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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Rugby Club Bets Ch. 04

group RiskyGirl 2018-09-04

I agreed to visit the club with Carl later that week to let the guys know I was fine and still going to their party. I felt it was time to warm things up a little and took hold of each guy's closest hand. The thought of stopping never entered my mind and I turned back to the rest of the players sat around the table. Slowly I began to bend forward onto the table, resting my stomach onto the cold wood I spread myself out as I watched Scott climb from his chair and head around the table towards me. Scott massaged my back for a moment before withdrawing but I continued to lie over the table, my body exhausted but my mind racing.


My Master Doug Latest Training

group Iamcuriousaboutyou 2018-09-04

While Kim and I were in the living room on the couch watching some really hot porn videos Doug & Brad had Maureen on the bed and they were fucking her non stop. Maureen was begging them like a dumb, stupid, bimbo fuck slave cum slut slave which is what she is and was there in bed with the two of them. After about three hours of fucking Maureen Doug came out of our bedroom leaving his son Brad to continue enjoying Maureen. He stood stark naked before Kim and I with his massive dick still wet from Maureen's holes. Doug smiled and said he was happy to hear me ask for more because he wanted to give me something special to enjoy.

Pleasure Cruise Ch. 01

group Many Feathers 2018-09-04

"Like Brad said," Darlene began, "I don't think you two will be the only ones sporting erections here tonight," she went on, especially with all these hard nipples springing up everywhere too," she announced pointing over towards another middle aged, but very attractive looking woman whose breasts were entirely bare, poking through a peek-a-boo type of a evening gown that had no intention of being worn or in covering her breasts. "And now, as a way of getting acquainted, meeting others like yourselves who've joined us on what we hope to be a very exciting, and very erotic cruise..." he again paused looking about the room with a mischievous smile on his face, "we'd like to open up the evenings entertainment with what we call "Ladies choice".


Just an Average Group Ch. 02

group mntnman64 2018-09-04

Joe then explained at some length how about 3 years ago his marriage with Dee was almost over...he added..."It was mostly over our rotten sex-life....we hardly did it more than twice a month...and then when we did have sex, it just didn't seem all that great." Ron was intrigued; first because he remembered the state of Joe's marriage at the time, and second, it sounded alot like his marriage now....with Carol. Dee then said, "I really need to get going home...Joe will be home soon...We both want you and Ron to discuss about what you two want...what you have now....and get back to us with a decision....the Group needs an answer soon...we don't like being one couple short.


My High School Principal Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-09-04

I told Helen to lie on her back while I ate her pussy and Ken and Jay sucked on her tits. So I told Karen about my Tuesday evenings with Helen but I did not tell her about Jay, Ken and our four-ways. "I think it would be really hot if she was eating my pussy while you fucked her in the ass" Karen excitedly stated. Helen stroked her panty covered pussy and said, "My you are wet, we best take these off you." Helen removed Karen's panties easing down and off of her legs. Walt slid a well lubed finger into Helen's ass sending her over the edge and Helen doused Karen's face with pussy juice.


group BigDave1340 2018-09-04

In the darkness, they talked about their feelings; how the presence of Rhys had turned Della on, how Roger felt when he saw them in the bathroom with Rhys’s cock in her mouth. “I’ll watch until full-time, then I’ll be off,” Rhys told Roger, aware that Della was due home anytime. Della explained how she was turned on, having someone watch her expose herself, how she had taken Rhys in her mouth, the taste of his cock. Roger hesitated, thinking how excited he was and turned on with the thought of watching Della suck Rhys.


Notorious Ch. 06

group BondiLisa 2018-09-04

I knew Jim would want to hear that it made me hot, but it occurred to me that Paul might be setting me up to sound like a slut. We broke our kiss when we heard Jim, and I said to Paul, "Come on lover." I took him by the hand and ran up the beach with him to catch up to Jim. Paul's hips began to heave with each downward thrust of my mouth, driving his cock deeper into my throat, pressing my nose against his body. I looked over at Paul who had been watching the whole time as Jim came on my face and in my mouth. I reached out and took Jim's cock in my hand and began to stroke it as I rode Paul.


Wifes First Ch. 02

group CyrusMann 2018-09-04

Karen pulled him back up and kissed him on the lips, “Thank you Josh, I have never been so well eaten before!” she said looking back at Eliot with a smile. A look of gratitude came over Eliot’s face, quickly replace with one of pure evil, as he realized what Ken had just said. “I think I will finish what Karen started, I’ve been way to hot watching for entirely to long.” I said. When we finally both returned to earth, Josh, Eliot and Karen sat beside the tub grinning as we finished. Ken simply laughed, and said, “ Well if my time is correct, the rest of the boys should be here shortly!” Karen looked at me and quietly mouthed “Boys?”

Anniversary Surprise

group BJlovers 2018-09-04

You let out your last deep breath and then stand there in amazement as Jess and I then turn to each other and lick your juicy hot cum from each others bodies and faces then kissing each other sharing your cum between us. I can feel the blood beginning to flow back into my cock as Jess moves down and sucks your left nipple into her mouth and begins to gently fondle your right breast with her hand. Your eyes catch mine and you notice that my hand has now moved down to my hardening cock stroking it gently as I watch Jess slide even further down your body kissing your yummy soft tanned skin as she goes.


The Salesman's Visit

group luvjuice43 2018-09-04

She looked up at me and smiled then paused a bit longer for me to enjoy the beautiful sight of her open legs and panties with wisps of her dark pubic hair peeking out before standing and giving me a sweet kiss. Ted complied with a sharp smack on her ass; standing behind her he took his engorged cock in his hand and rubbed its bulbous head up and down her wet, glistening slit then laid his entire shaft between her cheeks and slid it back and forth over her tightly puckered ass, surrounded by wisps of her thick pubic hair, and matted with her creamy juices.

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 05

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-09-04

I could feel the vibrations on the bed as Larissa rode Rain, plus I could hear her moans as she took him balls deep inside her cunt. It sounded pretty damn permanent when you had the locks changed, Jess, and didn't let me back in to get my stuff. Much to my shock, they took your side and told me things that I didn't want to believe, but now I guess that they were right. I don't know if my relationship with my parents or Tim can be saved, but I want to try to save my marriage at least. Oh, and the locks need to be changed back or else I get a copy of the keys, as do Larissa and Rain, my new lovers.


Wife catches husband with her s****r

group XXXNoBounds 2018-09-04

As Anne and Kim kissed, Bob moved to the foot of the bed. Anne began kissing Kim's legs as Bob removed her bra and started playing with her tits. As Bob continued with her tits, Anne had moved between my wife's legs and was rubbing her pussy through the panties. As Anne ate her pussy, Kim pulled Bob's cock out of his pants and had begun jerking him off, inches from her face. I had never known Kim to like feet, but she took her time sucking and nibbling on all ten of Anne's. Kim still wouldn't eat her pussy though, instead placing her hand right back between Anne's legs.

Secluded Bliss Ch. 01

group Liquor69 2018-09-04

She had told Tabitha that she knew the owners of the island and that she would absolutely love the place. When Tabitha heard this, she looked at the spectacular, tall, extremely handsome man, who was standing in her suite telling her all about Secluded Bliss. Tabitha laughed, "Gee, I wonder what would happen if I told her I wanted her to lick my pussy." So to answer your question, yes Tabitha, if you asked me, I would fuck you for as long as you want," John smiled, "Right now, it is time to get naked and head down to the cocktail party.


Teachers, Students and Pupil Ch. 02

group SKIP69 2018-09-04

I did not have time or the opportunity to speak to either Mandy or Sharon for the rest of the day, and when school closing time came round I waited expectantly with Janice for Darren to come for his "detention". Although he was but an inch or so away from the bunched up lace of her knickers Darren's self-control was such that he did not budge one bit as he unfalteringly said, "I swear most sincerely that I shall tell the others that it was a wild bet that I never had a chance of Janice smiled at me as he was speaking, as Darren was unable to see her face owing to his close proximity to her thighs, her bunched up skirt hiding his face from hers.

Paying the Babysitter

group bandito_slim 2018-09-04

Heather put her arms around Emily, one hand playing with her tits while the other slide down her belly, through the small patch of red hair and reached her wet pussy. Jerry reached Emily's pussy, he took hold of both her legs and lifted her up into a better position so her legs could be open farther and started to lick up her slit like a dog. Emily couldn't take it anymore; with Heather kissing her, playing with her tits and rubbing her clit while Jerry licked her pussy and worked a finger in and out of her was too much for her. Heather let Jerry's cock fall from her mouth and looked down at Emily.


The Marines Have Landed

group OLDER AND BETTER 2018-09-04

They stopped beside a large building and Lanna could see several women sitting in chairs and relaxing on chaise lounges. Abe took her hand and led her down the walk and into the large building they had visited before. If the good Captain wants to come, bring him along," Sherry told her as they neared Lanna's apartment. Her abrupt, take over attitude caused Lanna to take a dislike to her, but when Abe bent over and whispered, "Not nearly as much fun as you though," she set back and began to enjoy the music. Sherry and Jerry took their turn with Abe. They all came back laughing and praising him for his skill in dancing. Soon it was just Lanna, Rose, Abe and three other men left.


Midnight Snack

group spphrrose 2018-09-04

Just as his finger was leaving my mouth, I felt her hand go between my legs to help him slide his dick into my dripping wet pussy. She stopped playing with my tits to move lower, kissing over my stomach until her tongue came into contact with my clit, licking and sucking as he continued to fuck me. He only thrust a couple more times as his hand went into my hair to kiss me hard and bite my lip before pulling my head by my hair to his cock. She blew on my puss a little before she gave me a little lick at my clit and I swallowed all of him before I turned around to kiss her full on the mouth.

Jenny & Therese Ch. 02

group Irish Moss 2018-09-04

"Help me out with Therese now," Jenny moaned and I reluctantly turned away from her pussy and ran my fingers over the front of Therese's panties before starting to slide them down. I wasn't missing out on the pleasure of Jenny's hot, tight pussy sliding up and down my tool as my attention was on Therese, but I was able to enjoy that without having to really do anything. Jenny was riding me pretty hard and was moaning pretty continuously by the time Therese climbed off of my face and I slipped my finger into my mouth. While pumping my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy, I started to lick and suck her clit, which got her moaning even louder than she already had been.


Bob & Marcy Ch. 01

group bobizagingwell 2018-09-04

While working on a special pasta salad, Marcy looked timidly at Bob and said she had something she needed to tell him, but was nervous about it. Bob sat back and smiled and said, "Continue, please!" Although he wasn't sure he wanted to hear more. I felt I needed to tell you about my sexual past, as well as the truth about my breakup with Bob. Of course, he took the gutless way out, but at least he saved me from a life with him." she said, as a tear formed. Bob took Marcy into his arms and said, "I love you with all my heart.


JB's First BJ

group DiggMe 2018-09-04

Don sets me on the end of the table where Dick and JB can see the whole show and starts unbuttoning my shirt, his hands working Their way down as he begins kissing my lips, neck and down to the tight warm spot between my breasts. Dick pumps his cock into my mouth a few times as I continue sucking him and then he pulls away and crawls back down off the pool table. JB, you kneel between his legs and continue to suck his cock." Don reaches into the box and pulls out yet another small dildo which he lubes and hands to JB "work this into his asshole and turn it on"


Rita's First Swingers Experience

group smita22 2018-09-04

Girl can bring one boy with her free of fees for 8 hours after she completes 200 hours of floor time. They told they were all college students and know how to please a nice dame like me they knew it was my first time. But the boys with me realized that I was afraid, told me that, this girl is a regular here. As the cock came out, the guy who just spoke to me took his turn and started pumping and enjoying the assault. They realized and one of the boy took his turn on my and showed his huge 9 inch cock in by throat. This guy removed my hair lock and I relaxed on bed with that girl by my side.

Friday Night

group Gabriel Ravenwood 2018-09-04

I'm sitting naked in my favourite armchair, my brain fried from too much beer, my girlfriend Kate kneeling on the floor about four feet away sucking on my best mate's cock whilst I stroke the hardest erection I've ever experienced and try to figure out once again how all this happened. I lie next to them, watching as Kate's hand reaches for my cock, rubbing it furiously as she pushes her body against Lee. I lose it for a second, almost coming when I realise that Lee has pushed himself inside her and is fucking her and the noises she's making are proof of how she's feeling right now and she likes it.

The Firm

group Many Feathers 2018-09-04

What did they say?" Doris asked when Jack had come home that evening, a week before accepting the offer. As long as we're both fully aware of any given situation, and in agreement with it, then yes...I could do that." Jack then paused looking at his wife. There was only one other firm likewise involved in the various bids for a rather large shopping complex, and Bob had been called in to head up the Red team, along with Jack and his group because of it. I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Doris." Even as Jack went on with the introductions and such, Alan had reached out, taking one of her hands, leading her over to sit down at the bar.


We Share A Man

group TheLovedOne 2018-09-04

We all quickly shed our clothing and by silent consent go to the go inside as he sits on the side of the tub and you both begin to kiss deeply again...I am mesmerized by the scene..his hard cock standing out straight while you start to play with it gently with your hand as you kiss kneel in the tub....kissing his body as you work your way take the tip of his fully erect 8 inches and begin to play with it with your tongue...teasing him with your stud....oh my god, I think as I am so turned on by you and he..his head thrown back and his moans making me wetter as you take him inside your mouth...starting to suck deeply of him, I am amazed by you as are enjoying him so much...playing with his shaved balls (YAY, cant stand hair!