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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Third Wheel Turning

group annastly 2018-08-31

Patti, a friend since high school; Tim, Patti’s husband; and Michele shared an apartment. For example, she would normally sit and tell Patti about difficult days like this, but Patti was busy preparing for an outing with her new husband when he got home. Michele was so much in thought over it that she didn't realize she was reaching for Patti's breast until her hand was on it. Patti's hands moved up to her friend's breasts as Tim took over Michele's lower regions. Michele could feel Tim's love instrument pressing against her ass and his hands reaching around unbuttoning her pants. Tim's convulsion's of pleasure spread to Michele as orgasm went from person to person down to at last Patti.

Hot Threesome Continued

group crazyhats 2018-08-31

I moan a little as I kiss the underside of her breast, then slowly lick down her belly, all the while maneuvering so that John's mouth and fingers can continue their wonderful exploration. John groans as he pumps three fingers in and out of my wet pussy, while he licks up my sweet cream. I moan, breathing hot breath onto her clit, as John inserts another finger into my tight pussy. My mouth continues to lick out Lina's wet pussy, as I slowly insert first one wet finger, then two, into her tight hole. Lina moans with arousal, her mouth now around John's balls, as I start to fuck her ass with my fingers.

Donkey Show Ch. 01

group MsLinnet 2018-08-31

I guess for a filly this strong stud was just like Carl was for me; a fuck buddy that would visit them when the need arose. I guess he thought he had gone to horse heaven as he got to fuck every day. Carl always seemed to be able to last longer when he had a drink inside him and I guess the time it took us to round up the horse helped him sober up enough to improve his performance further. It's that time of the month again is it?" she asked smiling at me, "There is coffee in the wet room, and if you are hanging around there is a pair of jeans you might want to put on."

Mary Rose and Theresa

group Irish Moss 2018-08-31

She was on all-fours as she peeked through the window, so I moved down beside her and, after fondling her tits and feeling her hard nipples, I started to work her pants and panties down over her ass. While she continued to watch Mary Rose sucking Rob's cock, I worked her pants and panties all the way off and opened my own pants. It had been long enough since I'd fucked Theresa that Mary Rose's pussy was making me feel pretty damn good, too, so I was looking forward to filling her with my goo. As I pressed my body against hers and started fucking her, I noticed that Rob and Mary Rose were lying on the adjacent bed watching us intently.

Polyamorous Ch. 03

group Lady_Blackhawk 2018-08-31

"Eat me first and I'll let you feel Adam's mighty cock inside your luscious cunt," I told her. When he had reached his full hard massive 10 inch erection, I smacked his leg and ordered him to fuck the hell out of Alison's cunt. I took a hold of Adam's hard cock, stroking it then lined it up with Alison's cunt. We became a chain of fucking, Adam driving his cock into me and Alison reaming 'her cock' into his ass. She could fuck my ass or join Adam in fucking my soaking wet slick pussy. Alison opted to join Adam inside my stretched cunt. He pulled me up off the bed, holding me back next to his body while Alison 'her cock' up inside of me.


Paradiso Ch. 06

group SlyKink 2018-08-31

When Maggie got to the part of the story about having one cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, one in her ass and jerking the other two off with each hand, Sara began stroking her pussy. It was so sensual; the steam from the hot showers all around us, the sweet smell of the soap mixing with the musky scent of sex, the occasional moan that escaped from David's or my throat and the slurping sounds of Maggie's and Sara's mouths as they orally pleasured our members. Suddenly, Maggie took my entire length into her mouth as her tongue caressed the underside of my shaft, and at the same moment she slid two soapy fingers into my ass, curled them toward her and started furiously stroking my prostate.

Work and Play

group WayneGibbous 2018-08-31

So, at lunch on Friday, when Judy asked me if I wanted to come by her house after work for a little TGIF get together including Lisa and Carol and a few other guys, I thought it would be fun and eagerly accepted. Judy took hold of my dick and nodded for me to step forward as she led the crown right up between Carol's legs and rubbed my dick up and down along her plump, wet pussy lips. Carol moved back as my cock flopped into the warm water and Lisa got up on the edge of the tub, reached down, held it steady and pulled me to her so I could push inside.

A Married Couple Gets Into Swinging

group walterio 2018-08-31

Walt, Mike and Dick had observed Heather at the club many times and they all agreed that they would like to fuck her silly. Walt would thrust his hips up driving his cock deep into her pussy as Denise slammed her cunt down on his cock causing Nick's cock to slide almost out of her ass. Nick massaged Dana's shapely ass as he fucked her pussy and let his finger trail over her anus tickling it at the same time. Denise was groaning softly with the double penetration and Walt's finger felt almost as big as Nick's cock. Nick was stroking his cock all the way in and out of her hot ass now and Dana just relaxed and let herself be butt fucked.


Three's Company

group sweetescape 2018-08-31

Jessica felt for Melanie's crotch less panty and at finding her moist orifice shoved two fingers inside her pussy that made her gasp and jerk her man's cock even faster and harder. The girlfriend taking charge of the scenario, went straight for his dick and placed it inside her mouth and Anthony himself finding his hungry mouth licking and sucking Jessica's pussy once again. Signaling Jessica to open her legs wide and put her pussy in Melanie's mouth, as she did so, Anthony said: "there you go baby, isn't that what you wanted?" After about a 2 minutes or so; Anthony stopped, walked over and pulled Jessica towards him, positioned her legs so that her knees where reaching her shoulders as he wanted to make a deep impact inside her pussy.

Taming Edy Ch. 01

group eroswizard 2018-08-31

Edy, being all hearing, stepped out of the door clad in a lovely bikini with a cold beer in hand for me; "Do I ever forget a detail." "Mr. Vandenberg is here to be instructed in Caribbean etiquette." "Now be a good host, Mike, and establish the proper attire." Apparently our day would be "clothing not optional," as he led me to the back yard obediently removing his trunks. She laid across my lap, submissive to Mike's rubbing her ass cheeks and my hand feeling her pussy. Finally a new sensation, Mike's cock fucking her pussy in time to the long, fast, and hard fucking that I was giving her ass.

Holiday Fun In My Early 20s

group Annatartywife 2018-08-31

Ian had obviously been feeling left out in the front and he sat next to me, eyeing up my tits at every opportunity and also commenting on 'How sexy you look' and telling me 'You have a lovely pair of legs.' Dillip was feeling a bit left out as I took it in turns to openly kiss Sanjit and Ian. I was on all fours with Ian wanking his cock slowly at my side, Dillip was in my mouth as I slobbered over his prick in between thrusts and moans from his brother Sanjit behind me. I was bucking back gently to meet his hand thrusts as Dillip moved behind to get a good view and Sanjit continued to feed his monster cock to me.


Show Me Your Ink

group Demonstrative 2018-08-31

Matthew had never been watched before, let alone by a man, and was about to ask if he could leave, but as the woman's fingers left his mouth and reached down into his pants he didn't care anymore. Annabelle removed Lexy's shirt and exposed the breasts that Matthew had dreamed about, the breasts that every boy in school would have killed to have a glimpse of, and killed more to be able to touch. When she was done, Lexy slipped her wet hand inside Matthew's underwear and took hold of his dick. Matthew took a deep breath and stepped forward until his dick was inches away from Lexy's smiling lips. Lexy ground her vagina against Annabelle's hand and took Matthew's dick all the way in her mouth.


Vice Versa Ch. 02

group Abelard7 2018-08-31

On the Monday of my second week, Shelly called me over and told me that 'Mrs Goldberg" was coming later, she would be my last client of that morning. "Good morning tits," I said, I'm Rod, happy to make your acquaintance." Now you can fuck me, all ways, let's see if your good at that too." It was an awkward position for me, licking and sucking her hole was no problem, but I had to move her back on the couch and raise it to maximum height, so that my tongue would reach as far forward as her clit. Her big artificial tits bounced in time to my thrusts, her cunt seemed to wink at me, opening and closing as I powered into her anus.

Mixed Doubles

group Otazel 2018-08-31

Bryan wished momentarily that he could actually see Ellen's pussy with Lee's cock pistoning in and out of it, but from their side by side position it was not possible and he had to content with looking at her face, comparing the signs of pleasure and exhilaration with those in Judy's animated expression. While Bryan still pounded himself into her Judy took hold of Ellen's hand, holding it tightly as she and Bryan both turned their faces to watch her coming, the thrill of her impending climax adding to their own pleasure and bringing their own orgasms just that little nearer. Ellen turned her head to look over at Judy and Bryan, an expression of high arousal on her face, half smile, half grimace.


The Roommate Challenge

group WhiteGuy12 2018-08-31

And I knew better than to risk mentioning Leah or any of Lauren's friends, which surely would lead to, "Oh, so you have a thing for her?" In fact, Lauren sometimes was told that she looked like Kristen Bell, so I hoped she'd take it as a compliment. As the girls drank wine and laughed, Leah suddenly said to me, "So, Ryan, Lauren says you have a bigger dick than John." We sat on the couch, Lauren sitting between Leah and me, and watched the end of the movie "10 Things I Hate About You" on HBO while the girls drank wine and I had some more beers.


For the Ladies

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-08-31

Salina grimaced with the realization that she would have to buy two bikinis; one to fit her bottom and the other to fit her new Double Ds. Recently Mario had approached her and insisted that if she wanted to work there and keep making the outstanding cash she had been making, she needed to get a boob job. When he helped her out of the car Paul pulled her close to his aroused body and continued kissing her like she was a beautiful princess. Like a dog Paul eagerly lapped up his cum for the pleasure of experiencing Salina's big beautiful tits. As their bodies slapped together, Paul filled her deeply with his big long cock, making her moan with every deep, passionate, thrust.


The Drive Home

group mrklin 2018-08-31

Bud stepped forward and offered his cock to her mouth as John suddenly slid his cock into her ass in one very long, very slow stroke. Lisa groaned loudly around Bud's rigid cock as John started fucking her. It was obviously working on John too, because he suddenly let out a shout that he was going to cum and blasted his load deep inside her ass. Lisa continued to cum as Bud started to fuck her ass before he was completely inside her, giving her more of his cock with each thrust. Matt came over and handed me a Coke while we watched his wife fuck the man currently inside her cum-flooded cunt.

The Private Assembly

group MightyWurm 2018-08-31

We went up to the balcony and I started to kiss the one with the perfect body, my tongue exploring her mouth, boldly going where few men had ever gone before. Now I have to step back one second so you can take it all in: Me, working my way down this girl’s awesome body, her moaning with pleasure as I head toward her beautiful size D breasts, her friends, both full figured, making out with each other, finally sliding out of their own tops to do what every guy on the planet dreams about. I started with the girl with the highlights: I dove into her pussy, with my still hard dick over her mouth, immediately loving the 69 position.

The Academy

group DK54 2018-08-31

Sasha got up, "Come on, hot stuff." She said to Jasper, who was following her. "There are four different wings of the school, two downstairs and two upstairs," Sasha said, Jasper was in his own world, a place where he resides often, he almost forgot he was walking with her. Knopp continued talking, Jasper tuned out however, looking at the girl to his right. "Don't let her get to you," Jasper looked up, on the ground a few feet from him was two girls on their knees, they were in front of a pair of boys, but they seemed to be working together. The girl kept eye contact with Jasper the whole time, "Do you mind, Ms. Knopp?" she asked as she dug her hand into her teacher's pussy.

Motel Foursome

group kezza6969 2018-08-31

Somehow in placing her, gently at least, in the middle of the bed Bob and Don ended up one on either side of her naked body, each pinioning one of her arms over her head, which rested on two pillows. Lisa looked down along her body between the deep valley of her boobs and saw the hard hunk of meat skewer into her as Ray built up the rhythm of his fuck. He looked at her cunt, gaping open framed by fanned fat flesh flaps, the vaginal tunnel cavernous, spunk dribbling out into the crack of her arse, her pleasure pearl swollen erect. Don’s cock slithered into her, opening her up, stretching her tunnel, travelling along the tight cave of her cunt, bumping and sliding over the pleasure spot deep in her belly.

She Made Us Rub Our Cocks Together

group wildcock 2018-08-31

About an hour later, I hear another knock on my door – I see that it’s my friend Tony, who lives up the block… I ask ***** if it’s okay if Tony comes inside for a little bit and she says “That’s fine.” Tony thinks ***** is just as hot as everyone else does, and we’d always talk about wanting to see her naked… I remember getting this really funny feeling in my penis… like there was a close-pin on it holding me back from peeing or something… I looked over at Tony and he was lightly moaning every time ***** yanked his doodle… as she was stroking us, ***** asked “Do you boys know what blowjobs are?” We both breathlessly replied “Yes.” Tony and I definitely knew what blowjobs were, and we wanted one.

Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 02

group orie 2018-08-31

Colleen had red nail polish and wore one gold ring on the thumb of her left hand and a small intricately woven white gold ring on the ring finger of her right. Not that it would be wrong to be out with girl friends—you know, girls who are friends—even if they weren't co-workers, which these happen to be, as I think I said about fifteen freaking times. Colleen demurred and said that is a long, long, not-so-happy story that will wait for another day, if ever. Colleen flashed the high beam smile and said, "Funny, I was going to ask you for a ride. I thought Colleen said the linen closet was on the left and pulled open the door.


The Whore And The Gangbang – Part 3

group 2018-08-31

Waiter- Man toh bohot kuch karne ka hai pr nahi kar sakta? Waiter- I will do what u guys said till u are here will satisfy ur every need . Rahul – Dekha randi ko bhi aag lagi hai. The boys were very horny now after watching me getting fucked by the waiter.They all and the waiter were abusing me calling me whore and randi. Waiter came Rahul- last night we had deal right? Rahul- Randi ki aag bujhani hai aaj fir His cock was so big and I was shouting with pain but hearing my shout immediately, waiter came near my mouth and fill my mouth with his already hot and erected cock while

My New Castle Ch. 7

group captivate 2018-08-31

After receiving the portfolio, David thought frequently about his Rebecca with Kat. He envisioned her innocence and the way Kat had initiated her, making her love and want sex. David watched happily as Becca sprayed on her vanilla scent and then dressed in a delicate pink satin bra and panty. David found himself aroused watching his lover and her friend, thinking of the things Rebecca had told him, remembering her face in the pictures she had given him. They stood together in an embrace and it was natural they kiss, Kat leaning down to capture Becca's mouth with hers. David sat on the sofa, watching as these two beautiful women made love to each other.