the house for a while and that there was not going to be a better time to hit the stores before getting ready for tonight's party. Tony just hoped that Heather and the other girls were not going to shit when they saw how many people had turned up for the surprise party he was throwing for his little sister having made it into college on a full scholarship. Guys did not buy into Tony's poker games without knowing what the end result was going to be and Buchard had pretty well-formed ideas on where he wanted his cock to end up before the night was over.


Friendly Benefits Ch. 01

group elpavilion 2018-09-04

They went back and forth about the topic for a few more drinks and then all of a sudden Amanda was heading home with the skeleton of a plan to get her long-time boyfriend into a three-way with her and one of her oldest friends, a plan that started with Marge spending the weekend with them. They played for a long time; sometimes Andy would take control moving Amanda physically the way he wanted and she would offer the slightest, tiniest bit of resistance but always gave in. By the time Andy took his eyes off Marge and looked at Amanda, she thought her face belied none of the anxiety she felt.


Waiting For My Lover

group 2018-09-04

While she sat waiting for her lover to arrive, she began thinking back to their previous rendezvous, when her lover had thrusted so deep and came so much, that not only did she feel his cum dripping down her vagana and into her pussy lips,But it was stuck there, on her pussy lips, to be held there. stuck two of his fingers into her pussy, collected some moistness, felt warm and safe; how she told him to stretch out on the bed, passionate kiss; how, while thrusting, it was so warm that his down on his cock, and while thrusting into her, she continued to circle her finger around her pussy. She pulled back her pussy lips

The Party Ch. 1

group Ignatious2197 2018-09-04

Kat and Rick, a skinny little blonde and her slightly overweight husband, Bob and Tina, a couple of happy faces who seem to definitely be in the spirit of things both in good shape with hair about the same coloration .... Kim's tentative fingers trace your face as you look to her, eyes glazed over in lust your lips part and moan as the slight brunette watches my cock as it pleasures you. I can see the moan before it leaves your lips, your head still being caressed by the slight brunette Kim. I lay forward on you, letting you feel my weight as I continue to thrust in you, I kiss you letting you taste your sweetness on my lips.

Girlfriend Rented To Friend

group notcreative1 2018-09-04

She engulfed him right away, I looked over and couldn't believe what I was seeing, my girl was bent over with my friend's hand on the back of her head gagging and slurping on his dick. My friend asked me to leave since he was having trouble cumming, taken off by first I looked at my girl still on her knees bobbing her head on his cock like it was her job not even paying attention. She also told me that they spent a lot of time making out and sucking him off, and that he was standing up while she squeezed his cock between her tits a bit and went back to blowing him until he came in her mouth.

Aruba Foursome

group rlfj 2018-09-04

That Friday I came home to find her and her sons in the living room, with Jackie trying in vain to come up with a reason she couldn't leave her baby. Returning to the living room, I grabbed Jackie by the shoulders and propelled her to the bedroom with the orders, "Get dressed, we're going out!" Maria laughed and I played with Timmy while Jackie showered and changed. I said good-bye to a laughing Maria (her boys thought this was absolutely hysterical and wanted me to carry them the same way) and carried Jackie out of the apartment. Jackie began shaking and moaning as she started coming, and I pushed her T-shirt up and off her, then grabbed her tits and pulled her back against me.


My Wife's Creampie Gangbang

group Olive_Jucicles 2018-09-04

It was hard to distinguish her moans of enjoyment, they were just a muffled and garbled series of grunts...which must have felt great on the cock in her mouth...which grew to a squeal that went silent as another man began to finger her pussy. Immediately, though, another hard cock had come up behind her and was pushing his head into her cunt.She rubbed his shaft as it slid in, then had to brace with both hands on the bed as he began to fuck. The line of men started to work their way through, each one fucking for as long as they liked before stopping, head of their cocks planted just inside her wet hole, and draining their balls inside.


An Intriguing Invitation Ch. 02

group Capricorn1 2018-09-04

"Lisa and David meet Anita and Jerome," said Tom, introducing their new found friends. As the four exchanged handshakes and hellos, Tom was explaining to Lisa and David that they met Anita and Jerome here about two years ago when they were paired together, and had since gotten together socially 3-4 times for dinner "and more". "Jerome, unless I miss my guess, Lisa will probably be fulfilling a fantasy tonight," David said, with a big grin on his face. Besides, I've been dying to do this for some time now," she said as she winked at Lisa and took David's cock in her mouth and began a slow, deliberate tongue teasing.


Swingsgtock '03

group RodThrustin 2018-09-04

A young couple in their mid-twenties unloaded their tent from their sedan along with a cooler, big foam pad, sleeping bags, and a camp stove with eating utensils. Kim had already declined Carla's offer to help with clean-up so those two went into their tent and got undressed. Her moans got louder and longer as she came again and yet again, finally gasping to me, begging me to come with her as she enjoyed another body-shaking orgasm, thrusting her hips into mine, her wonderful vagina flooding us both with her orgasmic juices and pushing me over the edge into a total leg-shaking ejaculation that seemed to last for several long, long minutes.


Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 02

group dchapleaux 2018-09-04

I suck furiously at your clit, sliding my fingers quickly in and out of your tight pussy and before long, I feel your body begin to tighten up. I grab the edge of the tub and exclaim that I am going to cum, causing you to just suck on the head of my cock while Sandra is forced to switch to doing the thrusting of her fingers herself. I feel my body let go and have to resist the urge to tense my body up, to prevent hurting you, but I do several things at once -- I shoot my first spurts of cum into Sandra's mouth, bite lightly on your clit, shove my two fingers deep inside of you, and squeeze your ass.