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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Professional Courtesy - Second Assignment

group Tashtego 2018-11-27

Based on what Olivia, the wife, had said that night, Jennifer was expecting a return engagement with Jamal. Jennifer smiled at Olivia, expecting Jamal to appear again with a towel around his waist. “Drink up and stand here in front of me,” said Jennifer, removing her blazer and plopping into a cushioned chair, “We need to get to know each other. Jennifer tried to execute a sexy smile and got on her knees, motioning with her index finger for Jack to come forward. “Ryan, I’m going to suck you cousin’s dick and make him come in my mouth,” she said, looking at his dangling, semi-hard member. It slid up and down, which felt lovely, but Jennifer knew what Jack was trying to accomplish.

Bride n Joy

group FredAristotle 2018-11-27

I gently pulled Isobel up the bed and started sucking her enormous tits and really taking my time with each of them in turn and caressing the one that that wasn’t in my mouth and biting and licking them. I decided then that I still had many hours to squirt into Marie and Isobel but right now I wanted to fuck the arse off Angie, and so after she’d sucked me for quite a while I turned her around, pushed her legs up so that her ankles were by her head and tore into her pussy.

my wife's new friend

group woreout 2018-11-27

She said she thought about just leaving but her pussy really wanted to feel Mike's thick black cock . He stood still just enjoying how my wife's little pussy held his cock. He told Paul to get his cock out and feed it to her.Wife wife is always very matter of fact toward me but when she is being fucked by any of her black boy friends she turns submissive. Paul pull down his pants and my wife said his cock had to be at least nine inches long totally soft. She told me that Paul's cock is a little thicker that Mikes and she could feel her pussy being brought to its limit.

Manmoirs: Ms. Opposite - Part 2

group Manmoirs 2018-11-27

After some small talk and another drink inside the bar, I drove Tessa home with Kristy in the car rubbing the inside of my leg and caressing my cock off and on. Unlike Kristy, Tessa liked getting fucked hard and fast. I moved to Kristy and began slowly fucking her from behind while she sucked and nibbled on Tessa's breasts, and then vagina. In-contrast to Kristy, Tessa loved a hard fucking. Kristy and Tessa then decided to start taking turns riding my cock like a cowgirl, while the other one would kiss my lips. I was close to cumming hard, and Kristy decided to suck on my chest and nipples while Tessa squeezed my inner thighs.

My First MMF 3-Some

group OfficerMILF21 2018-11-27

On Friday, I would be getting fucked into oblivion by Randy and Caleb, two guys I only knew through Facebook and text. We made our way to Caleb's room with alcohol in hand and the two of us sat on the edge of the bed while Randy sat in a recliner. He kissed my lips hard as his hand slid between my legs, parting my pussy lips with his fingers at the same time he parted my lips with his tongue. Caleb was still pounding me with a brutal force, spanking my ass hard while I was working on getting Randy's cock to reach the back of my throat.

Three Fantasy Quickies

group Bill76 2018-11-27

Sometimes I have an alternate fantasy where I tell John to lick up all the wetness from my pussy, sometimes I suck on his huge cock, and sometimes I ask him to come over to the sofa and fuck me hard. Amber uses one hand to finger-fuck her own pussy as she watches, sitting beside Jack on the bed. We make Jack lie back on the bed; I’m kissing him as the other two girls take turns sucking his cock, getting him good and ready. They ask Jack what he wants first, but I already know: he wants to drink some more of the petite Amber’s hot wet pussy and bury his face in her cute little red bush.

The Yacht

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-11-27

Dario is still tasting my hard cock and I don't want to stop fucking his mouth or stop watching the scenerio unfolding in front of me. I start to spurt wetness into Dario's mouth with a pulsing wild motion, while watching Alexia lean over and pour salt between Narcessa's soft tits and hard nipples. Narcessa starts to tell her how full and satisfying my cock feels when suddenly Alexia kisses her deep and hard. She rides my orgasm and I play with Narcessa's tits while watching her suck Dario's fat cock. All of sudden I feel Alexia's gorgeous mouth sucking Narcessa's pussy juice off my cock and with great expertise I might add.

A Winter’s Lust

group DarkSide 2018-11-27

One minute we are laughing and giggling on the sofa, we hear Jenny say something about fucking in front of the open log fire and then this conversation between Tom and John starts up about how nice it would be. Without waiting for a reply, Jenny had got up and was stripping her clothes off, John was not far behind and I just looked at Tom. His hands went up in front of his body to suggest nothing in particular. My cock helps a lot as the women cannot seem to keep their eyes off it, and well, Jenny is one gorgeous woman with lovely breasts and pert nipples. I watched Sarah as she stared at John’s cock growing ever longer and harder as Jenny pumped her fist up and down it.

Cindy and Alexandra's Biker Gangbang

group lindaswan 2018-11-27

Alex continued, "Iron Mike, I suggest we pull a train for you, okay?" Alex's black pubic hair, my smooth waxed mound, our tits, asses, lips, and mouths all got verbally reviewed as holes to fuck, places to put their cum. I dropped to my knees as Alex positioned herself on all fours beside me, facing the other way, ready to take men in either end. When he pulled away from me, I lifted my head, mouth wide open, so everyone could see the pool of Mike's cum. Alex immediately went back down there, lapping up the cum while treating my clit and pussy to more of her erotic moves.

The Camera Club

group anubis63 2018-11-27

Jackie is now moving about the garden and picnic bench posing for us, sniffing flowers, first bent forward then thrusting her large tits to the sky, all the time the fleshy mass of her breast wobble and swing from side to side, and back and forth. With that Mark stands upright, taking his 7" cock in his hand he steps forward and slowly pushes it deep into Jackie’s love tunnel, letting us take our photos before he starts to pump her. Bob steps forward and carefully pulls Jackie's hair back over her ears to make sure none of the action is kept form our cameras, before moving away to let tom and mark get their photos.

New World 15

group BadDog9 2018-11-27

Riley squirted some lube into Kristy’s hand as I knelt behind Sam. Kristy smeared the lube over my hard shaft and lined it up with Sam’s puckered hole. I held my cock in Sam’s ass as Riley and Linda moaned and came together and Bert’s hot cream filled Sam’s mouth, dribbling out around his thick shaft. “Me too,” Linda added, “So you’re just going to the bar so Sam can meet Riley?” she asked. I got up to go after her, but Linda put a hand on my shoulder and urged me to sit while she went to talk to Sam. Kristy was in tears as she and Riley returned to the table.

Holly Takes Them All Part 2

group CustomErotic 2018-11-27

Turning her attention to Chris’s slightly larger cock, Holly pulled his member into her mouth and again brought him nearly to the point of no return. After a few minutes of this hard face fucking, Luke groaned as his cock unleashed a wave of cum, completely covering her tongue and filling her mouth before he pulled out, satisfied. Her mouth still full, as she had not been given the opportunity to swallow, Holly gasped and moaned as Marcus continued his hard fucking. Her wild head bobbed and pleasure moans sent Alex beyond the point of no return, providing cock hungry Holly with yet another mouthful of cum. Gasping and shaking with excitement, Holly struggled to choke down the large collection of her and Marcus’s intertwined cum that filled her mouth.

Taking It for The Team

group elinrose 2018-11-27

He happened to glance at the mirrors in the dressing suite and caught Sandy’s bright, blue eyes watching him stroke his cock while she flicked her tongue across Bethany’s clit. Bryan moved up the edge of the bed with his legs on either side of the two of them and slipped his cock down between Bethany’s ass cheeks and across her wet, warm pussy. His wife’s pussy, hot and wet on his cock and another woman’s tight round ass to look at while he fucked her. He thrust deep and hard into his wife several dozen times and then moved pulled out of her to push his cock back into Bethany.

Thunderstorm Threesome

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-27

Ethan, look, it's Allie!" Mitch jumped up and hugged me, making me giggle out loud and swoon a little inside. Okay, I'm not a virgin, I'm almost 19 and I managed to pop my cherry during my freshman year at college with my very first-ever boyfriend, but when a guy like Mitch is shirtless and pressing his yummy chest all up in my face, I'm going to swoon a bit. Actually my entire body was feeling kind of hot - and I told myself it wasn't just because I'd been listening to Ethan describe a scene right out of one of my fantasies in his deep sexy voice. For a moment it looked like Ethan was debating, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw Mitch moving towards me.


Loves of Ramu Ch. 1

group sahebji 2018-11-27

I started to beg Shanti to let me go but she cut me off and said, "Ramu agar tujhe masti chardi hai tau aa main usse uttar deti hoon (Ramu if you are feeling horny come I will look after it)" and pulled me down from the bed. Then putting her hand below she took hold of my rigid cock and with a deft movement of her hips and her hand inserted my cock in her choot (cunt) and said "Ramu ab chodo (Ramu now fuck)". Madhu sighed loudly and said, "Yeh bahut achcha lag raha hai (Ramu this feels very nice)". Next night I wanted to see Madhu naked but she said, "No I feel embarrassed".


Haitian Dominatrix with a Strapon

group Samuelx 2018-11-27

I have lost count of how otherwise macho Black men I've seduced and fucked with my strap-on dildo. On my website, Ottawa's Haitian Strapon Goddess, I detail the services that I offer. I have dominated men of all races since I created the Haitian Strapon Goddess website three years ago. I've banged a lot of Black guys with my strap-on dildo before but Boniface was different. Boniface Fils-Aime traveled to Ottawa all the way from Toronto to experience my unique brand of domination. I beat Boniface with the Rigwaz, loving the way the Haitian-style whip hit his back. Boniface looked at me as I stroked my thick Black strap-on dildo menacingly while spreading his ass cheeks.


Taylor's Fantasy Fulfilled

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-27

I met Ray in the chat room and I must have sounded like a gushing fan the way I went on but he was very cool with it and appreciative of my compliments. Ray and I both complimented him on his good looks, great body and sensational cock, all eight or so inches of it. Ray looked at Jonas and then down to his cock. Ray's hands rubbed and squeezed Jonas's cheeks as he pulled the dick further into his face. They reversed positions and now Jonas was sucking Ray whose hands were behind his knees. "Unh...unnh...ohhhhhhhhhh." I opened my eyes to see Ray pull his cock out and shoot ropes of stringy cum into Jonas's mouth.

An Unexpected Evening of Pleasure

group Nipplelover 2018-11-27

With her hand gently stroking the shaft and her lips and tongue working on the head, Angie continued to enjoy the feel and taste of his hard cock. Angie looked over to the table as Rachel knelt down and took her husbands cock in her mouth, licking and sucking all the love juices off it. Rachel could feel her legs beginning to shake as the movement of the wand and the rhythmic pumping of the dildo into Angie began to bring her to orgasm. This was the final push Angie needed, with the dildo thrusting deep inside her, her fingers on her clit, her nipples brushing the cushions and now this.

Blue Anniversary

group Jaymal 2018-11-27

Martin freed his cock and pulled his wife hard to it, pressing his girth between her yielding cheeks. At the waist, mind.” Clementine grasped Alexa by the hair and bent her lithe body over, until her mouth brushed the bobbing head of Martin’s cock. “Now you teasing brat,” the headmistress said, “do it.” Alexa stretched her lips and sucked in a great hard mouthful. The vigorous finger-fuck brought Martin’s wife rushing to climax, her moans intensifying as Clementine frigged her silly. “Not Alexa’s first taste of pussy, I think,” Clementine said, massaging the peak of her breast with one hand. Fuck that tease!” He plundered Alexa like it was the first time, his palm smacking hard to her buttock, clutching into the muscle, before withdrawing and smacking again.

Tara in Porn 3

group Tarainspace 2018-11-27

I feel my body lifted clear of the floor, my shoes removed; my thighs parted brutally exposing my swollen sex weeping inside its thong. Turning me once again so my open thighs frame my raw sex to the onlooker’s vision, the hands slowly tilt me as some hands slide under my arms to hold me suspended on the manacles of fingers. His hands move to the small of my back supporting me, holding me, and moving me so the audience can see my naked gleaming body, with its bobbing breasts, and my clenching belly leading their eyes down to the open lips of my swollen sex, behind which is the glistening shaft buried in my arsehole.

Vegas Adventure Part 2

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-11-27

She told me that Mrs. Smith had a larger than normal clit and Kate thought she might enjoy my oral skills. Kate was deep inside Ellie’s pussy, and I could see Ellie was close to cumming. I told the men that Ellie had always wanted to have a gangbang, to be the simple fuck-toy to a group of people having their way with her. As I continued to fuck Mrs. Smith ass with my tongue, I felt Kate rise off me and I was once again being sucked and cleaned. She did as she was told and once he was back inside her, he pulled her downward onto his chest and Bill came up and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy.

Fucked by the football team

group jamesgrey2205 2018-11-27

Each time I hear a laugh or a grunt from behind the door, the butterflies rise inside me again, so I’m glad when she takes my hand. I stop short of telling my favourite players about the times I’d lain on my bed since my early teens, fingering my pussy while I looked at their posters. His hands are on his hips, he’s colossal and he’s definitely staring right at this little girl glowering in the corner. It’s moved a second finger into my hole now, and yet another hand rubs soap into my anus, cleaning my little arse hole for who knows what. This little girl comes with her hero inside her, goes limp as he sets her down gently beneath the rubbing water.

Chapter 7

group spuddick 2018-11-27

We were nearly home and I was considering putting my dick to Allie right there in the car when she spoke up from the front seat. "Well, we want just a little bit more," I said, kissing my little girl. "She's as much mine as she is yours," said Mel, stopping the car. I had Mel with her stomach to the car, her large breasts pressed up against the cold glass in front of Allie's face. I pulled Mel away from the window and bent her over the hood of the car. I threw myself in the back and let her drive us home, not speaking to either of them but watching as Allie rubbed her clit, naked, beside me.

Finale: Chapter 3

group SkarlitKarson 2018-11-27

“Mine!” Miranda says and crawls out from under Aziza and goes on hands and knees to Paul, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking hard. When he opens his eyes he sees Miranda at the foot of the bed, Aziza’s dildo fucking her cunt as she watches the scene in front of her. Aziza’s muffled whimpers turn both Paul and Miranda on even more, and Paul watches as he lifts her up and down on his throbbing cock, her hands on Miranda’s waist for support as she laps at the wet cunt. Miranda leans her hands on the wall for support and Paul pounds Aziza’s cunt relentlessly, wanting to cum in her too.