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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friday Night at the ABS

group SecretHowl 2018-08-29

With my left hand, I pulled my dress up over my hips, thrusting my pelvis up to meet the fingers that were starting to pump slowly in and out of my pussy. I licked the swollen head, lapped at his balls, let him sink it back deep into my mouth, then, when I knew he was getting close, I starting jerking his cock rapidly with my hand as I stared up into his eyes. I was so turned on, so completely overtaken with animal lust that I just sucked harder on the cock in my mouth until it pulsed a couple times and unleashed it's stream of cum. The guy underneath me slammed his cock roughly into my pussy a couple more times before managing to pull out.


A Conference Too Far

group Lion24655 2018-08-29

I was stunned - I had never thought of Katie being "available", or someone that I would want to bed, but now she suddenly looked very pretty with her embarrassed smile, her face blushing. "Perhaps you would like to be naked with her, wrapped in each other's arms, pulling each other together, her hands grasping your ass tightly, your tits squashed hard against each other, rubbing each other?" This time, although she was clearly embarrassed, and had never thought of it before, I could tell the thought was having an effect on her as her pussy suddenly became wetter, as she squirmed under me.

The Party Ch. 1

group kallih2 2018-08-29

"Oh yes..." She said in a steamy bedroom voice, "and more." As she finished whispering I felt her hands begin caressing my body. But this felt good, and Sammy picked up on it and soon she had slipped one finger into my ass! Usually I'm a moaner but right now all I wanted to do was scream, again Sammy showed how attentive of a lover she was and kissed me harder to muffle the sounds of my ecstasy. She grabbed my hair and held my head in place as her body tensed, "Oh God!" She said breathlessly and as her body relaxed I felt her hot juices run down my hand and finger.

First Summer: A Threesome?

group Joanmcarthy 2018-08-29

Kate leant over him and hooked the lower tie of her bikini top over his shaft, straddled the shaft with her breasts, pushed them more firmly against it with her hands and started pleasuring him by moving them up and down along it. I zoomed in on the area to watch Greg's shaft act as an enormous bulge pushing through the triangle before bursting out the side and then withdrawing within the top again – Kate pleasuring it between her engorged nipple and the material of the top. Slowly, savouring the moment, Greg complied; gently pulling the strings one at a time and letting the crutch of the bikini bottom now damp with Kate's juices fall across his face where he made a point of sniffing them before pulling them aside.

Colorado River Ch. 6

group Bettybod10 2018-08-29

I returned to the kitchen Katie and Christina were at the small table drinking coffee, Kelli was pulling the muffins from the oven and handed a cup to me with a kiss on the cheek. Sean fucked my ass at a slow steady pace and I felt Brian's cock grow again inside me, his mouth still suckling on my swinging breasts. Brian eased from me and he was replaced by Cory, his big cock stretched my pussy to it’s limits as he entered my cum filled pussy. Mike’s hips jerked and his sperm spit across Katie's cheek, she popped his spurting cock into her mouth draining the rest. Jay pulled at my slippery cum soaked nipples and I felt his cock swell squirting hot sperm into my ass.

Siesta for Three

group trixiej 2018-08-29

She pushed forward so that Trixie rolled on to her side, facing Steve, and wrapped her other hand under Trixie's neck and turned her head to made sure their mouths met once more in deep, wet kisses. As he reached down and began pressing and rubbing, Trixie groaned from deep inside, opening her legs wider and wrapping her right thigh, lifted as high as it would go, around Maria who was spooned up behind her. All the while, Steve was slowly teasing her oily clit, Maria's tongue was down her throat, her other hand wrapped around Trixie's neck and holding her head in position, Steve massaging her breasts with is free hand.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 10

group Silverfox0551 2018-08-29

Don eyes converged on Terri's pussy causing his cock to harden inside his shorts making it uncomfortable for him to sit still. At the same time she was checking out the hard cock hidden inside Don's shorts and a broad smile appeared on her face knowing that it was her pussy causing the uncomfortable condition inside his pants, she felt proud of herself. "You don't mind if I play with your husbands cock do you, Terri?" Carol asked as electricity shot through Mike's dick when her hand stroked his shaft up and down, causing it to leak pre-cum. Terri watched the expression on Mike's face while Carol's hand slowly stroked her spouse hard cock, up and down right in front of her and her boyfriend.


Roadside Assistance

group ems32 2018-08-29

Tony moved the towels, razor and bucket off the bed, slid his hands under my ass and lifted my pussy to his mouth. He got on the bed and straddled me, smiling down at my face as he slid his seven inches into my mouth leaning forward to get it into my throat. Chris moved up to the head of the bed and watched Joe fuck my mouth. I got on my knees and told Chris to lay down in front of me so I could suck his cock while Tony fucked me. I took my mouth of of Chris for a minute, and looked at the three cops staring at me, rubbing their cocks through their pants.

Being taught how to fuck your own wife

group 2018-08-29

Looking directly at me, fucking in to her from behind, he said words that I've replayed over and over again in my mind countless times since, normally causing my cock to erupt and gush cum all over my fingers: Most of it fell as a huge pool on the bedsheets between her legs, a single string that looked just like a cobweb ran from the pool of cum to her pussy. "Come and have another good look as I cum mate" he said, and as I stood up he let out another roar, I could see the base of his cock swell and he pumped a second load of seed in to my wife who was laid back, legs spread and pussy hungrily taking every last drop.

Leaving the adult video bookstore 2

group dusty48180 2018-08-29

she asked me what it was and I said it was a surprise, but I wanted her to be naked and laying on the bed when she heard the door open and to have a towel over her eyes until I said OK. I explained to the k** how we would find her and told him I was going to act like it was me climbing into bed, but once i secured the towel over her eyes he was to get between her legs and eat her our, then he would move up between her legs and insert his cock after she had a couple of orgasms. she felt his cock and finding it hard slid it back into her cum filled pussy for another glorious fuck.

went to a porn theatre

group mywifeisaslut 2018-08-28

My newly met friend led me to a smaller screening room, we've sat down and instantly got tightly surrounded by men, some of them wanking already, some just undoing their trousers, looking at me, waiting for my next move. After couple of minutes my friend resumed with his hand on my lap, quickly getting his fingers back inside of me, now kissing me, making me taste his fingers, biting on my lower lip, whispering "I'm so hard for you!". I wanted to get out from there at that point, get away from his inexperienced touch, so I got up, flashing my naked ass at everyone, trying to pull my dress back down and fix my knickers back into place.

My French Revolution

group sexyminxlola 2018-08-28

She licked her lips once more and smiled as I took in her beautiful small breasts with huge erect nipples, her slender waist and triangular shaped bush above her pussy. After taking a shower, I went back into my new closet and selected a short black chiffon skirt and a red silk plunging cowl neck halter top that was once again a little small but showed off my breasts magnificently. "Where to tonight?" Jean Pierre asking licking his lips and looking me up and down devouring me with his eyes. I pushed my arms into my breasts to make sure the glass stayed and bent over, taking the rim of the flute easily into my mouth and brought it upwards swallowing the expensive drink quickly.

Three-Way Surprise

group tmh10 2018-08-28

I could hear Kurt's moans getting more intense and she slowed down her pace, now working her tongue all up and down his shaft as well as taking him in her mouth in long sucking strokes. Annie told me to continue licking her clit and told Kurt to come over and finger her pussy at the same time. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and sucked on it as he continued thrusting in my mouth for several strokes until Annie yelled out, "Hey!", feeling a bit left out. Then he popped his cock out of Annie's pussy and fucked my mouth with a couple of more thrusts before I felt the first load of cum shoot.

Devil in the Details Ch. 02

group aukamm 2018-08-28

"Let's look at our options … we could just fire them and they might have copies of these emails and they might claim you did all this to get rid of them, suing the company and you personally, sexual harassment or some other garbage … or we could take away the credit card and have a stern talking to them, hold this over their heads so they start behaving, fire them if they try anything else. They started going through Deb's desk, the center drawer was locked and his credit card wasn't anywhere else. She let go of his hand and was fumbling looking for the light switch … she bumped into him, "Stephen?"


My Wild Sorority Days

group belle_belle 2018-08-28

It seems that a fraternity house wanted the sorority building for expansion, and the frat guys had filed a morals charge against them with the college government. Anyway, I suggested installing our closed circuit camera and recorder in a house off the UCLA campus, and holding a "special" party for the frat guys. At the door was Gene, with five other frat guys, and I thought: 'There goes my excuse for chickening out.' Leading them into the room where everything was supposed to happen, I was already contemplating what it would feel like to have sex with six guys in succession in one night while being watched by seven girls as well as by the other guys.

Degrees of Separation

group AlwaysDancing 2018-08-28

I didn't expect Scott to pay me any mind, but I felt a twinge of absurd disappointment that Dani didn't glance my way. At the same time, the way she covered herself up yesterday in the room said she wasn't all that easy. As she sat our plates down, I took advantage of the time to recall how naturally Dani's breasts were as she fucked her young stud the day before. I still don't know why, but for the first time since our first dinner, Dani wanted to talk about Scott. While I was figuring out how to respond, and while Dani, I'm sure, was trying to read my response, the door to the hot tub room opened up, and in walked another couple.


Rachel's Double Suck

group SweetPrettyAss 2018-08-28

She has a rather thick waist and a big, curvy ass, just the kind most men would like to have under them when they fuck but the only kind of sex in which she indulges is sucking off guys and playing with her clit until she reaches her climax, usually about the same time as she gets her mouth flooded with their cum. She derives immense pleasure from sucking cocks and the best part for her, besides getting her mouth filed with cum, is taking one of them between her lips and all the way down her throat but she also likes the preliminaries such as she was doing for Leonard then.

Sharing Her Best Friend's Husband

group ilikeice 2018-08-28

Moving on from the breast, Sophia's hand traced Maria's collarbone and then the back of her neck, tipping the pliant woman's head back making her full lips available for the gentle and coaxing kisses that soon rained down upon them. Brushing a lock of hair out of Maria's eyes, Sophia kissed her lips softly and was pleased to feel Maria's hands running the length of her back, pulling her closer as if to meld their bodies into one. Sophia felt Mike's fingers parting her lips, pulling on them and pinching them, gently stroking the tender flesh of her opening, but not prodding or entering her. Resting for a moment, Sophia slowly began to move her hand, slightly wiggling her fingers, then making a fist she started gentle thrusting motions.


Strange Bedfellows

group AfroerotiK 2018-08-28

Pam and Imani often amused themselves kissing each other while sitting on opposite sides of Michael, stroking his raging hard-on through his pants, while spectators gathered around. On one particular night, Imani was feeling particularly daring and she pulled Michael's dick out and began to sensually lick and suck up and down while Pamela knelt behind her to finger her. Imani loved to watch Pam and Michael in action. "Oh really?" Imani chimed in, "let's see about that." She placed her legs over Pam's head and asked Michael if she could have the honor. It took but a few short moments for Imani to orgasm as she sat up and rode Pam's tongue and came hard in her mouth.


Jenn & James Ch. 02

group JenniferMidnight 2018-08-28

Grabbing your hand I smiled and said, "Come dance with me James!" This was the perfect way to work off some of my nervous energy; I love to dance when the music moves me. You pulled me close and whispered, "I love having you in my arms." Our mouths and tongues danced together, once again feeling that special connection—making everyone else in the room disappear. I craved a long, deep kiss that mimicked what your cock was going to feel like inside me later tonight. My mouth let out a faint gasp as I felt your eyes on me—watching this man touch my breasts—seeing the passion in our tongues, and I liked it.


The Briefcase Ch. 08

group MissSenses 2018-08-28

"Jessica would like you to hold her down, so I can spank that pretty little ass of hers." Eric's voice was deeper, thick with desire and just as the words left his lips, he moved to sit beside her. Jessica watched Justin as he moved from one breast to the other while Eric raised her leg and then kissed her ankle, gripping the three inch, spiked heel, releasing it from her foot. Eric's hand met with the other cheek and before she could cry out again, Justin firmly but gently pulled her head down until her lips met with the head of his eager cock, headfirst. She pulled her head up away from Justin, releasing his cock, as she felt a cool and slick finger tease the tight entrance behind her pussy.

All Night Long Ch. 02

group dufc69 2018-08-28

Her tongue moves over the head and she starts to suck, meanwhile Carien has two fingers in Danni pussy and lick her clit. I'm really enjoying this, Danni's head moving slowly up and down my cock while I watch Carien licking and finger her pussy. "Sure thing," giving the pussy one last lick then reaches up and puts her wet fingers into Danni's mouth, "Taste yourself," Carien says. I start to lick Danni and finger her now very wet pussy as Carien takes her clothes off. I get up and tell Danni to sit at the head of couch so Carien can lick her pussy while I fuck her from behind. Carien moves around beside my head and spreads Danni ass cheeks and starts licking her wet asshole.

Well Hugh Hugh

group MaxGoldrich 2018-08-28

I love deepthroating my boyfriend, but this is like deepthroating a fucking donkey!" She leaned forward and kissed the head of my cock. It's like a fucking arm holding an apple!" the two of them giggled uncontrollably, and Angela grabbed my cock again. I started thrusting my cock into Angela's mouth, fucking her face, whilst her friend went back to sucking my balls. I want you both to cum all over my cock." Jessica looked absolutely overjoyed at this concept, and began kissing me again, whilst her friend was still busy trying to fit as much cock as she could into her little mouth. She spat into her tits, as I began to fuck them, my big hard dick sliding in between them like a pair of water balloons.


Desert Heat - Part 8

group jdwhitings 2018-08-28

Just as the jukebox went silent, Ginger told the crowd in a loud and giddy voice that she would let every guy in the bar lick her pussy for $20 each. I asked her if she remembers what just happened and she looked at me, smiled and said that she just had a bunch of men licking her pussy and that I fucked her on a bar in front of a crowd of strangers. I asked Bill what he was thinking and he said that Ginger wanted one last drink before going to bed, so he pulled in here, knowing it was close to the trailers.