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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Roistering & Revelry Ch. 02

group golden smog 2018-09-02

Lord Colin's approaching marriage was common knowledge, and Lise heard it said openly that any woman who wished to avoid importunities had best stay away from Colin's Great Hall for the next few days. Her mistress Margarete was soon to wed the Lord Colin and for reasons of her own, required crucial information that only Lise could give her, i.e., how his bride could best please him in bed. Protected by her player's mask, she observed how Lord Colin and his sworn man, a handsome Welshman, laughed, drank, jested with the serving women, and eyed the female performers. Owen had sat down on the bed and was positioned between Maggie's legs, using his hands to spread and explore the woman's vulva.

A Basketball Rivalry

group Awlni 2018-09-02

"When my Hoosiers kick your little Kitty Cats' asses tomorrow I'm never going to let the two of you live it down," she said. "Matt, I'm not really into walking around naked, and I really don't want to stare at your dick for a week." Matt retrieved the panties from the set and handed them to Barbara. "Anyone else need a drink?" Matt asked a few minutes later as he got up. Matt came back and handed us that lovely Brown and we just sipped our drinks and smiled. "You know Barbara," Matt said, "that really wasn't very naughty. She smiled when she felt my hand and looked at me, then at Matt.

Adventures in Paradise Ch. 02

group moodcouple 2018-09-02

Pat and I got separated in the crowd as I went to get another drink, and I found myself talking with a couple from Canada. She took me out of her mouth, turned to her husband and said, “Weren’t we were going to talk about this first.” Without waiting for an answer, she got back to sucking my dick. Ron and Carolyn still weren’t feeling all that well, so after dinner Pat and I headed back to the hot tub. Pat told me that she and Carolyn had been giving Ron a “treat.” From the sheepish grin on Ron’s face, and the sight of his limp dick, I knew what she meant.

Poolboy's Bi-sexual Clients Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-09-02

Curt pumped his finger in and out of Cindy's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Ricky pulled out of Cindy's ass but Ryan continued to fuck her driving Cindy crazy with orgasm after orgasm. Now he had oral sex cumming in Cindy's mouth; he had eaten her pussy and he got to fuck Cindy's hot ass twice. Ricky had finished sucking Ryan's cock and they had both watched Curt fuck Cindy again. Ricky asked in Curt liked fucking Cindy in her marvelous ass. Ricky made Curt nervous as he talked about his wife and how much Cindy loved to get butt fucked and how much she liked feeling Curt's volcanic ejaculations fill her asshole.


Home from Work

group Richard_Gozinya 2018-09-02

Andrew came hard in my mouth pulling at my hair I licked his dick clean of all the warm cum left on his dick shaft as Tommy sent me into a thrilling orgasm from the attention he was giving my pussy and ass hole. When I started humping up and down on Andrew,s cock both of us were groaning in excitement as Tommy ran his tongue along the base of Andrew's dick and across my pussy every time I bottomed out on the huge hard shaft I was riding. As I raised up and spread my legs so I could get my fingers down to my still cum dripping pussy and erect clit Tommy brought his hard cock twords my mouth.

Major League Night Out

group jasexy28 2018-09-02

Then seconds later I felt her right thigh being pushed down onto the bed and when I looked up I saw Mike jerking off like crazy and aiming his cock down at her dark bush. On seeing this, I reached down and getting quite close to his bulging cock head, licked the tiny ball of cum from her asshole as Mike and I held her buttocks apart. I fully expecting him to fuck her ass to the point of orgasm, but after doing the same thing a few times and Mike getting a taste of the sperm on her asshole, he slid his cock back inside her pussy.


Smoke Break

group Snow6286 2018-09-02

When his pants fell, her free hand swung back to my own familiar crotch for a moment to caress me and invite me to join them before she brought it forward again to cup his balls, huge and pulled tight up against his crotch in excitement, working the both with his hands as he grabbed her head and neck again and thrust his tongue into her open mouth. I don't think I've ever felt the same weakness in my thighs as I did at that moment, when, looking across my tongue running along the ridges and veins of this wide and salty staff I caught the fire in Amy's eyes, her anticipation as she watched that big head stretch out my lips before pulling it towards her own.

At Master's Table

group Belle_in_south 2018-09-02

Riker opened it without responding to Ted. Ivan Novahich was leaning against the door jamb with a bottle of wine in his hands. As the group around the table began placing their bets, Mila opened her legs wider and the girl's tongue dipped between her swollen lips. Mila's body started rocking on the chair as the betting increased, the motion rubbing her pussy against the girl's face. Riker pushed away from the table as the girl started to inch forward, but Ivan's voice stopped them all. The sound of chips hitting the pile and the girl's mouth moving slowly over Riker was the only sound in the room as they examined their cards. The girl was working faster on Riker, caught up in the excitement of the bet, her eyes on Mila.


Happy Birthday

group Smernie 2018-09-02

Before you could finish, Christine walked up, grabbed your ass, and pulled you to her in a full kiss. Lost in sweet bliss, you felt as she slowly licked and kissed her way down to your increasingly hot pussy. Before I could finish, Christine crawled up on the bed, kissing you full on the lips, letting your juice flow into your mouth. Almost close to cumming, I pulled my cock out of your pussy, and slammed back down in to your ass, causing you to let out a sharp gasp. As our breathing returned to normal, I pulled you up next to me, kissing you deeply, tasting pussy on your lips.

Three Best Friends

group Baloden 2018-09-02

Heather raises up her soft ass and Jill pulls down her tights and panties, pulling them off. Jill and Heather kiss each other on the wet pussies, pushing their tongue inside the others sweet wet cunt. Heather says "I loved it too but we need to clean up the house and put the rest of our stuff away." Jill says "I have been thinking of how to tell Craig about our feelings for him, but I can't come with anything. I crawl up Jill's soft sexy body to her breasts. I crawl over and up Heather's soft sexy body to her breasts. I ease Heather's thighs apart with my knees and rub my cock up and down her pussy lips coating it with her juices.

The Neglected Housewife

group Neverjudge 2018-09-02

He took his time and soon had me squirming like crazy, grinding my wet cunt all over his face, with my hands wrapped around his head pulling him deeper between my legs as I had another orgasm. Jeff just watched as Lee fucked my face holding my head in his hands. I wasn't a total stranger to having both of my holes played with at once as when my husband and I were younger he use to slip a dildo up my ass while he was fucking my cunt.This always drove me crazy and I'd always wanted to take on two real cocks at once.

Sasha's Neighbor Throws a Party II

group wetchin54 2018-09-02

I felt my nut sack being lifted, then an object being placed in Sasha's ass, Again the Buzz and vibration, and her pussy, flooded my thighs with lady CUM just as I added my fuck juice to hers. His long, large cock, pushed cum out the sides of Sasha's love box with each thrust, soon he had whipped the residue into a frothy foam, and just as she started to tremble in climax, he pushed in deep and his butt flexed as he emptied himself deep inside her. Another well built black guy approached Sasha's elevated butt, and buried his shaft, balls deep in one thrust, making her choke as her mouth was crammed into the combination of cock and pussy in front of her.

Making New Friends

group XRoads55 2018-09-02

Then, after another stiff shot of booze, Ashley tilts her head back and folds her arms over her head and says, "I'm starting to get really buzzed, you guys!" Then Stan moved his hands down to her stomach and ribs...then he stares at my face to make sure I'm watching as he teasingly moves his hands up onto her tits. With Ashley's mouth around my hard cock and her ass pointing up he gets behind her and start rubbing his big dick head into the crotch of her bikini. So, as instructed, I ease my cock into his wife's now sloppy wet pussy hole and start driving my erect tool rapidly into her pussy until I hear her gasping with pleasure at each powerful thrust of my rock hard fuck pole.

Cross Country Road Trip Ch. 01

group fantac64 2018-09-02

"I don't mean to sound greedy or anything like that," I said, "but how much does the job pay?" Of course, we would pay all expenses, and your return flight would be our responsibility so you wouldn't need any money for day to day. Mr. Harkins said he'd like to have you back by Tuesday or Wednesday if we can work it out." Any other time, the thought of going down on an elderly woman would have been something I wouldn't even consider, not even for money, but this chick was so damned hot, before I could think, my tongue was diving deep into her pussy while my fingers were driving into her wet tunnel as fast as I could and she kept begging for me to fuck harder.

A Sailing Story Ch. 01

group Clive523 2018-09-02

"Jeez, if that's the best you got to offer then it looks like we won't be going anywhere," said Lisa. Within ten minutes Jane returned to the boat and said the other girl who had been on the boat had met her at the marina building and asked her if she would be prepared to split the crew job with her if she could get the trip – how did I feel about that?. Jane said the girl was waiting on the pontoon and should she ask her aboard. As soon as I had closed the hatch Jane slid off her sea trousers to reveal her black bush and almost at the same time she lifted her top to her neck and revealed two large self supporting tits.



group TinCup 2018-09-02

After study sessions at my house, I always came up to bed quite horny and asked Janet if "Erin could sleep over?" While her answer was always no, she surprised me one night by saying maybe! The sight was unreal, as Erin slowly started from Janet's tight hole and licked her tongue right up to her clit in one motion. While I wanted to cum on Erin's beautiful tits, or face, I stayed low key and with one finally contraction of Erin's pussy that nearly squeezed my cock off, I began shooting my creamy load deep into her pussy. They again embraced in a deep kiss before my wife slowly started for her turn on Erin's box.

Orgasm total

group pleyer24 2018-09-02

I-am soptit sotiei mele, la ureche, sa priveasca, fix in ochii lui Nicu, si in timp ce il fixa din privire, eu am inceput sa urmaresc, cu degetul, liniile sanilor ei, intrebandu-l pe Nicu (Nu-i asa ca rar poti sa vezi asemenea sani, tari, pietrosi dar jucausi, ar fi pacat ca sotia mea sa poarte sutien). Miriamin a strigat de excitatie, iar eu, tinand-o in continuare cu un brat sub piciorul ei ridicat, cu cealata mana am prins-o mai jos de mijloc, lipit pe jumatate de fundul ei, masturbat de ea, am incuput s-o trag si s-o imping in pula lui Nicu, zicandu-i (Te am Nicule, te fut cu sotia mea si te am prin ea).

77% nicu

Tequila Sunrise

group PrincessErin 2018-09-02

Nick had only started dating Heather a few weeks ago and already they had fucked a few times. Heather knew that Nick wanted both her and Cindy. Cindy was continuing to lick his cock, but Heather had joined in as well. He wasn’t sure about Cindy, but he knew that depending on Heather’s mood she either really wanted to swallow or really wanted him to cum on her breasts. “We wanted to share your cum.” Heather giggled then climbed onto his throbbing cock. He had one wet pussy fucking his cock and was licking and sucking another. Nick aimed his cock at Heather’s breasts and watched as thick ropes of cum landed on her creamy breasts.

Island Fever Ch. 10

group Jeremydcp 2018-09-02

Of course, this was not the first time - nor would it be the last - that simply seeing one of my lovely female guests (especially if it happened to be Trish) would make me stop dead in my tracks. Hopefully Lindsay would not show up out of nowhere - like she did a few days ago - and take Trish away from me right in the middle of what was shaping up to be a very good and thoughtful discussion. A few minutes past noon-time, while aboard the big boat, Trish and I counted to three, then back-rolled into the 77 degree waters of the Pacific and let the current wash over us.


Summer with C Ch. 16

group morefunnaked 2018-09-02

As he handed Abby hers, he kissed her and fondled a breast through the silk robe, then reached down and loosened the sash which held it closed. Abby's hands were on C's shoulders, sliding the straps of the teddy down, down her arms, revealing C's recently pierced breasts with the little dumbells firmly in place. We all collapsed for a bit before Abby took a look at C and said "Cmon honey, lets get you cleaned up." But rather than head her for the bathroom, she proceeded to kiss and lick every last drop of manjuice from her face, being certain to share some of it with C via deep prolonged kisses.

Skiurlaub mit den lustigen Witwen

group Stefan6020 2018-09-02

Donna war für das asiatische Mädchen doch ein recht überraschender Name fragte ich nach und sie erklärte mir, dass sie eigentlich Dong Cha hieße, aber ihr Chef diesen Namen nicht aussprechen könne. „Gerti nicht böse sein, aber ich bin wirklich fix und fertig." „Erzähl mir von der Nacht mit allen Einzelheiten, dann lass ich dich in Ruhe." Ich ging auf den Deal ein, wollte dennoch nicht mit ihr im Dampfbad bleiben und wir gingen deshalb zu den Liegeplätzen. „Franka hat es sicherlich auch öfter bekommen, nicht wahr?" fragte sie als sie sich im Whirlpool an mich lehnte und mir ihren Finger in den Mund schob. Nur allzu gerne erinnerte ich mich noch an die Seilbahnfahrt mit Irmi und als ich nun Gerti links und Irmi rechts neben mir sitzen hatte, gefiel mir das sehr.


My s****r and Our Neighbors.

group chchboy 2018-09-02

Lycra is good, wet lyca is better and I had a front row seat to the best show in town, as I hosed my s****r down she spread her legs, this seemed like a signal to Ann and Sue as they took their tops off and assumed the position, three butts in the air, I did not want to play unfair so I gave them all a good wash, I then turned the nozzle back to jet and knelt down to get the angle right, s*s was first to get the new feeling and squealed, we had never played this game before but the way she pulled her cheeks apart and moved her ass I knew she liked it.

My Girl At A Frat Party

group Harr Done 2018-09-02

I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. I watched as the guy in the back rammed her ass with his dick of my sweet little Jeni. "fuck your cunt, this is your little bitchy cunt, fuck it good" I took a risk and pulled out of her pussy and slipped in her ass all at once, she gasped and then started moaning "fuck your little asswhore" she said, I kept fucking her and looked up and it was my girlfriend!! Jeni then asked me on the way to the car "did you like watching your slutty girlfriend fuck the frat guys?"

Erin's a New Club Member

group ErinNycGirl 2018-09-02

Tom then said that even though I looked very sexy there was no clothing allowed for women going through initiation to the club and that I needed to get naked right there. Tom looked down and said he liked a woman who shaves as he gave my pussy a quick rub. I was now lying on this table completely helpless, then all of a sudden it hit me, I let him tie me up like this in front of so many men and never said I word. I heard Tom say looked at how easy this slut cums and everyone in the room started to laugh. Tom took a minute to look at his work and then gave the boys the go a head.