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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Couples Club Ch. 09

group Rodwarrior 2018-08-29

Mercy and Karen saw the desire in our eyes and took their time. As Mercy straddled Steve's legs and slid up so their chests were touching, Karen whispered in her ear. Steve headed over to the toy box while I reigned in my impulse to tear off Karen's bra and panties. I moved my hands up towards her nipples but bumped into the faces of Mercy and Steve who were on opposite sides of Karen, each giving one of her breasts full oral attention. Karen just lay there with her eyes closed feeling the after tremors pulsate through her while Steve removed the butt plug and took it to the bathroom.


Cuck Or Bull You Decide?

group SexyLuv1 2018-08-29

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my fat 8.5 inch dick and we watch as the couple squeezed each other, I then bunched Fran's skirt around her waist and removed her panties she in turn open the button on my paints so she could have full access to my dick I licked down her belly to the top of her hairy cunt by now she was moaning in pleasure and her juices were covering my fingers the smell of pussy was in the air, I got down between her legs and started to eat that hot wet pussy knowing we were putting on a show that was driving the other couple crazy with lust as Fran squirmed and moaned she grabbed my head and push her pussy hard against my face as she came one of many times that night.


Last Day at the Office

group 2018-08-29

I'd been wanting to fuck Jared for over a year, but he was married and I don't like fucking guys I work with unless someone is leaving the company or they're in another location. I was working Tom's cock with my tongue pretty good, bouncing my ass in the tight black leather skirt up and down and Jared started stroking himself. My pussy started to twitch, I started losing my ability to speak, then from the center of my body out, all the way to my hands and toes, a slow wave of shakes came and then my whole body trembled like I was possessed and I came hard, too hard to scream and I squirted my cum down Toms cock and it dripped down his leg.

Night Of Lust For A Small Woman Ch. 04

group thekarpathianman 2018-08-29

Immediately the mind of the depraved man lightened: he would make Carol wearing her daughter's dresses, for the joy of his companions, who would have certainly appreciated his idea: a mature, petite lady dressed like a young woman, ready to be fucked by a group of big, tall, sex-starved studs. He sucked her female juices, like crazy, making Carol moan and giggle feverishly; then he lowered her a little more, till her vee leaned on the tip of his monster cock, and he started rocking the woman back and forth, caressing her pink labia with his big helmet.


Jane And John

group AnonFineDay 2018-08-29

I felt Johns warm cum flow into me, which in turn made me let loose in Jane, who's juices streamed out, as she moaned under the totally wet pussy she was licking. Suddenly, Sarah was on my cock, directing it toward her pussy, and Jane licked my sac, rubbing her titties on my legs. John's cock oozed out pre-cum into my waiting mouth, and I was being face fucked, and licked and fucking all at once, and it was ecstasy. Sarah moaned with pleasure, and John continued to pump, and Jane's large breasts pressed against my legs. I was the first to burst, filling up Sarah's vagina with my warm cum, so much it began to drip out, and Jane kept me hard by licking the sac even more.

Ex gf Kendra sends vid of her sucking and fucking

group lion9655 2018-08-29

While filming, Isaac said they'd gone to the hs football practice and gotten volunteers :) As he finished speaking, Kendra pulled the cocks out of her mouth and started to furiously suck them one at a time, popping them out of her mouth then quickly stuffing another in. She stuffed them both in together again, and the one dude groaned really loud and moved his hips, ramming his now cumming cock in and out of Kendra's mouth as she still double sucked both. As she got fucked hard, she sucked the two guys laying scissors; alternately sucking them together, jacking them off with one hand around both cocks, and then separately.

The Tales of Andrea & Dean Ch. 09

group thewhitestripe 2018-08-29

Andrea actually giggled, and slid her hand along Dean's shoulders, looking suggestively at Mr. Callahan. We only offer it to our most preferred clients," Dean continued, raising his eyes from the documents in his hand to look at John. Andrea moved her hands and pulled her dress from her shoulders, pulling it down to her waist, exposing her whole top half, then pulled back, a strand of spit trailing from John's cock to her lips. Andrea beamed at Nat, then slid her mouth down Dean's shaft , slurping the underside of his dick until she reached his balls, sucking one between her lips as she stroked his length. Nat reached down and put her hand on the back of Andrea's head, helping her gobble more of Dean's cock until her nose nearly touched his neatly trimmed pubic hair.


Fantasy Sex Cruise 03

group mountaincat4 2018-08-29

She removed her mouth from my cock and looked up at me and said in an affected Japanese accent, "So mista Eddy, you want missy Kealani give you Japanese blowjob or American?" Most people would have been offended by her remark but Kealani reached out and picked up the woman's hand and looked right into her eyes and said, "You need to tell me about this. Kealani reached over and took a bottle of water from the table and told Lauren to hold out her hands in front of her and make them into fists. Kealani turned her head and said to me, "Eddy come over here please." When I got there she told me to sit next to her.


Irish Special

group Jbj1984 2018-08-29

Fearing I am to close I slide my cock out of Katie's tight walls and lay down on my back, sliding my head between her thighs as she drops her hips to my lips and allows me to slide my tongue along her moist pussy. Katie drops from the bed to her knees lowering her mouth to Jon's sack first, moving my hand to his cock as she licks and sucks at his balls. Jon and I continue as we are told as she stands, still running her hands over us, and kisses us each deep, sliding her tongue into our mouths, one at a time back and forth.

Friendly Foursome

group KenandTabitha 2018-08-29

Spank your naughty whore!" As you slide that big fake cock slowly into my tight little pussy, I moan, this is my favorite feeling in the world, feeling Ken's huge dick enter me, I know it so well, every vein, and to have you piloting it is just amazing...I'm staring directly at our bound boys, each with a big, tasty cock throbbing at our sounds, but unable to do anything about it. As I gently tease him, you kiss Mike and saunter over to Ken, then you walk in a circle around him, then you grab his chin, make him look you in the eyes and say "I am going to make you cum so hard you won't know your name." His cock jumps, the way it does when he's excited.


Handsome Ch. 14

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-29

I looked up from Jenny-Mae's lovely face wrapped around my dick to the equally lewd sight of Lynn with both hands vigorously working her pussy. Jenny-Mae had Lynn's ass spread apart and I saw the perfect little asshole as well as her pussy exposed for my viewing pleasure. To placate Lynn, I began caressing her soapy, wet body, and then I pulled my tongue from Jenny-Mae's cunt and spit onto her asshole, and inserted my finger. Jenny-Mae surprised me by taking her pussy away from Lynn's searching mouth, and twisting so that she could cup one of Lynn's breasts, and then sucked hungrily on the nipple as her hands stroked and rubbed Lynn's hot flesh.


"Pick A Card, Any Card..."

group JimBob44 2018-08-29

Ted took their cards from them, rapidly shuffled the deck, had Emily cut the deck, then had Tracy cut the deck. "And four," Ted said, counting out four cards and showing Tracy her Six of Clubs. Again Ted shuffled rapidly, again had Emily cut the deck, had Tracy cut the deck, then flipped over the top card, showing them the Seven of Clubs. "Nuh huh," Emily said when Ted held out his hand for the cards. "Wait a minute; Emily's out; she doesn't have anything left," Ted said as Tracy put cards in front of the girl. "Now what are you going to do?" Ted asked as Emily sat back down and picked up the deck of cards.


A Helping Hand Ch. 02

group Miss Rule 2018-08-29

Greg suddenly pulls away and grabs the back of my head and pushes my face onto her breast, while lowering himself and noisily latching onto the other point. Greg's gaze never falters as my inexperienced mouth feeds from her spread thighs, my tongue swirling through her soft folds, boldly copying his earlier movements. I move over Greg and place the dildo at his lips, watching with delight as he willingly sucks on the honey-flavored tool still warm from Amy's body. Again Amy's mouth is over my vee, I can feel them both feeding from my wetness; as her fingers moves to my back door, teasing the opening lightly.

Beach Party Daze Ch. 03

group sandysummer 2018-08-29

As I dipped some toast into my egg, Jane took a breath and looked toward me. I think we could do the group sex stuff here, then.........yes, I want to fuck around, a little, for a while." I was speaking truthfully. "When I saw Jim's wife blowing those guys I started frigging myself through my shorts. "Yes. You'll probably want me to go in a minute........Bob, that wasn't the first time. We were talking over the back fence when he told me how much he liked watching our shows. "Jim and I always use condoms; I shower before you come home and you fuck me ASAP so there was no 'evidence" I looked across the yard, wondering if Jim was home.


First Day of Summer Ch. 2

group Nelson Branco 2018-08-29

I won the first game and Julie and Amanda both weren't wearing any socks so they instead started off with their halter tops, leaving themselves clad in bras. Julie won the next game and I took off my shirt and socks to make the game gender neutral while Amanda took off her shorts, leaving herself in nothing more than her bra and panties. I won again and Julie took off her shorts showing her more voluptuous but shorter legs, with the creamy white thighs I just wanted to eat up. Julie came hesitantly and smiling nervously, began to suckle slowly and hesitantly on Amanda's left nipple. After the blow jobs were done Julie stood up and giggling madly began to do a slow and drunkenly uncoordinated strip tease while removing her bra.

Suzanne in Salon Society

group A_Little_Show 2018-08-29

Smiling around a sigh, the Marquise continued, "It is said the picture has fomented public outrage to end the plague of whores adorning our city park." The Marquise held out her hand to calm her friend and looked to Suzanne. Suzanne assumed the assorted married women could not be offended by a picture of a chemise-wearing woman washing in the river. "You posed with those men in your husband's studio," a confidant stated while shoving as much as guiding the reluctant participant to the bed. "The four of us, my husband, Gustave, Ferdinand, and myself, met for supper when Edouard discovered the Emperor's exhibition of rejects. "Edouard has commanded my debasement twice more since that time." Suzanne continued, "and he beseeches me to observe his copulations with Victorine Meurent."


Partners in Crime

group udubstud 2018-08-29

Tyler and I were both pretty much tenting our sweats from beating off before, and I made sure Gina could feel my bulge by leaning right up against her. As I kept going in deeper, she started to suck my bro harder and faster, and I could sense Tyler was having a hard time from blowing right then and there. My fucking got its rhythm going, and my nuts slapping her puss started a beat for Tyler to fuck her face to. I started sliding a finger in her puss while Tyler fucked her, and it felt like there was so much room left in there...something I had to fix.

What Becky Missed

group PHILTRIB 2018-08-29

Then I lay back and told him to watch Gus. I wanted to watch Tim's virgin eyes as Gus took off my bikini and spread my legs and raise my hips kiss my thighs, and bury his face in my crotch. There I was with Gus eating my pussy and Tim sucking my hard nipples and my hand squeezing Tim's growing cock. I told Tim and Gus I wanted to strut the board walk in my sexy bikini. Licking his softening rubber covered cock, before taking it off, I told Tim I liked to taste the mixture of pussy and cum juice and we exchanged loving kisses while Gus built up the flames in the fireplace, and got the blanket to cover us as we all cuddled.

Room 109

group Dana Gallagher 2018-08-29

“You have told both of us, how your ex-husband took you for granted and couldn’t recognize the sexual being trapped inside and only thought of you as his personal baby making machine,” Said Ron still sitting in the darkened corner. I felt another pair of hands working down at my lower half, caressing up and down my legs, and then a light touch slightly passing over the top of my pussy, making me breathe in deeply. Suddenly, my body began to shake and shudder, my pussy muscles contracting and releasing, a wave passed through me causing an orgasmic spasm, my pussy juices squirting out of me, and at that moment I thought I felt someone down between my legs, trying to taste the juices as they poured out of me.


One of mine...

group wolfiesm1th 2018-08-29

“I like that...” she said contentedly, resting her hands on Georges’ hairy chest to support herself, as his tongue left her pussy and began to gently work its way towards her small, pink arsehole. His hands were rougher than Georges, but Gill loved the coarse feeling against her soft skin, turning her head momentarily to smile at Tam and to flick her tongue out at him seductively. Slowly George began to push forward, firmly taking hold of Gills buttocks and pulling her back onto him each time, working the length of his cock inside her, until she felt his heavy balls brush against her. “Jesus Christ,” said Tam, closing his eyes and laying his head back against the chair, opening his legs to allow Gill to cup his balls in her hand.

What Are "Friends" For Ch. 02

group sex4u 2018-08-29

I want to put my first load deep in your cunt, not your throat." Jim laid on his back and June knelt over him and guided his cock to the pink, wet entrance of her pussy. The women took turns washing the cocks of both guys while Rob and Jim washed four titties and two nice asses and pussies. Rob knelt over June as Jim did over Sue. Both started fucking at the same time, having a race to the finish. "I'll fix that." Said Rob as he leaned to her sloppy, wet cunt and started to lick Jim's cum from her. Jim quickly complied with her request and started licking and cleaning June's cum filled pussy.

the couple who schooled me

group 2018-08-29

After we got to their house she poured us a glass of wine which I refused, but she said "its ok taste this!" and put her mouth on mine and slowly licked around my lips and then caressing my tongue with hers. Then as he layed back on his recliner she said now watch how its done and climbed on top his Dick and rode him reverse cow girl insisting I watch her while rubbed her clit. I got on cowgirl and he pulled my head down to his while licked my neck and I could feel her licking and massaging my ass while she rubbed his balls. So I did, I was licking her clit while her boyfriend was fucking me super hard then he came inside,me.

Sauna Surprise

group MrLoverman1986 2018-08-29

"Robert replied looking at Dave and then Rich, "I've never been with a girl who spit or wouldn't go down on me." I looked back up at him and his right leg seemed to be leaning even more to the right and exposing himself underneath the towel. Robert alternated caressing my belly and breasts with his left hand, and at the same time he moved his hips forward just a little, and very subtly, so that the tip of his cock was almost touching my lips. One of the guys saw me straining and folded a towel under my neck to make it easier for me to look at how big Robert was and how powerful his cock looked as it pushed through my breasts toward my face.

Her Night!

group Zendady 2018-08-29

Once she felt his tongue exploring her genitalia, she lowered her head from the other man's mouth to his penis. As his tongue then lightly flicked her clitoris, she let out an extended groan of ecstasy while she enthusiastically showed the other man's penis why men love this. He slowly thrust to the full depth his penis would reach and her soft, high-pitched yelp caused her to release the other man's penis from her mouth and drop her face down. She released the man's penis from her mouth and pulled away from the penis in her vagina. She couldn't seem to suck fast enough on the penis in her mouth as the moment took over her body.