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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Abbey's First Gangbang

group J the storyteller 2018-08-28

Immediately all ten young boys crowded around her and twenty hands started washing her – mainly her breasts, ass, thighs and her pussy. Abbey's hands reached out and slowly touched each cock, played with each prick, made each boy moan. Abbey started cumming when the next young boy sent his load into her mouth and she swallowed again. She enjoyed the sight as the ten young boys started playing with their cocks and as one after another came once again and ten loads of young, fresh cum landed on her black bush of pubes, on her belly, her breasts and her face.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 12

group thewhitestripe 2018-08-28

do you want me to speak with her?" Vanessa said, reaching over and touching my arm just above my elbow, looking at me sympathetically. What were you talking about?" said Nat, pretending not to notice that both Vanessa and I were staring at her bulging bust. Wow, Nat. I hope you don't mind me telling you that that's a huge turn-on," I said, feeling her hand squeeze me firmly at the base of my cock. "That's what I thought," said Nat smugly as her hand slowly slid up my shaft to my cock head, squeezing it firmly before slowly stroking back down my length. "I bet you're getting an erection right now," said Nat, sitting up again, pretending to reach for my crotch, looking into the bubbly water, giggling.


Threesome on the River

group hotorangecouple 2018-08-28

And she says, "well, I ain't putting it on." So, I look at my buddy and tell her, good thing I brought an expert sunblock applyer. After a couple of minutes with her legs on my buddy's shoulders (sexiest fucking legs), she leans up and takes down his trunks and starts sucking his cock. We went to a bar that night and then to my buddy's condo where I took her top off, we went to his room and she started sucking his cock, then laid on her back spread her legs and asked to be fucked like she wanted it out on the river. After that, I went into the lake to wash off and they started fucking right there on the boat cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, he didn't hold out too long.

The Story

group sluggodlux 2018-08-28

"I know Bill has the 'hots' for your wife," said Rita, "He comes home from work with cum stains in his shorts and I know they are from staring at her during the day." She looked at the three of us standing there and the red faces on Penny and Rita and said, "I think I know what's been going on in here. "Karen and Dan are agreeable," I said, "And I'd like to start the party off by telling you all a story about 'my first time'." Karen was reaching down into Penny's husband's robe and Dan was opening Rita's robe to expose her massive breasts but they were all listening avidly.)


First Time With Others

group hanibal 2018-08-28

Anne did not return for about 5 minutes, she sat down next to me “Our friends have gone” I whispered “looks like we will have to watch the film instead”, “They haven’t gone” she replied “I have just been listening to them shagging in the next cubicle for the last 5 minutes, made me randy as hell, I need to come really badly “, she reached over, slipped her panties in my shirt pocket and after a quick look round pulled her dress up over her bottom. Her right hand was on the arm of the chair, the fingers were only inches from my thigh, I turned back to Anne and moved my left leg as close as I could without being too obvious, I could feel our knees lightly touch, she didn’t move away, so I left it there.


E. R. Abduction Ch. 3

group Guitman69 2018-08-28

Squeezing them together, she started to move up and down, licking the head of my dick as she came down. Sara came in a few minutes later, just as my dick had started to soften. Sara straddled my face and Judy went to work on my cock. After a few passes over Judy's swollen pussy, Sara regained her composure and started to swallow my cock. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth like Sara was doing to me and I felt Judy start to tense up. Her legs crushed the side of my head when I took her clit into my mouth and started to hum and lick it.

Cee Cee Ch. 4

group Obaki 2018-08-28

I couldn't figure out why my son had such a funny look on his face till it dawned on me that both his girl friend Cee Cee and I were naked and she was asleep next to me with my cock was still firmly planted in her ass… Without missing a beat Cee Cee said, "That's a dumb question since your dads big fat cock was still in my ass when you woke us up and I've got a river of his cum running down my legs. This gave me time to sit back and watch as my son began to piston his cock into Cee Cee's waiting mouth.

Naked Oil Wrestling

group FerdGerfel 2018-08-28

"Nicole wouldn't stop talking about buying a kiddie pool and wrestling," Alice said, "So eventually I just told her let's do it." "We thought about just wearing bikinis," Nicole said, "But we saw a video where the women started out in t-shirts instead and ripped them off of each other, and we both decided that was what we wanted to do." Nicole glanced at Alice, who was also staring at Nicole's C cup breasts straining against her t-shirt. As I came back to my senses I was aware that Nicole had gone over the edge as well, she was gasping and bucking her hips against Alice's breast, her hands kneading her own breasts and pulling at her nipples as she orgasmed.


The First Time

group AlanP 2018-08-28

Sandri stood up and lifted her mouth to meet mine, while I stroked Rose's exciting ass, pulled up her gown and slid my hand between her thighs from behind to sink a finger into her wet cunt. In that instant I thought back to the times I went down on Rose, and I could see before me her clit, big and beautiful, hiding in the folds of her cunt lips, glistening with pussy juice which tasted like ambrosia and made my cock hard and throbbing. Sandri was kissing her and I guided my raging cock into Rose's wet hole, feeling the familiar grip of her cunt as she held me inside her.


Aging Gracefully

group techsan 2018-08-28

Thus it was that one day I was perusing the Amateur Pic Feedback thread called, "Tits of the Mature Lady!" Well, that was like waving a red cape in front of an angered bull … except that my emotion was lust instead of anger. Although milkjug did not post many times, other mature women joined the thread, adding pictures of their breasts to those of the originator. Actually having the women wrestling over me had been even more of a turn-on because, for the first time, I got to put my hands on them, on smooth bare backs, on soft swinging tits, even on clothed legs. I saw Copper turn and stare at Martini's hand, which carefully pinched a bit of the waistband of my shorts and began to pull downward slowly.


Time Together

group gentlehand 2018-08-28

and my tongue moving from a gentle caress of the slick lips in front of me, to flatten over that beautiful nub of a clit - on top of the hood - just enough to be felt. I flatten my hands and push against her taut tummy, letting my fingertips feather caress the bottom of those beautiful nipples - tight, crisp, pointing to the sky. With moans and tears and deep gasping breaths, Colleen cries her orgasm into Sara's pussy. I kiss my beloved deeply, whispering, "Je t'aime, mon amour..." Sara smiles, putting her lips to my ear, moans, "And I, you... Sara's hips rocking against my thigh, Coll's nipple between my lips, my cock rubbing and expanding her pussy...

A Second Chance at a First Time Ch. 01

group Confidential 2018-08-28

"Yea baby, let me know what Lisa does better going down on you so you can help me improve my cock sucking skills," Lauren started as she and Lisa crawled toward Travis with drunken lust painted in their eyes. Lauren stopped briefly to lick her hands and continued to jack his dick; Travis loved getting sloppy, wet, drunken blow jobs from Lauren – she was his dirty porn star when she was drinking. Travis could no longer contain his gentleness; he grabbed the back of Lisa's head and began to violently fuck her face as Lauren continuously thrusted Lisa's pussy back and forth with her fingers.

83% mff

Dirtyslut Stories...

group dysfunctionaldreams 2018-08-28

The elevator came to a stop on the twelfth floor and when the doors opened, a young couple stood frozen at the shocking site before them as the two tall girls and the half-naked one exited the elevator, Bella pulling Dirty out by her hand. She focused on the keeping her mouth open for her host as he slowed down to let Dirty do the work on his cock and she obliged by circling the head with her tongue, then pulling back to move her head down to lick and suck his balls. Boris continued to fuck her as she stared at the laptop and asked him to do it hard, hearing Goddess' loud panting in front of her as her sopping pussy got double attention from Bella and her host.

South East Xavier University

group Sco 2018-08-28

So I'm banging Sophie in her ass, and all the time she keeps moaning that she is a filthy slut and worthless whore and wants me to fuck her as such. The guy did as he was told and after a little piss cleaning from Sophie's tongue, the guy's cock got hard in her mouth. Sophie, like the experienced cum slut that she is, didn't miss a drop and swallowed this guy's entire load. The guy zipped up and left the bathroom, leaving me with my cock buried in Sophie's ass. People acknowledged that there was a naked hot chick in the hallway with cum on her face, but continued walking to their next class.


group wordsmith 2018-08-28

I arrived to find that Sherry had recruited the pretty Asian girl to apply more oil to her legs. We got in the elevator, both girls still naked and by the time we got to my floor, I had Lani sitting on my cock, legs around my waist, while Sherry sucked he nipples. I was fucking Lani's tight pussy with slow strokes, as Sherry straddled her face and Lani licked her pussy and nibbled on her clit. We rolled over so that Lani was sitting on my face, grinding into me, and Sherry climbed onto my cock. I put my recovered erection in Sherry's hot mouth and then move around to fuck Lani's pussy again. Meanwhile, Sherry had started to finger fuck my ass also.

The Study Group

group espeteroh 2018-08-28

There was Jack, the thesis guru, Lisa, the rich party girl who claimed her father was going to let her retire upon graduation, Henry, group nerd and social outcast but expert grammarian, Caren and Stacy, like me an average students trying to get by their finals, and of course me. "Oh come on," Caren chided, "What have you got to do that's so important that you can't spend a little time with your best friends?" It hadn't been so long ago that I would have challenged the best friends statement but as things had gone that year they truly were my best friends at college.

Secretarial Duties 2 - Party with the Boss

group jwpa17 2018-08-28

Johnson's cock was larger than Krushank's and Patricia was totally absorbed in the incredible sensation of this hot, hard cock pushing into her and pulling almost completely out. I'm going to cum!” Johnson called out, and pulled Patricia's hips hard, forcing his cock even deeper into her pussy. Patricia was only dimly aware of Johnson's cock throbbing inside her because she was busy swallowing the copious amounts of cum Large Man was spewing into her mouth. Patricia felt hands pulling at her, pulling her away from Reynolds' delightful cock, pulling her onto the couch atop him. The sensations – cocks in her pussy and ass, cum on her face, Large Man masturbating inches away, and those painfully delightful slaps – together pushed Patricia over the edge.

The Day After

group Visitor35A 2018-08-28

By the time we got to dessert, the orgy really kicked off, with Veronica mounting me, the butler mounting Nicola and Dave eating out Zoey who sat on the table in front of him and spread her legs lewdly. "Lick me Zoey, please lick me … that fucking teaser won't touch my clit and I need to cum right now … go down on me girl, go down and suck on my clitty" Nicola begged. Zoey continued to lick and slobber over Nicola's dripping pussy and I continued to fuck her doggy style. My cock was really throbbing by now and, since I had just cum inside her eldest daughter, Nicola, I knew I was going to last with this fuck.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 105

group SteveWallace 2018-08-28

Skye's mother Sheri eventually was coerced into being part of our parties and family gatherings at the end of the summer, although she chaffed at the idea of the orgy parties and skipped those. The next morning, Skye informed me that Sheri was fully integrated into the ways and mores of the family, and that she wanted to attend the parties, participate openly with the sex, and become a close friend with everyone she'd come in contact with. I know we have a large family, but what if it got larger by adding in the Winters and the Brookes: Darby, Frank, Joyce, Jack, Sheri, Josh, and Skye.


Helping Hand

group cside 2018-08-28

Tessa retreated to the bathroom and ran a bath while Victoria prepared the coffee. Victoria came to me quite in awe and said that while she new that had noticed that Tessa had a good shape, she never quite expected to see such a lovely body in the bath. I volunteered the bath to Victoria and she said that I should go ahead and run the water while she finished her coffee and spoke to Tessa. Victoria was not a big alcohol consumer, but said that she would like an Irish Coffee to relax her and asked Tessa if she would like one, and she accepted. Tessa pulled away and climbed on top of Victoria, kissing her all over and then moving down to her pubic area.

Letters to Nicole 15

group derek33 2018-08-28

my horny little bitch, you want a hard dick in here?" I squeezed her pussy roughly for emphasis and Megan jumped in my hands. Megan shivered as my fingers squeezed her boob, but she grinned right back at Cee and said, "Maybe...he does have a pretty nice ass, and I seem to remember his cock wasn't bad either." "By the way...did I ever tell you that Megs and I fucked and sucked each other silly about three weeks ago?" Just to emphasize this point, I pulled my fingers out of Megan's pussy, leering at him before sucking them into my mouth. I couldn't answer that directly, Nicole, I was too busy thinking about what Cee's tongue would feel like on my ass.


Pleasing Marian

group sr71plt 2018-08-28

And as much as she had enjoyed this afternoon, this cruise—and its special entertainment for anyone holding a maroon room key card—we had already finished what we had come to the Near East for—or at least that was what Marian thought, which was why she hadn't been all that enthusiastic about taking this cruise; she thought she'd been taken to the highest plateau in Dubai. After the Hispanic had ejaculated and Marian experienced a second orgasm as I slowly pumped her ass, I gently laid her over to the side on the bed and let her watch as I worked my knees under the Hispanic's buttocks and spread his legs and fucked the Hispanic to my own release.


Come As You Bizarre

group akfetish 2018-08-28

William admired my body for a brief moment, then, sliding his hands gently down my sides, he got on his knees and pulled my pussy to his mouth. When her orgasm finally ended she pulled William on top of her and said, "I want you to get that big, fat cock inside me and FUCK ME!" She looked at me. "And I want you to sit on my face so I can suck your pussy!" We were in no condition to argue (why would we have wanted to?) to I straddled Sophie's face while William moved to plunge his cock into her moist, tight cunt once again.

The Screen Door Slammed

group StiffClit 2018-08-28

Miles and Ada had been down at the local roadhouse for the better part of the night raising hell with their buddies in the usual way; multiple beers and shots and endless games of pool. Miles loved the way Ada looked; she was strong, her breasts were just a little more than a handful and she had a big hairy bush he couldn't keep out of. Miles was grinding his hips now, pumping his rock hard dick in and out of Ada's mouth, his fingers clutching at the bed sheets. Ada, wanting to tease him, wiggled her ass and pulled up a bit, now just out of reach of Miles' darting tongue.