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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

An Office Fling

group PoeDali 2018-08-31

You look into her eyes as you slowly kiss up her thigh, and as your tongue first touches her clit, you see her eyes roll back in her head in ecstasy and she lays back on your desk again, arching her back and twisting her nipples harder. Between her six fingers in your pussy and ass, and the giant cock in your throat, you feel full in a way that you never thought possible. You feel your own climax beginning, but Jen does the same thing to you that you did to her - just before you explode, she stops, pulling all of her fingers out of you and kissing around your pussy but not actually touching it.

Fantasy Frolick Ch. 01

group anselsgirl 2018-08-31

Finally - eight o'clock arrives - Dora points the gentleman in the right direction toward the 'room.' Brenda takes his arm and leads him inside - it is his fantasy as he looks around, the candles flicker, the scent is gentle, like a woman's touch and he is handed a glass of Pinot Grigio. She leads him to the bed and quickly three girls dash through the door and come to him - Wendy unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it over his arms and she leans in to taste him, kissing his neck, his chest, sucking in one nipple then the other.

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 13

group LuckyBastard13 2018-08-31

His generosity was greatly appreciated by Carla, Cindy, Fran, Amy, George and myself as we definitely used his lake house and boat to relieve the stresses of the fire and rebuild of the Four Sisters Saloon. George and I helped DAve secure the boat and I headed up to our bedroom to get the low down on what happened from Cindy. Fran and Amy were busy fingering themselves as they watch me and Carla fuck Dave." He blew his first load of the day when Amy titty fucked him and Fran licked the head of his cock. This time Carla enjoyed his face, Amy his cock, Fran his right hand and me his left hand.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 20

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-31

This story is not the place for me to explain details and everything that transpired, but during my trip to Ohio with Lindsay nearly two months ago, I made it a point to go to the home of Amy's parents, Robert and Kathleen, and tell them that their daughter was pregnant and she was having a rough go of it. A few moments later, Lindsay had the video camera pointed right at Amy as a relaxed and subdued Dani Grace, all swaddled up in a blanket, was resting upon her shoulder as she sprayed kiss after kiss across her face and head. "Let's allow Dad to hold her for awhile," the nurse said to Amy, handing Dani Grace to me.


My Best Friend Emily

group FerdGerfel 2018-08-31

"Oh, by the way," I said as she headed back to the bedroom, "Emily is coming over later to watch the game." "Oh, this old thing?" Emily said in her best southern drawl, and did a pirouette, causing her short blonde hair and the hem of her dress to go flying around her. "Well, I'd lend you a hand," Emily said, "But luckily I didn't come dressed for manual labor, so instead I'll just go sit over there and watch you work." With that, Emily turned and all but skipped back onto the deck and sat down in one of the patio chairs. Lisa always made an effort to pretend that things that Emily said and did didn't bother her.


Two Visitors

group CurlyWurly 2018-08-31

I wanted to clap my hands and jump like a little girl! My prayers were answered as I felt another hot cock push into me then hammer itself in and out, like a piston. This is why I liked big cocks, I could really feel him inside me, even though I was incredibly aroused I still felt I was being stretched, properly filled. I could feel us all starting to hit a crescendo, us all getting ever closer to orgasm, becoming more unable to halt the inevitable until in one joyous release I felt them buck and fill my belly, my womb with their ejaculate, at the same time I had an orgasm like I'd never had before.

Pixie, Joy and Me Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-08-31

Periodically, when her parents weren't watching or had left the room, Mel plastered her lithe body against mine and laid kiss after hot kiss on me. We excused ourselves from dinner with her parents as Mel had made it known that we were 'double dating' with Dan and Katie. I turned to Katie at one point and asked, "Am I to understand we're heading back to your house after dinner?" I tried to make the question neutral and one that she could answer to anyway she wanted. I think it was done first." He went to the TV and DVD player and worked for a moment until the opening titles for Love Comes Twice started to roll across the screen.


Fantasy Vacation Ch. 02

group BrazenVixen 2018-08-31

Mike was a master diver and Lucy, who had snorkeled often, suggested that Mike guide Cinda in the water....hold her hand and make sure she was safe. Paul was more than happy to keep Lucy company while Mike helped Cinda in the water. Cinda released Mike's cock and brought her hands to her mouth, chin and tits, rubbing his creamy cum into her skin. I would love it if Lucy and I could spend more time with you and Paul." Then, with a twinkle in his eyes, he said, "And, we need to take care of some unfinished business!" Cinda threw back her head and laughed and agreed that they would all have to get to know each other better.

The French Visit Ch. 07

group christinamonroe 2018-08-31

He recalled Professor Cox gazing at them, watching the younger man's cock ploughing his wife's pussy, his own hand rubbing his groin. Georges was kneeling between her spread thighs and suddenly he felt the mans hand touch his cock: the pressure of the older mans fingers made him jump. Georges was kneeling up, his eyes closed, breathing heavily with the violence of his ejaculation, and then looked down in amazement as he felt Professor Cox take his cock in his mouth, licking delicately to lap up the remainder of his seed, cleaning his cock. Sam knelt behind her again, his cock quickly resuming its position buried in her sex, and Georges began to fuck her mouth, forcing her head back with his hand pulling on her long hair.


group 2018-08-31

I could hear Dustin humming and moaning as the guy put his hand on the back of Dustin’s head and began to push it down onto his huge dick. Suddenly the guy leaned up, looked right at me and said, “Why the hell are you not in here?” I immediately jumped toward the bed, watching Dustin suck this huge cock had made me hornier than I had been in my entire life. I stood there completely naked in front of a man who the only thing I knew about him was that he had a huge hard cock, which he was back to shoving down my husband’s throat, and that he was in my bed.

A Mystery for You

group Softly 2018-08-31

By the time he made his move two months later, after treating her like a queen by buying her flowers for her desk, candy, and being very friendly to her, she had enjoyed several long fuck secessions with Herbert. There were times at work, when Jonathan was out or occupied with a phone call that Sally would finger fuck herself thinking of her next date with Herbert. For the next month, Jonathan fucked Sally a couple times a week. If all Jonathan wanted was to fuck, Sally reasoned, he knew that he could do it right here and now. Jonathan would soon learn that Bart was very nimble in using his ass to power his cock from side to side, while driving it in and out of Sally.


Me, You, and Your Girlfriend

group horny_bi_girl 2018-08-31

In between clothing removal, you're fingering me, sucking my tits and I'm pulling on your hard cock. You start sucking on my clit and your girlfriend gets me to suck her dildo a few times before sliding it slowly into my pussy. You start masturbating while you watch this then you come over slowly and throw your cock into my throbbing messy wet pussy. Your girlfriend lays me down, grabs the double ended dildo, slides one end into my hot pussy and the other end into hers and starts fucking me and sucking your cum off of my sticky tits. I suck your girlfriend's tits meanwhile keeping an eye on you stroking your cock, which now has more cum on the end.

The Cum Fountain

group bi_bi_love 2018-08-31

Turning to her male guest and looking him strait in the eye, she deliberately, wantonly drains the entire glass in one gulp then turns back and kisses the head of my cock in thanks. I turn to leave and head to my chamber (it is about 4 in the morning already - I can tell by the slightly blue-black sky brightening in the east) when the most beautiful woman at the party approaches, pulling along a male slave. She brings her face right up to his and they begin to kiss deeply - trading the last spurts of my cum back and forth between their wet, sticky mouths.

Meet the Neighbor

group ChatLuvver64 2018-08-31

"I was so hard last night after you got here I was thinking about fucking you while you were passed out," you moan, "but I wanted YOU to enjoy it, too...and I know how much you love being tied it was pretty easy to lead your groggy ass in here this morning." You try to pull your head away from my cock to say something but can't. "Mmmmm...your pussy is getting REALLY wet, isn't it?" You nod your head slightly as I continue to slide my cock in and out of your sexy mouth. Jake is skull fucking your mouth with a hand on each side of your head and his hard cock is thrusting into you to the root.

An Eventful Dinner Engagement

group FireAngel 2018-08-31

I felt Jason put his hand on my lower back so I opened my eyes to find him looking at me, smiling. They looked at each other and nodded so I went ahead and finished the presentation.” All the while Lisa was talking Mike’s hand was moving further up my thigh, pushing my skirt up higher with each move. Jason smiled at me and reached over and grabbed my hand then looked back at Lisa expectantly. She whispered, “While I was driving…I put my hand under my skirt…I started stroking myself through my panties…I moved them to the side and fingered myself…remembering them looking at me that way….”. I could see Lisa stroking his knee and I could feel Jason moving our joined hands over his own knee.


The Pizza Girl Ch. 02

group CalWriter 2018-08-31

I moved my hand from Vishi's balls to his ass and started fingering him, tickling his prostate and making him fill Nicole's mouth with his seed. Shane and Bob positioned their cocks in her face and she took turns sucking and stroking each of them. Vishi, recovered from his own orgasm, got down and went for my cock, putting it in his mouth. I looked over Shane's shoulder and saw Bob had moved around to put his cock in her mouth, relinquishing her breasts to Vishi. Nicole just grunted at the hard fucking and soon both Shane and I filled our condoms with seed. I got under her and licked her pussy and Vishi's swinging balls while she went to work on my cock.

Karen's Next Adventure Ch. 22

group yojoeph 2018-08-31

Liz pulls down my trunks and said "So this is the cock, Karen was so proud of...", smiles and waste no time in sucking my hard cock, pulling it deep inside her, letting her tongue play with it inside her mouth. Liz gives Karen a deep kiss then sits on her face , Karen eats Liz's pussy, but now inserts a finger inside Liz's ass hole too. "Oooohhh, Karen, go deeper, go deeper pleaseeee." said Liz, who bends over and sucks my cock again, while Dan continues finger fucking Karen's pussy and ass. I'm coming..." said Dan. Pulling his shaft from Karen's pussy, removes the condom and rams his cock inside Liz's waiting mouth.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 15

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-31

"Scarlett knows how much of a major turn-on it was for you, Jeremy, when you married Pamela when she was deep into her pregnancy with Piper." My insides began to tingle as Amy added, "Scarlett wants to be standing at the altar, exchanging her vows and promises with you, in a beautiful bridal gown with a massive baby bump. "Remember what Scarlett told Pamela when she was going through her back pain while pregnant?" I asked Amy. Trish has her baby, Lindsay hopefully has hers and if you get Scarlett pregnant like she hopes, that's gonna be six children for you in a two year period."


It's CFNM Again

group 2018-08-31

It wasn't even an hour and I got a phone call from a girl that said she was a friend of Miranda's s****r. My cock started to get hard in her hand, she looked me right in the eyes and said, I think you like it too. I was told to do this for each of the girls, I got to see them each naked, but not for long as I had to fold the clothes and hand bathing attire and each of them gave my cock a little tug, just for good measure. She just rubbed the left over cum from her hand onto my cock and gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said "thanks".

Dennis, April, & Lorraine

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-31

Jake had several more cans, joking with Dennis about Sarah's stupidity and selfishness, not to mention her obsession with fashion. Dennis was only by himself for a few minutes, however, before his other roommates, April and Lorraine, walked into the apartment. Dennis's shaft got very stiff in just seconds, and then April began to suck his cock, starting with the glans penis, and soon deep-throating him, taking in his 7 inch cock all the way to the base. Dennis soon progressed to Lorraine's belly, licking it all the way downward, until he reached her cunt, tasting the outside of it, while April gave him a much better blowjob than Sarah ever did during their relationship.

Dumb Dare Ch. 03: Vibrator Time

group m_storyman_x 2018-08-31

"Yeah," I agreed, trying to frown but feeling my cock start to get hard at the thought of her walking through an adult store wearing nothing but that robe. Everyone should be back in not much over an hour, so...let's go!" Janise said, walking toward the front door with my wife's silk robe over her arm. As I stroked my fingers gently along her thigh, I let them wander toward her pussy lips, the tips spreading her incredibly soft skin to feel the heat and wetness within. "I think we maxed out the points." I said quietly, not sure my wife really wanted me to tell everyone about it.


Standing 'O'

group thehungriest 2018-08-31

He made me cum, then forced his hard cock in my mouth and fucked my face for a few minutes. He went down on me again, brought me to the edge of orgasm, then folded my legs over his shoulders and fucked me hard and deep until I felt his cock explode inside me." She's looking you directly in the eyes as you say this, and I can see her upper chest redden with excitement. "Wait- did you two already start fucking?" she asks.I look at her and nod. When the feeling subsides, she lets out a deep breath and softly whispers, "fuck!" I lean back and look at the two of you, stroking my slick cock.


Threesome Ch. 01

group Tederuxpin 2018-08-31

You are sitting on the edge of my side of the bed with your hands on your thighs. Her hand trails up your thigh, then up your forearm until she reaches your breast which she gently cups through the negligee. Catching her t-shirt in both hands and tugging it slowly up her body and over her head, releasing her full breasts. With her hands over her head, tugging her arms out of the shirt, you lean down and lick her nipples. Then leans down to kiss and lick and swirl her tongue around your nipples. As my hard cock enters your mouth, she gently licks your clit. You move your head up a bit and suddenly you two are kissing with my cock between your mouths.

Valentine Party

group clarkroberts 2018-08-31

"Since the party is Valentine themed, Lisa wants all the men to wear boxers with hearts and women to wear black garter belts with red stockings." She gave me a reassuring peck on the lips then said, "I know swinging is scares you, but I really feel we need this kind of adventure to jump-start the passion we both want to feel again. I watched my wife's ass cheeks wiggle wantonly as she walked away and joined the other women, who were all bare breasted with black garter belts and red stockings. Before pushing me down into the chair, Marsha wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me then she whispered hotly in my ear, "Alec, I love you so much right now."