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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Tub Reunion

group zleis 2018-08-28

"Hmm, sounds like a good time for a game of Truth or Dare," Tiffany smiled, the devilish gleam showing in her eye. She smiled smugly as her hand pumped his cock twice as Tiffany counted, "...29...30." Thuy let go and Rob slid back into the hot tub, visibly frustrated. "Well, I would like to see if the rumors are true about Asian pussies." Tiffany crossed over to Thuy and looked down at her crotch. "Don't be afraid to get a good look." As Tiffany leaned in a little closer, Thuy grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her face into her pussy. Tiffany walked to Rob's side and looked over to see the only other dick to touch my wife's pussy, besides my own.

True Story 1. Warren G Episode.

group Bud_Fugg 2018-08-28

"She just sucked my Dick." That's what i said when my friend, who looked like "Warren G" asked me what was up with Tab and I. The Warren G look-a-like dude was Black too, but he didnt really know Tabby like i did. She says, and i quote: "Yo, go downstairs for me, im bout to fuck this nigga." Me, in my militant, Malcolm X, Black Panther mentality, thought " did this bitch just call me a nigga when i told her numerous times not to call me that?" Later for that, I have a bigger battle to fight. So when me and Warren left and talked on the way home, we werent trippin, but he was really offended.

Sucking Off Paul &Bryon

group hotbeech 2018-08-28

I was feeling almost dizzy as I continued to suck faster on Bryon's cock head, with my long fingers stroking up and down his wet shaft, my other hand rubbing my clit through my bikini. Bryon looked down at me and said, "Let's take that off," as he pulled me up and off the chaise, making sure his hard cock stayed in my mouth by holding me up by the back of my head so I could keep sucking like a hungry babe. Paul would lick the length of my slit and suck my clit alternately as Bryon moaned to fuck my mouth all night long: both of them spurting cum on my face three times until the morning came.

A Chance Meeting at the Gym

group trevorb968 2018-08-28

All the time I was talking Charlie scanned my face and looked into my eyes; "Ok say that I believe that you haven't been told that, how do you know so much about me, we only met three or four minutes ago?" Charlie raised her head, her smile was radiant, as she told me, I seemed to understand, exactly how she was feeling and why; "All my girl friends tell me they know how I must be feeling, but they don't have a clue. Charlie took my arm and walked me to the front door, telling me the house was hers, her husband had signed it over to her, before she had even spoken to a Solicitor; "I think it assuaged his guilt, lets get inside it's starting to rain and it's quite cold."


Bi Fun

group jonny_jay 2018-08-28

Second or third email they sent was a photo of her bending over in a tight pearl beaded thong, her shave pussy glistening against the pearls and ass pressing against the fabric ...! Fuck ...I wanted to dive in straight away ...the picture of John equal hot, him laid on bed in tight white briefs with massive hard on, I remember his balls looking big smooth and hard and his knob curving off to the right....! I had said in one of the email that a fantasy was to taste a mans cock as it fucks a sweet pussy wanted to taste the mix of juices...!

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 03

group Ebolaone 2018-08-28

Connie went on to tell me how wet she'd become feeling the silky softness of her panties against her freshly waxed pussy. I stood there right in front of the mirror, my skirt up and my panties down around one ankle, watching as I fingered my bald little pussy. She pulled away after a few more thrusts of Dave's fingers and turned to me. Figuring that one good turn deserves another, I gently parted her ass cheeks and ran the tip of my middle finger over her tight little butt hole. Her hips were thrusting forward to meet my hand, she was getting wetter and wetter each time I plunged my fingers inside of her.

Stranger on a Strange Train

group Chicklet 2018-08-28

Holding my hands with his he pinned me against the cold wall, moving his lips over my skin to find my mouth, dragging a deep kiss from me who’s like I hadn’t felt since before we’d been married. “Close enough,” Chad said, moving his hand from my knee up my leg, lingering on my thigh before shifting its direction towards my pussy. “Seriously, Chad,” I said again, putting my hands on his and moving them slowly away from my private places. I promise, later.” Half to my surprise and another half to my disappointment, Chad stopped touching my thighs and moved his hand away from me. “Just do it, baby,” Chad said, and with that he began to unbutton my pants and pull them down my legs.

My Cum Swallowing Gang Bang

group oddtastes 2018-08-28

with his cum like put it in a glass and drink it. beg him to cum in my mouth while he was fucking me. my mouth and let me swallow his cum. I did what he said and I felt the warm cum inside me ooze out of my wet fucking me senseless and me begging for cum in my mouth. that tapes like those would be very hot and a lot of guys would jerk lot of oral sex, no anal, and I liked to swallow cum especially after this time the video tape was rolling and I let the guys all get a feel When the first guy put his cock in my mouth it felt like I was sucking

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll

group Big Gunz 2018-08-28

Her head already spinning from the quick dose of liquor and pot, she was just getting her focus when she spotted Jake, the good-looking unkempt bass player who invited her to the party stumbling out of one of the other rooms along with Mason, the lead guitarist, and a couple of cheap, coked-out looking girls. He pulled her body tight against his as they aggressively made out, his free hand quickly finding its way to the deep cut shirt that allowed him easy access to her magnificent breasts. She felt his hands on her shoulders, guiding her back up to the table, and by the time she opened her eyes, her face was back leaning over the mirror, his hand positioning the roll in front of her left nostril.


My First Gangbang

group master3105 2018-08-28

Maybe it was because nice girls don't do such things or maybe it was because it was just so dirty, exciting, and adventurous, but I have these ongoing images of sucking a lot of cocks, and having my mouth, ass and pussy filled with cum. This went on for what seemed like hours, taking cock after cock into my mouth and pussy until finally, I received the cum that I so desperately wanted. Whoever it was used the cum dripping from my pussy to lube my ass before he slid his cock in and started pumping. The men started alternating between fucking my ass and pussy while I also sucked cock and they filled me with load after load of cum.

Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 04

group noody2005 2018-08-28

We found a bar and soon were enjoying each others company and found an affinity growing between us but then a loud mob entered and it began to get unbearable "I think I know somewhere a bit quieter and maybe you would find it to your liking." Sean said with a knowing smile. Don't forget" he said reaching under the table running his hand up my leg until it rested over my rapidly growing cock "I see I'm going to have problems concentrating this morning after feeling this" he said squeezing my straining erection before getting up and leaving.

The Hotel

group stockspark 2018-08-28

An hour later and in she breezed looking absolutely stunning, he had never seen her looking so sexy and stunningly confident before, her nails perfectly manicured from earlier in the day and a lovely scarlet red to match her full luscious red lips, the beautifully dark eyes look around for me as her flame red hair frames her face perfectly, his eyes were drawn down her neck to the start of a see through top, the tops of her breast just peeking up above her baby doll underwear, below that is a knee length skirt with a zipped side slit which at present is just slightly opened up, below that is black stockings, how did he know that, he was the one who'd packed everything and there was certainly no tights in there.


A Birthday Present Goes Awry

group sexygirl76 2018-08-28

Anthony lifted his head from her pussy and gasped as he saw Brittany with Marcus's cock sticking out of her mouth. Brittany took her mouth off of Marcus's cock long enough to look at Anthony. Brittany moaned deeply around Marcus's cock as she felt Anthony slowly push into her. Marcus was at the little bitch's face, with his cock driving hard into her mouth while Anthony was pounding her pussy. He let out a howl as he gripped Brittany's face hard and drove his cock deep into her mouth, making her swallow his hot cum. Anthony dropped into a chair as he watched Marcus pound Brittany's pussy with his hard cock.


Fun at the Cabin

group Elixxxher 2018-08-28

Her uncle had started the construction early the previous year, and although Jess had visited a couple of times last summer, it hadn't been ready yet, so she and her college boyfriend had stayed over at the original cottage instead. "Yeah, sorry to bother you, but your uncle told me to see his niece Jess about getting the key for the guest cottage." Josh smiled sheepishly "Since you're the only one around here, I figured that'd be you." They chatted for a few minutes about their plans for the coming weekend, and Josh explained about his trouble with his original cottage rental and finally how lucky he was in securing her uncle's place.


It's My Birthday

group CLB 2018-08-28

I began giving her the same type of oral work I usually give to my wife, and it didn’t take long before I had her squirming and moaning loudly on my face. While Jane was enjoying her orgasm, my wife continued to ride my cock, grinding harder and harder with every passing moment. With my tongue still working on Jane’s pussy they embraced in another long, deep kiss, enjoying the sensual feelings in the afterglow of their orgasms. My wife’s orgasm, along with this very tight, wet, wonderful pussy pounding back at me and the moans of pleasure coming from deep within Jane’s body were about to send me over the edge.

Whatever You Want, Tonight

group Wakawaka111 2018-08-28

As the room slowly started to become presentable, Miles walked through the front door with his hands full of grocery bags. While Miles started a game of beer pong with a few of the guys, Rose talked away with everyone else. Liam had been Miles best friend for years, and even though they didn't see each other much anymore they always picked up right where they left off, joking and taking jabs at each other. It helped that Rose and Liam became friends fast when Miles had started dating her, unlike his other girlfriends. When the door shut, Rose reached down and grabbed his cock through his shorts and slurred in his ear, "Come on, I want it hard tonight."

Dirty Susan

group geronimo_appleby 2018-08-28

Stephanie sipped her wine and winced internally as the same old refrain went through her head: he cheats on you with a girl fifteen years younger than him; you let him get away with it; you let him walk all over you; he's the one with the problem, he has to fuck a twenty-one year old to make himself feel good; you're too good for him; you've got so much going for you; look at the weight you've lost; you've been killing yourself at the gym and look at you now; you've got looks, money, all you need is some gumption...


Sexy s****rs and Mom 2

group seanhi5 2018-08-28

I silenced her scream with a long kiss and she ran her hands through my hair as she slowly began moving her hips moaning in delight when her clit rubbed against my crotch. "You dad didn't leave me Andy...he...he broke his neck during a boxing match...when I saw you out there you looked just like him....the way you move...I can't have you boxing anymore..." My mom said tiredly "I don't care if you are mad at me or hate for what I am making you do but you are not boxing..." I ran my hands through her soft hair and smacked her plump ass, moaning into her mouth as my cock came in contact with her hot cunt.


group Grey Eagle 286 2018-08-28

With that he pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply, his tongue slipping between my lips, his hands were caressing me as they ran all over my body. The lad was a damned octopus, he had a mouth on one nipple and a finger exploring my dripping pussy, and another finger rubbing gently at my asshole, another hand kneaded the breast he was sucking, his other lips closed around my other nipple, sucked for a moment then butterfly kissed it's way to my lips. I felt like it lasted for at least half an hour before he pulled out and jumped up over me to place the soft, wet, hot head of his huge cock against my lips.


At the Biker Bar Ch. 01

group Thecoffeeprincess 2018-08-28

I opened my legs and watched his eyes bulge as he took in the sight of my bare open pussy, I was sure he could see and smell the arousal starting to become evident on my pussy lips. Two fingers pushed inside me, he started fucking me hard with them, making my knees buckle. I felt large drop of hot wetness splattering onto my shoulder, I looked up, just in time to be hit across the face with another spurt of cum. He took my chin in his other hand and carefully kissed my waiting mouth, I moaned as he softly licked my lips open to delve inside.

Friday Night Ch. 01

group Benny024 2018-08-28

Instead of walking down the main aisle, the couple veered a few to the left and stopped up against the walled railing. Her escort turned back around, but she continued to look at me with those lively blue eyes as I slowly extended my hand towards her butt. I gazed intently on her inviting pink anus and pussy lips, before raising my face and directly placing it between her buttocks. I pushed my rock hard cock between her legs and then between her buttocks before I slipped it into her soaked pussy. Knowing that I would not be pleasuring her anus, I reared back, held her hips tightly, and began plunging my cock into her pussy as deep as I could.

Teacher's Pet

group jack_straw 2018-08-28

She had come there fresh out of college to fill an opening for a senior English teacher at the high school, and she had also been assigned the advanced class for honors students. She knew that a young female teacher in a high school setting was ripe for accusations of improper contact with students, so she always dressed very conservatively, she rarely wore more than basic makeup and she was never seen without her glasses. Early in her sophomore year, not long after he'd easily seduced her, this professor had invited Nell to go with him to a very exclusive, very private sex club.



group jim313 2018-08-28

"Open your mouth darling, I want to feed you something delicious that you're going to grow to love." he said to him as he continued pushing the head of his huge organ against his lips. As he watched her suck his organ, one of the other guys got up and straddled his chest and pushed his thick cock head against his mouth and told him to open it and start sucking him just like he did Carl. The redhead was still riding his cock and when she saw the guy get off his face, she announced that she wanted to cum while face fucking him so she lifted herself off his erection and moved up to his chest and lowered her wet cunt to his mouth and told him to suck each part that she fed him.


Nathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 03

group Dallas_X 2018-08-28

Catherine flashed Samara a sly grin, before reaching for the Nathan Stokes model dildo her wife had brought along for their special night. "These girls are good," Samara grinned, watching the action on TV while gently moving the plastic dildo in and out of Catherine in time with Nathans thrusts. Their tongues entwined just in time as Trish, Viv and Jenny came together for a threeway kiss on the screen, Nathans enormous load of cum dripping down their bodies as they struggled to suck and lick it all up. "He's going to pass his alpha genes onto our offspring," Samara mused, kissing her way slowly back down Catherines firm body and resting her mouth against her clit.