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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Big Guys Like Dildos, Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-27

I've always been a large man and I guess I like watching large people on camera. Andy was a tall young black man, standing six feet three inches tall and weighing 300 pounds. I watched a large German woman working a thick black dildo into the asshole of a large black man. Brenda began to enthusiastically pound away at Andy, slamming the dildo deep into his ass. Jim doused the large black woman's butt with lube before pressing his hard cock against her butt hole. The thick German girl spread her huge butt cheeks wide open, and Andy slid his cock into her back door. Watching a large German woman fucking a large black man with a strap on?

First Full Swap

group ahotwildcpl 2018-11-27

  I leaned up against him, pushing my huge tits into his chest, gave him a deep, wet kiss as I stroked his cock a couple times.   Gibson pulled her close and walked her through the water slowly toward the pool grotto while engaged in a passionate kiss.   I watched through the water fall, as Sara slowly lowered her pussy onto Gibson’s cock.   Sara was moaning even louder now, and just as she announced that she was cumming, I could see that familiar look on Gibson’s face as he came at the same time deep inside her.    Gibson and Sara, with drinks in hand, made themselves comfortable in the warm water on the pool steps.

Stiff Competition

group KnightOfPassion 2018-11-27

Kissing Lucas hotly, slipping her pink tongue deep inside his mouth, Sarah leaned back against his walnut desk, spreading her legs wide and pulling her candy-pink panties to one side, exposing her shaved slit. He sensed more than saw Sarah kneel between his outstretched legs, but he certainly felt her hot little tongue got to work on his balls and the base of his cock, licking up Rachel's spicy juices. His fingers grasping her buttocks firmly, Lucas twisted Rachel, swinging her around onto the couch until he was atop her, her ankles tightly crossed at the small of his back, his cock buried inside her hot depths. "Which one of us gets to go?" interrupted Rachel, looking at Lucas over her shoulder, her lips and chin still glistening with Sarah's slippery juices.

My Sexy Lovers Night Out

group fastfreddie1964 2018-11-27

As I try to concentrate on driving as best I can while at the same time watching the action taking place in the rear seat I see my sweet sexy lover switch off and start sucking on Mike’s hard dick. It does not take long for Jeremy to cum as he is watching Mike fuck my sexy lover from behind and my sexy slut sucking and stroking his rock hard cock. As she is sucking and licking mike and Jeremy’s cum from my balls I jerk my hard cock off all over her face and finally let her pull me in between her sexy soft lips and suck me dry before we collapse beside each other in a spent heap of sexual passion.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 8

group KennethPierce 2018-11-27

Despite the late hour, nobody wanted to sleep (though the prospect of simultaneously sharing a bed with Corrine, Elizabeth, and Amy wasn’t exactly an unwelcome prospect for me), and we all decided to celebrate our friend’s return by getting back in the hot tub. As Amy writhed against my mouth, Liz and Corrine took up position behind me—massaging my back and shoulders with kisses while their wet, naked breasts occasionally bumped up against me, buoyant in the water. For fun, Amy picked up the half-empty bottle of pink champagne from the side of the hot tub and poured it seductively onto her chest, where the sweet beverage ran in rivulets over the curves of her big, perky breasts, across the muscles of her toned midriff, and down into the delightful folds of flesh between her legs.

Jim And Micki: A Love Affair - Part III

group luvdr 2018-11-27

Micki can’t stand it any longer and screams, “Fuck me Jim, fuck my ass with your tongue, and please don’t stop.” She squeezes her legs together locking my head within. “Fine dear, then you lay on the mattress and I will help Micki mount that nice cock of yours.” Says Linda as she lets go of Micki’s hand and touches my shoulder. Looking up at Micki with a face covered in Micki’s sweet juices Linda says, “My dear you are wet and taste so delicious. It didn’t take Micki long to reach an orgasmic explosion as she screamed, “Oh god, fuck yes, Lee you’re ripping me apart.” Lee’s cock must have been pushing her cervix into her abdomen.

Savanah and Kelsea

group Orallee69 2018-11-27

Randy looked at Kelsea and she gave him a silly little wave of her hand and said, “Hi!” “We’ve been looking for some guys for a party but the place is empty,” said Savannah, waving her hand towards empty tables in the bar. Watching Savannah was almost distracting him from his task, and when he felt Kelsea’s teeth nip at the head of his cock, Randy went back to work on her clit. Randy was ready to come, but Kelsea stopped sucking and left his cock waving in the air. Randy lifted his head and watched as Kelsea lifted off his cock and hovered over Savannah’s face. “No thanks,” replied Savannah, and she and Kelsea got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

The School Part Two

group 1941aaa 2018-11-27

‘Swallow it, if any comes,’ she replied, her eyes smiling, her mouth closing over the head as she bent my prick down so that she could look at me as she used her tongue round the inside of my foreskin. I had to thrust all thoughts of Ann from my mind, such as David’s prick in her mouth and she, my love, sucking on it and swallowing his come and then licking his cock dry. Using what I had learnt from the day before with Ann, I think I succeeded, because it didn’t take long for Debbie to start squirming and hold my head hard between her thighs as she came.

Two in the Tahoe

group ugacouple 2018-11-27

We opened our eyes and both guys were standing there, shirts off, sagging shorts, just watching us kiss and making little comments to each other. I looked over at Rob, winked and jumped into the back seat between the guys.I was then sitting between Ryan and Luke hitting the weed as much as I could. Ryan began eating me out going to town as I leaned over and started going down on Luke. All four of us got out and Rob got his dick out and I knew exactly what to do as I started to give head to him and the guy who was eating my ass Ryan. You’d have thought that young guys like this would have cum within a minute of all this hot fucking going on.

Linda, A Wife, Banker And Devout Christian

group agunna 2018-11-27

I struggled with my hard-on as I watched my Buddy smooch her Boobs, followed with tender touches, the next thing I saw was Linda moving to bed, spreading her legs wide, I could see everything even the pink pussy interior as Stone sleek his Ten inches Un ripped plantain in her pot with one thrust and she swallowed at ease gasping and screaming. As I am writing this true life experience of a one-off sexcapade, my heart bleeds; Linda a trusted wife, a friend who took my dick places in a short time, I know I will never ever forget what we shared.......Good or bad.

The First Time - Part 2

group goodchemistry 2018-11-27

Dani resumed her rocking motion on my cock.  I, of course, wasn't complaining.  Dan came down into the pool.  He stood in front of Dani, so close her could have reached out and touched her.  He started masturbating as he watched us.  Dani was staring at his cock as she continued to grind on mine.  I couldn't believe that he was so hard again after just recently cumming!  Dani was thrashing and splashing water as she had her second powerful orgasm of the day.  After a short awkward moment, Dan said, "I'll get us some wine." 

Black Bisexuality in Football

group Samuelx 2018-11-27

There are a lot of hot chicks at Mandrake College, and so many of them are freaks who go crazy for sportsmen, yet Frank has yet to get himself a girlfriend. The football program at Mandrake College sucked big-time but I didn't care. Partly because I wanted to get Frank off my back, I introduced him to this tall, plump, big-booty Spanish chick named Maria Suarez. I thrust my dick deep into her ass, like I'd seen those black male porn stars do to these blonde women in so many porn videos. Frank was kneeling before me, sucking my cock like it was pumping life into his mouth. Frank sucked my cock and licked my balls like fellatio was going out of style.


The Adult Toy Store

group baddad53 2018-11-27

They were checking out Diane and her outfit out when I stepped forward and pulled the bottom of Diane’s skirt up to reveal her womanhood under the bright lights of the store. I tapped the older guy who had started all of this and asked, “Do you want to fuck her in the swing?” Diane was smiling up at me through tear stained eyes and nodded her approval. The clerk was not pumping as hard as the old guy had, rather he used long, slow strokes to bring himself and Diane to the heights of new pleasure, so it was easier for the women to stay lip locked.

Brett and Amber - Part II

group NVMii 2018-11-27

Jake had a big smile on his face, but Sally looked like she could smack Brett. Brett grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding it tight as he pumped his cum into Sally's pussy. I went down the steps and saw Brett eating out Sally and Jake was kissing and sucking on her tits. The boys were soon synchronized, Jake going deep in my pussy, Brett almost pulling out, then the opposite. He crawled up onto the bed, pulled my ass up and fucked his cock deep into my cum soaked pussy. If Tara and Albert were anything like Sally and Jake, they needed seclusion. He continued, “And to Brett and Amber, may they be as loving friends as Jake and Sally.”

Pete, Will and Rose - Part 2

group portsladebilly 2018-11-27

Pete withdrew his hand, but could not resist leaning forward and giving Will a slurping kiss on the head of his cock.   They had a round table and Rose sat between the two men – her hands resting on each man’s crotch as the waiter left the menu and the wine list.   Rose took her cum-smeared hand from underneath the table, and with a glance at Will and Pete, she turned to look at the couple at the other table as she slowly and lasciviously licked her fingers clean.   Rose smiled again at them as she took the glass and sipped at the cum before passing it to Pete, so he too could taste again the juice of his friend.

paying off my lover's debts

group maggi 2018-11-27

“You ready to be fucked by a proper cock?” your boss asked me, a wicked grin on his face. "Choose a hole," he said to his friend, whose black cock, whilst smaller than the one in my ass, was thicker and bigger than you. "Fuck her cunt" the guy in my ass said to you, sounding exasperated, as if he couldn’t believe you haven't thought of that yourself. Your boss, aware that I was now turned on by this orgy of fucking, pulled his cock out of me completely. “Tell him how if feels to be fucked properly” your boss growled at me, as his hand suddenly spanked my ass.


group 32atinygirl 2018-11-27

Taking one last deep breath and walking unsteadily to his porch and knocking on his door. Sam allows me to lick my way around his shaft, up and down over the head, working my head like a porn actress in a cheap video. When he comes in the door his pants are off, his big dick swinging before him like a battering ram. Sam introduces the older man as Earl, the younger as his son. This time Sam takes me hard from the start; I cry out as his balls smack my cunt, and try to stay on my knees. Sam is a block-layer, a strong man who works with his hands in the heat of Florida summers. As I open the door, though, I hear Sam's voice.

Cottage Living - Part 2

group MorePleasin 2018-11-27

The thought of making love in front of the cottage picture windows with a storm raging outside was one of Linda's fantasies, so she quietly got out of bed to put her plan in motion. Paul felt riveted to the floor, unable to stop staring at Linda’s naked body, impaled on his best friend, and unable to stuff his erection back inside his pants. As he removed the shorts and let them fall to the floor, Linda rose off of Sam and came over to hug and kiss Paul. Taking Paul’s cock in hand, she pumped him as she started to bounce on Sam. Linda was more than ready to cum. Laying next to Linda soaked in sweat and love fluids, Paul couldn’t help but feel things were suddenly a bit weird.

Conspiracy to Wife Swap

group taylorsam 2018-11-27

Jason, I’m Patty, your best friends wife who is going to fuck your brains out.” Annie said in a sexy voice. “Oh Patty, you pussy is on fire, I can’t believe my wife is letting me shove my cock into your cunt.” Jason said being intentionally nasty. I’m sure my husband is giving your wife’s pussy a good fucking too.” Annie said bouncing on Jason’s cock till they both came. Annie reached up to Jason’s crotch, “You’re right Patty, Jason is just as hard as Adam.” Annie said slurring her words a little. Annie sucked on Jason’s cock as Jason watched Adam lean down pulling Patty’s shirt and bra off.

Return To The Cottage - The Girls Go Wild Again - Part One

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-27

Sue passed Mel her coffee, then, laughing, looked up at Ted and said; “Do you need some help with that?” nodding to where a rigid tent pole appeared to be trying to push its way through Ted's swim shorts. At this point the naked Melanie stepped off the picnic table, snuggled into Ted's side so that her tits were dragging down his chest, kissed him hard, then bent from the waist, popped his dick into her mouth with her left hand, swallowed the whole thing down then slid her lips slowly back up until it dropped from her mouth, and said, “Just so you know that I do that, too!

Number 44

group Adagio 2018-11-27

Sammy said it was my tips that she put under her garter, not my fancy. I found Carol in the bedroom being fondled by the three amigos only they looked like three fellow Marines from the base. Carol was sitting naked in the middle of the bed with a cock in each hand and one lodged down her throat. He finally took notice of a naked me sitting down in a chair with a 20 dollar ticket in one hand and a beer in the other. Mr right dick and left dick walked out of the bedroom in limp fashion as Carol noticed me. After Alice and I had dislodged I ask Sammy how much longer I had to wait to fuck my own girl.


The Birthday Gift

group Mysteria27 2018-11-27

I got between my wife's legs and sucked the juices out of her pussy. My wife spread her legs and Lisa dove right into her pussy area. She licked her pussy up and down and pushed her tongue right up inside of my Mary. It was so exciting to watch my wife come from having a girl lick her pussy. I was so excited to now watch my wife lick Lisa’s pussy. My wife continued to finger fuck Lisa and Lisa’s juices were running down her legs. My wife then spread her legs and Lisa and I watched the cream ooze out of her pussy flower. My wife seemed to really enjoy Lisa's pussy licking skills.

What Samantha Saw

group alabasterfairy 2018-11-27

Jess, Melanie & Kylie had started pulling the guy into the room. Melanie started to unzip the guys jeans and Jess & Kylie began to remove his shirt. Samantha began to move her fingers between her thighs and started to rub her clit as she watched Jess eating Kylie’s pussy. Melanie directed Kylie over to the bench, made her lie down, spread her legs and began to lick her pussy. Samantha could see the guys cock glistening with Jess’ pussy juice. The guy lifted Jess off his cock and walked over to Melanie and Kylie. Samantha thrust her fingers deep inside her, moving them in and out whilst she watched the guy fuck Melanie.

Savage Lesson

group Morgan 2018-11-27

“Are you feeling down that your Mum isn’t going to be around?” I took a stab, knowing that Jenny’s Mother and Father had ways shortly before she had started at Uni. The split was to be permanent and her Mother was now living and working in Vancouver. As such by the time we had a little supper and got a few beers in the place was getting pretty lively with a combination of locals, all of who seemed to know each other and a good handful of visitors, like myself. I suppose it was only a matter of time before a bunch of drunk, horny men were going to be able to hold off fucking a pretty, nubile lady like Jenny and soon enough she sat up for a breather, panting but still smiling.