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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chain of Fantasies: The Book Moves

group Mystical Michael 2018-09-03

With the realization of some anticipatory wetness between her legs, Vicki couldn't help but think "oh baby, would you like to share my new pillow book with me?" But she checked herself and inquired with a more formal "Are you looking for someone?" With just barest trace of a Nordic accent, he responded "yes, I'm here to visit my friend Monica, I understand that she lives on the fourth floor." Whether it was from one body or more was not apparent to Vicki's friend Judy as she walked down the hall on her way to pick up some books from "the Vickster." "Omigod" she thought as she passed Monica's room, "that slut's at it again!"


Jamie Ch. 19

group Jay2Kay 2018-09-03

After the final smaller bursts were released and my dick was spent for the time being, I slowly pulled out of her and crawled up to lay next to Jamie, only stopping to kiss Camille on the way. I felt that it wasn't fair that Jamie wasn't getting enough attention to her sex organ, so I quickly got up and planted my face in her pussy, picking up where Camille had left off after I came inside her. I could hear Camille's breath grow more ragged and labored, and when I looked up as I ate Jamie's pussy, I saw that she was grinding her hips into Jamie's face more and more, leaning against the wall with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other.


The Night Was Better Than the Band

group patdown 2018-09-03

Chris climbed up and stood straddling my legs, putting her sweet pussy in front of my face and waiting tongue while next to us after helping Ted put a condom on his stiff 8 inches, Eric got on his knees and laid over the bed. Somehow though her ears were pinned between my thighs Lindsey heard that and reaching up to slap Joshua on the ass said, "Well that means I've done my part down here, come on boy get yourself in here where you can give this girl a big dose of what she wants." Then as she got to her feet she added, "Now where's that strap on, I might as well get ready to stick it to Ted since his ass looks so fuckable just sitting there."


My Journey To Perversion Ch 3

group Linda Jean 2018-09-03

The guy pulled out and I started to stand up, when he said, “I think this guy wants some of you too, Man she is hot, this bitch can raise a dead man’s cock.” I did not look; I just kept bent over and kept rubbing my clit. Paul seemed to sense my feelings and said, “Come here honey, look at this.” He picked up a magazine with a girl straddling a guy with his dick in her pussy, another man in her asshole and she had her hand wrapped around another guy’s cock that she was sucking.

Road Trip

group Oldfarticus 2018-09-03

Unlike the big publishing companies (like Time-Warner) the staff and editors were more than friends...almost family but more like a little commune. One of the guys offered "to kiss it and make it better" so the gang decided I should get his gal for the 5-minute game while they were "busy". By the time we got to Nashville, there wasn't a pair of dry panties in the house. We even got some of the other guys and gals in Tooties in on our musical chairs game. My wife wasn't on my lap but she managed to beat the time of the cute little copy editor who had started it all.


Manjunath Puts Heera on the Block

group sajit 2018-09-03

A series of tingling could be felt on her right thigh and simultaneous plunging licks on both the boobs and all these were making it very difficult for Manju watching her seated on the chair opposite to the sofa with a beer bottle in his left hand and in his right hand was the 8” long cock, waiting to sink itself into the pouting pussy spread in front of him but that was impossible and not very easy, at this point of time she was serving some body and the same had Manju’s approval, in fact Manju had masterminded the whole deal- 30 lakhs for a year contract and Heera was to spend anytime as and when needed by Rajiv and his contacts.

The Fundraiser

group tenzil4 2018-09-03

Stripping down to my jockeys, I pressed against her nylon covered ass and sank to my knees, lightly kissing the small of her back as I fell. Feeling the hot cum soak through her pantyhose to her skin she lifted her mouth from Josh long enough to look over her shoulder and say, “Clean up your mess.” “Suck his tongue, Josh,” Teri said. I looked up from my position between his legs and saw my beautiful wife straddling our friend’s face. I on my stomach, my hand trapped between Josh and the bed, my face next to his twitching cock. Teri had rolled off of him and lay on her back next to him, her legs akimbo, her ripped, black pantyhose sporting spurts of white cum that had spilled from her cunt.

Rosey's Incredible Foursome

group niteowl2003 2018-09-03

One guy (She learned later was called Terry) was laid on the bed, his 9 inch prick standing firm and proud, whilst Stephen was stood by his head and his 7 inch cock was being sucked by Terry. Meanwhile the third guy (Cyril) was knelt on the bed between Terry's legs with his 10 inch prick slowly entering Terry's arse. Well what with the action on the bed and the video action playing away, Rosey was soon pinching her erect nipples through her tea shirt. Both Terry and Stephen had by now removed the used condom and were alternately feeding Rosey their cocks for her to suck. The final act of this incredible foursome was when she watched Stephen take Terry's cock up his arse whilst receiving Cyril's up his arse.


The Very First Time...continued

group d4david 2018-09-03

I frantically begged and pleaded for Charlie to stop and get out of my butt It must to have excited Charlie, he would not even answer me and continued to ram his rigid tool in and out of my butt hole. Charlie pulled from my anus and I thought it was over, to my horror, Daniel had replaced Charlie at my bung hole and his penis was raging like a wild b**st in heat. Daniel kept hissing '...yeah baby, work that pussy, just like that, work it bitch, work it...' I cried and begged as Daniel continued to abuse my bung hole till his pubic hair was smashed against my buttocks.

Petey Pegs the Preacher Ch. 02

group Valendon 2018-09-03

I've never given, asked for or submitted to spankings as punishment for anything--I just like the sting--but the next morning, I made Dene give me the same treatment with the crop that you got: fifteen strokes as hard as she could deliver them, with the last three on my pussy while I laid on my back and pulled my ankles back by my ears. "In my mind at the time, I thought the odds were pretty low--I wasn't still teasing him by that point, but I didn't think he'd show up. I remember attending an in-service training session a few decades ago where the presenter said our moral compass, our sense of right and wrong, is locked in by age 11 and only changes if we encounter "a significant emotional event." I remember thinking to myself "bullshit!" but as he went on, I was more ready to accept it.


The Christmas Exchange

group Kirsenne99 2018-09-03

Even more disturbing is when I'm drunk or when I fall asleep on the couch someone lightly strokes the skin on my leg and I thought it was Gabriel but another friend of mine let me know Daniel did it once when she was around. I've tried to talk to Gabriel about what he was getting for Daniel and what I should look for and he got sort of aloof. Daniel forced his way into me as Gabriel held me into his kiss. Now I know that you're enjoying this immensely and merry Christmas for that." Gabriel smiled and locked his eyes with mine as he bent to tickle my hard nipple with his tongue. Daniel's force moved my entire body up and down and Gabriel's cock pushed the limits of my throat.

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

group SapphicSexArt 2018-09-03

"Let's do a 69," said Julia and with that, she laid me down on the bed and sat backwards on my face before leaning forward to put my new erection in her mouth. We were fucking pretty hard while Susie continued to make out with me, her hand on my ass, pushing me deeper into Julia's cunt. "That was some of the best fucking I've ever experienced my dear," Julia said, stopping to kiss me on the lips. Julia leaned forward across my chest and tongue kissed Susie, resting one hand behind her head and the other on my thigh. "I haven't watched Justin fuck you yet and that's something I'm really looking forward to," said Julia.

Jenny Ch. 01

group Mikro 2018-09-03

Her whole crew had gathered in the car park, "Ok guys." Jenny said, "listen up." she waited till they had all gathered together, "All that over there is food and supplies for our stay including the beer which is not be opened until we have our finishing party next Sunday, Tommy your on kitchen duties so I will leave you to sort thing's out as you please. Jake laughed, "Well some women get a little carried away when they drink wine" he said, "Jenny doe's the same with beer." Jenny nearly choked on her drink, and dived out of the chair, brushing past him, trying to getting away from his bulge, but she ran straight into Jake and John, now she was squashed between the three of them and she could feel a bulge pressing into her back and another into her stomach, a little too low for comfort.


A Breakdown Leads To Fantasy Fulfil

group pdrye 2018-09-03

Adora her mind on sex most of the day plus being a bit tipsy with the wine didn’t need much to arouse her, her mouth reciprocated in the only way it knew her hands pulling his head down, his own big strong rough hands were now on her breasts massaging them while their tongues remained intertwined in a long passionate duel, her cunts love juices begun to flow as he slowly begun unbuttoning her dress his mouth latched to hers like a leech sucking the breath out of her.


A Family Affair Ch. 02

group unclehans 2018-09-03

In the words of my current girlfriend's ex-husband, Mike, "Pussy moves man faster than gunpowder." so I went to the station and caught the next possible train to Northamptonshire where Mary was waiting in her car to take me to her cottage. As soon as we reached the cottage, Mary parked the car in the old farmyard and we went through the back door into the kitchen. After two more rounds of drinks, we staggered back to Mary's cottage where she gave me a passionate kiss and said "See you in the morning, Hans."


A Little Cabin in the Woods Ch. 02

group VikingRyan 2018-09-03

He watched them make out for a while, but the two of them seemed too shy to take the next step, so he grabbed Hannah's hand and placed it between Kat's thighs, right on her wetness. While Han played with Kat's pussy, she looked at his hard cock with a smile on her face, and paused for just a second. Kat took Hannah's hand away from her pussy, looked at her, and said, "It's your turn now. He stood up, and reached across Kat to Hannah's face, turning her head to look at him. Then he took his cock and slid it into Kat's tight pussy as Han watched. Han watched her suck his cock as she liked Kat's ass and pussy.


Karen's First Year Ch. 04

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-09-03

Karen pushed her hand deeper, when she felt her fingers slid easily between Jeannie's pussy lips. Thanks to Jim. He gave me several orgasms with his wonderful tongue, and I decide to save the evidence for you to find." That was when Karen slid a finger inside of Jeannie's pussy. At Jeannie's request, Karen left the store wearing the new outfit, after Giselle put her regular clothes in a bag. On the drive home, Jeannie told Karen that for the rest of the day she must play the role of the maid, and must respond to Paul's and her every wish and desire. As soon as Paul saw Karen in her new outfit, he whistled, and asked Jeannie, "Is this our new maid?"


A New Beginning

group Cop4u_69 2018-09-03

The woman would say it was her ultimate fantasy and she loved having her pussy eaten and her nipples sucked and, yes, even the kissing…but when it came time to turn the tables many of them found a way out of it. Kelly had to laugh because she remembered the things she had done with Frank for the first time and told Ann that she knew exactly what she meant. She loved the little shock waves she felt go through Kelly's body each time her tongue passed over her clit and then lingered, barely moving back and forth. And cum she did… Kelly came repeatedly as Anne sucked and licked her and at the same time watching Frank's cock move in and out of that wet pussy.

Donna and the 3 lads

group maturemancock 2018-09-03

Keith moved towards them and sat at the other side of Donna and was soon feeling her tits through her top, she stopped kissing Andy and took her top off, Keith unclipped her bra and him and Andy bent down and was licking and sucking a nipple each, as Donna’s hands were round their necks. A couple of minutes later Keith unzipped her skirt and as she stood up it fell to the floor, as she sat down again both lads laid her down, Andy was sucking her tits as Keith licked up her thighs and ran his tongue down the front of her knickers, as per Donna, she opened her legs so Keith had more access and sure enough he pulled her knickers to one side and licked her clit.

Summer House Fun Ch. 02

group Coquin102 2018-09-03

"Ok stud, I'll be back in five minutes, whatever you do, don't cum, or I'll be forced to lick it off Kay wherever it lands!" With that she left the room, leaving John and his rock hard cock, and Kay, her trousers round her ankles, wearing nothing else but a black thong bikini bottom and a big smile. Jenny sank to her knees as well, and began to lick and suck his balls as Kay deepthroated his big cock. He was aware that he was getting close to cumming and he wanted to fuck Jenny as well as Kay so he pulled his cock free. With each thrust Jenny moaned until John was slamming his cock into her, his balls banging against Kay's chin who licked and sucked them when she could.

The Proper Rules For Strip Poker Ch. 05

group PaulSandarac 2018-09-03

Two nights ago, on Saturday, the girls had organized a partner swapping game that resulted in my Jayne sleeping with Steve, Debbie's boyfriend, while Kathy and I had a very exciting and satisfying time fulfilling our mutual attraction to each other, even though it is purely at a sexual level. OK, I nodded, a little disappointed, because I enjoyed giving a girl an orgasm by playing with her pussy with my tongue and fingers; and it also made me feel better, knowing that if she didn't have one later, at least I didn't cheat her! I quickly removed my limp penis from Debbie and got off her, rolling over in the bed and seeing my completely naked Jayne, with her shoulder length blonde hair and incredible blue eyes, holding her clothes in one hand, standing there.


00071 Bigamy Ch. 01

group Tarbut 2018-09-03

"Linda?" Roland asks, and she whispers something into his ear; his cheeks turn red and he says, "Lola, would the apartment owner mind if we now make love here?" The dinner is excellent, and Lola initiates Linda to lesbian sex by kissing her in the mouth in a way Roland couldn't even think of, licking her twat and massaging her G-spot with her fingers; Linda licks her pussy too, but refrains from stimulating her G-spot as she sees that her hymen is cribriform and still intact. "Of course," Lola says, and Linda then tells her, "Darling, the only person who's ever sucked my tits is Roland.

Slutty Ex-Girlfriend

group V-Man 2018-09-03

About 8:00 I saw a couple of cars pull in to the parking lot with about three or four guys in each. So now there are 14 guys standing in line to fuck and be sucked by my Ex. To tell the truth, I was getting pretty turned on by seeing this. Becca was laying on the table and the guys started by having her suck their cocks and when they got good and hard they would climb on the table and fuck her. After a few more minutes I left behind a group of guys that were going back to the parking lot to leave and snuck back to the woods and back to my hiding place.

How my Ex loses her virginity Fantasy, part. 1

group 2018-09-03

In the distance, I saw a very thick and sturdy chopped down tree, and without hesitation, told myself that that would be a nice place to rest for a bit. Oh so slowly, nudging my fingers to her zipper, and slowly pulling it down, as her nice bright orange and pink panties radiated against the little fog of darkness between the gap between her and I. Steve and Mike were already groping her breasts under her shirt, and I was so eager to pull her shorts down to see Laura, the person that trusts me with anything, half naked, legs sprawled out on the forest floor.