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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy Birthday

group JamesPrez 2018-09-03

Melissa was almost as pretty as Amber, and I'd often come home at night, and find the two of them listening to music, laughing and having a few drinks. As we pulled into the driveway, Melissa called to wish Amber Happy Birthday and judging by the laughter, was equally happy to be going to the spa with her for some pampering. Amber stopped what she was doing and pulled me close to the side of the bed and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Amber stopped sucking my cock and said, I couldn't touch Melissa, but I could do anything else I wanted. I looked over and Melissa was fingering herself, legs wide apart, and watching Amber suck my cock.

How I Got Bred Pt. 02

group ALterrybear 2018-09-03

One Friday in the Fall I got a call from Jim. He asked me about going away for a trip to the mountains the following weekend, and said he had talked to Kathy and she was glad to keep little Kathy. After a night of romantic, passionate love making we decided to sleep in and awoke mid-morning to light snowfall creating a beautiful white blanket over everything outside, truly a winter wonderland! Mike spoke up and groused that he was losing some good pussy, but Jim said we could fuck all we want as long as he knew about it, and we didn't do it when I was getting pregnant again.

Chance Meeting Ch. 05

group MsErotica1950 2018-09-03

"Sara I have tried to tell Kate numerous times that if she didn’t give you some breathing room she would run you off. Pete pulled Sara to his room and pushed her down onto the bed, he didn't even take time to undress her slowly. Sara decided not to bother dressing knowing what Kate would want before they talked about what Pete had told her. She had planned on talking with Sara and telling her that she understood her wishes first, but when she saw her waiting for her naked in bed, she could only think of eating her delightful pussy dry. Sara felt like she was being fucked with a hard pole with each slam of Pete’s cock into her pussy.


A b*****r's Debt ( Happy Birthday to Me)

group hunglo567 2018-09-03

I finally found a video of an old guy and a sweet young redhead with a passing resemblance to April, her tits were a little bigger but her face and shaved pussy were pretty close. After swallowing my load and licking me clean I repositioned April onto her back and went back to work on her pussy in earnest while Michelle knelt beside her head and fed the young girl her cock. I watched for a couple minutes as Michelle fucked her slowly, sawing that huge black prick into her little pink pussy.

Kay Winds Down After Work Ch. 03

group mitchuncensored 2018-09-03

Mitch and I had just finished putting some beer, wine and various other drinks in the fridge in the outdoor bar, when Jenny and Bob came in the side gate to the back yard. "Line them up Bob. The shot glasses are behind the bar." I said grabbing Jenny's hand. While Mitch and Bob took the top off the tub, I went behind Jenny and said. When he was fully upright, Jenny looked and said "Oh my." She was staring at Mitch's hard cock. "Considering what you guys did at the beach today and what went on down by the hot tub." She paused and Mitch looked at me with a raised an eyebrow as if to say "you told her?" I gave his cock a squeeze.


Decorating Class

group Mag58 2018-09-03

“Miss, Miss, Stop it, stop it, I’m cumming.” With that he pushed me back, making the boys that were playing with my tits jump with shock, and withdrew his long pink spear, his spunk immediately erupting onto my belly and dress. Swallow it!” Paul grunted as he fucked my mouth, I couldn’t pull away if I’d wanted to as he gripped my head, “That’s it, that’s it!” he grunted, as what seemed like gallons, of lovely hot spunk shot down my throat. Paul and JJ moved me onto my back and one after another all six boys pushed their cocks into my mouth or pussy one after another in a wild 30-minute orgy of fucking and sucking.

Lawful Conduct Ch. 4

group SlidingInSilk 2018-09-03

Jeremy sucked and fucked her with abandon and she rocked rapidly against him taking one of Dot's breasts into her mouth and teasing the taunt nipple with her tongue. Rochelle immediately slid her hand between Felicia thighs and spread her pussy lips wide for Dot's convenience. Felicia moaned feeling like she was begin tore apart and began pushing back against her roommate's hips wanting it buried deeper in her pussy. She turned to look behind her and saw her roommate's eyes closed in climax, her breasts enclosed in Jeremy's hands and his cock buried to the hilt in her ass. Rochelle and Dot were fucking each other with the double headed dildo by that time and Felicia decided to leave them to it.

good time in the train

group 2018-09-03

This time when he pressed my boob, I also turned my hand and held his cock in my palm and began stroking slowly. The station came and a big crowd began disembarking, somehow I also got pushed down and out of the train. The men went ahead to open a closed shop and I began pulling my anchal to cover me when another taxi came and in this one the man with the big cock and two more men came. They began moving to the shop holding my hand when one of the boys said, “Raju bhaiya, upar wala to dekh liya, jara neeche wala bhi to dikhla do”. Raju gave several long strokes and finally pulled out and coming in the front asked me to open the mouth.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 11

group thewhitestripe 2018-09-03

"I've been eying these lovely tits ever since you started working here," Nat said, pushing her hands against Courtney's and causing her breasts to bulge further. I've seen the way you look at me in the showers after the gym," gloated Nat, pulling my cock from her pussy and hopping onto the table, where Courtney had left a wet spot where she had been sitting. Courtney, her eyes still glued to my cock impaling Nat's asshole, released my shaft and traced her fingers to Nat's pussy, spreading her labia and gently massaging her hard, exposed clit. Fuck her ass," said Courtney gleefully, rubbing Nat's clit rapidly and putting her hand on her own tit, pinching the nipple.


Her Hunger Ch. 02

group soflabbwlvr 2018-09-03

It was another thirty minute walk to the fraternity house, and the girls were both stumbling in the crisp night air as they made their way through a campus populated with zombies, vampires, rock stars, pirates, politicians, sexy schoolgirls, cross dressers, and other costumes that defied easy explanation. Glen led Lisette through the second floor hallway, which was crowded with people spilling out of the residential rooms. Lisette moaned over and over, writhing beneath Glen's hard body, and feeling his stiff cock pressed against her thigh. Lisette ran her fingers through Glen's hair-- not to direct his motions--but rather, because she could not stop moving beneath his skilled tongue. By the time Lisette swallowed Glen's entire load, she had reached one climax and was well on her way to a second.


More Than A Drink With The Boys

group misspandp 2018-09-03

Sue is 110% sensual woman, she even walks in a way that locks your eyes to every movement of her body and transfixes your mind on that one thought, getting your hands on that sexy arse! I really went to town and told them about the time she wore stockings for me and how Sue had removed her skirt seductively to reveal her fantastic long shapely legs which were adorned in near black stockings held with a very sexy little suspender belt. The sight before me was mesmerising; Terry was trusting his monster of a cock into Sue, as she met his every thrust with demanding force; Paul was fondling her tits, kissing them, licking them, sucking them and rubbing his throbbing member over them.

The Contact Magazine

group Wendy 2018-09-03

It said in the letter that Lucy would ring that evening for a chat, Lucy had put a "Ps" on the bottom that she thought Wendy looked very beautiful on her photo and hoped they could meet up soon. Tom pushed upwards and suddenly the head of his cock slid into Wendy's ass, she screamed as it stretched her hole so wide, then Tom thrust up and pulled down on her hips at the same time. Wendy's screams had turned to long moaning noises, Lucy teasing her clit and Tom shagging her ass a little harder and faster she soon reached another orgasm. They eventually helped Wendy off of Toms big cock, Lucy lay out on the bed and got Wendy on hands and knees and pulled her Head down between her open legs.


Choir Director Pt 2

group n8xpr 2018-09-03

When I told Joshua he laughed and said girl we are going to fuck you so much you may not be able to walk, Rashawn would love to fuck your sweet ass while I **** your cunt . I remember what you told me about your college days The last time I did something like that was when I was fucking the mailman and I still would be if I was still on his route, I sure miss that big cock of his she said with a heavy sigh. Janet quickly moved off of JJ's face as he got behind her and slowly pushed his cock into her wet pussy grabbing her hips and pulling his manhood all the way into her womb.

Ms. Marca Ch. 17

group Ms. Marca 2018-09-03

I wanted to feel the wind against my skin as we sailed away, so I turned and told the guys I'm going to get some sun and I went up forward, all I got was big smiles and a look of please. I looked back at him and said "Fuck me dog style and do it hard!" She thrust her ass back against him as she felt his rigid cock slip between her legs. fuck her my magnificent one!" Marca rocked her hips as she felt his cock pressing deep in her belly. The wind dying with his cock, her feet spread and she bent over looking back down at him on the deck, put her hands to rest on the deck as the warm sun and sea engulfed them.


Mizz and I and Her and Him

group Nightandmizz 2018-09-02

The festivities started with our friend laying on the bed while MIZZ inserted the fuck machine cock into her, and placed her 8000rpm Hitachi on our buddies cute little clit. It was at this time our little friend grabbed both her boyfriends cock and mine and started stroking them, her directions were simple " come take turns fucking my mouth you two"... Watching my wife getting fucked by her sexy friend got my cock hard as hell again, and Knowing MiZz has a thing for forced group porn I grabbed her neck while she was getting plowed by her rubber friend and moved my body so I was straddling her tits.

The Good Husband

group The_O_State 2018-09-02

"Must be Jade," Rebecca said, looking back at Eric. "And I told you, as sexy as you look, I only needed a minute," Eric said, watching her walk away. "Nope, I want to help," Jade said, playfully shoving Rebecca with her hip. Rebecca went over to the music and turned it down a little, and when she sat down, she looked at Jade. "Eric, want to ask you some things," Rebecca began. Is that okay with you?" Rebecca asked, looking at Jade. "So," Jade said, looking at Eric once again, "you honestly think I'm attractive enough to 'make out with your wife," huhn?" "Oh, man," Eric said, looking Rebecca to Jade and back again.


Oliver, Mary, & Lucy

group Gently Does It 2018-09-02

'It's okay, finish quickly.' Her head hung forward now, watching her breasts quiver with his thrusts, concentrating on the sensations of his thick penis sliding slickly in and out of her, feeling its spasms inside as, muffling gasps of release, he thrust hard into her, his orgasm intense and lasting. She gently pinched the nipple, looked down at Mary's hand between her legs, finger rubbing rhythmically over the firm, pink, glistening clitoris. Mary opened her eyes and looked up at her, down at her hand caressing her breast, then back at her. Mary's hand reached up and caressed Lucy's breast, still sensitive after her orgasm. Oliver grinned, but nervous inside as Lucy, standing behind Mary, caught his eye and winked.


Maria's Fantasies: Cruise Day 2

group MariaS12962 2018-09-02

The emcee laughed and each guy leaned over her head stuck his cock into her face. "Coming in at 13 and a half inches long by 4 inches thick, please give it up for Brian!" Gasps and incredulous looks went around the huge room as he waved and then stuck his huge cockhead into Mary Ellen's mouth. After a couple more thrusts, two guys stopped stroking themselves and held her huge tits up to Brian's mouth. We heard her gasping in pleasure when Brian pulled his limp cock out of her mouth and rubbed it over her face, allowing her to lick the sides as the second guy was banging her deep.


Full Moon Beach Party Pt. 02 Ch. 01

group i_would 2018-09-02

Normally vacation time is not so busy, this year was different. They are held at an undisclosed location (he will take you there by his own plane, but will not tell you where it is, and the blinded windows of the plane leave you clueless on where you're heading), his guests are exclusively male, and he always makes sure there are plenty of pretty girls to play with. I don't like being out of touch but it is one of William's rules, to keep the exact location of the parties strictly confidential, and to protect the privacy of his guests. I've been to these parties a few times over the years and it's just great fun.

A Submissive Lady Joins a Couple Ch. 02

group wetwordmixer 2018-09-02

"Maybe I can massage some of your soreness away honey," I offered as I pulled my arm loose of Jewel's head and pushed my hand towards my wife's pussy. If you want a little action I'm sure you could ask Jewel for a little loving," Jenn shot back and delivered the last part with a little laugh. Our tongues touched, and I felt Jenn's hips push into mine, and as they did I grabbed her ass with two hands, raising her upwards until our anatomy aligned then I eased my cock into her. With her free hand, Jenn grabbed the base of my cock and used it to pull me forward until my cock was touching Jewel's pussy.


Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

group Daringtotry 2018-09-02

Mark leaned forwards slightly and our lips touched in the most delicate of light kisses. Mark seemed to find each of my pleasure spots with his kisses - sending tingling feelings throughout my body. A beautiful woman stepped into our bedroom, and like Mark, she had a beaming smile as she saw me. It feels strange describing another woman like this, because I was more than happy to be with Mark. As I felt my mouth hang open, from the opulence of her beauty, she moved forward to position her face between my legs. Although I didn't feel confident in my abilities to pleasure this woman I tried to utilise ideas of what would satisfy me, and it appeared to be working.

Fantasy for Four

group HardandFrustrated 2018-09-02

His mouth continued its way down my chest to my left breast where it opened to suck in nearly half of my boob so hard it almost felt like he was going to tear it off! She stood up in front of me and moved close, the raised both hands up and crossed her arms behind her head and leaned forward, thrusting her breasts in my face. I felt the pressure of a man against my hips and they he thrust into me, his cock riding up inside my pussy while the woman underneath was working my clit. I could feel his cock swell inside me, then shoot its load as her tongue worked my clit and I had to raise my head off her pussy as I came hard.


Delicious Dessert

group slutwifeofdevon 2018-09-02

He stopped it gently, I was now looking at Andy but Nick was getting the full view of my bum which was now exposed as my dress had risen up. The look on his face told me all I needed to know and he slid his cock out of me slowly and climbed up on the table, which by now had been secured to a static position. Andy was pumping faster now and I could hear him groan as he slid out of me and came all over my bum, rubbing his cock in his own juices, sliding it between my bum cheeks as his breathing slowed down. Nick was last, fighting the urge he took his cock out of my mouth and came over my face.

My Wife's Best Friend

group forlorn 2018-09-02

Even worse I could feel my own hormones start to bubble and I couldn't keep my eyes off the girls' jiggling breasts and Beth's smooth legs. I glanced back at the girls just in time to see Beth scoot forward slightly on the couch as she hiked her skirt up around her hips and, spreading her legs, began rubbing her fingers against the front of her panties. I looked at Sarah and saw her eyes staring hungrily at my freed member as Beth slowly stroked it up and down. Since she was leaning forward in order to suck my cock, her ass was lifted slightly off the couch, giving me just enough room to slide one finger into her sopping wet cunt.