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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wanna Play Ch. 2

group el dante 2018-09-04

He half remembered them whispering amongst themselves and giggling, but he hadn't been paying attention to what they were saying, his mind was pre-occupied with the memory of Sarah's finger slowly rubbing the pre-cum back and forth over the head of his throbbing cock. He might have been hiding it from Jessie and Sarah but Karen could see the head of his cock between his legs and it was throbbing. Jessie smiled and started sliding her foot up Paul's right leg, lightly caressing it. Paul's cock went out of control as Karen started sucking his right nipple while Sarah gently rubbed her fingers across his other one. The sensation drove Paul wild but he managed to stop his aching cock from throbbing.

That New Guy Ch. 10

group Irish Moss 2018-09-03

In fact, since he, like Deb, was not expecting to spend the day, or even the entire morning, as they'd spent the previous evening, he wanted to experience as much of Meg's body as he could while he had the opportunity. Having Tony's hairy ass above him was not as bad as it had been the previous day when he'd been eating Deb's smooth pussy and he could see Meg sucking his cock which was pretty arousing. Tony, on the other hand, was savoring the feeling of burying his cock in Meg's hot, slippery pussy after being so patient while she'd been cumming and hadn't been able to focus on his pleasure.

My Best Friend . . .

group gypsyred 2018-09-03

We match strokes for a bit, and then slip over the edge into sweet oblivion, hips pulsing in time, pussy walls contracting, milking fingers like a cock. I fall into my oblivion, crying out his/her names, hips raised to accept her/him, pounding back at their cocks, my stomach tense as the pleasure waves roll through me, cunny clenching against the invader, my body's juices soaking me, mixing with hers as she begins her own ride on the pleasure waves, followed shortly by his gasping, grunting release as he seeks to drive himself into us both.

The Policemen's Balls

group Friskee_cpl 2018-09-03

“Oh I love to suck your cocks” Sharon said, “My pussy is wet, fuck it’s wet.” She rubbed her pussy and wiped the juice all over the older cops cock and then licked it off. Sharon returned the cock to her mouth and sucked hard on it pulling the cum into her throat. She let the cock in her mouth flop out and she looked at the camera as she said “You want to fuck my arse John? The two fellas laid there stroking there withering cocks as Sharon looked at me fingering her arse and cunt smearing the cum and cunt juice over her pubes. My cock was still semi hard and Sharon held it as she looked at me and said “So you got the message about no work tonight then”

Swinging Square Ch. 03

group simaddict 2018-09-03

* The characters are: Ashley, 19; Robert, 22; Kelsey, 28; Michael, 30; Tracy, 20; Paul 29; Willis, 50; Sylvia, 45; Cindy, 20; Jason, 21; Roy, 30; Heather, 35. She put her hand on my thigh very near the top and watched as my pussy swallowed and released Willis' big cock. Kelsey and Heather sat much the same way, but Roy sat like most men do: legs open, cock and balls proudly on display. I don't know how Michael and Robert sat, I was too busy stealing glances whenever I could of Roy's chocolate colored cock which was not hard, but was swollen enough to leave the head poke out from under the darker colored foreskin.


New Year's Eve Bash

group biggun76 2018-09-03

Serena looked at Laura and smiled, then leaned in and gave her a nice, soft kiss on the lips. Gina turned to face towards Laura, Serena and I as Melissa unhooked her bra. Brett went next and told his wife to kiss Melissa, just like he had earlier. She held Laura by the hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, then buried her head between my wife's legs. When Gina stood up, she looked over to me, then kissed Serena on the lips, sharing the taste her sister's juices with her. He looked at his wife and said, "Okay Ali, you like ass-play so much, use that vibrator on it!" Gina and John and Ali and Melissa were just kissing and fondling each other.


The Halloween Costume

group wfm1969 2018-09-03

There was a brief clumsy kiss of the three of us, but Karen pulled away and let me lose myself in Julie's passionate lips. Karen's thumb pushed between Julie's swollen lips, finding the way through the thick red hair to the hard clit beneath. While gently massaging with her thumb, Karen pressed her middle finger deep inside Julie. But it was awkward, so Julie pulled her hand out and simply pushed the now wet panty to the side exposing Karen's shaven and swollen lips. She pushed her hard, almost violently, then dropped to her knees and pressed her mouth between Julie's legs. Her mouth explored deep as the long red hair surrounding Julie's lips brushed against Karen's cheeks.

An Almost Threesome... but Nastier

group Marla B 2018-09-03

I took turns sliding each guy's cock past my lips and deep into my throat, rubbing my tongue back and forth across the length as I continued slowly working it in and out of my mouth. On my knees, another man's cock buried deep inside me, I had my hands crossed on the center of his chest and began to adjust the angle of my body, so as the feel the most pleasure as I slammed myself down on his hardness. He was looking down at us, working his hand up and down the length of his cock at the same pace as the guy fucking me. As the other guy moaned and started to cum, the BF quickly got on the bed and jerked off onto my breasts.

Her First Foursome

group cbrmale 2018-09-03

Robert keeps on with his face buried in Carol’s pussy, Carol is more vocal, we can hear her giving directions “that’s right, just there”, followed by the announcement “Oh god, I’m cumming”. Julie is getting hot too, usually very quiet when she cums, she is more vocal this time when she pants a load “Oh” as I feel her wet pussy spasm around my finger. Again, Julie is a little surprised by the change in sensation, her rectum burning a little initially before the feeling subsides and is replaced by that wonderful feeling of fullness, Carol’s long fingers are now buried right inside her rear entrance. Robert starts rubbing Carol’s pussy, exposed in the air while she kneels to finger fuck my beautiful wife.

Sharing My Girlfriend

group Chrisnkate 2018-09-03

I looked to make sure the bathroom door was shut before I started to undress my girlfriend and dress her in pajama bottoms and a spaghetti strap (her usual sleep attire). I gave her bottoms a tug downwards and again, she looked over to make sure the roommate was still asleep before she lifted her ass up off the bed to help me pull them off. Whatever the reasoning behind it, I stopped fingering her clit and instead just spread her pussy lips, leaving her hot, wet hole completely exposed to this strangers cock that was now not even an inch away. As soon as I did this my girlfriend gave an almighty grind backwards and I felt the tip of our roommates cock glide neatly into her waiting pussy between my index and middle fingers.

Susan and Nat in A'dam #1: First Orgasms

group petdyke 2018-09-03

Susan gives her dear dod Natalie a special present for her birthday celebrated at me Susan and her dear dod Natalie visit me for her eighteenth birthday in old Amsterdam Susan hugs me at the airport enthousiatically, but Nat is shy - so I offer her a hand-kiss Susan and I seduce nice Natalie for her first ever erotic experience for her birthday Susan makes sure Natalie gets red wine with my Italian big dinner, both do love good food Nat soon gets a wet skin from our kisses and her sweat from first ever erotic excitements for her Susan and I smile as we notice her breathing deepens, soon nice Nat starts to sigh, next she moans

Keeping Up Team Spirit

group Rescue325 2018-09-03

Beau stood on the football field watching the cheerleaders practice as the coach was working with the second string guys. Katie, the more adventurous twin, laughed and said, “I wouldn’t mind if that bulge in your jeans is all you.” Beau looked at her and smiled. Beau laid across the bed and motioned to Kelly to straddle his face. Kelly moved to her sister’s former position and started working to get Beau hard again. Kelly was riding him like a mad woman and he pumped her amazingly tight cunt hard and fast so she could cum with her twin. Katie collapsed on the bed next to Beau and Kelly laid across the bottom of the bed panting like a dog.

A Switch Hitter

group Royal_Prince 2018-09-03

Chris, my best friend at the time, sat at the head of the table and seemed more disinterested in the conversation than Sandy and I, so I figured that he gave two shits about what was going on under the table. That left Jeffery who sat on the opposite side of my wife- as I glanced in his direction and I noticed that he had this strange all-knowing smirk across his face. I guess I decided that no one would notice or even care what my wife was doing to me under the table so I closed my eyes and let her probing finger find its way to my straining cock. I couldn’t help but think how beautiful my wife looked as she slammed herself into Jeffery’s meat and at the same time slurped on my best friends cock.


group jjcole 2018-09-03

I asked them if they wanted a picture with them in the kayaks and they said good thinking. On our way back to the marina parking lot Leigh asked Tom where they were staying and he gave her a nice description of our campgrounds. He climbed onto the picnic table next to Leigh and said, "The next forty eight photos are from today," then handed his camera to her. I noted that after the pictures I had taken there was a photo of a black bear looking for something in the shoreline then a couple of pictures of one or the other guy paddling the kayak as they slipped by each other. There were pictures of Sandra and Leigh's hand on Glenda's ass.


Sex With Friends...2

group d4david 2018-09-03

I cried out in lust fill passion as Brain roughly entered and exited my anus with no regard for my comfort. 'Oh Hell, fuck me', I cried as Brain relentlessly pounded my defenseless, butt. My mind wondered as to why I was being fucked so violently, Doug had been so gentle compared to Brain, who was supposed to be my friend, was so violently ramming into my vulnerable anal opening. 'OOOHHHHH MAN', I cried as Brain sunk deep into my anus my feet wrapping around his calf, desperately trying to pull his huge cock from my tenderly sore anal opening. With that threat Brain rammed so hard into me that I could do nothing but raise my upper body from the floor.

A Chance Encounter

group irishabastard 2018-09-03

The same narrowing of his eyes, the same hint of a smile that might be imagined, and the same tiny raising of an eyebrow were all on his face the time he'd reached across to finger fuck her while they were driving down the road at 80 miles an hour, and the time he hadn't even waited for her to put her shopping bags down before he'd pulled up her skirt, spanked her bare ass and fucked her from behind while the door and curtains to her balcony stood open just feet away.


Guessing Game

group usta4545 2018-09-03

The sky was crystal clear, moonless, but not a single cloud and there was just enough sea breeze drifting in over the dunes to help cool the skin from the heat being produced by the combination of digesting dinner, several alcoholic drinks and the beginnings and sexual tension that was quickly rising to the surface. Come on, we're all adults here," said my wife as she smiled and let her hand drop to my trouser and gently squeezed my semi- hard cock through the material. Then that hot breath in my ear again: "I said fuck her!"I felt fingers slip between my own as they now gripped the rotating hips in front of me and dug in even harder than I had.

without limits part 2

group Megoleret 2018-09-03

While Crystal has an explosive orgasm even more successful tycoon leaving his lips moist flow,Yvonne approaches and gives a passionate tongue kiss, stuck his tongue Ivonne as much as she could and she press Crystal hard bust but non-exhaustive Rolando his ejaculation approached Ivonne and without taking his pants clit licked by the woman with madness and provoke spasms voluptuous lips and a stretch delicious. settled once again, the mogul into the vagina Ivonne while he sucked her breasts Crystal once again tratandon to get milk, Rolando and the tycoon enters and licks his face getting his sperm come into her anus while the tycoon ran into Yvonne.

BBW Tracey's Photographic Adventure

group fantasyboy 2018-09-03

As Mark moved in even closer he called out to Dave and said he was getting a shadow from the dress on one of my breasts and could he do anything about it. They could see this on my face and Dave said they had a good selection of sexy underwear and why didn’t I give Lee a really great birthday photograph of me dressed in some kinky underwear. He continued this lovely slow fucking action and soon my second orgasm was approaching, then a third before I felt Dave cumming. My tongue entered her hole and as Mark and Dave fucked their cocks into me I thrust my tongue into her pussy.

First Day of Summer Ch. 3

group Nelson Branco 2018-09-03

The two girls began to writhe madly, tossing and turning as the oil between to slicken their motions. Breaking from the kissing, Amanda began to suck Julie's tits, lapping up some baby oil in the process, though this did not slow her down in the slightest. Julie, crying out with pleasure, wrapped her legs around Amanda's body and began to feel out Amanda's tits. As they ground away they soon began to start kissing each other again and they rubbed their tits against each others' as well, with Julie's tits engulfing Amanda's smaller but perkier ones. This time the girls were adamant about taking a breather but it wasn't long before Julie and me were fooling around and soon enough we began to sixty-nine each other.

A Penetrating Experience

group an235041 2018-09-03

Wes took her hand and said, "Hon, our sex life has been great over the years, but lately I've wondered if there was some way we could add some spice. Deborah and Wes spent little blocks of time during the next week trying to figure out how to turn this fantasy into reality without risking their own health and reputation. After the checks were paid, Wes and Deborah told Evan that they would be interested in meeting with him on a more intimate basis. Deborah made the first move, nonchalantly placing her hands on Wes and Evans cocks and massaging them. Both Wes and Deborah thanked him for his help in fulfilling a fantasy, and that they looked forward to additional meetings in the future.

It started as just a fantasy !!! and became Realit

group 2018-09-03

A Few Minutes passed before anyone spoke and just as I was about to say something Angel squeezed My cock with her left hand and leaned over Kissed me very Long and deep and then said Thank You Baby for Making Me Fuck Little Bob !! As she reached for the remote control and click,in almost total darkness grabbed our hands an led us both to our bedroom upstairs she then pulled the comforter and sheets down and had Bob lay on his back at foot, and and me at the head of the bed, on my Back as she sat her pussy on Bob's Face he began eating and licking her and she Gave the best head that I had ever Had it was the the first time that she told me to come in her mouth and she swallowed every drop too

indian mom gangbanged

group randmumbaiki 2018-09-03

Other tow bosses placed mom’s hand on their dick and and mom started jerking them. Then senior boss stopped and said, “Leave her, you get up and lie on table in doggy position, place your knees on the ground and your lovely boobs and stomach on table.” Mom did what she was told. The dad’s senior boss kept his dick on ass’ opening and gave a powerful push and half of his dick went inside mom’s ass. Mom was in great pain, mom pleaded to dad’s senior boss, “sir, please slow down, it’s paining too much.” Then he said; “Mrs. Joshi I like pain on my girls face.” He continued fucking mom.

A Girl Named Darcy Ch. 02

group Stickndick 2018-09-03

Turning her around facing the shower spray I pushed my cock against her hot ass and cupped her breasts tweaking and pinching her hard nipples. Darcy was pushing her ass back against my hard cock and moaning softly as I stroked her pussy. Before Jerry was finished shooting his cock popped out of Darcy's mouth as she started coming on my fingers. Jerry was shooting come across her breasts and reached down and covered her hand with his helping her continue stroking his cock until he finished. Pulling her mouth off my cock she pushed down really hard on Jerry and started coming as we both tweaked her nipples. Now idly caressing his cock Darcy started rubbing it in the puddles of come Jerry had just shot all over her.