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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Exploring Youth

group Beaker 2018-08-30

David's grin spread wider as he watched blonde hair brush against dark, lips touching, breasts pushed together, hands wandering. Unzipping her jeans, pulling them down her thin legs, rubbing his hands over her tight body, kissing her deeply, releasing her long blonde hair from its captor elastic. David was met with the vision of Jennifer's beautiful pink lips up close, and her breasts being fondled by Emily's tiny hands. The soft moans emanating from both girls, the feeling of Emily's slick tightness, and the sight and taste of Jennifer's lovely body was everything David imagined Heaven would be like. Sensing Jennifer's dilemma, Emily reached a hand back and ran her finger over the younger girl's clitoris.

My Day as a Good Little Cum Slut Part 2

group 2018-08-30

With a "good girl" and a kiss, he then left me waiting on my bed, naked and cum filled, awaiting my next fuck of the day. I couldn’t take the teasing any longer and just wanted to feel him inside of me, so the second he pulled my panties down, I was on top of him, straddling him between my legs. Rapidly moving in and out of me until he was closing in on his edge, he whispered to me “I want to watch you fuck me while I cum.” He rolled off of me, laid himself back on the bed and I jumped back on top of him, riding him with just my hips, up and down.

My Swinging Experiences Ch. 01

group CatherineTheGreatest 2018-08-30

Wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him the kiss became more urgent as his tongue probed me once more, his hands roaming over my butt squeezing my bum cheeks and pulling me hard against his stiff cock. I felt his cock thicken, his balls tighten as he groaned, "Oh fuck, I'm coming." I sucked him right down my throat as the first load hit the back of my throat and swallowed it straight down. Again I felt Tony's cock thicken and with a final savage thrust the first spurt of his load splattered the walls of my cavity as he began to empty his sperm into my sensitive and willing pussy. Incoherent moans of delirium accompanied my ferocious orgasm as Tony's cock spewed its never ending load into depths of my cunt.


The Gang Bang

group Chuck Wood 2018-08-30

The look of disappointment on my face must have been obvious because she said "I'm sorry, but thanks again for asking me." As she climbed the stairs, I checked out the panty lines which told me that hers were bunched up in the crack of her ass. I laughed and told her "I wish, but don't believe everything you hear." Actually, I was aware that a few girls had gotten carried away at some of the parties earlier in the year and at least one girl had done a few guys, because I had "sloppy seconds." Actually I think I was about fifth or sixth, but she was definitely sloppy by the time I got there.

Janet's Baby

group Brendol 2018-08-30

He deftly pushed the skirt up out of the way, stood for a moment admiring those soft globes of flesh that were her bottom, but wasted no time in pushing her legs apart, spreading her open and plunging his hard cock into her vagina. Jose backed away holding his shrinking, dripping penis in his hand, and gazing at those lovely buttocks and the now bright red lips which were hanging open, with his sperm oozing out of them and dripping on to the deck. Jose stood for a moment looking at Janet's bottom and at the deep red gash between her legs, that was oozing more sperm, and while he watched a big glop fell out of her on to the deck, followed by another.


Rescue Me

group Breann2004 2018-08-30

"Sure I can do that." What did I just do here is this gorgeous guy who wants me to help show the class the right way to give CPR. When I got to class I did not see Mark Roger was in front of the room with some other guy. After a few more time of showing the class how to do CPR Mark grabbed my hand helped me up and said "Thank you for your help" I looked up at him and said "Fuck me Mark fuck me hard I want you to pound my pussy while I suck Roger off." I got up on my knees, Mark got up behind me shoved his cock deep inside me, and started to pound my hot wet pussy.

The Bath

group silverace1 2018-08-30

Standing you up beside the tub, I reach down and pull your sweater over your up stretched arms and over your head; your braless breasts swing free as does your tossed hair. Your feet barely reach the end of the tub and the water comes to a point just below your breasts which seem to float on the surface of the hot water! As you lay back with a contented sigh, I reach down beside the tub and pick up the large jug of warm water I filled and, placing my hands over your eyes, pour the water slowly over your dew-dampened hair.

Lucky Alan Ch. 08

group TLMorgan 2018-08-30

Harmony took Alan's dick and used it to wipe the cum off her face, then cleaned his cock off with her tongue. The girls giggled, cheered, and applauded for what was in store for the rest of the night and Alan stood in silence with a huge goofy grin on his face, enormous cock fully erected in Harmony's hand and feeling like he had just died and gone to pussy heaven. Her body was thin and petite with no real shape as her small, perky breasts couldn't had been no bigger than a B cup but she had a round tight ass and long legs that made up for what she lacked in the chest department and her pussy was clean-shaved.


Loving to Like Ch. 02

group BuckyDuckman 2018-08-30

Troy soon finds himself sucking off Nelson and Alex (again!) while Karen and Molly encourage him. "Mm, looks as if I wasn't the only who enjoyed that." Sitting up, Molly slipped her hand between Troy's legs, rubbing he renewed hard-on. Right, I know, that was our rule, too!" Molly laughed before answering the question Troy couldn't hear. "Be honest, who gives the better blow job, Troy or Molly?" Karen asked the only man qualified to answer the question. Molly's hand moved where Karen's had been, between Alex's legs, rubbing and squeezing a bulge that began to grow. "She has great tits, doesn't she?" Molly asked Troy, reaching across Alex and Nelson to grab one, too. "Doesn't this look yummy?" Karen asked Troy, stroking Nelson's hard cock.


I Got Id

group caldenied 2018-08-30

I started to drift off to sl**p and the final image of the fantasy played in my head, Jane licking my cum off of her lips and thanking me. Jane wants to watch you stroke your cock!" There was a large bang as the phone was dropped and I could here the two girls wrestling and tickling each other. I know you have wanted Jane for a long time and you will never have a better chance than tonight," Sarah said with a hint of desperation in her voice. Sarah wasn't able to concentrate on Jane, so she was left wanting laying in front of me with her legs spread and her pussy drenched. Sarah's hand started to drift down Jane's stomach and reached the top of her sex.

Old Fun, New Friend

group AJRedFox 2018-08-30

AJ shared a glance with Casey, and AJ bit her lip as she looked away. She leaned in to lightly kiss Casey's ready lips and moved her hand into her red hair. Casey tore off AJ's shirt and tossed it to the side, she didn't miss a beat as she pulled away from AJ's lips and began kissing her chest. AJ was behind Casy kissing her shoulders, she reached around the slim woman and pushed her hands into Casey's jeans. She bent forward exposing her now bare ass to Casey and AJ looked up at Davis as she took him into her mouth. AJ leaned forward and laid on Davis' chest, she reached behind her to feel Casey's warm body still recovering on the floor.

The Layover Ch. 2

group tirdbird 2018-08-30

"Well, since we are all a little out of breath and a little sweaty I suggest we take a shower." Ted says as Laurel and he each take one of my hands and help me up off the bed. Laurel moves up to me and softly kisses my lips as she passes the shampoo to Ted. I am enjoying the moment as I relish the kisses from this new lover and the feeling as our breasts are pushed up against each others. Ted gently moves my head back into the stream of water and makes sure my hair is wet as Laurel continues kissing my neck as her fingers make sure my nipples stay firm and erect.

Full Moon Party Ch. 02

group deepblue32 2018-08-30

Standing up quickly, I pulled off my clothes, all the time watching the beautiful girl spread open on the bed in front of me, her hand now moving to replace my tongue on her clitoris. "Hi, I'm Becca," said the blonde girl, offering Louise her hand to shake. For the next few hours we only stopped for the occasional rest, collapsing onto the sand, each time getting closer and closer, Becca talking with her hands on my knees, Kallie brushing her firm breasts against my arm, both girls watching as Louise and I kissed. Louise turned her head to kiss me, slowly, deeply, inches away from where I know Kallie was watching us.


Alyssa's College Threesome

group Boxlicker101 2018-08-30

Ginny removed her lips and tongue from the her roommate's mouth, got to her knees beside the bed and kneeled over to start licking Alyssa's nipples. For the next ten minutes, they continued like that, Jake driving his cock all the way into Ginny's delightful pussy, as Alyssa's tongue shared kisses with her roommate while her hands were all over the succulent globes of the woman leaning against her. As Jake had earlier, Ginny started by admiring the lovely pussy under her face and breathing deeply of the delectable aroma of the juices that were still dribbling out onto Ally's legs and crotch. The talented woman's tongue was no longer licking her roommate's lips, because Ginny had clamped her mouth around Alyssa's clit and was sucking while caressing the cute love button's swollen sides and top.


A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 3

group chrisfromlondon 2018-08-30

While Sebastian and Amanda slept together after a light lunch, and the black security guard serviced the eager young orifices of Anouscha in her bed-room, Debbie and Baptista returned from the village pub with two new friends, both strapping young local farmers. Amanda awoke and joined them by the pool, introducing herself to Tom, the brother of Sebastian who had made the bet. Meanwhile, as Tom mounted Amanda with enthusiasm, back indoors, Sebastian felt tired; his muscles ached and his balls were a little sore now. Another farmer taking her from behind while Anouscha sat on the other farmer's face at the same time masturbating the cocks of the security guard and Tom. Amanda was between Tom's legs sucking on his balls and finger fucking his tight arse hole.

A Beginning for an End Ch. 02

group voluptuary_manque 2018-08-30

If Carla got pregnant and found herself married to Darryl, then she, Leanne, could be the resident mistress to them both in the ultimate manage a trois. There was a good possibility that she would just black out before Darryl came and then he would either become alarmed, jump off and call for help or withdraw and turn his virile attentions to Leanne. Of course, if having her dildo nail Darryl in the prostate made him climax and Carla did get pregnant that would make Leanne sort of an accessory, even sort of an assistant parent. Liberally covering the plastic end with KY, she waited until Darryl was all the way into Carla and then placed its head right against the man's puckered star.


Decisions Decisions Ch. 01

group TexRiffraff 2018-08-30

Jeremy, usually a man of few words, finally said, "So, you're the other guy." Chad began working on my bra's front clasp, while Jeremy started worrying my panties down, side by side, inch by inch. I may not be the prettiest or the hottest girl in the world, but for this moment, this tiny slice of time, the looks on their faces told me that my legs, my ass, my pussy, my waist, my tits, and my face were their ultimate, their perfection, their world. I love having my breasts played with, and both Chad and Jeremy are virtuosos at it. Chad sucked the other nipple between his lips, drawing circles around it with his tongue, and slowly rolled the one just vacated by Jeremy between his thumb and fingers.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 11

group TxRad 2018-08-30

I went over, sat on the couch edge by Sue, and kissed Karen. I had to keep them away from Karen and Sue. I hoped the girls had heard the yelling and talking. "Look Sue, we have visitors," Karen said. "Bitch, I'm going to love this," the short youth said taking a threatening step toward Sue. He had a leering grin on his face. Sue took a step of her own to the left, pulling her hand out from behind Karen. He looked at Karen and Sue hard. The officer said, "That's more than true, good night." The sergeant looked at Sue hard. Sue had a two handed grip on my manhood and her lips and tongue were working on the head.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 11

group Benny024 2018-08-30

When I felt the guy fucking me swell up, I grabbed the white dude's hips, and pulled his ass forward, deep-throating him, which caused me to push back on the cock behind me." "Oscar," she gasped, "fuck Joanie's horny ass with your big cock!" Joanie then turned toward and said, "I bet you wish you were getting this!" "Oh yes, Big Daddy", Joan said as she looked back at Oscar, "I want your big cock in my ass!" As Oscar continued to push his cockhead into Joan, her anus relaxed and impressively pulled his massive cock in like quicksand. When Oscar withdrew his softening cock from Joan's quivering, distended, farting, asshole, he dropped the head right on my mouth.


A Slut Joins Us

group staghorn 2018-08-30

I look over to Star who smiled, then I took Trish in my arms and kissed her. Star leaned over Trish and took my cock in her mouth and hands. I have fucked many women, but none were as good looking and none were as active in bed, or as wet, as Trish. I was hard as a rock from the new experiences and with my cock unsheathed as I fucked my wife I finally came like a rocket, shooting my sporting seed into her clutching pussy and setting her off into a fantastic orgasm. I would then roll over and play with her body, feeling her wetness and working my way down to eat her pussy.


Nightsong Ch. 03

group EarthSeaSky 2018-08-30

Standing before him, flaunting her sex in Milton's face, Ann looped her pearls under his sack and drew them slowly, back and forth - her eyes locked on to his. She lifted the train of Ann's satin skirt over Milton's legs as she turned to lower herself backwards on his massive cock and guide it into her weeping hole. Natalie ran her forefinger around Ann's hood, which made her squirt and compelled her to lower and impale herself on Milton's unyielding stake to sate her aching lust that throughout the night had been gathering like a storm. We were close to the edge of the pad and Ann, standing on the carpet, leant forward to loop her long string of luster pearls beneath Joan's breasts, rolling them upwards over her nipples.


Watching The Wife

group erotiquill 2018-08-30

Brenda fondled Robyn's tits and squeezed them together and Vic moved his mouth from one to the other sucking hard on her nipples. Her legs parted as Vic worked his hand to her pussy and when it reached its goal Robyn jerked the big dick frantically. Vic had not ejaculated and his cock was still fully erect and lay on his stomach covered in Robyn's orgasm and Brenda wasted no time in taking it into her mouth. Brenda quickly licked her husband's cum from my wife's pussy and Robyn sucked that big dick for many minutes more not seeming to want to let it go.

Her GangBang

group Johnnytames69 2018-08-30

After the dance Keaton went over and asked the Girl with all the guys to dance and they went to the floor to dance. Near closing to time Keaton suggested they go to a room if some one had a way to play music they could continue dancing. Not too much dancing took place, Zari had danced maybe 2 songs when a guy pulled out his hard cock as she was dancing with him. Soon things got started again with Zari back on her knees sucking cock and being fondled all over, the other girl Christie didn't come to the room with them, and she noticed nor did Keaton either.

Hot & Steamy

group candiman40 2018-08-30

Melanie's hands slowly work their way to her own bared breasts and she can feel herself become aroused. Erik wasn't aware of what was happening but felt a presence pass him by, when Melanie strode up the bench to reach for Angela's tits. Melanie squatted beside Erik as he licked his girlfriend, and asked if he would like some help. As Angela moved towards him, she took him in her hand and guided his sweat-covered dick inside her. Not to be left out, Melanie was in front of them both, her hands simultaneously playing with Angela's tits, and Erik's hanging balls. Melanie brought her hand down to rub Angela's clit as she got it from behind. She licked her fingers clean and gave both Angela and Erik a kiss.