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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Melvin's Magic Love Juice Ch. 06

group 100 Angry Bananas 2018-08-29

Richie knew that Melvin thankfully wasn't in his office and figured he'd better find out what Abigail was doing there. Abigail wasn't the kind of woman who accepted rejection and went on her merry way; she was going to attempt for the second time that day to get Melvin to fuck her. "Maybe if you get on your knees, crawl over here and suck my cock, I'll THINK about telling you where Melvin is," Richie said and unzipped his pants. "Ohhhh, fuck!" Richie moaned, and he pulled out his cock just in time to spray Abigail's legs and stomach with a spew of cum. Abigail raised her hands and stroked his hair as Richie took in several deep breaths and blew them through his lips.



group OttoRank 2018-08-29

High bright windows cast the afternoon sun in long beams across the marbled floors. A magnificent bed lay in the sun's light to one side of the large room, easy to the breeze, and the sheets were very white. I went down the corner to a place where the foreign papers came mostly daily and tried to find a copy of "The Times" of London and some American cigarettes. "Ohhhh, I like this kind of surprise," you said, and you reached out and touched my hands. At this, I removed the mask my cravat had made and you gazed upon the young man who thrust deeply into your body. Your arched leg about the boy gave entrance to a dark place as you rocked back and forth.

Virgin in the Locker Room

group mlkmndan 2018-08-29

Sarah turned to Brittany and said, "Well, we can't let that hard cock go to waste, now can we?" They both entered the shower fully clothed and approached me. Brittany had started to finger her virgin pussy through her shorts, and Sarah invited her over. I laid down on the ground, and Brittany, with a little coaxing from Sarah, positioned her pussy over my waiting cock. After she was well lubricated by Sarah's tongue job, I entered Brittany's pussy little by little until I reached her hymen. Sarah positioned her pussy over my face so I could tongue it and suck her clit. Brittany was bouncing her tight pussy on my dick while I ate out Sarah.

Work and Play

group upbeatunicorn 2018-08-29

When Tina finished relaying the day's events, Seth leaned in to kiss her and said "It's good to see you." She squeezed my hand as they kissed and I reached my other hand up to caress her breast. She excused herself to the bathroom and Seth moved closer to me and began to kiss me in earnest, one hand around my back, the other on my breast, then squeezing my nipple almost painfully. With my head between her legs, Seth leaned in and kissed her mouth, his hand on her breast, pinching her nipple. I wanted to tell him that I wasn't on the pill and that he needed to use a condom, but Tina's orgasm felt so close, I hated to pull my mouth away from her sweet mound.

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

group kknightsf 2018-08-29

Christine knelt between Susan thighs and began to trace the folds of here womanhood until she encircled her clit, pressing gently with her left index finger as right index finger entered into her now dripping pussy. Susan felt like she explode she couldn't hold it anymore, she threw her legs into the air spreading herself wide as Christine frantically rubbed her g-spot and teased her clit. They kissed again and Susan began to trace the contour of Christine's body from her neck to between her perfect round globes and soon found her hard erect nipples. Susan began to lick and suck the shaft of his hard throbbing, aching cock and soon Christine joined in doing the same thing to the other side while she cupped his balls, tugging them every few seconds.

Taking Over

group Sweetness001 2018-08-29

Michelle was a little taller than I but not as buxom but good enough, heck there were times I had to stop looking at her when she drop things off at my desk with her cleavage showing the goodies. She jiggles like crazy when she walked for I know it gets attention for the first time we went to lunch together and the men just about dropping their mouths wide open. You have all these women we have seen come to your office and we are not fools we know they are not paying clients for they don't look like or act like your usual clients. I started to stroke further down Michelle's cleavage and feeling her warm, smooth breast made me just as warm and harden nipples that were telling me she was enjoying herself.


group samsamtheplasterman 2018-08-29

I shook my head vigorously and gasped, 'Not enough, Master', just as I felt cum-load number three fill my ass and pussy at the exact same time, shaking violently now as both cocks pushed as far into me as they could get. Without warning, I felt two men lift me from the ground, holding an arm each and grabbing me roughly under each thigh, pulling my legs apart as they lowered me onto a lengthy, erect, hard-as-a-rock cock, making me squeal with delight as they plunged me down onto its length until my knees straddled its owner and hit the ground.

Office Hours

group thespeck 2018-08-29

One thing led to another and soon enough she was kneeling face down on my bed with my rock hard dick ramming into her sopping wet cunt. Like I said, I only fuck 'A' students and I also avoid underclassmen. She didn't take any other classes with me, but I did fuck her one more time her senior year after a party to celebrate our top graduating students. When fucking a student it is best to let them live out their fantasy. Like I said they were graduate students so I had no intention of fucking either of them. Angela was a "cocksucking slut" and I was a "cunt sucker." When I fucked her she was praising my marvelous cock and kept saying how much she wanted to fuck it all night.

Fay's Birthday Present

group manshimajin 2018-08-29

Through its dark and sheer material I could see the shape of the Basque, black against Fay's pale skin, the sensuous look of nylons fastened to the suspenders of the corset leaving a glimpse of paler flesh at the top of her thighs and most erotic of all the outline of her breasts and nipples seen through the robe. As the sixth man stepped back from working his body against Fay's lips I knew from their instructions that it was time for me to put on the second CD. Accompanied by a shout of lust from him, and a loud drawn-out cry from Fay, his hips pushed forward and down and the engorged head of his large penis suddenly slid out of sight passing the labia and into her tight vaginal passage.


Redemption Ch. 11

group LevanaHyll 2018-08-29

Lucien kept his eyes firmly on his drink as Devon and Remi flanked him. Lucien turned to look at the bartender who was still standing in front of them, eyes glassy and jaw slack...just staring at Devon. "He's anointed now," Devon told the weretigri, frowning as Remi and Lucien clinked bottles and began chugging them down. "They can't touch him..." Devon's glowing blue eyes narrowed even more when Zak did the same, "unless he allows it." He watched them tip their heads back, bottles pressed against their lips. Lucien's arm shot out at the same time Zak clamped a hand on Remi's shoulder when the red weredragon almost shot over the bar. Devon gripped Ashriel's hands, but his eyes were wide, staring at Lucien in shock.


Fuck Buddies Ch. 01

group will19523 2018-08-29

"Zen" said the blonde, her blue eyes twinkling and lips breaking into a perfect feminine smile. "I hold it like this" I said, my body curved against Zen's backside, the cue in both our hands. I was sorry to leave Mel and Zen and Naomi back in the city, but I'd be back inside them in a few days no doubt. We got to know each other and talked about Zen in the few minutes it took to reach the sisters' beachfront cottage. Thanks to Zen, I'll never lose touch with Maxine and Riley, the horniest twins ever. are amazing!" Riley and Maxine looked delighted, Max giving her left breast a slight squeeze of pleasure.


Hmmm... A Swinging Barn Dance

group hornyscot72 2018-08-29

"I don't think Country and Western's our thing really." I raised an eyebrow to Ali. She shook her head in agreement with me. I pulled a console table across from the wall and positioned it a short distance from the mirror, guiding Ali over it, her head down looking at the mirror. I stood behind her, my hands on her hips taking in the view in the mirror - Ali bent forward over the table, head up watching, her pony-tailed hair pulled back; me, in my checked shirt and waistcoat and ridiculous cowboy hat. The couple standing closest to us leaning on the hay-bales watching whispered to each other then the man went to join the end of the line furthest away from the opening in the hay wall and started to dance.


2 Plus 1

group DirtyJasper 2018-08-29

She tastes earthy he parts her cheeks and starts to tongue fuck her tight hole, his saliva running down from her ass and gathering at her pussy lips. Kate as been watching this and has her fingers inside her panties working her clit, watching her ex pleasures her new flat mate. She ran a finger over her pussy her head against the pillow watching Kate as she took him in her mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer her ran the tip of his cock over her wet, smooth arsehole, Kate tensed waiting for him to push the tip of his cock into her wet willing arse.

Vegas Threesome (1st time) Ch. 01

group EmeraldScorpio 2018-08-29

"Ahh..." He shifted slightly, allowing me better access...I kept squeezing him under the blanket as the plane took off, and moved my face to his neck, where I started to slowly lick, kiss, and bite the skin behind his left ear and neck, going as far as the T-shirt would allow me. I knew what he was imagining behind his closed eyes: him holding my head down to his cock, making me suck it lick it, take it all in my mouth until I almost gagged and he came spurting thick loads of hot cream into my waiting throat.

Swinging Among the Vines

group PhilMc 2018-08-29

As I took Sue in my arms, I realised I was very turned on by her closeness, and that she seemed a little flirtatious, having been serious before. Richard and Jill went ahead, Sue and I behind, our fingers suggesting ways we might later intertwine. I could see Richard sitting close to Jill, and she was accepting his blowing on her shoulders in a playful way. She quickly took up her position kneeling over Richard's bottom half, teasingly kissing and sucking and tonguing her way, and ripping off the limp condom, which she put I know not where. Richard groaned, then grabbed for Jill and began kissing her hungrily, and playing with one nipple.

In the Hot Tub

group charlessmythe 2018-08-29

We're in our twenties and Kevin told me Austin was thirty three and Paige twenty nine but they didn't look or act like "old" people. He'd better I thought, because anyone could tell Paige had now slipped her hand inside Vince's shorts and was stroking his hard cock. Almost all the stories ended with Austin sounding like that guy in that Vegas movie asking Kevin, "But did you die?" I got to see Austin's cock in its full glory and several more videos of Paige with Vincent and a couple of other men. My hands grabbed Austin's knees to steady myself as Kevin started pumping upward into me. I leaned up and reached back over my shoulder and ran my hand through Austin's hair but kept my eyes on Kevin.

The Seven-Month Itch

group Flashlight7.5 2018-08-29

"I need your help, Sam," Noel said. Sam looked down at his chicken wings and tried not to think about how much better Betty's tits looks with seven months of pregnancy behind them. Sam dropped to his knees before the image of Betty's face full of cocks threw him over the edge. Noel sat on the arm of the couch and nudged her head toward his cock. Sam gasped as she twisted the head of his cock and tickled his balls with her tongue. Betty squeezed her tits as Noel fucked her mouth. Sam, feeling brave, started pumping inside her and tried to match Noel's pace. "Fuck, Noel, this is so good," she said, and then pulled Sam forward so she could gulp down his cock.

Friendly Neighbors

group ADOM 2018-08-29

While having a cup of coffee in their kitchen Hector said he bet Pat was a great piece of ass and asked if she would like to join them. Pat told me they were of Yolanda and Hector fucking and some pictures included other couples. I asked if she would like to suck that big black dick and feel his cock up her cunt. Pat was sucking me and Hector was eating Yolanda's pussy. It wasn't long before Pat was chewing on Hector's tool while I licked Yolanda's cunt. We did stop though to watch Hector slide his thick black cock into Pat's tight pink pussy.

Best Friend and his fiance

group BDDoser 2018-08-29

Ryan was having a hard time focusing on the road trying to watch in the review mirror as Sara sucks and strokes my cock. A littl while longer Sara pats her hand on the ottoman calling me over to her which I do and she begins to suck me while Ryan takes her hard and deep from behind. She pulls my ass to the edge of the couch as she faces away from me and lowers herself onto my raging hard cock and begins to fuck me while she sucks and strokes Ryan's cock til he cums in the back of her throat and on her breasts.

Never Enough Ch. 15

group Sweetcheekss 2018-08-29

"You sure you really want to do this?" I asked as David got into my car. "That ring looks like it was made for you." David remarked. I had the feeling that David was going through the same apprehension I had when I leased the house from Frank. David got kissed by both girls, making him blush beet-red. David's lips sucked hard on my clit, making me cum with a shuddering orgasm. It wasn't even sunrise when I felt David's hand slap my bare butt. David held me close as we watched her drive out of the apartment complex. "I need to stop by the office and turn in the keys." I stated to David.



group SeductionMaster 2018-08-29

I watch as her head turns to gaze into a mirror on the wall on her left side to watch my hands work into her ass cheeks, watch my fingers disappear between her thighs, and watch her legs fall apart without thought as if beckoning me to give her more. Kaylee spreads her legs wide as my body makes its way down, my hands coming to rest on her now loosened up thighs, holding her legs apart and getting a close up look now at her perfect little pink box which she holds open for me with her other hand. Yearning to taste more, I dive my head between her legs, my mouth covering her pussy entirely, licking her fingers which hold her lips open for me, slithering my tongue between them, into her slit, deep into her hole.


The Mason & Hunter Ep. 01

group kornslayer 2018-08-29

I know I'm bringing Mason back here, so are you ready to transport Hunter's sexy ass back here too? If Mason shuts you down just because that Hunter doesn't get lucky, then maybe it isn't worth letting him see your dazzling body." This is my best friend, Mariah," Chasity introduced me, sitting down next to Mason. "Just try a little bit, you don't want Hunter thinking that you aren't dating material at all." She loves this shit, and yet, it is happening: Mason is down on his knees with Hunter's schlong in his mouth as they are behind the bar. "Yes he does know to blow me, so give the lady a show, Mason," Hunter muttered, scrubbing Mason's head.


Release a Little Tension

group NurseChrysanthymum 2018-08-29

It felt so good to have someone else touching me, to have them pinch my nipples, pulling on them, rolling the hard tips between rough fingertips. "Oh fuck, Dave, you gotta try this." The blonde groaned when I pulled him from my mouth. I pointed to the bottle of oil I had rubbed onto my tits and Mike grabbed it, lubing up his cock. "Hey Mike, check it out." Dave beckoned the blonde over as he pried open my ass with two fingers. Dave spread my ass cheeks with his hands and I pulled at my nipples, pinching hard as Mike finally slid in. Mike slammed into my ass, pulling out and plunging in again, the force pushed me harder onto Dave.

The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 02

group PenLightStories 2018-08-29

He watched them walk away, Carla with her tight small butt and short light blonde, almost white, hair, and Sharon with her round bubble butt and long dark brown hair, and he couldn't help but think of one spring break years ago when he accidentally caught a glimpse of a little more of Sharon. Max felt himself getting a little thrill as Sharon slowly continued to the tub, letting them get a full view of puff of the carefully trimmed black pubic hair that stopped just inside her thighs and above her thick tan vulva folds. As Carla finally calmed her body, Sharon released Max's head and began delicately stroking her fingers over Carla's stomach and breasts with her other hand.