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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rock Candy

group bordeaux 2018-08-31

Will I find your pussy soaking wet if I slipped my fingers into your thong?" As your hips raise up against me, the bulge in your jeans rub over my puffy lips and your hands palm my fleshy cheeks. Her hands cup my full breasts and her thumbs roughly shift over my nipples, the pink tips swelling so hard beneath her fingers, the electric current shooting over my body from her touch. My hands wrap into her blonde hair, moving it away from her face, so you can get a great view of me leaning down to kiss Candy's lips, our tongues playful at each others.


Twin Summer Ch. 07

group jane700bond 2018-08-30

As it was first night we thought we were likely to get a teacher visiting, and being tired from our walk there appeared to be little enthusiasm for "horse-play", although Jamie still kept clocking Diana's breasts, even though she was now wearing her sweater over her tee shirt. Laura told me later, that by this time she had removed Jamie's cock from his shorts and was obeying Mr Brown by brushing her teeth with it whilst he and Diana stood and kissed and fondled. Laura knelt there one cock in mouth one hand playing with Diana's clit and gradually opened the other girl's pussy, rubbing her finger up and down the slit before eventually pushing first one, and then a second finger deep into her hot damp vagina.


Heather Ch. 07

group maudecardy 2018-08-30

"Well I think we had better make this a bit fairer to start with, as there are two of us ladies against only one boy," began Heather, smiling slightly nervously at Isabelle then at me: "So, as we can both see your pants, Andrew, I'll let you see mine too!" "There, that's better" said Heather, smiling: "How does that look now, Isabelle?" She pulled my pants up tight, revealing the ridge of my erect cock. Finally Isabelle moved her head back, letting my cock gently out of her mouth, and looked up at me, licking her lips and smiling. Isabelle didn't reply but just smiled at Heather, slipping her fingers into the soft moist folds of Heather's panties between her legs, until her friend moaned out loud.


group Rashers 2018-08-30

“Look baby” I’d whisper “You’ve made me all wet and hard.” Sally would whimper and squirm, not knowing what she wanted more – the show, or my cock back in her mouth – and her own hand might slip down between her legs. I could see Sally’s hand trembling on Annie’s cheek while they carried on like this for another few seconds, then Sally pulled away. I said “I think Annie likes Nurse Sally. At first Annie just passively accepted my tongue in her mouth but then, with a barely audible little grunt, she began to respond, pushing back with her own tongue and getting more and more into it until suddenly she gasped and pulled away. There was a moment or two of heavy breathing calm before Sally said “Now kiss it Annie, lick Paul’s cock.


Horse Club Ch. 01

group Justtoold 2018-08-30

This was the day we were going to head over to Dennis and Roy Heart's place for the yearly Cancer ride fund raiser. I looked back at her a few times and saw Tia was leaning forward and wiggling around a fair bit in her saddle so I figured she was indeed taking the edge off her feelings which would also keep her pussy warm for me. That's when he asked where Tia was and I told him she would be coming soon and that I would sure like to be with her instead of heading home alone to do chores and settle the horses in their stalls.


A Night In The Forest Ch. 02

group Mackayboy 2018-08-30

I'm about to go cross eyed with the sheer pleasure of having my cock sucked by this African. I feel a sopping wet cunt slip itself down my cock. The sight works for me...I can feel my cock getting harder just looking at her. She waits less than a minute before a dark skinned guy with what looks like a 20 cm cock slips himself in. My East Asian is now being vigorously hauled across my crotch, I want her to cum as I've just realised that possibly the one person who hasn't fucked my wife tonight is me. The East Asian lets lose a deep moan and collapses on top of me...Houston the Orgasm has landed.

An Aphrodisiac for Three

group silverangel621 2018-08-30

Do you like my new bra?" Rei asked, while throwing a saucy smile Dana's way as she pulled the blue dress onto Kandi. "Sexy," she commented, and although she was looking at Kandi exclusively, when the blue dress was over her head and struggling to pull it over her shoulders, Rei smirked at Dana and raised a brow. "His version of a pickup line was 'hey, sexy,' I mean, c'mon!" Dana continued to complain to a sympathetic Kandi, but Rei ignored them in favor of partaking in her first ever high school party. She paired up with Beth who smiled ruefully and allowed herself to be maneuvered by Rei. Dana took a blushing Kandi by the hand and danced along with them.


Becoming Bi Ch. 02

group loves69forall 2018-08-30

I then rinse the soap off and kneel down behind him and I start licking up and down his ass, spending some time at his asshole, sticking my thong in and out of it, pressing a finger at the entrance I feel him tense up a little and he then grabs his ass cheek with both hands and spreads them so I can be more at ease to do my work. Mel must be doing a good job cause Kat is starting to moan and groan and her hips are now moving up and then she gets a hold of Mels head and mashes her face on her pussy and screams "YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" and her body tenses up and bucks for a minute or two. Kat sits up and takes Mels head between her hands and kisses her deep on the mouth licking the extra juices on her cheek and chin at the same time.

Up All Night!!

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-08-30

As Andrew's hands roved up her thigh, Dave began to stroke Lorna's breasts. Lorna reached out a hand on either side and began to stroke their already hard cocks. Lorna started to suck Andrew's cock, stroking his shaft at the same time, while Dave started to tongue-fuck her. She felt her other hand being gently pulled to the side of the bed and soon, she was wanking two cocks over her face while sucking on Andrew and feeling Dave lick her clit, two fingers up her by now. As he neared orgasm, Andrew pulled out of her mouth and began wanking over her face while Dave carried on tonguing her.

What Came Over Me?

group Jo350 2018-08-30

Again I saw this erotic picture of me, now an x-rated movie; the proper professor, engaged to Nick, opening her mouth to run her tongue across the head of a man's hard cock, a man she hardly knew. Farid sensed my need and continued stroking my hair as I stretched my neck trying to reach his cock with my lips again while I fucked Sarah's face. He watched as I arched my hips upward off the bed pushing my ass to Sarah's hot tongue while sucking her lover's cock deep into my throat. Farid was stroking my hair and throat as he brought his hard cock back to my mouth, while watching my virgin ass being fucked.


Servicing Sara Ch. 03

group Brockleigh 2018-08-30

I looked up to see Sara bend her head and capture one of Traci's taut nipples into her mouth, and felt an immediate reaction, as Traci's thighs clamped onto my head, her hips lifting off the couch, her moans turning into cries as her orgasm started. Sara then came back to the bed, laying her head down on the pillows beside me and with her lower body down by Traci, she then cupped and caressed her breasts, playing with her ample tits, teasing the nipples into hardness, all the while looking me right in the eyes.


The Wrong Cot

group Sanomiya 2018-08-30

We're going to be sleeping out under the stars, bathing in the river, and generally spending a whole lot of time in close proximity to one another, whether it's on the rafts, in camp, or on the various side hikes we'll be doing. But where Ady was naturally olive-skinned, with long curly brown hair, Allyson had milky white skin and jet black hair, which she had pulled back into twin pigtails, like a schoolgirl, a look I'd never seen from her before. It took me a moment to recognize that the man was Arlo and the woman was his fellow guide, Sam. Sam looked absolutely stunning in the dawn light, water glistening on her small, firm breasts and tight little ass.


High Maintenance Woman

group Softly 2018-08-30

Carl, who had been playing the role that he was politely just chatting with her, while in his heart was hoping that some miracle would happen so that he could bed her, just once, got a shocked look on his face, like a man who just won the Lotto. Rita, let her eyes cast over Carl, as she wondered, I hope that he has a nice cock? Soon after Carl and she both came the second time, the booze caught up to Rita in a big way. "How would you like to be married to that?" Phil asked while looking down at Rita, spread out naked on her back with her legs open.

A new fur slave - The next day

group pinki-husky 2018-08-30

Suddenly he grabs my head and starts thrusting into my mouth and I feel him cumming filling my throat and backing up into my mouth and I pinch the flow off and swallow with his cock still in my throat and he groans louder. He works his tongue into my ass going deeper and licking my prostate and my cock shoots up hard and throbbing and every time he presses against it a squirt of pre-cum shoots out. "Girls, max just filled me with his hot fox cum and I want you all to suck it out" I tell them getting on my knees on the bed and moving my tail to the side.

The Pact: Wild and Crazy

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-30

Hell, I love Bacchus, Felix, Des, Tina, Tammy, and Becky now as well. By then, the movie was over, much of the pizza was gone, though quite a bit was left, and I was hard as steel from hearing this talk of Blanca fucking her uncle, her future aunt, Tina, and her professors (and their wives). Blanca's saucy history made it quite clear that she was my kind of minx, just like Des, Tina, Tammy, and even Becky (from the sound of it). At that time, I heard other moans, as Felix slid his cock into Blanca's ass and Bacchus gave it hard to Tammy's tush.


group heminway 2018-08-30

Meanwhile, I was getting extremely hot watching him and feeling my husband's hand fingering my clit, which was pretty stiff, itself. And I could feel my husband's cock growing longer and harder with each stroke of my hand. The young man looked around, as if to say, "Who, me?" By then, the sun was beginning to set and we were the only people left on the beach. "I'm Scott and this is Susan," my husband said, offering his hand. "I'm Sergio," the young man said, sneaking a look at my husband's erection. I slid my hand the length of Sergio's cock, which was so hard, it felt as if it was going to burst its skin.

A Great Introduction

group aussieson 2018-08-30

As I lazed in the shallow end of the pool, feeling the water cool my body, they joined me and I noticed that their attention was drawn to the sight of my breasts floating there, with my erect nipples just breaking the surface. Paul had a different technique to John and spent much time licking at my cunt which he had parted by taking my inner labia in thumb and finger of each hand and pulled apart almost to the point of discomfort. When my climax subsided, Paul removed his face from my pussy and, moving up the bed, positioned the head of his now raging hard-on against the lips of my cunt.

Two Nurses Take Charge

group SuzanneHandzon 2018-08-30

Up until then I wasn't sure if I was actually going to be unfaithful to my cheating bastard of a husband (I didn't consider sucking Steve off last night to be actually crossing that line), but when I saw the total delight on Steves face at the prospect of not only finally getting to fuck me, but of nailing two nurses in a single session, well, who was I to resist. With that she clambered onto the bed in front of me and I watched the horniest thing I'd seen yet as Steve's face disappeared between her legs and she settled her pussy down onto his now waiting mouth.

Mature Afternoon Pool Party: The Evening

group msm865 2018-08-30

Of course, we all know where this leads, more spilling, more licking, until ultimately she is laying on the table and all the couples have gathered to use her as the dessert bar. My wife had become engaged in a conversation with the younger man and the hostess and before I knew what had happened, I was approached by the remaining two older women that I had met earlier on the lounge chair. They are apparently familiar with the situation and go right to our hostess, roll her onto all fours and one begins to slide into her ass as the other offers his cock to her mouth.

Lisa Meets His Friends

group Jason Danger 2018-08-30

For half an hour they sat and chatted and it became obvious that they knew a lot about Lisa, she wasn't sure that she liked it but it was not an unpleasant feeling to know Mark talked about her in glowing terms. "Mark" she said softly, he looked up and she moved to put her back against the bench between Neil and Richard, he looked at her and knew what was coming, although there was disbelief on his face as she took Neil's cock in her left hand Richards in her right and began stroking them, never taking her eyes off Mark. Mark dropped to the floor and plunged his tongue and fingers into Lisa's pussy, she threw her head back and stroked the cocks in her hand faster, the men began to groan with pleasure, and Lisa slowed down.

Saturday Night Pt. 02

group aksarben 2018-08-30

As she came, I felt Isabella's hand move off of me and I could tell her hands were on Gillian's hips, forcing her pussy even more against my mouth. I felt Isabella's pussy begin to quiver around my cock and at the moment I thought she might cum, I heard her breath catch and she suddenly hopped off me. It wasn't a moment later when I heard Gillian gasp in surprise and Isabella tell her to turn around and start sucking my cock. Both suddenly began to spasm above me, Isabella driving her dildo hard against Gillian's vagina as Gillian's mouth pulled off my cock and both screamed in unison.

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-30

Being in no great hurry, Dutch contented himself with sucking and licking her labia and gradually Molly raised her pelvis slightly and her pussy opened like a flower. Kathy's fingers moved back to Martha's thigh and she straightened the van, putting it back on course and pulled into her driveway and when the garage door opened into the garage. Martha uses her strong arms on the younger girl's shoulders to direct her downward to her breasts, which Kathy happily feasts upon, again licking, sucking and biting gently on her areola before nipping at her swollen, engorged, strawberry tipped buds as Martha murmurs her approval and closes her eyes to heighten the intensity of her pleasure...



group maxdname 2018-08-30

His glance fell between my wide spread thighs and I began to thrash around on the bed like a shark in a mud puddle trying to cover my naked body, hoping he wouldn't ask me how I got half of my hand stuck inside my vagina. Now, I shook my head to acknowledge his introduction while the rest of my body stood frozen, held fast in some kind of "retard ray-beam." Maybe it was Blaire's other hand under Nina's robe massaging her bum or Blaire's sweet grin that made my mind go defective but I couldn't seem to jump start it again.


Halloween Swingers

group MamaRita 2018-08-30

Christopher walked out of the kitchen Barbara stood next to the sink laughing "I'm going to make sure of it," she shouted. "So Christopher and I have decided to host the swinger Halloween party at our house this year," Barbara said. And man makes sure they know what kind of party it is." "Yeah I understand when it the party?" The weekend before Halloween," Christopher said. "Hey everyone this is Andrew Davis his wife Angela and her sister Anita." Christopher said. He opened the door "Welcome come on in Christopher said it was Shirley dress as a Sexy Nurse, Oliver dress in a Devil Mask and cape.