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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Golfing - Hawaiian Style

group pamper1 2018-09-02

His hand reaches down and pinches my nipple just as I moan around his cock and with a sudden thrust of his hips, I feel the first of several spurts of sticky white hot cum filling my mouth. I then reached out and began rubbing Dan's cock as well as with Michael, the outline of the head tight against the pant leg was just too sexy. Having my hands holding their shafts as I took turns sucking on Michael then on Dan. With just a slight hesitation, Monica walked up to Michael while Anastasia went over to Dan. Each girl grabbed them by the crotch and said lets go back to the clubhouse and we'll make it worth your time.


Stepping Out with Steph Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-09-02

Eric, Nat, Victor, George, Wendell, and Steve all took off their clothing, which encouraged their horny wives to do the same, as they had, in many cases, lusted for Blair for years. Steph was really going for it, too, swallowing Eric's and Wendell's cum, taking Victor's, George's, and Nat's on her face, and catching Steve's on her breasts. Rhiannon now felt Blair's cock inside her cunt, giving her a thorough rutting, while her cousin Shannon went down on Joanna, drooling and slobbering all over her pussy, and completely satisfying Blair's wife the only way Blair couldn't do equally. The whole night was just getting started, everyone realized, as Blair began pounding Shannon, and Joanna started in on Celeste and Marley.

From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Semester 02

group glendale22 2018-09-02

Of course, Steve was just as surprised to have Kate and Lisa decide that, if their guys were doing Cindy, they would share the task of covering him, including taking turns to protect his penis from the sun. No one said anything, but Candy was the primary instigator, and she thought there were no limits because of the way she saw the three couples putting sunscreen on each other, not to mention the way Kate and Lisa were just as free in touching girls as well as boys. After all, she had seen Lisa and Kate get most of the same treatment, and they seemed to be enjoying the play, just as Bri and Candy kept laughing whenever picked up or caught by Jay, Jack, or Steve.


Seducing Them

group _a_friend_ 2018-09-02

Karen and I were still dancing together and when I looked up I saw that the other couple was Mike and Susan. Karen said she thinks Mike looks hot and I always loved Susan’s tits, so of course I got on board. Mike and Susan obviously saw what I was doing but since they didn’t say anything I opened two blouse-buttons and moved my hand inside. Again I didn’t have time to fantasize because Karen was opening my pants and moving her hand inside. So Susan came towards me and sat on my lap with on leg on each side of me like she did with Mike and like Karen is doing with him right now.

my ex and her older s****r

group vang4life 2018-09-02

Me, white boy, n Ong went out to smoke outside while Pa still inside watching tv. Dont do it" i didnt care n pulled her to the bed, got on top of her, start kissing her neck to her nipples, then Ong n white boy came in. White boy went to use the bathroom and i want to go smoke so i called Ong to come out n smoke wit me. We went inside n saw white boy kissing Pa. Me and Ong was pretending to walk in talking n not seeing anything. I got mad but didnt care cuz i got a short bj from Ong while my gf Pa got a nice french kiss from white boy.

Team Bus

group Patchwork 2018-09-02

Some of them really are very good looking and she has been resting her hand innocently on a leg or two as they talk. Then she heard her lover moan and felt the big jerking twitches of his cock as it fired jet after jet of spunk deep into her pussy. Lou was pushed back down onto her back and felt cocks prodding her from all sides. I want every cock on this bus.' Sitting up Lou surveyed the naked men around her. As if to demonstrate her point Lou pulled the nearest cock to her to her mouth and began sucking and wanking it. With that he groaned long and loud and Lou felt his cock erupt inside her.

Merna's Story Pt. 05

group slimpic11 2018-09-02

After several dresses that morning Charles said to Marsha, "Ok time to get Merna ready for lunch." Charles had me stand in front of a blue screen while asking Marsha; "I want to just get the headshot with only her shoulders, not the dress." "I would like to talk business," Tony said looking at Greta. When we finished eating, Charles and I started moving around the Summit taking pictures at different locations including the ladies restroom which I had to admit was really impressive. They were all as well dressed as Tony, so I said, "It would be my pleasure." Charles did the same picture we started with that showed the Birmingham skyline for each. "Marsha, I need the picture taken of the jewelry and the Summit now," Greta instructed.


Elizabeth, Lucy, Marco and Me

group Rashers 2018-09-02

I gasped with pleasure and my cock began to twitch, but I was looking into Elizabeth's eyes, not at Marco. When my breathing got back to something like normal again he pulled his head away, and ran his soft hand up and down my wet and slippery shaft while he turned to Elizabeth for further instructions. For the first half hour or so Marco sat on the floor watching and looking bored, but when Lucy started trying to grab his cock the poor kid freaked out and left. When I first penetrated her, roughly forcing my cock all the way into her soaking wet cunt, it took about five seconds for her whole body to start vibrating with a continuous orgasm that didn't stop when Lucy pulled me out of her and kept it going with her tongue.


group i8u269er 2018-09-02

She then sat Tom on the couch and wrapped her mouth around his cock. I sat next to him and watched proudly as she took his cock into her mouth. She got up for a moment to ask for a rubber, which I handed to her, and which she handed to Tom. However we were unpleasantly surprised when he declined, saying he didn't want to do that! I quickly kneeled behind her and easily slid my hard cock up her slippery pussy. Tom announced he was cumming and my wife let out a long, low moan as his cum filled her mouth, just as she had hoped. Tom slid his cock out of her mouth.

Wife giving sex shows

group Ludoman 2018-09-02

Sally admitted that she is a bit of an exhibitionist and on holidays would always go topless and smile at men giving her admiring glances, I didn't mind and got quite turned on by it. At first she was a bit shocked but when I said it would just be for men to look and not touch she warmed to the idea. We gave customers evening and weekend appointments and I would answer the door but direct the men to the living room where Sally was performing. Sally would offer encouragement to the men by saying "Keep masturbating whilst you look at my cunt".

And the New Year keeps bangin'!

group netipus 2018-09-01

After my New Year's fun recounted in the last story, I returned home hoping for a "two-fer" with my wife. As a consolation, my wife offered that she had a little time first thing tomorrow morning if they wanted to come here for a quickie. We did and in a heartbeat Jack was naked lying on top of my wife grinding his hard dick against her bare pussy while I sat to the side sipping my coffee and stroking my cock. After a few minutes of that I moved to kneel by her head and offered my cock for her to suck just as Cece had the night before while Jack fucked her.

The Beach Wedding

group AnnabelleandJay 2018-09-01

I thought I'd give Jay a little thrill, so I slipped my arm around Marie's waist as we walked and gradually let it slip down until my hand was on her ass. Getting up onto my feet and grabbing his cock in one hand, I said, "Why don't we all go get more comfortable?" This brought a favorable moan from Marie, who was standing in the middle of the floor with Jay, his mouth pressed to hers and his hand massaging her damp cunt. Jay now had Marie on her back at the head of the huge honeymoon suite bed and was rolling a condom onto his rigid cock.


Two Italian Girls

group M_Sirk 2018-09-01

Franca drew herself up so that her big, heavy breasts were level with Nina's face, and cupping the left one in her hand offered the stubby brown nipple to her. Nina took the dildo (a large, pink, quite realistic replica of a prick and balls which I used to use on my ex-wife) and, a little apprehensive, put the head of it against Franca's pussy, then slowly pushed it in. Then I looked up at Franca and said, "Come here." My cock was still held in the tight, hot grip of Nina's arse, and reaching behind me I picked up my camera from the coffee table. I went into the bedroom and came back with the other $500, and handed it to Nina, who was sitting on the floor, looking a little dazed.

Strip Hearts Ch. 05

group alternatereality125 2018-09-01

Nicole was now topless at 74 points with just her bikini bottom and still feeling a little frustrated that Michael had left her hanging, and Krystle, who is the only woman totally naked at 90 points, had just been finger fucked to orgasm by Michael and returned the favour by sucking his cock and swallowing his load. Nicole and Krystle both saw what Jenny was looking at and both turned at the same time towards Michael and came face to face with his hard cock. With 3 tricks and 3 Hearts cards left, and Krystle at 92, Nicole at 84 and Jenny at 86, it looked like she was very likely going to be Michael's fuck prize tonight.


Just an Older Dude Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-09-01

We kissed for several minutes and then I urged her to resume her attentions to my dick, asking: "Why don't you lick my cock like an ice cream cone?" At any rate, Janice began stabbing the vibrator into my ass and rubbing her clit like mad with her other hand. "Yeah, good luck with that." Jiggs gave me a pensive look, and said, "It's possible they'll want to keep you. ________________________________________ "I can't wait to suck your cock," Janice said over desert a couple nights later. During the course of dinner I had made it a point to inquire about Mona, Janice's daughter, and learned she was getting out of the hospital the following day. "Doesn't he makes a great drink, Janice?" Mona said slurring her words.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 28

group SteveWallace 2018-09-01

As we finished I stood and walked up and down the table shaking hands with the men and kissing my 'wives' and female friends. Margo had been given the opportunity to join us, but she declined so I could be with my new 'wives.' She knew the vocabulary and wasn't at all disappointed in remaining with the larger group. There were now six of us who were sisters to one another and wives to Mark: Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, KC, Brita, and me. I kicked off my shoes, and the next I knew I was again on my back on the futon, with Lucas' huge cock sawing in and out of my sweet little cunt.

Pirates in My Pants Ch. 02

group jallen944 2018-09-01

"You got sweet cum," Stan said, and licked the cum off the head of Fred's cock. With a deep breath, Fred opened his mouth wide and let the fat head pass between his lips. He circled the head with his tongue and Stan began a slow back and forth thrust with his hips, working his cock deeper into his mouth. You suck cock like you've done it before," Stan said. Stan squeezed his long, hard cock at the base and wagged it like a tail in Fred's direction. He and Stan were side by side with their long, hard cocks bobbing from the front of their jeans, like a pair of horny virgins at a first-served, first-cum whorehouse.

Sleeping Boyfriend Ch. 01

group fhswarrior 2018-09-01

Rick's slumbering body was in a very relaxed state, including his nice, large, cut cock, which gently rested between his legs on his ball sack. As I caressed Rick's cock with one hand, I rubbed my throbbing member with the other. I leaned down and took his limp cock in my mouth, gently feeling the soft head and shaft roll around in my mouth. Finally, I moved off and took Rick's cock in my mouth again. Finally, I could wait no longer, I laid on top of Rick and put my cock between his ass cheeks and fucked him along the outside of his ass crack, rubbing up against that ass, the only lubrication being my tongue wetness and my precum.

Uncut Ch. 02

group Dann0 2018-09-01

Nurse Sanja had turned my head around 180 degrees and I was now starting to really like my uncut look and the extra pleasure that came with having all my new foreskin. My wife watched nurse Sanja's hand and alternately my penis as she played with my testicles. Samantha gave nurse Sanja a little look as to how she knew that but proceeded to wrap her fingers around my shaft while cupping my balls with her other hand. It's running all down your leg," said Samantha moving her hand along nurse Sanja's inner thigh. Samantha began kissing me, giving me lots of tongue and I could feel my cock riding deep into nurse Sanja's ass.


Long Day, Satisfying Evening

group AngelwithEmeraldEyes 2018-09-01

I want it in my mouth so bad, I love sucking your cock, taking it deep in my throat feeling the veins against my tongue, licking and sucking on the head of it while you moan and gasp. My licks start getting bolder until I stuck one in my mouth, scratching my nails down your thighs as I do which causes your hips to buck off the bed. The way you are sucking on my clit and sliding your tongue in me is driving me nuts and almost making it too hard for me concentrate on what I'm doing to Leah. She reaches up and starts playing with your balls, lightly scratching them and licking them when shes not tonguing my clit.


Megan, Gina, Seth (FFM)

group 1cleanguy 2018-09-01

The leash pulled tight and the collar at my neck brought me close to her friend's panty covered pussy. In a few short moments, and while her free hand kept the panties pulled off to one side, she indicated with her middle finger where she wanted me to start. "Do you like what you see?" Megan said with a purr in her voice. The combination of my fingers and tongue working her pussy like that caused a floodgate to open, and her sticky juice poured from her. Again the leash and collar pulled me from Gina's heady cunt, and my face was brought up to roughly meet with Megan's. She greedily sucked my tongue and licked the perimeter of my mouth as low groans came deep from her throat.

An Amsterdam Evening

group eroshawk 2018-09-01

Emily had slipped her clothes off quickly and now walked over to Mai, stepping behind her and reaching around to fondle her tits. Mai arched her head back while Emily kissed her neck and pinched her nipples as her hands closed over her chest. He bent Emily forward for better access to her pussy and she again did the same to Mai, taking the opportunity to pull Mai's panties off her hips and let them slide down her legs. As Mai's tongue played over Emily's lower lips Kieran reached over and pulled her forward to put his tongue between the others. They kept this fucking, licking, kissing triangle going for a while with Emily reaching down and fingering Mai's clit as Kieran thrust in and out.

Thin Walls Pt. 02

group ericahope 2018-09-01

Liz looked from Carrie to Ben. Finally, she said, "I'd like to go for a ride, but the hot tub sounds tempting too. Liz brought her hand back up to Carrie's right breast and lightly ran her finger tips over the soft flesh, around her nipple, intentionally avoiding it. As Liz told the story she could feel Carrie's hand on her thigh tighten, caressing her flesh under the water. "Oh, you won't be," said Liz as she placed a hand on Carrie's thigh. "That's more like it," said Carrie playfully as she looked down at Liz's nude body. "Easier access anyway," said Liz as she placed her hand between her thighs, running her fingers through the dark, curly pubic hairs.


Bachelor Party

group Jake68 2018-09-01

Tiffany moaned as Ashley sucked on her tongue, her hands sliding up Tiff's side, cupping her large firm breasts. Ashley grabbed Tiff's firm ass, pulling her wet pussy hard against her mouth, thrusting her tongue deep into the quivering tunnel. "Thanks, babe, I really needed that before going on or I might have fucked some guy on stage," Tiffany laughed, "I'll return the favor later." Ashley kissed Tiff again, saying that she did have to get ready for the show. Sometimes a couple of them try to get on stage and join us and we can't let that happen, now can we?" Ashley smiled coyly at Jake seeing his brain working overtime as he imagined her and Tiff making love together. Ashley, still straddling Tiffany, pulled her head up to her breasts, rubbing her tits in Tiff's face.