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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mark and Dinah: Canoeing

group Rathgon 2018-09-01

Mark and Dinah put the canoe into the water, "We're just going to paddle down along the shore a ways," Dinah said, "You can come with us if you want, it may be a good idea to have some help nearby if you flip again." With a sidelong glance at Mark, Dinah said they had an extra room Jane could use if she'd like. A faster swing song was starting and the two women made their way to the dance floor where Dinah and Jane took turns leading swing dance moves, their laughter making it's way back to Mark. "Your turn," Dinah said to Mark who took Jane out to the floor for another fast song.


Breast Friend Ch. 07

group RockSteele 2018-09-01

He fondly remembered how great it was to watch Marie and Jennie exercise in front of him, so he opted to summon them, as well as Bridget and Faith, for a workout session. Marie, Jennie, Bridget and Faith were wearing sports bras that couldn't have been bigger than a D in size, so they obviously had no prayer of keeping their breasts restrained. Marie and Jennie had begun with a few simple stretches and yoga poses—although, to be honest, they could be doing literally anything in those bras and Peter would have been aroused. After getting an eyeful of the girls doing their yoga, Peter returned his attention to Bridget and Faith.

Carley Ch. 03

group JapleinViera 2018-09-01

"I'd like you to suck me a little bit, but I don't want to cum yet. Carley sat on the shower seat and sucked me for five minutes or so. "Are you going to look into my eyes and cum inside me?" You feel fantastic." I shifted my weight to my right elbow and touched her breasts with my left hand. Look into my eyes and tell me what you feel when I cum inside you." We fucked that way for fifteen minutes or so before I could feel that Carley was going to cum. "If you don't call me I'm going to stalk you!!" Carley looked surprised at what she'd said.

raised as a daughter II

group 1120scott 2018-09-01

She stuck out her tongue and licked from the top to bottom of my ass crack, then pushed me open, exposing my pink hole. She circled it for several minutes then licked it, sending a lightning bolt from my ass hole up my spine to explode in my head. She opened it and put some on her fingers and licked." Mmm, I love the taste of this" she said softly. Ann started rubbing my neck, and pushed it in slowly till I felt it in my throat. As my hungry ass pulled in Rebeccas toy and Ann fucking my throat I started shaking and getting dizzy. She held my face as she pushed in, the whole time Rebecca fucking my ass with a large rubber dick.

Party Girl Ch. 03

group jacqui_hills_uk 2018-09-01

When at last he finished he smiled at me and said that Sarah was so turned on and had fingered herself to an orgasm while he told her. I continued to suck on Craigs cock, taking him deep inside my mouth. As wave upon wave hit my pelvis and belly Craig started to ejaculate his thick white semen deep inside my mouth. Craig raised and splayed her legs as I positioned myself with my head at her wet delicious cunt. Suitably moistened, he placed his hard cock against her ass hole which his tongue and fingers had so carefully opened. Craig pumped his baby juice deep inside her ass and I had one of two minor orgasms watching and being licked by Sarah's tongue.


Orgy, or decide

group bOObsLikeMine 2018-09-01

She lived about 15 mins away from the beach, when we got there we all sat on the living room floor and Steve (one of Ronny's buddys) came up with the idea of truth or dare. I heard similar sounds coming from the floor as I saw Roger licking at Mindy's pussy and Ronny fingering Kay's cunt. Roger was pounding Kay's pussy hard as Mindy f***ed Ronny's cock down her throat. I fell on my side and felt the warm come run down my ass, Steve and I curled up in each others arms and watch our friends fuck like a****ls on the ground.

Red Rooster

group PixelZombie 2018-09-01

Still others looked like they'd dressed specifically for an evening of sexual indulgence, the men wearing boxer shorts (or in the tragic case of one portly man, only a collar and a cock-ring) and their women wore sexy lingerie. Phaedra was doing such an amazing job sucking on my cock that I lost my balance and fell onto the bed next to Jim. I reached for her head to guide her beautiful mouth back to my cock, but Jim had other plans, suddenly standing up then guiding Phaedra to her feet to hold her in an embrace and kissed her deeply. Then that tourniquet feeling slowly moved up the length of my cock until it reached my head, which felt like it would burst. Phaedra suddenly stood up and walked to the other bed, then confidently straddled the man lying on his back, planting her freshly fucked pussy on his mouth.


At the Jazz Club

group Beejayne 2018-09-01

It was a change from Ted, who was very active, but she liked both, and both were a change from her husband, Bob. She didn't know if she had an orgasm, in fact she frequently didn't have an over-the-top orgasm, but loved the feel of being fucked, of feeling that deep thrust of a big cock in her vagina and the many little jolts that ran through her body. This lovely anal fucking went on and on until with a few hard, deep thrusts Carol felt Ted start to ejaculate into her, deep into her bowels, slam, slam, then he was still, grasping her waist, spent.

The Job Interview

group rutger5 2018-09-01

Understand this, our clientele is primarily female and they come here after a hard day at work looking to let their hair down, relax and have a good time. Isabella pulled me forward as she opened her mouth wide and a second later she swallowed my engorged head. Her hand came off my shaft but then went and took hold of my full balls which she fondled roughly but after a minute of this she released them and pulled her mouth from me. We both turned and saw the woman Sammie standing a few feet away wearing an amused expression while holding a clipboard in her hand. By this time Sammie had pulled her shirt over her head revealing that she went braless but because her breasts were small and firm they didn't really need one.


Exchange Students Ch. 2

group deepemerald 2018-09-01

Nicola, Paolo, Roberto and Andrea were lying naked and exhausted on the living room floor when Giuseppe and Enrico walked in. Roberto couldn't let his friend have all the fun so he pulled Nicola out from underneath Andrea, pulled her legs up high and shoved his hard shaft into the tight warmth of her juicy cunt. While Paolo was fucking Andrea from behind and Roberto was shafting Nicola hard the girls manoeuvred their bodies in a way so that they could kiss and play with each other's tits. Giuseppe had watched Nicola being fucked in every hole as Andrea's tight cunt had been riding his massive cock and now he felt his balls tightening up unbearably.

Unstoppable Jen

group anotherperv123 2018-09-01

Standing there like a statue, I watch as she's slowly jerking him off, getting him hard, his cock only a foot away from her face! Once again, I was shocked - Jen opened her legs wide and tiled her pussy up and it touched the head of Johns cock. Earlier that night, I would never in a million years have guessed that I would have eaten a load of cum from Jen's pussy, then blew the guy and swallowed another load, and then to find myself with a rock hard cock, on my back, legs spread, and a big muscular guy about to stick his big dick in my ass.

32 Year Old Virgin Ch. 04

group zeke81 2018-09-01

"Don't forget our agreement, whatever happens between me and have to be there; I'm afraid that watching me kiss another woman will be too much for you...I don't want that." John said. "Partly to give you more experience and partly to make things easier for both John and me, both of us are going to be teaching you about kissing today." Kelly said. Beth was surprised that John was going to undress her while she was kissing Kelly, but she was too excited that he wanted access to her pussy to protest. When I do, I want you to hold my cum in your mouth and then kiss either me or Kelly so we can share it with you...your choice." John said.


Fantasy Weekend

group swami1969 2018-09-01

My loins immediately began to stir...then I turned my attention to Roxy...she was sitting on the grass...her legs spread wide apart...if there wasn't the presence of her short pink skirt I probably would have exploded right there in my pants. Melissa looked down at me...a wide grin across her face as she shifted her legs a bit...sliding it along the length of my hard cock...subtly enough not to lead on the other girls but to make sure I knew what she was doing. "'re bunking with Ashley and you can carry your bag in the downstairs guestroom with theirs and you all can get changed," announced Melissa, the three girls following her instructions and heading inside.


The Club Slut Wife

group jimmy18841 2018-09-01

Carl's hands rotated my wife's ass and pulled it back and forth against hands and fingers joined Carl and Luke's caressing my wife. Carl and Luke stopped grinding their cocks against my wife and held her Carl sat down in a chair, thrust his cock toward my wife and said, "Suck wife's mouth, Carl held the back of her head, thrust his hips upward, and cock remained outside my wife's mouth, the fucking began. Carl drove his cock straight into my wife's mouth... As my wife's cunt throbbed in hard spasms, Luke moved up between her minutes of hard fucking, Carl's cock was pumping easily back and forth in A moment after Luke's cock had disappeared into the my wife's cunt, Carl

Camping with my boy toy Bud, final chapter

group 11austin 2018-09-01

“Oh man, I just was having the most intense sexual dream that was about turn very, very wet!” Bud just started laughing and said “Oh no, no relief for you just yet, remember, my little cum whore?” I laughed too and we both got up, went to shower at the main bath house, then headed up to Billy and Max’s campsite. It was just as it was in my dream: me bent over the table, Bud in my mouth, Billy rimming me, pulling my cock back between my legs to lick the underside and lap up the now flowing pre-cum like he was licking an ice cream cone, and of course Max, stroking his monster cock.

The Redhead

group texasreb1369 2018-09-01

The gentleman sitting next to her kept looking at her breasts and her legs, before finally asking her if she would like to dance. I shared what I had shared with the new guy and suggested that the redhead unbutton one more button on the bottom of her dress which would allow the skin of thigh above her stocking tops to show. The Redhead slowly moves her hands from her breasts and looked around at me and asks if she should finish taking off her dress? She looked around the room and asks if they wanted her take the dress the rest of the way off.

Swinging Lifestyle Initiation Ch. 01

group Sweetcheekss 2018-09-01

Sheila’s draw just about dropped to the table as she blushed when I told her I felt Rick was trying to talk me into swinging with another couple. “Do you think you and Rick would be jealous of each other having sex with other people?” Sheila asked. “I don’t think I would be jealous of Rick but I’m not sure he could handle the idea of me being with another guy. I’d pretty much let Sheila know that I was willing to have sex with another guy and not feel guilty about it afterwards. I had to admit I didn’t know how I was going to get the conversation headed towards swinging so I just came right out and asked him if he’d gotten over his idea of getting into wife swapping.

My first swinging experience Part 2/4

group toydevil 2018-09-01

When Alan got up she tuned around and knelt on the living room table offering me her lovely juicy pussy, when I did not immediately react she asked "What are you waiting for?", "Nothing", I replied "just enjoying the view", and I positioned my cock on her soaking wet pussy and gradually inserted it inch by inch but always withdrawing again so only my cock head parted her pussy then I pushed in a little farther, I continued this until my whole cock was in her to the hilt, then holding on to her feminine hips I started fucking her with long hard strokes, picking up speed and firmness of the thrusts, it must have pleased Jen as she started breathing heavily and little squeals came from her, as I fucked her.

Jennifer Sucks

group jacktar48 2018-09-01

Cathy scrambled out of her bed as Jennifer opened her mouth wide and let his cock all the way in, being careful to only tantalize him by the slightest caress of her tongue before he bottomed out at the back of her throat. "Now you suck out the last of it so you can taste it while he fucks you." Cathy seemed a bit reluctant, so Jennifer grasped her by the back of the head and pulled her down on the boy's still twitching cock. "Maybe this will help you remember then," Jennifer said as she scooped some cum out of Cathy's pussy with two fingers and transferred it to Cathy's mouth.

Changed Neighbour To Lesbian And Did Threesome Wit

group 2018-09-01

I mixed Viagra in coke and told driver to drink it and then driver was started undressing the sapna slowly because I told driver that we had very limited time and also he will not touch me till I will not tell him that he can touch me because I am not interested in men any how I got a husband who have a nice stamina I just came here to do lesbian in threesome. I started licking and putting finger inside the sapna’s pussy till10 min then I told sapna to give me oral sex. I started giving oral sex and doing fingering to sapna and told driver to suck mine I took his face and placed to my pussy.

Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours

group ericrodman101 2018-09-01

I can finger fuck Stacey and push my cock into Gina's willing mouth. Then Gina' puts a hand between Stacey and me, touching my cock when I pull back, her fingers pressing into me when I thrust forward. But I hold on, deep in Stacey's ass, Gina holding me tight, her mouth against mine, her tongue darting across my lips. I kneel where I can watch Gina's willing tongue working Stacey's asshole, putting a hand behind her head where I can push her face into Stacey's groin. The day is warm and I lie back, letting her mouth pleasure me, and thinking about ass fucking Stacey anytime and the next time swapping my cum with Gina.


group lonlyboy13 2018-09-01

Once they are opened enough Amanda walks up a rams his full nine inches down your throat.Whie holding it there, causing you to start gagging, looks up and nods at me. Amanda takes a moment to pull out of your mouth to let you catch you breath, while I, still buried deep in your ass, start to tie the blindfold around your eyes, but before you can utter a word or make a sound, Amanda quickly rams his raging hard on back down your throat. Amanda, Toni, Sam, Pat, Toni, Ryan and myself took turns either ****ing you mouth or ass for the next several hours until none of had any strength left.

Lisa Wants More

group Modmn2000 2018-09-01

With that in mind, I started to look for Lisa, and found her already talking with some guy near the bar that had been set up for the party. Bruce came up to me and asked how things were going, then noticed Lisa with this other guy. I was so turned on watching her suck this guys cock, so I moved a little further in the bushes, pulled down my pants and started jerking off. She said she wanted each one to be really hard, then told them she had always wanted to try one in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in her mouth, all at the same time!

Adventures At School

group jbeeb 2018-09-01

"That's a beautiful big dick," said Giles, as he slid a hand over my rock solid erection, gently pulling back the skin so that it stood even more proudly against the background of my shaven mound. "Now that is a beautiful sight," I said, licking gently around his circumcised helmet, enjoying the delicious clean aroma and warmth of this monster penis, slightly moist at the tip from a few drops of pre-cum, which I quickly licked and swallowed. I walked naked (more naked than naked since I was completely shaved) around the changing rooms and the vast empty Gym, almost willing a crowd of boys or masters to come in and catch me with my wickedly throbbing penis, bouncing gently in front of me.