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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Beach Party

group Hercules_unleashed 2018-09-01

The rising stream of hot bubbles beating against my thighs was heavenly; unable to resist any longer; I slipped a little to the right allowing the full force to be directed onto my pussy area. I kissed Dave hard and open mouthed, tasting and probing, our tongues dancing, shuddering slightly as he bit my bottom lip, my free hand crawling over to where Nick's prominent erection invited me to take hold. Putting one hand against Nick's hairless but well shaped chest I pushed him onto his back pulling his shorts off to expose his tool, this was what I wanted to see, the hard hot piece of meat that only yesterday exploded into my greedy little pussy.


An Adventure for Them Both

group sotfyre 2018-09-01

I want to feel your tongue inside me, I want to cum on your face." Gary just pulled her more firmly onto his mouth and began licking her in long, slow strokes. As Michael hovered over her, pumping, straining, thrusting, pounding himself into her, curling his hands around her shoulders to hold her in place for his deep, powerful thrusts, Gary placed her hand around his cock and said "C'mon Rachel jerk me off… I want to come on your face. Feeling her own orgasm beginning, Rachel's pussy sucked her husband's cock while her hand flew along the length of Gary's.


group naughty mel 2018-09-01

Did she ask you to join in, or play with her?" Simone managed to shake her head in answer to the last question, and whisper "But I think she wanted to!". As you watch, you wonder about two things...will the final boundary be crossed – and how long has your hand been playing with your clitoris? As my cock slides in to Simone you walk over; your dress is barely tied up, and the silky suspender belt and stockings are clearly visible, with occasional flashes of the matching navy knickers. You invite Simone to pleasure herself as you watch...even giving her the option of using your toys should she want them.


A Weekend In France

group graynsam 2018-09-01

I had long ago come to the conclusion that even though some of my bits were heading south and my tits did not stand out quite the way they used to I was in a lot better shape for my age than a lot of people you see on the beach. Sylvie asked if we had ever done anything like it before, and I told them honestly, that we were just a normal couple on holiday, and I had got carried away, and not only that but I was ashamed of my display. At the end of the afternoon Sylvie said that they could not remember enjoying themselves so much for a long time, and they had never been turned on with another couple before.


The Vicar's Wife Ch. 25

group sarahloveitt 2018-09-01

So, it wasn't surprising that Sarah thought of Lois, who had designed her wedding outfit. Of course, during fittings of intimate clothing, Lois had touched Sarah's body in several private places, with a suggestion of sensuality at times, Sarah thought, but all in the line of professional work. Sarah had known for some time that Lois had fancied Edwin, so lost no time in sharing her experience with her. Perhaps it was the talk of seducing Edwin that brought the possibility of caressing Lois's body into Sarah's mind. Their lips brushed each other's repeatedly, nibbling and tonguing, as Lois gently eased Sarah into the corner of the settee, cupping her hand gently against the wet gash.


Kim the Polyamorous BBW Stoner Ch. 01

group completeexperience 2018-09-01

I always knew that you and Melissa had an awesome relationship, just like my brother and me, but I never realized just how much you love her until she told me that you were going to drive out there to see her every month. "Hey, Ken and Teresa," Kim said, "this is Steven, Melissa's brother." Right after Teresa handed me the joint, Ken took two joints out of the cigar box and headed off to bed with Teresa, as they said good night to me and Kim. From the moment Kim said that, I knew I wanted to be her second boyfriend, and decided that I was going to try to make it happen.


Clara the Babysitter Ch. 04

group jamiestory 2018-09-01

Parts two and three told how she went from a seemingly innocent girl, to where and how she enjoyed giving blowjobs, especially while she was blindfolded, and how she started giving blowjobs to her boyfriend's friends. Ken and Karen watched her as she told the story of how their innocent babysitter had turned into a cock sucking slut. You're going to love it.' As soon as he said it, Tony pushed his rod into Amy. I watched her pussy spread accepting his cock. "Amy had moved and now was watching her boyfriend shoot his load into my mouth, just as I had watched him pump his dick into her pussy. On one hand, it was hot watching Amy getting fucked and cumming like she was.

Jelena's First Threesome

group very erotic 2018-08-31

She now had her back to me and Bruce reached both hands inside her slacks and grabbed her sweet round ass. Bruce leaned up on his elbows as Jelena took his thick cock in he mouth. She slid up his chest and kissed him hard as she grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips. It looked like her poor little pussy was taking a beating but her moans of ecstasy told me otherwise. Bruce got up on his knees between her legs and shoved his cock into Jelena forcefully. I could see his cream running out of her pussy and into her ass crack as i got between her legs and guided my cock into her wet, used fuckhole.

how it all began

group 2018-08-31

The other two couples where now standing on either side of the table and the wives were holding, stroking their husbands now hard cocks from watching this massive tool go deep inside my cunt while being guided by the mans wife. So there I was topless on top of a pool table, being fucked by one of my husbands work friends, while stroking the cocks of his other two buddies, and their wives were playing right along with the whole affair with nobody concerned as to what was happening.

Danger Ch. 4

group snowsquall 2018-08-31

Danger nestled the head of his cock between those lips, took a firm grip on her slim hips, and gently pushed his way into her hot, tight cunt. Atsuko finished removing her friend's jeans and placed a soft kiss on the girl's crotch sending a shiver through Kaori's body. Atsuko took Danger's cock about the base and slid the whole nine-inch shaft into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down it a few times. Atsuko climbed up on the desk and straddled her friends mid-section so she could work on Kaori's firm tits and their now rock hard nipples. The sight of Kaori's firm, young body lying naked on the desktop, her thighs parted and his finger ramming her pussy was too much for Danger; he had to pop this girl now.

Jenny and I (part two)

group 2018-08-31

he enters me damn he is as hard as stone and i am shocked by that but as he starts to move i can barely stand it and i cum almost immediately but he just keeps pounding me harder and faster stopping only when moniques fingers enter his tight little asshole.. Someone is getting tired so he sits on the edge of the tub and monique climbs on for a ride..but thats not good enough so they lay him down so that anna can ride his face while jenny and I are still 69'ing that girl is good with her tongue and fingers as she brings me to a squirting orgasm and she cums just as i squirt my cum into her waiting mouth she licks me clean and my fingers are covered with hers.

Kelsey's World Ch. 16

group riverboy 2018-08-31

"He's...big, like Bobby," Sharron said. Sharron didn't respond to Kelsey's question, but the look on her face said it all. "Hi Josh," she said, her face looking like a teenager with a happy secret. "We're having a going away party for Sharron," Kelsey said. Her whole body flushed with pinkness as she remembered Josh's big cock in her ass, and the crackling campfire, and all the eyes watching her. Josh watched as Kelsey deep-throated her father's big cock. Josh couldn't see what Bobby was doing, but Kelsey's happy chirps as she sucked his big cock gave away his good technique. "Sharron, Honey," Kay said, "we're all watching Bobby's cock sliding inside you.


Old Porch Swing

group sirhugs 2018-08-31

"Why don't you show us how much you like outdoor fucking, dear?" Maggie suddenly asked as Hadley grasped her nubs in between painted fingernails and slowly tugged them away from her body. As I shifted my gaze from Hadley's slow saunter to the gate between the yards, and Maggie, I noted that Floyd, who likely had not seen his daughter naked since puberty, was locked on to her pubic area. If Maggie told him to fuck Hadley, the old guy would have the time of his life with minimal moral consequences -- prospects of cheating on his frigid wife had to be nothing compared with the taboo of pumping his seed into his own offspring.



group pmf2 2018-08-31

At the end of a session she looks more like a Miss Wet T-shirt contestant than a squash player, her nipples clearly visible through the material. In the bar a little later, they came over to introduce themselves, Drew and Susie wanted to know if M-B could give her a few tips on improving her game. The following week-end, unusually, there was squash on television, and I invited Drew and Susie over. Susie was fascinated by Marie-B's exposed sex in the photo, and asked her if she was often like that, as when they had been in the changing rooms at the club, she hadn't noticed.. Susie and Drew sat fascinated, I could see them imagining that, under her skirt, M-B was, indeed, hiding a totally hairless sex.

The Finest Competition

group SteveRay 2018-08-31

Under the blanket and with Nicky complying by spreading her legs a bit, it made it quite easy for my fingers to find the lips of her pussy and lightly touch her where I knew she liked best. Whilst this wasn't purely for her pleasure the look on her face told me she was thoroughly enjoying close access to my penis and she ended up sucking my cock gently into her mouth. With Nicky's fingers in her pussy and her mouth sucking Sam's clit -- Sam was somewhere above heaven and whimpering with full on pleasure. This had Sam bucking my fingers strongly, lifting my mouth up and down with her rhythm while she licked and sucked Nicky's pussy and Nicky facing me squeezed Sam's tits, herself close to coming.

New Friends

group Joe Peters 2018-08-31

She backed off my shaft and told me that she craved a big morning load and that any time I was ready just let go as she released her grip on my cock, cupped my balls with both hands and drove my shaft to the back of her throat, bobbing like a maniac. Bill had cleaned up and was jerking off watching us fuck like teenagers when Sharon asked me if I ever sucked a man's cock before. I took the cock out of my mouth and was jerking it pretty fast as I told Sharon I was close and for Bill to shoot when he was ready as I started to suck and bob up and down the shaft.

Well Booted... Ch. 02

group Lion24655 2018-08-31

Miss Bloxham was domineering, but she knew there was a chink in her armour and if she wasn't careful Simon had the capacity to walk right through her defences. Frances Bloxham had walked into Mary Dixon's office, spent a few minutes listening to her apologising, but also talking about Frank and how he seemed to have run out of energy. It had been fantastic, particularly when Mary Dixon had begun to respond with her tongue on Frances Bloxham's pussy, with both reaching orgasms at the same moment. It had only happened once, earlier in the year, and after that Mary had worked hard to avoid being alone with Miss Bloxham. Simon moved over to Mary Dixon, and felt her stiffen as he placed his hands on her ass and began to caress them.


Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 01

group nostranger2luv 2018-08-31

Rachel, already out of her coat and boots handed me a brandy and had started removing my clothes.. "Let me get you out of those clothes, we have a nice hot bath for you waiting in the next room," said Rachel as she was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. At this point, I was guided into the tub by Rachel who was peeling the last of her clothes off, exposing the body I had never seen. Pre-cum was leaking from my fully erect cock at this point and Rachel went to her knees in front of me. It took me a moment to get past the fact that my friend's girlfriend had just deep throated me to orgasm with all my other buddies getting sucked off in the next room.

The Adventures of Peggy Brown

group seeker1956 2018-08-31

Peggy ran her finger around Maria's asshole as she moved back to licking and sucking her clit, she could feel Maria pulling away a little, so she licked harder and held on tightly. She stopped licking for a minute to enjoy the sensation of being filled with a hard cock, but Maria pulled her mouth back down and Peggy began to lick harder as she felt the cock in her pussy begin to swell, about to shoot his load in her. She could feel her own release coming harder now, building like none she had ever had, she felt the cocks pounding in her pussy, her mouth and now two more in her hands, she thought about the cum that was all over her and suddenly her orgasm exploded in her.

One Night After Work

group sweet throat(f) 2018-08-31

As I began my second set on stage I knew my night was going to turn for the better as soon as John walked through the door. I love to dance with you, John, and I can tell how much you like to dance with me.' He knew what I was talking about, as his hard cock pressed into my tummy. John handed me the quarters and I took my time going through the motions of setting the table for the impending game. When he shook his head I continued, 'Good, because I think you're going to be glad I scratched on that shot.' We followed the black Cadillac out of the parking lot, as I curled up next to John with my head on his shoulder.


Swinger Kitty - Pub & Pussy!!

group nike-kumar 2018-08-31

So ultimately we head to my place, I got Shalu to ride in my car & her husband in Ashwin's car...As soon as we moved out of the building where the club was located, Shalu & me started having our hands all over eachother....she then pulled out my leaking dick & started giving me a sucksee blow job!! I collapsed beside her due to I moved away, I saw Ashwin mount Shalu from behind....he then shoved his dick into her ass...fucked her....fucked her....fucked her....while Shalu's husband Vikram was goading him to fuck her with more vengence.....punish her....punish her....he was shouting...I slowly came to my senses & saw what brutality was going on with Shalu...however, I noticed that now she was not screaming with pain...but with pleasure.

Lost a Bet

group kgardner 2018-08-31

"If anyone asks, you paid Jim the money and I did NOT suck his cock," I said.looked up at me, grinning. I pulled my mouth off Jim's cock and turned my head to look at him. Tell me what you thought of Jim's cock," he said. Dan put his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face Jim. I kept my head turned away, my eyes closed and my arms pressed against my naked body. But instead of sliding it into my mouth again as I expected (as I hoped), Jim clutched his cock tight at the base, and using it like a stick, gently


A Believable & True Story?

group XXXNoBounds 2018-08-31

The tip of this erection was now being fed directly into my wife's mouth much to the gasped delight of the doctor and, by the moaning that was coming from Max, it was clear that she was also very much enjoying the attention. Still I couldn't drag myself away and after only a few more seconds I watched as I saw, for the fist time, another man cum on my wife's face. I thought about trying to stop what was happening, but Max looked so content as she sucked off one of the cocks while the other was being brutally rammed into her pussy from beneath her.

Anthology of a Slut Shanti Ch. 08

group shanti2010 2018-08-31

"I taped it a couple of days ago, honey," she said proudly, groaning slightly as Kamesh shoved his hand between her thighs and groped for her pussy as he watched Vijaya manipulating hers on theTV screen. Kamesh leered intently and let out a hoarse, excited laugh as he watched the confused but passionate expression on Vijaya's face when Shanti trailed her way down her neck with kisses and stopped at her tits to squeeze and suck. I don't want you to miss the best part," she said softly but excitedly, knowing that she would time her sucking just right so that Kamesh would come deep in her throat as he watched the final scene of Vijaya fucking herself in the ass and licking Shanti's asshole.