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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

gang bang

group peternorth111 2018-08-30

thought just go with it,next they start to suck my cock again pulling on my balls next i feel some one by the side of me they turn my head i feel them trying to push a fucking cock into my mouth i try to fight it but the sensation, spurt after spurt they take it all down there throat then the fingers are taken from my ass and pushed into my mouth to suck clean mmm what a day thye release me i get dressed noone is in the room but the women standing there nothing said she guides me out the door nothin slams the door,

Diiner After Work

group sexy_roland 2018-08-30

The server directed them all to Lilly's table and the waiter came shortly afterward and took the drink orders. Lilly excused herself from the table and asked whether Jessica would accompany her in the washroom. He knew what was going to happen and he eagerly went beneath the table and for beautiful Jessica's legs. Lilly then took another sausage out of her handbag and gave it to Jessica for her to slide into her vagina. Jessica enjoyed it very much and her pelvic muscles were helping her pussy push the sausage ever gently out as he took bites of it. Lilly smiled and pulled her last sausage out of her handbag and handed it to Marielle.


Sabrina at the Pizza Parlor Ch. 05

group Silvertuch 2018-08-30

She leaned and kissed Mike then went back to Charlie. She kept on kissing Charlie but made room between their bodies for Mike's hands. They slowly moved them with the same rhythm that Sabrina used to move up and down on Tony's cock. Sabrina looked into Charlie's eyes and braced herself against the flour sack at her shoulders. Mike stepped up next to her and put two fingers into her pussy as Charlie fucked her ass. Mike gave her his arm and she held on to it like a lifesaver as her body shuddered and convulsed with her many orgasms. She stuck Charlie's cock back into her ass and moved up and down on it a few times then stopped.

Five Nights Ch. 01

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-08-30

"Here's to us," he started again, and we quieted a little, "to ten years of marriage, to the best girl I know, and the best friends anyone could have." He drank, and we joined him, with "absolutely" and Marybeth kissed him and said he was sweet. "Yes," I called, raising my glass, "to Sex. To Hot Chicks and Wild Women fulfilling my fantasies," I paused, they were all looking at me, "may she never leave me!" I added, and Sue slapped my arm. "But Marybeth asked, does Sue fulfill ALL of my fantasies." Cheers from Mike. Sue had started to enjoy it after the second time, and as long as it didn't get in her eyes, was really good at it – mouth open, tongue out, talking to me as I got close, telling me how much she wanted it.


Summer BeachTrip

group tk5555 2018-08-30

The moment Frank shut the door behind him Fiona wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her body against his. Fiona knew this was the most challenging kind of blowjob if she wanted to bring Frank to orgasm. Fiona focused her lips and tongue on the head of Frank's dick. Fiona felt a thrill each time Frank forced his cock into her throat. "Hello Fiona, I have something for you from Victor." she said, walking right past Frank. At the same time Fiona slipped her wrap off her shoulders, letting the warmth of the sun onto her breasts. Fiona recalled Frank telling her Victor was not one to hold grudges. Fiona turned her head the same direction as Victor's.


Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-8

group petdyke 2018-08-30

Jennifer continues her tale about taken to jail at the border of Slobodia together with tasty Tanya. Jennifer assumed their invitation to interview President Peter Petrovic will ease the border crossing. Jennifer gets very wet at my lap telling me the first part of her story with Tanya in sexy Slobodia. Jenny adores to be taken in this position by her Peter, Professor of Love and Sexuology of Spanking. Jennifer shivers as she remembers the next tests of Peter Petrovic and his assistant sexy Sarah. Jennifer loves his lectures, as both she and tasty tight Tanya are bent over a leg of Peter Petrovic. Jennifer continues her teasing tasty tale after her awesome orgasm: "Peter and Sarah kept us coming."

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 18

group SteveWallace 2018-08-30

Brita and I resonated close to the way I did with Sheila, Elsa, Cindy, and Melanie, and I thought if I let this grow I'd find even greater emotional depths in her to explore. Brita asked exceptionally detailed questions as I poured out my story: 'Could I see Tom's cock actually penetrate Elsa's pussy? Brita told me about the previous Saturday night with her two men friends -- her 'love buddies' as she called them, Nils and Aksel. In the second, both men were worshipping Brita's pussy; they each had two fingers inside her, and one man was touching her button with his tongue. After our first matched set of orgasms, I slipped down Brita's beautiful body, kissing a path from her mouth to her pussy.

The Others

group 2018-08-30

I felt like such a dirty girl and as he continued to slowly push in to me, his cum started to ooze out and down the inside of my legs and trace a line down and over my bum cheeks. Kyle kissed me, his hands explored my body and moved the now drying liquid to new places on my skin, my pussy was beyond excited and normally I cannot orgasm without my clitoris being stimulated but this time I felt confident that this was not a requirement. With his final thrust complete and his cock removed I looked down at his liquid dripping off the red tip of his oversized member....this turned me on beyond the point of no return and as muscles tensed up and down my body I helped Kyle to play with his throbbing dick.

It All Depends On How You See It

group KDG 2018-08-30

guys look like they’ve got mumps of the chest. I’ll bet you can’t make a 24-hour supermarket sexy. to find a walkman with a tape inside and a note from Joe. ‘If you listen to this before you get to the supermarket certainly say of my old friend Joe, he knew how to build how close we were to touching every time Joe changed ‘This way,’ said Joe reaching for my hand and bringing To my dismay I felt Joe, my old mate, kneeling on the smile as I felt Joe pull my thong aside and drive his tongue Joe won his bet and got his haven’t I just proved he’s kind to old people and likes

Deidre Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-30

With the Prom a week away, I found myself under the stands at the high school football stadium, with Johnny's cock once again rubbing the hell out of my clit, his hands under my sweater, playing with my nipples. I wondered about that, thinking of future BJ partners and how they figured to be somewhat bigger than Johnny-Boy. I began to move my head back and forth, letting his dick almost leave my mouth before sucking him back in while fondling and squeezing his balls with my left hand. From the odd shape of their blanket some ten yards away, I figured that Elsie was on top of Steve, probably naked by this time, and maybe doing it under the covers as the rain pelted down on all of us.


A Baby - Family and His Brother Ch. 04

group Nicole48606 2018-08-30

I said, “Yes Jack, Nick and I discussed it and we felt that this would be the best way through natural means and like before, because your brothers and genes are closer, you’re the only one that I would agree to do this with. Nick looked at him and then said loudly, “Jack it’s going to be just SEX, like with any of the girls you pick up, but this time you are going to get someone pregnant!!! Jack was starting to respond to my touches and actually put his hands on my head and tried to push it to his cock, I looked up at him, said, “Not this time Hun, we need to fuck and get this sperm in me”.

A Gift From Lila Ch. 02

group aznsunbeam 2018-08-30

"The feel of a hard, hot cock pumping into you," Lila said, finishing my sentence. All you need to worry about is how you're going to make me cum right now," Lila said, as she pointed to the dildo that I was still holding. Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed, as I held Lila's face closer to my pussy. I want to watch you suck his cock," Lila groaned, as she began kissing my neck. Lila retreated her lips from my neck and placed a hand on Scott's ass. Lila slowly withdrew her fingers from my wetness before she turned her body setting her bald pussy in front of me.

Melons Under the Mistletoe

group sirhugs 2018-08-30

I put a hand behind her neck and pulled her up into another strong open mouthed kiss, my hard cock thrusting against her clothed pussy as my tongue thrust into her cheek. "I have a better idea," Melons replied, holding the sprig of mistletoe above her right nipple, "you can help him fuck me." My hand began to gently stroke my own cock, but Melons noticed and brushed my fingers aside with her own as Goldilocks bobbed up and down the twentysomething slit I had just anointed with my middle aged semen. Melons played with her tits with her free hand, rolling her hard nipples between her fingers and thumb.


Still In A Fog Over Last Night

group firejunkie 2018-08-30

The image of Kris pounding her fingers in and out of my wife and her reaching, pulling, trying to get into Kris's shorts will keep me hard for a very long time. My wife had her left arm still gripped tightly to my chest so I was a little shocked to feel a finger along the back of my leg at the bottom of my shorts. Dropping her left hand from my shoulder to the waistband of my shorts, she curled her fingers inside, and pulled on them, trying to free me. I continued to groan as Kris continued to suck on me, and my wife, having begun to recover herself, reached out with her right hand and grasped my testicles as if to make sure they were empty, which I can assure you were.

Reunion Ch. 04

group beltman70 2018-08-30

Elsie never said a word, not even when I told them to make sure Alexis came along for the party. I saw Elsie was breathing harder and trying to rub her leg against Alexis and I started thinking that Elsie was a little more into this girl-girl thing. Kyle came and got Alexis, pushed her down on the floor and she started hurriedly unzipping him to reach his prick. Alexis knew exactly what she was doing, her tongue a wet hot probe that was touching the bottom of my cock and the outside of Elsie's cuntlips. And when Alexis moved back, Willie grabbed Elsie by her thick red hair and pushed his cock into her mouth.


Your GroupaGuys Idea

group TunaFreeDolfin 2018-08-30

he begins to relax but I don't notice or care as the black guy picks up the thrusting again and I feel his thighs again and now he is fucking me hard and I feel him growing scared that he is going to cum inside me but he pulls out in time to cum in the small of my back. maybe because I was relaxed from these guys fucking my mouth and pussy at the same time or because you knew what I wanted and needed already, it doesn't take much as you ease the tip of your cock in and out of my ass but I relax around you and it gets easier as you slide your entire cock into my ass, inch by inch...

The Surprise

group angelicious 2018-08-30

I looked up in the dark room and to my surprise seen a hot little ass up in the air, with him standing behind her with his hands around her feeling up and down her back as she was licking my pussy so well. I got up in front of her and started kissing her, muffling her sounds then I slid back under her the best I could so that I could lick her clit until she came all over my mouth. I started sucking on her clit as hard as I could while I fucked her with my fingers and felt her body up and down with my free hand.

Stuck Ch. 02

group SexyNoises 2018-08-30

Sarah had her hands in Bill's hair and was grinding her pussy against his face, which in turn was grinding her ass against my cock. I had had anal sex with Sarah on numerous occasions and enjoyed it greatly, but nothing ever felt as great as that moment when my cock slipped into his ass. I think it was because this was my first male fuck and my cock just sensed it wasn't Sarah's ass. I told him how great his ass felt wrapped around my cock and how I was going to fuck him so good. I felt his body jerking and his ass tensed up around my cock.

My Fantasy

group Passion4Purple 2018-08-30

I am startled as I hear you say, "Bend your knees and lift your ass off the bed." but I do as you ask and lift myself, suddenly feeling hands supporting me from both sides. I hear your voice in my head reminding me about the ball in my hand and as I am trying to decide if I can handle this, I can feel someone climbing up on the bed. Thinking myself to be out of my mind in lust and feeling both my ass and my cunt begin assaulted by cocks I try to release the ball in my hand but something in me refuses to let it go.

Sins of Joy Ch. 06

group bena4u 2018-08-30

Farzana smiled at Shahida and said, "You're such a slut, come on then, join us." She turned to look into my eyes as she whispered huskily, "She's almost as big a slut as me." "Shahida , you're the youngest so take your sister breast and rub it for me." Shahida was still hesitating, "rub them," I said "Farzana won't slap your hand away and I promise she'll like it." You don't know how fucking good this feels!" I cried out looking into Shahida 's eyes as she sat beside us on the bed, watching her sister ride my cock. I pulled Farzana down to me and kissed her lips, urging her to open her lips before sliding my tongue inside her hot mouth with my hands on her hips to move her up for Shahida .


Bacchanal Ch. 02

group Waiting4My3some 2018-08-30

This prompted me to lay back and pull my girl—a long-haired honey-blonde—on top of me so I could continue fingering her pussy and finally giving her swollen clit the attention it deserved, while her partner (curvy, with a sleek raven bob) took over tongue-fucking her ass. Finally, when I didn't think I could take anymore, the mouths were back on me, sucking and licking like they'd never stopped, and my control came to an abrupt end. A group of men and women surrounded the bed, some of them taking turns delicately brushing feathers over her nipples, down her stomach, and of course up and down her glistening clit.

Holiday Hotel Encounter

group suelove58 2018-08-30

As I reached for my glass (leaving my hand on his leg) and took quite a large drink of Malibu or Bacardi (I think) I felt his fingers make contact with the skin of my upper thigh and realised that he had subtly worked his hand into the slit of the wrap around skirt I was wearing. This time, when my tongue touched Jim’s penis it moved only slightly and I was able to lick the drops of pre-cum gathering at its tip. Standing between my legs, leaning over me was Pam. I looked upwards and at my head I could see Jim. I briefly wondered where Steve was then I saw motion at the side of the table.

my slutwife 2

group johnjohnagr 2018-08-30

I climbed on top of her holding her long smooth legs open; I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy, she moaned a little as the head separated the lips. Backdoor Confessions is my all time favorite sex game that we play in bed; we first discovered it on a Saturday night we spent in drinking, it was also the first time i had her ass. She told me that she often fantasizes about men from her work, all the while i started to fuck her faster and faster, the more she talked, the harder i pounded her ass.

With Marwari Couple

group chandan0707 2018-08-29

I wasted no time and started kissing and fondling her, commenting in between how sexy she is and how good she tastes. I unhooked her bra and her big boobs fell free and then slowly inserted my fingers around the waist band of her panties n started pulling them down. Rakesh was keeping his wife’s ass open for me and watching with excitement my cock moving in and out of her pussy. Rakesh looked surprised but Sarika said, “Rakesh ji, just do as Raj says. Woh jo kehte hai vaisa hi karo.” Rakesh had no choice and he started licking my ass. Sarika again started kissing me and said, “Raj, I never knew I can have multiple orgasms.