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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Torn: Work Boots

group JimBob44 2018-09-01

"So, Peter, what kind of work you do?" Jade asked, coming into the living room, two drinks in her hand. "Oh fuck!" Jade cried out in orgasm as Brian now had all of Peter's cock in his mouth. Peter watched as Jade took Brian's five inches of thick cock into her mouth and sucked him for a minute. Jade put Brian's drink on the coffee table, kissed him, then took a seat next to Peter on the loveseat. "Here; I'll get it nice and wet so you can fuck his tight ass," she said and slobbered a lot of saliva over the head and shaft of Peter's cock. Jade gave Peter's cock one final lick, then sat back, hand rubbing her pussy furiously.


A Threesome and THEN Some!

group Jondom 2018-09-01

She immediately went for his cock and started sucking him, as I kept licking her. Frank said after a few minutes that he didn't want to cum in her mouth and he tapped me on the shoulder and got between her legs. As I was fucking her, Frank stood next to the bed and offered his cock for her to suck, and oh boy, did she. Sharon said to him, "Oh, it looks like having Jon suck on you while he came inside me made you real hard." As I sucked and worshiped his cock, he kept moaning and telling me what a good little cocksucker I was, and not to dare stop...

My First Time With A Man Ch. 01

group FUNFORUS2 2018-09-01

Theo asked if I liked watching other men having sex. He moved my hand around his chest, stopping at one of his nipples asked do you like how they feel. I thought he was going to suck my cock again but he started liking my balls. Theo asked me, do you like having your balls licked by a man? Theo asked if I like having my ass licked. Jean came up the steps to find us lying on the living room floor and me sucking Theo's cock. Jean asked if I liked sucking Theo's cock. I kissed the tip then moved his cock out of the way and started carefully sucking his balls.


Katie at the Strip Club

group wakedad8 2018-09-01

We guys got to talking about the girls upcoming trip and I said that I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall at the club on strip night. I looked back to Kacey to see that her shirt was now lifted above her little tits and the guy was sucking on them while rubbing her pussy right through her shorts. Tracey and Katie were both stroking his cock while he played with their plentiful boobs through their shirts. It must have been dick sucking time again as Katie and Tracey's guy got another stage. After Krissy sucked this guy for a few minutes, she took her shirt off revealing a very sexy bra and her gorgeous tummy.


The Dinner Ch. 2

group AnonOne 2018-09-01

Shannan moaned and lifted her legs over Ken's shoulders and draped them over his back as he began licking her a little faster and started jabbing his pointed tongue in and out of her wet hole. "Then fuck him," Sean commented as he grabbed the bottle of wine Ken had used on his wife's pussy and took a big swig of it. He pushed up inside Shannan and started humping her ferociously; feeling fairly certain this would be the last time he had Sean's permission to fuck her. He looked at Sean as Shannan's pussy flexed and strained against his pumping cock as she finished her orgasm.

A Perfect Day

group Blackz_Sidez 2018-09-01

He thinks a girl will be turned on if he asks her stuff like, does she masturbate with one hand or two. And he will feel that and maybe even bring them up to his nose and smell them or something way gross like that and then when I'm all bare he'll look down there or maybe he'll even touch me and find out just what kind of girl I am. Instead, I feel his hands briefly resting on my hips and now they are sliding down and inward and he is opening me up, exposing my last pink secrets, seeing what no boy has seen before, touching me softly.


The Push Ch. 02

group slippingpoet 2018-09-01

I won't even delve into it how turned on she gets when she sees a beautiful model displaying her cum spattered tits, the cock that did it spent and glistening with fuck juice at the side of the frame. She was fucking beautiful, sucking his cock, kissing me with that filthy mouth. I find myself wanting her to push that boundary and press the head of my cock to his. I slip my hand into her panties, ride the palm between her ass cheeks as my mouth travels up from her neck to her ear, licking, sucking the lobe before I speak.

Heather & The Black Sins

group Agony 2018-09-01

Heather and LeAnn were waiting patiently on a bench by the bus stop talking about everything in particular; men, sex, work, money and the latest happenings around the world for undetailed moments when nothing else came to mind. "Seriously," LeAnn said, just barely avoiding the trembling that ached in her body, "I'd like to see you on your knees blowing all them dirty guys, then see them shoot the bum cum all over your face and in your mouth. The other two bums took turns fucking her sweet little face, enjoying the feel of her cold lips on their cocks. She was walking with the new girl, a hopeful, and Heather was thinking about the forty eight bums who took turns with her, fucking and cumming all over her little body.

Treasure & Jewels Ch. 03

group Bonniehart 2018-09-01

It started innocently enough with some touching and bumping, and moved quickly to things like me arching my arms over my head around Jules' neck while Trevor swayed into my hips. I ached to have him touch my clit, but with Trevor's cock filling my mouth, all I could do was moan and try to guide Jules tongue by lifting and steering with my hips. My throat opened wide to let the sound out and I felt another thrill of excitement as Trevor's cock slid a tiny bit deeper in my mouth. The feeling of fullness and blockage in my throat made me try to swallow reflexively around it, and I felt my throat contract and ripple making contact along the shaft of Trevor's cock at the same moment I heard him gasp deep in his chest.


Men's Sexual Confessions: Gary

group PositiveThinker 2018-09-01

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum, on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we missed watching the second half of the game. Frank blew the lid off our sexual confessions with his confession that he and his wife Rose were in the swinging lifestyle and had been swingers for the past dozen years. "I was going to ask Frank a question, but since we are still on the topic of swinging and swingers, I can ask you the question, Gary," said Dave. "That's easy," said Gary with a big smile, while looking over at Frank and literally bursting out laughing.


group marselle 2018-09-01

One late afternoon, I was asked by the head coach to stay after practice to help supervise and lock up after Tommy and Tristan finished getting in some extra time running plays. I could see that the story was turning Tommy on cause it looked like his dick was starting to lift upward from between his legs. I stood with my back against the wall, my heart was pounding like crazy, I quickly tried to get my hard dick back into my shorts until I heard... My hole was so stretched I couldn't even feel Tristan's brick dick slip from my ass lips. That was all it took, once that dick slip in his hole it pushed the nut right out of Tristan's dick straight to the back of my throat.

My Bi Friend's Wedding Ch. 03

group themarquise 2018-09-01

He moved slightly, lifting his hips to press his cock harder against the toe of my shoe and watched me as I slinked one hand slowly down my torso and brushed my fingertips lightly over the smooth lips of my sex. He moaned, his hips lifting against me as his breathing got short, he started to grunt each time I filled my mouth with his cock and I knew he was getting very close. I slowed my pace, not wanting it to be over for him yet; I took my mouth off his cock and started stroking him, moving my lips back down and mouthing his balls, sucking one, then the other into my mouth as my hand traveled up and down his shaft.

Ch. 05: Gangbang

group Loves_music_loves_to_dance 2018-09-01

"You guys on Viagra or what?" she asked, with a smile as one man with a moustache (Donald!) came close and kissed her on the mouth with plenty of tongue. "God, Jen, you are the hottest fuck ever – talk about your 'twisted sister,' you take the cake!" was his whispered reply in her ear as the man behind her stroked into her pussy long and deep. "Just us get back to business, cock sucking whore." After the man doing her doggie-style slipped out for a new play, she rolled onto her back and drew Donald's cock back down her throat, using her hands on his ass to control the depth and pace.


The Heir Hostage

group justboycrazy 2018-09-01

For my wardrobe, I have five outfits: a white halter and long skirt set with turquoise and silver- adorned sandals and matching big belt, a khaki-colored cargo shirt with light blue camisole and brown shoes, a turquoise and chocolate tankini, a black Grecian-style gown with a 22-carat white diamond necklace with matching dangling earrings and black Manholo Blahniks, and a black leather catsuit and black boots. They wanted to thank me for rescuing them last night.Calvin was a young, fit, ripped Adonis in board shorts with his short dark brown hair and eyes while Esmerelda was a brunette Aphrodite in her white two-piece string bikini.

A Night in with the Burns

group serialconfessor 2018-09-01

Sam moaned like she was asleep and moved to allow me better access to her pussy and I slid my finger into her and I felt her tensing against me, I pushed my finger in deeper and she spread herself more and lifted her ass up a bit higher, so I slipped another finger into her and started to poke her deeper with every thrust, rubbing her clit and spreading her lips before sticking my fingers back in and out. I was really turned on and he pushed his lubed anus against my cock and it popped in him quite easily, and before long I was buried deep in his ass fucking him with long deep strokes feeling my cock getting harder and getting ready to blow when Stephen started cumming.

Three Girls and a Datsun

group Chimney Sweep 2018-09-01

I was in heaven when we fell asleep; Deanna on my left with her long, slender body pressed against mine, Silvia laying on top of me where she had stayed after that last fuck with her on top, and Kathy snuggled up on my right. The view up at Deanna was stunning, her long, slender torso seeming to go on and on, past her hard little nipples and up to her pretty face framed in her wild curly hair, her eyes now open again and watching me. Where Deanna had worn a look of pleasure and serenity, Silvia's face was contorted into a sneering mask with clenched teeth and flashing eyes.


Our Date With Her

group mikoli5763 2018-09-01

Our young live-in lover, Tiffany, had come home last Wednesday night to find Sandy, my big and beautiful wife, and I DP'ing Maggie. Sandy and I do love you and don't want to see you hurt, but we need to be able to enjoy sharing other women when the chance arises. "Sandy and I talked about what I saw Wednesday yesterday morning while you were at work." Tiffany said to me. "My friend Tiffany told me she had to go home Wednesday night so Cindy could stay and work when the new manager messed up the schedule and over staffed.


Car Dealership

group brownsugar004 2018-09-01

He stopped and moved me to sitting position on the couch she got on top of the couch and put her pussy in my face I eagerly accepted it in my mouth and once again licked and sucked her while he fucked me hard some more. She came first which was good because I wanted to finish him off she got up and feel exhaustedly to the couch next to him and I placed my mouth back on his cock, as I sucked I also played with his balls until he screamed that he was coming I took his cock out of my mouth and moved my hand up and down and let his come spurt onto my breasts I used my other hand and rubbed it into my breasts I love the way hot come felt on my breasts.

The Weekend Tina Becomes A Slut

group Vegas719 2018-09-01

She kept pulling her skirt down and kept her legs pressed firmly together, but as the night went on she started to relax and enjoy the feeling of the fresh air as it rushed up her skirt and over her naked pussy, she even found herself getting quite turned on, the fresh air on her pussy and even better the idea that a stranger might she her pussy. At this point I could not take it anymore, I undid my jeans, pulled my cock out and started stroking while watching her and reading the messages coming through, about how these Guys wanted to fuck her, how they were going to drive there cocks in her ass and pussy and cum deep in her or on her face and tits.


Hard At Work

group nyprince 2018-09-01

Carrie knew we were watching her and she seductively licked the ice cube and sucked it into her mouth. Watching the two of us, work got Carrie so hot and bothered that she had to start playing with herself now. Rob and I got back to work despite his wife playing with herself on the lawn a few feet away from us. I watched as Rob took Carrie's nipples into his mouth causing her to moan. Rob took Carrie by the hand and started leading her back to the lawn chair. Carrie was moaning with pleasure and she told me to get my finger out of her ass and fuck her with my cock.

Amber's Initiation

group AngelEyes503 2018-09-01

My pussy is starting to throb, and I grasp the dildo in one hand, pulling my skirt higher with the other. Letting myself go into a place where I'm the star, and not caring about anything but making myself come, I stroke the wet folds of my cunt with the head of the dildo. Mark pulls out of me, slapping my ass as I collapse and roll off the guy who fucked my pussy. The room is quieter now, as guys are leaving, and I pull myself up onto the bench, dabbing at the cum covering me, looking around for my clothes.

Jill's Christmas Vacation

group Duter 2018-09-01

They stood there smiling knowing what I had been doing, and motioned me to come into the other bedroom so we could talk without Ann and Jay hearing us. By the time we got back downstairs, the movie had ended and Jay and Ann were sitting out on the deck talking. I washed off my face still tasting the sweetness of my own juices from kissing Ann. Just looking over at the shower, I laughed to myself and thought that I would never think of showering the same way again. Feeling so sexually charged from the day, I said "Okay, this is your last look." And with that, I lifted my shirt once again to Mr. Adams and let him have a good stare at my big firm breasts.


A Part of Us

group fotisampini 2018-09-01

Derrick turned to Sam and took her face in both hands before kissing her with all of the tenderness that he possessed. Sam watched, enraptured, as Annie took Derrick's still-hard cock into her mouth and sucked off every bit of her own juices and his cum. She was further shocked when Annie gave her a devilish look before dipping her head between Sam's legs and flicking her tongue over her clit before attaching her mouth to her opening and sucking the cum out. Sam looked at Derrick, who was smiling and not at all perturbed that Annie got a reaction that he didn't. He slowly started fucking Annie while playing her her nipples and watched as Sam's head again descended between their legs.

Birthday Surprise

group caverat2005 2018-09-01

Billy stood quietly then said that is not really a problem we normally would be home watching TV by the time Jon and Mark would be getting here anyway. Then said we need to get ready Jon and Mark will be here in like 2 hours, I don't think I even have time to change out of these work clothes. Billy then began to make out with both, a she started to relax Mark unbuttoned her blouse to expose her large breasts and Jon ran his hand up her thigh. The rhythm we had created was closer then I thought, we both pulled out at the same time and as I watched Mark shoot cum on her ass and up her back I added to what was left dripping from her face.