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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 01

group Victor2K 2018-09-02

Miss Foster fell in a way where both Vic and Merder could see what was underneath the skirt, and the duo got very amused about seeing Frankie without any kind of underwear. I think I need to drink something...”, replied Frankie while giving her back to Merder and Vic, but then she turned around and approached her guests. As Merder said that, and made it clear as he was rubbing his dick against Frankie’s back, Vic had an idea and knelt on Miss Foster’s bed, as she returned to give him oral pleasure. They had no time to wait as they went to the main hall, as they saw the door open and two girls, one a redhead and other a dark brown haired girl, all aiming her eyes to Vic and Merder.

Country Club Wives 02

group walterio 2018-09-02

Judy and Natalie helped the women guide the fake cocks into their pussies and began moving their hips up to meet their experienced thrusts. It was so exciting for the women to be fucking each other and then Betty and Norma leaned over to suck on the Natalie's and Judy's tits. Betty and Norma removed the rubber dicks from the women's pussies and looked at the dildos glistening with Judy's and Natalie's juices. Judy and Natalie lay on their sides facing one another and worked a double dildo into their pussies as they had their assholes greased up by Betty and Norma who watched in awe as the entire shaft at each end of the double dildo disappeared into the women's pussies all the way to the fake testicles.


Colton Shares His Girlfriend

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-09-02

It was all he needed to see and hear as Paul felt himself cum hard deep inside her; Colton shot his own heavy loads of seed into Toni's throat right after him. Colton continued to fuck her hard as he too closed his eyes and to just feel her tight, wet, pussy all around him, then opened them to watch Paul stroke his magnificent dick as he watched Colton's own cock slam in and out of Toni. By this time, Toni had begun to cum again from both Colton deep in her pussy as well as the sensation of Paul's magnificent cock in her ass.

Bukkake Box of Infinite Glory

group fastandsloppy 2018-09-02

We'd fuck two or three times a day and I got to feeling like quite a hot piece of ass. I got in there to test the joins and it's like being in a huge room full of your own duplicates." He looked at the two mirrors facing each other in the bathroom, displaying a lined up army of me-clones. When the second song ended, I decided it was time to get some fresh air so I reached behind me, took hold of the little Lucite knob in the door panel and popped out the circular piece of mirror.

Dental Visit

group Pgalore22 2018-09-02

I had her soaking wet pussy in one hand while I rubbed Lucas's hard dick with the other. I continued to suck the dick in my mouth, running my tongue around the head, squeezing the tip with my lips as it slid in and out. He pulled his dick out of my mouth at the same time that she took her lips from my pussy. I felt Lucas ram his dick into my pussy and as I groaned, I let my tongue slip out to lick at the pussy that was inches from my face. Lucas grabbed my head, thrusting one final time into my mouth while my pussy contracted around Christen's finger.

Starting the New Year with a Bang

group kat4funn 2018-09-02

So when David asked me if I wanted to be his New Year's Eve date going to San Francisco, I jumped at the chance; even though it paid less than the normal party compensation. This was why I was very happy accepting the romantic trip to San Francisco and going to the Hyatt New Year's Eve party, instead being used all night long at the club as some sperm receptacle. Right in the middle of the crowded body to body dance floor, he held me tightly against him, pulled up my skirt and pushed his throbbing cock into my wet pussy. As we were laughing about it; the nice looking cute hunk, whom I just kissed, asked David if he could dance with me.


School for Scandal: Period 01

group jizzlober 2018-09-02

'Miss Taylor,' said the receptionist, chewing her lip as a small moue of pleasure escaped and indicating me, 'Mr White is here on supply today.' 'Mmm,' said the teacher, 'if I could only see this, I bet it looks sexy as hell.' She finally managed to open her eyes and was confronted by Rachael's pink tongue lapping her way down her chin and onto her breasts. Miss Taylor checked her before she left the room, reached out a gloved finger and lifted a tiny tendril of come that dangled underneath her chin, and licked it off: 'No point in this stuff going to waste,' she said.


Three in Chicago

group Frankly 2018-09-02

Jean met him at the door, put her arm around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said "Fred, I'd like for you to meet Frank." She kissed Frank on his mouth and at the same time ran her hand down Fred's chest to his crotch where she began to massage his cock. "I'm going to cum!" Fred pulled his head back so that he could have his hand around the shaft and only the tip of Ernie's cock was in his mouth. As Fred probed harder with his thumbs she began to swivel her hips, pressing against his thumbs and letting them incrementally enter her then thrusting forward to meet Frank's mouth and hand.


A Foursome Just For Fun

group Mycke 2018-09-02

Her very essence curled around my body and when I fantasized about her – I could actually taste her nipples on my lips, and feel her wetness on my beard...I could smell her and wanted to make love to her for the rest of my life. I recalled one evening unaware of whose bed I was in, groggy from the night's wine and exhausted from an afternoon of raucous sex with July, I made the mistake of moving my cock inside of Alison's ass. Over the course of our first five years, I brought home many women who delighted Cindy's cunt like some real pros. Years later, after fucking in pools, saunas, whirlpools, showers, falls, rivers and seas Cindy died.

The Pilots Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-09-02

I wanted to swim through the cellular system right then to be with Kim. June told Kim she was going to be arriving down that way later this afternoon and wanted to see her and probably stay over but she was a little unsure of flight times and such. I think I told you those things months ago, but I want you to know that the memory lingers on." I smiled weakly at her through my own red-rimmed eyes. I'm going to sublimate and take a walk and think about everything you've said to each other again." With that, June rose from the sofa, snuffled, took a Kleenex from the box, and headed to the door.


Family Friends Ch. 3

group Tarrzan 2018-09-02

She had me trapped between her legs, straddling and grinding her pussy onto my face, as the hands I saw were joined by a huge black cock being pushed between her lips. Then, I felt another pair of legs straddle my chest and I saw another huge cock inches above me as it buried itself to the hilt in her pussy, his balls rubbing against my chin. The shaft of this manly cock was rubbing against my chin with each thrust inside her, and I could feel it stretching her as my tongue concentrated on her clit, licking circles around it and sucking it between my teeth.


The Training Manager Saga Ch. 01

group williamcatberg 2018-09-02

At first I thought I was reading too much into it, but now I know I am not" Matthew blushed as he looked down at his hands. He puts his arms back around my waist kisses me deeply and replies, "Good night Boss Lady." As I packed everything up to head home, Matthew popped his head in my office and asked where I thought I was going. "Fine, there is a guy at work that I have a strange crush on, and it makes no sense- and I am not going to pursue it because it is wrong on so many levels," I rush to say. I kissed her neck and ran my hands down her body to the top of her mound and lightly tapped my fingers.


A Pound of Flesh Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-09-02

When we arrived at my place, I knew that I wanted to fuck Chelsea right off the bat, just as I could tell that Nicky wanted another go at Monica. Chelsea wanted to make love to me this time around, to reiterate that she really was my girl in the same way that Nicky was my boy. I'm not sure what will happen physically, other than mind-blowing orgasms from your fingers and tongue, but I love you, no matter what," Monica assured him in our presence, even giving him a kiss to make her point. "You know that I'll happily share Nicky's tongue with you, girlfriend, especially since Dave already intended that, I do believe," Monica said as she kissed Chelsea back with some tongue, "and I would love to fuck you, too, some time."


group B_Couric 2018-09-02

I wanted to make a good impression, and maybe I looked a little too preppy, but as I go down the hallway I pass Rachel coming the other way, and she's like "Nerd, why you dressed like a mama's boy?" "This one is easy," Rachel said, "Holly, I want to lick and suck on your toes." Holly giggled uncontrollably as she answered, "Sure, okay!" She was already in bare feet and the bottoms were actually kind of nasty when she plopped it into Rachel's lap." "No," Holly answered, and Rachel got down between her legs, licking where my latex covered shaft had just been.


We Start Swinging

group shashi_a2010 2018-09-02

So, one night, after some steamy fucking and much hard work on my part with my mouth, tongue and lips on his ever turgid cock, and he finally shooting his load into my asshole after first entering me there and wanting to finish off in my cunt, and then changing his mind and entering me unexpectedly in the asshole, I said to him: Later, when I had been most generously introduced to a naked Asha in her bed by her husband guiding my hands expertly over her body for me to appreciate her curves, advising me to squeeze her ass with the edge of the palm of my hand caressing the crevice between and kiss her there while he presided over the seduction of his beautiful wife by another man, Asha told me that she was a bit tense that a beautiful woman like Lana would cooperate with her husband.


Beth's Affair

group BiBiBethany 2018-09-02

Once Kris was nude, Phillip stood beside her and she took his erection in her fingers and lifted it to her lips. Kris continued licking and sucking until Phillip began rocking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock into her mouth then pulling it back to her lips. I was frantically fingering my pussy, trying to imagine what Kris was experiencing, what it must feel like to let a cock shoot into your mouth, how his cum tasted. If the video comes out alright we should add it to the rest of our collection." I slowly slipped my fingers from my jeans and brought them to my lips, savoring the scent before I sucked them into my mouth and tasted my own juices.

Rachel Is The Cum Show

group TheDarkCloud 2018-09-02

The big difference was that everybody down here was male, Lenny carefully scanned what must have been around two hundred men and could not make out any women (nor any Caucasians) they nearly all were straining their heads and necks to see a raised platform area much like a models catwalk that came three quarters of the way across the club floor. What a sight it was for Lenny, as Rachel knelt in the centre of this circle of big, black men and they shuffled around to take their place to fuck her mouth and while they waited their next turn they occupied themselves with slapping their sloppy dicks on her face, groping her tits and ass and even wrapping her luxuriously silky hair around their dicks and jerking off with it.


Stairway to Heaven

group Chiaroscuro53 2018-09-02

As I stand, nearly naked, facing my lover, I feel a large, tan pair of hands sliding around from my back... Steve, who has been the recipient of much of my oral fascination with the male cock, knows what is in store for this young man. So I raise my head from his crotch and pump my mouth up and down his cock, giving a little suction and pull each time. Steve places the tip of his lubricated cock at the back entrance and slowly pushes forward. The young man inside me knows instinctively to stop moving until the cock in my ass is deep inside me. Then, when he feels the other cock start its downward pump, he pushes back into my ass.

Trip to Canada

group beergoggles 2018-09-02

Lisa slipped my cock out of her mouth, turned her face to me and said, "I want you to spray that hot cum down my throat baby." She dropped her head back to my lap and without missing a beat began sucking my cock again.. Jamie's hands stopped on Lisa's breasts and started squeezing them. I looked at Lisa's face as Jamie licked her pussy and I could see she was really enjoying the tongue-lashing her friend was administering. After a few minutes of licking Lisa received her reward as Jamie started to spasm and screamed, "Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming! She looked at me and smiled as Jamie dove back into her pussy saying, "Your turn, I want your cum in my mouth."

Well... Ch. 18 Pt. 01

group Pegleg 2018-09-02

Ann was massaging her tits and Tanya had 'accidentally' run her finger over Mary's pussy a couple of times and I was quivering also! I watched his caress bring my wife's nipples fully alive and am sure I saw her stomach quiver slightly as one of his hands found its way to the downy patch between her legs and started to run a finger up and down between her slightly parting thighs. Mary sucked at James's prick like there was going to be no tomorrow but after a minute or two she stopped, moved herself up to his ear and said, "Do you want to come in my mouth or my pussy?"

The Chair Ch. 21

group Rickd_1960 2018-09-02

As he told the redhead happy birthday, she recognized the man as being Alan, Dawn's boyfriend from the airplane. Alan had just returned from washing in the bathroom as Dawn began to tell the redhead how they had set it all up. While the birthday girl and her guy were having dinner, Dawn and Alan had let themselves into the suite where they set out the champagne, strawberries and whipped cream. Dawn was now laying face down on the floor, with her hands pulled back and secured to her ankles, with her naked breasts rubbing against the carpet. Returning to the box, the redhead removed a red rubber ball gag that she then inserted into Dawn's mouth and fastened around the back of her head.


The Librarians Apprentice Ch. 02

group MrRusty2000 2018-09-02

Jimmy sorted his cock back into his pants, whilst Gillian stood open legged letting her cunt empty before wiping her pussy some tissues before putting her panties back on.. Miss Pringle took her glasses off and dived in, her tongue making furious efforts to get as deep and as much of Gillian's cunt in her mouth. As Gillian's juices ran out and down her ass Miss Pringle experimented with fingering the girls anus. In her daily diary Miss Pringle mad a note to herself that she needed to suck those large breast of the young sluts after James had covered them in his sperm, and that Gillian was to get her fist in her pussy.


Tina's Boyfriend Goes Away

group rogered 2018-09-02

Initially I thought it strange that he'd want to share me but I also used to get really turned on with the thought of having some stranger's big cock ramming into me whilst Rich watched me. Steve gasped, telling me how good it looked with his cock deep in my mouth. I looked over my shoulder and told Steve to "ram that big thing in me and make me come!" I wanted to be spit-roasted and totally used by these two strangers. So I spun myself around, feeling the stranger's cock slip out of my cum-filled cunt and grabbed Steve's massive cock and felt the last spurt shoot into my mouth.

Sarah Joins Her Man's Business

group sarahsmith1989 2018-09-02

As I noted in the first part of my "Sarah's ride home" story my boyfriend in high school was a major pot dealer to our friends. "Hey babe, I'm going to be busy tonight, can you stick around until Travis gets here and get my money from him?" My boyfriend asked me. Travis was a pretty average looking kid; not too short or too tall, average weight, blonde hair, and blue eyes. "Yo girl where's your man?" Travis asked me looking at his goofy oversized watch. "I won't let you leave before you pay." I said grabbing the nearest blunt object to wield at the boy. "That was my boy, he's going to swing by." Travis said.