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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anything, You Said Pt. 02

group PrincePaul 2018-08-28

Like a dog he climbs on the bed straight behind you and immediately spreads your arse cheeks and starts working his tongue all over your tiny little hole. As continues alternating between the strangers pussy and your mouth, the door opens again, this time a group of young guys come in. One of the boys starts to buck in your pussy and tells the room he's cumming. His foreskin pushed forward, he pops the head of his cock in your arse and starts pumping with little regard. You've not finished bucking and the boy has already heartlessly jerked his cock from your arse and is looking inside it with his friends.

Two Firsts for Jill

group Bakeboss 2018-08-28

That night when Joe got home, we discussed it and he wanted to try it right away but I refused. Joe came home from work the next day and said he had an idea, he asked if I would listen with an open mind. Joe came almost as soon as he said that, and it got me wondering if I could handle both men at the same time. The next day Joe called me from work saying it was a go and both he and Carry wanted to try it that night. I felt like a sexual princess satisfying two men at the same time and as I felt Joe empty inside me, I felt Carry's balls tense and release.

Master makes his new sub his slut

group 2018-08-28

All eyes watch as i slowly slide the end inside myself, throwing back my head and long raven hair with a moan as i grind on all 7 inches of the glass cock. I watch you watching me and them too and become increasingly excited when you stand before me pushing a guy to the floor to suck your lovely cock now hard and exposed again. They other men don't need any more encouragement and start to move closer to us both and it doesn't take long for the first to start wanking his cock close to my face then you speak "Now then guys know my rules... When i seem to hesitate too long for your liking you pull my hair so my head is pulled back and lean in close looking into my eyes.

Housemaid's Story

group BTH2406 2018-08-28

“You know he won’t sunbathe around the pool because he gets embarrassed when the girls look at the monstrous bulge between his legs.” I didn’t have any idea what ‘the party trick’ was, but Wendy continued to rib him, and she was very funny while doing this – I couldn’t help but laugh. Wendy looked at me and said, “You’ll love it – come on Brad let it go!” He continued to look at me while he masturbated, then he pulled his hand away and looked down at his throbbing monster. Wendy mopped up the floor, then moved over to Brad, pushed his hand away and lowered her mouth over his cock.


I'm Going to Need Some Help

group PantyPlay 2018-08-28

I saw Rob probing with more fingers but sort of lost track of what was going on as Shannon deep-throated my cock for the first time in years. It took a minute, but soon Shannon and Rob had a motion that let her fuck herself on both cocks at once. I got up into a kneeling position over Jerry's head and fed my cock into my wife's desperate mouth. I sat on the bed, tweaking Shannon's breasts and stroking my cock, nearing my own third orgasm. She was stuffed with big cocks inside her pussy and her ass and held onto Lyle's staff almost to steady herself. I saw Rob grunt, pull out his cock and pour streams of cum all over Shannon's ass and lower back.

The Office

group tinkerbell1369 2018-08-28

I did get some work done but after a little while I could hear noises coming from the boardroom that didn’t sound like gaming of any sort. I was glad I wore a skirt that day because I was able to start rubbing myself through my panties as I watch the guys getting off. The guys fucking my tits was getting close to coming I could tell I took the tip in my mouth the best I could and sucked it while licking the very tip. One of them kissed me the other two start licking sucking and playing with my breasts and the one between my legs sped up all four wanting me to come.


group ninian 2018-08-28

He laughed and said he was glad he could help, but he knew what she looked like when she was heavy and wanted her then, too. They stood there close together, barely touching, he smiled down at her and whispered "Precious, I love you, but this night has to end here, we will meet again, I promise." Feeling the soft fur closing around each ankle, she moaned softly, then she spread her arms wide, grasping each chain at the head of the bed. He loved watching her reading the anticipation and slight fear of his next actions, but this would be much better with a blindfold so he tied one around her head, whispering softly in her ear that he was proud of his slut.


The Young Actor Likes... Ch. 03

group MiamiCuban 2018-08-28

Manning owns an estate home in Miami Beach, a Jag, a Mercedes, a customized van, a stunning trophy wife named Denise and a sizable stock portfolio that holds its own even in a bad economy, for his investments are all in public utilities and carefully selected high technology shares. Point is that Manning has been a film and theater producer for seven or eight years and has never made a dime in the industry and has in fact, lost tens of thousands in his investments, but he does not care; he is acting out a fantasy life, playing a role.


The Considerate Wife

group schilders74 2018-08-27

He decided he didn't care and just enjoyed her hands massaging his cheeks and enjoying it even more when her fingers barely went between his ass cheeks and lightly grazed his balls. Brandi moved around to his head to massage his chest, while Tammi continued working on his arm. The entire time his face couldn't decide if he'd rather have those tits in his face or smell that wet pussy and Tammi was basically stroking herself with the help of his hands --though he hadn't moved a muscle. Brandi would slow down for moments and do a slow grind and kiss Tammi before acting like the energizer bunny going up and down on his dick again.

Brenda's Discovery

group RomanCEisdead2 2018-08-27

She wanted to do it, but didn't think she should, so she took her hand away and turned to face the jets of water coming from the shower head. Brenda had let her hands fall to her sides as the men played with her, but now John took hold of her left and guided it to his crotch where, to her surprise and delight, she felt his naked dick. When the door closed Brenda felt male hands roaming over her body, stroking, touching, pinching, and kneading. Her clothes seemed to simply fall away as she stood between the two men, until she was left dressed only in her stockings, suspenders and high heels.


Undercover Fluffer

group cahab 2018-08-27

The two naked cameramen went over to her first, taking long, sweeping shots of her ass and pussy and her smiling face, and then the first of the men went over and plunged his cock into her mouth. One of the other girls came and began to suck cock next to me, her actions mirroring mine, and we glanced at each other and allowed ourselves a slight smile. The girl who had been sucking cock next to me caught on to what I was doing and as her client left her she went down on my open cunt, bowing low with one of her hands opening her own pussy to the guy's view.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 02

group Silverfox0551 2018-08-27

"I guess those people never sleep?" Mike replied, moving his hands up and cupping both of Terri's heavy breasts as they keep an eye on the couple next door. "It is kind of exciting to watch someone else!" Terri replied, bumping her rear end backwards, and wiggling her tailbone against Mike's naked prick as they focused their attention on the loving couple next door. They both watched as the girl's hand gripped the hard cock between them and began stroking faster and faster on the male shaft causing it to grow harder with each jerk. "He sure knew how to make her happy," Mike said as he watched the guys' hips moving from side to side thrusting inside her fiery red pussy.


group Threesheets 2018-08-27

Moving his hands to caress my whole body, he cupped my breasts and gently pinched the nipples until they became harder than when I walked in. Taking a nice sized cock about 6" in length with a slight curve upwards in my hand, I gently kissed the tip, teasing it with my tongue. Once the dick in my mouth was finished, I pulled my head back and pulling the two in my hands toward my mouth I continued jacking them off. Quickly jacking them off I put the heads of their dicks together so I could put them both at my open mouth, as they too came. A huge dick in my pussy, another in my ass and a mouth full of cum.

Jessica On A Saturday Night

group taurents 2018-08-27

As he watched her walking from the car her hips making the skirt sway from side to side Steve felt a complex mix of emotions, Some time in the next few hours someone else's fingers would be exploring parts of her body which till now had been his own private playground, knowing this left him incredibly excited and it also filled him with fear. She saw Steve and making sure that Tom would not be able to see them she walked over to him "I love you Darling" she said kissing him " Will you look after this for me?" she placed something in his hand it was warm and slightly moist He looked down at her white thong.

Marriage into a Fun f****y

group deeptisharma 2018-08-27

I saw the room and everyone was already up and gone ( been a sunday i expected everyone to be in hall ) it was 7.30am and i was about to get up when bhabhi came into room to my surprise she was still naked … how can she go out naked … i said in my mind … and Shahid entered the room too … he gave me a good morning kiss and told me to come out … I told her don’t u see everyone naked here there is no privacy here i have sex knowing everyone in room is watching she was really sorry for my condition i cursed her a lot of marrying my father in law to which she told me that he use to come in night and just sl**p for a week then he started to seduce her and got her ..

The Saga of Mercedes Ch. 03

group titosores 2018-08-27

Taking her hand and looking into her beautiful blue eyes that were twinkling with excitement, I answered, "Mercedes, I would love you to be real bad and want you to do whatever you desire tonight. Then the other guy jumped in the back seat of the truck to get a look, smiled and yelled, "How about seeing that fucking cunt too?" He smiled and took Mercedes hand, kissed it and said, "I hope you come back for another game when you are done with your entertainment gig." As Mercedes was walking ahead of me, the tall Asian grabbed my arm and said, "So how much to fuck your whore."


The Table by the Window Ch. 02

group Aswrite03 2018-08-27

"Or maybe you should do something that you'll actually enjoy and that doesn't force you to wear clothes from the 1800's." Abel pulled his phone out of his pocket, tapping on it rapidly while Sarah rolled her eyes. At Joseph's shaky voiced instruction, Sarah turned around, felt more than heard the low sigh that passed through Abel's lips. It took longer to pull the ribbon free from the next few sets of eyelets, and by the time Joseph had Abel stop, Sarah was biting her lip to keep from sighing. When Abel pulled the ribbon through one last time, Sarah felt the silk and lace fall away, leaving her bare from the waist up.


Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.3- The Chopra c

group sidhorny22 2018-08-27

Thinking about her I got a hard erection and I took off my pants and boxers and started masturbating my 12 inch long 3 inch thick cock and in 20 minutes came with my whole load drenching me. She came towards me and put my cock in her pussy and sat on my thighs and started riding me and as she rode me she started moaning loudly and played with her nipples making them erect. After 15 minutes she dismounted from my cock and started rubbing her pussy hard and told Parineeti to come near her pussy and Priyanka started squirting her juice into Parineeti's mouth. Parineeti too came near Priyanka's pussy which I was licking and joined me in the process making Priyanka moan louder and in 5 minutes Priyanka squirted her load into our mouths.

The Strip Club

group summaswine 2018-08-27

Every once in a while, Steven would whisper something illicit in my ear, "Marci, are you getting wet knowing that these men want you?" or "Would you like her to dance for you, Marci?" If I had panties on, they'd be drenched, but panties weren't allowed today. You wanted to see how those milky breasts tastes like and suck on those perfectly formed nipples." Steven was right as he tortured me with his words. Joe naturally grabbed my head and pulled my hair saying things like "that's it, bitch, take it deep," or "god yes, what a hot mouth." I kept sucking and he was enjoying it – not letting go of his control.


A Hot Evening Pt 4

group heplin 2018-08-27

Liv was staring entranced as I penetrated her lover and then her finger reached out to smear the bead of my oozing around the puckered rim of Stella's arse. Liv and I's mouths met in a passionate kiss and I cupped one of her tiny tits, feeling the nipple rasp on my palm and with my other hand grasped her hot, firm butt. Fingers explored slick tight holes as my engorged prick sought its way ever deeper into Stella's cunt. Liv skewered her finger deep into Stella's arse as her lover gasped and shook. Whereas Stella's cunt was once more gripping my cock much tighter than Liv's had her rectum felt much looser to my probing finger than Liv's arse.

The Gift Ch. 03

group bunnywolf 2018-08-27

He grunts a little more as I tilt my head and start to allow more of his big dick inside my mouth. My entire hand is wet as I finger myself while Scott fucks my mouth. As I think of Scott coming in my throat, I begin to feel my cunt explode with orgasm. I quickly pull away from Scott's hungry mouth and shout, "I'm gonna come baby!" I'm fucking coming!" I shout, arching my back against Scott and pushing your face deeper into my cunt. I groaned and turned to face Scott, looking in to his sweet eyes and kissing him. "You wanna tear up this pussy now?" I ask, grinding forward on Scott's still rock-hard cock.

We Three Kings

group burningdog 2018-08-27

Zach told us about a local chick he'd been corresponding with by the name of Darla who told him that she had a thing for men in uniform, and that he should look her up when he got back. Pedro took position in front of Darla and bent his knees slightly, his hard 8-incher waving in front of her face. Pedro had had his turn with Darla's mouth, so I ordered him to step aside, since I was still pissed about the bottle of Cuervo Gold he stole from me. Zach and I nodded to each other before setting our beers down and putting Darla back on her hands and knees. Pedro stroked off while Zach and I fucked Darla to explosive orgasms.


Catriona's Sacrifice

group nrjhnsn 2018-08-27

Let the celebration commence so that we may once more please our goddess and prosper!" This time the cheer from the crowd was deafening when the Laird moved behind Cat and removed her cloak. While One continued to lick her ass, Cat struggled to take Three's large cock fully into her mouth. Cat felt Three's cock harden impossibly more, growing slightly in her mouth and she knew he was getting ready to come. She continued to wildly thrust her ass back at One. Cat pulled her mouth away from Two and groaned. Even though Two was staying still inside her for now, the feeling of One's cock rubbing against Two's through just a thin piece of skin was so arousing that Cat felt her womb tightening, begging to come.


Dinner for Three

group taleserotic 2018-08-27

Lindsay was kneeling on my little bed, up on her hands, her long hair hanging down, as Tom moved in and out of her from behind. Tom turned and took Lindsay in his arms, drawing her up onto her toes to kiss her, his hands moving over her body as the kiss deepened. As my fingers brought her panties down her thighs, I pressed my tongue to her sex, licking, slowly, with long broad laps as she held Tom in her arms and kissed him. Lifting my dress past my hips, I crossed my arms and slipped it off, laying it over the other desk chair as my eyes flew back to Lindsay and Tom.