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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jen & Lisa

group Interval 2018-08-27

Jen told me to ask if you approve.” Playing along with Jen’s little game I take the girls panties and bury my face in them, exaggerating as I inhale. Do me baby.” Jen slides into Lisa and slowly begins to feed the dildo into the wet and waiting pussy. Lisa takes my cock back in her mouth as Jen slowly, almost delicately, begins to fuck her hot blonde box. My orgasm subsides and I slowly fuck Lisa while enjoying the sensation of Jen licking and lapping my balls. Sleepily, I walked into the kitchen and saw Lisa fucking Jen on the kitchen table with strap on, two untouched cups of coffee sloshing onto the tablecloth.

Unexpected Fitting

group MadamSerenity 2018-08-27

Realising that Miranda was on the verge of cumming, Katie slammed two fingers into her gaping hole and quickly began to fill Miranda's pussy as her tongue continued to circle her clit. Miranda went wild with the extra pleasure the third finger provided and began to scream with delight, bucking her hips out of control until finally her pussy lips clamped around Katie's three fingers as she orgasmed. Katie -- still fully clothed -- reached down and began unzipping Tyson's work shorts, Miranda could tell through his briefs that he was definitely excited by the situation. Miranda crawled under Katie and began to flick her clit with her tongue as Tyson continued to fuck her.

Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 1

group nawty48 2018-08-27

Believing that the redhead likes their advances, the whore tugs Sandy's dress off her sunburned shoulders and hastily removes her sweat-soaked bra. The black cock pumping in and out of the pussy swells too, and the whore grins hearing the balls rhythmically slap against the redhead's crotch. With the redhead now in a perfect position for ogling, the hooker throws a white thigh over her shoulder and sucks red pussy with open eyes. The moment I laid eyes on your gorgeous curves I wanted to drop to my knees and drain your cunt right on the fucking sidewalk!" Since actions speak louder than words, Sandy traps the whore's clit in her bush-battered lips and pleasures it with a long chain of noisy sucks.


Pussy-Licker: See Emily Play

group tristantrotsky 2018-08-27

Somewhere in his dishevelled mass of lank greasy hair he's got to be wincing in pain, laid flat-out on his back in the rear cave of a Daihatsu van, denim pants near open to his knees, while she's crouched, looking up at him appealingly -- Em, Emily, my darling slut, but he's not responding. Shelby's urging Sneak on, his fat buttocks glistening over her, his hand fumbling between their naked bellies, his stiff cock nudging at her, parting her pussy, and he's sinking luxuriously slowly down into her, her breath exhaling sharply, 'yes, yes.' Tits straining and shimmering, eyes closing, thick black make-up smudging around her eyes.


Lisa Ch. 08b: Evil

group JadenL 2018-08-27

"I know it's been a long day." Riley said moving behind the sofa and sliding his hands down Jessica's chest until they rested on her breasts, "But would you have some energy left for an orgasm or two?" "Thanks." Jessica said and paused before drinking as she watched Rick toss Abe his water bottle. "Why would you say something like that?" Abe asked but while his voice was stern Jessica was confused by the bemused look on his face. "See, it's not that bad." Abe said to Rick and he looked like he was trying not to laugh. Jessica looked at him in surprise when he held her at arms length, winked at her and passed her over to Leah who wasted no time pulling her into a bear hug.


My Boyfriend Always Cums Through

group fotisampini 2018-08-27

To show him I was sure I took his hard cock in my soapy hand and started to jerk him off, he slid his finger inside my pussy but he was too entranced by my hand job to move it much. She was bucking madly against the cock fucking her and my boyfriend's raging hard was rubbing her clit through his pants. My boyfriend kept fucking her pussy hard, and the other guy kept ramming her ass, she was moaning then she grabbed her clit hoisted off my boyfriend but kept the cock in her ass. My boyfriend jerking his cock in a mad frenzy shot a wad of cum into the stream of her squirt, the other guy pulled out in time to blast it all over her ass.

Peggy Has Four For Dessert

group toffy 2018-08-27

Now back at the hotel as I stood there watching Sandy and Don, my cock started to get hard, and I thought, once again,….if only they knew, but since this had been going on for about two years, I knew it would never go past the flirting, some intimate hugs and kisses, and in our case fantasy fucks, but that was cool. She was a sexual animal, and the center of the universe, we all stopped what we were doing to watch her, but she simply said, “I love watching you suck him Kay, I am going to get real close, and maybe you’ll give me a little taste of him once in a while, and then maybe I can help you put his cock in your pussy.”


The Moaning Wall

group Thomas Rickover 2018-08-27

Beth raised both hands to her breasts and squeezed her nipples tightly while rocking her pelvis and pumping hard against the thrust of Jeffrey's fingers. His cock plunged in Beth's pussy and his finger probed her ass with an added circular motion that took Beth over the edge into an orgasmic experience that shook her body and soul. He felt the back flow of his cum streaming down from the depths of Beth's pussy onto his cock, running over his balls, trailing in between the cheeks of her ass, then finally reaching her asshole where his finger still worked furiously.


Ransy's Fantasy

group Randys toy 2018-08-27

"Is that what you want to see?" I say as I easily reach over and pull your jogging pants over your hard dick. Her eyes are now focused on the hard cock in front of her, her tongue glides over her lips moistening them hungrily. My eyes stare into yours as I push her mouth down ont your cock. My eyes never leave yours as I move behind her and tear her away from your dick long enough to pull her short dress over her head. Ashton sits back on her knees watching me take hold of your cock, licking her lips as she watches. You hear my faint moans around your cock and open your eyes to find her tongue buried in my pussy.

Strip Monopoly Ch. 03

group LstDghter1 2018-08-27

I sensed someone at the door, just as Dave said, "Ooo a naked wet girl in the morning, even better," I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him. I felt uncomfortable and not just because I had just squealed and moaned my way to multiple orgasms with then watching, I was very wet, wet enough to make my bed clothes touchably wet which were now getting cold against my naked body. I swung my legs off the bed and sat on the edge just looking at the two boys, I wondered where Lisa had gone, then she came back wearing a pair of panties.


Out Friday Back Monday Ch. 01

group yvesmondog 2018-08-27

As the meal winds up Jim says "Hey Chris let me drive. "Watch it Jimmy, "Annie thinks "I'm close to screwing this boy here on the diner's table among the burger crusts and leftover fries. Annie moves to help but these men are in full flight so she sits on a lumpy couch to watch the cabin come out of its hibernation. The sense of closeness established in the van returns and when Peter who is sitting on the floor leans back onto Annie's legs. Annie is wrapped around Chris, her breasts push hard into his back, her soapy hands slide up and down his his magnificent erect cock. Annie stands and kisses Chris, Peter and Stan in turn.

Complex Relationship Ch. 08

group PaulStevens 2018-08-27

Brandon's attention turned back to the sexy blonde he was fucking and knowing he would not last too long he began a hard and fast pace and made sure to locate Katy's sensitive boobs. As she got to her feet he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "Sorry babe, I know you said it was a girls day, but your exposed pussy looked so lonely and inviting I could not resist." As Ashley and Mel dressed and set off to look at the cave Brandon moved next to Katy and pulled her still naked body onto his lap. Katy turned to face him nodded and after kissing him said, "Because when its hard, that snake it can make my cute ass feel so nice and full, and it really wants that."


Hot and Sweet Ch. 18

group errant_dreamer 2018-08-27

"Well, I guess I did promise to be your little fuck-slut this week, didn't I?" she said with a laugh. You hot little kurva -- you just love taking a big cock all the way down your throat don't you?" She bobbed back and took my length a third time. "Keep swallowing my cock like a good little fuck slut." Dana moaned and took my length again, she was finger fucking herself furiously now. Make him cum inside of you!" Jana's fingers were slamming in and out of her cunt in time with Dana's movement on my cock. I began answering each of Dana's movements, lifting my hips and pounding my cock into her tight little pussy.


Nina's Playtime

group Nina21 2018-08-27

I could feel Chris' cock, hard once again, rubbing against my spine, lightly brushing over the skin as he lifted one of my breasts and Jack took the nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it, nibbling. My other hand travelled down to grab a firm hold of Jack's hair, pushing him roughly into me as he started to suck my clit, flicking his tongue against me as his fingers worked inside me and sent warm waves of pleasant sensation coursing through me. There's just something about the feeling of warm cum against my lips that turns me on, and I could feel my pussy tightening again around Jack's cock and he spanked me hard across the arse before grabbing the back of my hair and pulling me up roughly.


Beach Vacation

group nova169 2018-08-27

I hear Nicki moan and I open my eyes to find Steve pulling her ass off the bed. Nicki's tongue leaves my pussy as Steve pulls her into a standing position at the side of the bed. Our kisses continue as Steve's fingers slide up inside me and begin to work in and out of my pussy. I look down between our bodies and see one of Steve's hands working Nicki's pussy just like mine. We both are moaning, me on all fours above Nicki as Steve's fingers continue to pleasure our pussies. I feel Steve's fingers leave my pussy and I moan as my lips contract slowly, sending little sparks of pleasure back up to my brain.


group Sethleham 2018-08-27

As Tanner rolled in for a closer shot, Jennifer and Jamie's kisses began to heat up. Tanner closed in on Jamie's tight ass, which she shoved out as her body began to react to the kissing and Jennifer's exploring hands. That feels so good!" Jamie said, wrapping an arm around Jennifer's head to pull her face tighter against her chest. And Jennifer took the chance to run her hands down the back opening of Jamie's pants, pushing her fingers under her panties and squeezing and rubbing her lover's ass under her jeans. Jennifer's ass up, toward the lens, her skirt parted to show her pink panties and the tight wrapping of cloth that squeezed her needy vulva, she began pulling Jamie's jeans and panties down.


A Different Type of 'Collateral'

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-08-27

The three of us went on for several more minutes on the floor before he grunted, pushed Trish off his face and me off his dick, flipped me onto my back, and fucked me hard for a few minutes before working up his orgasm... Well, not only did she make me cum hard several times, the guy must have gotten excited watching her do me like that, as he got behind Trish, plowing his cock deep into her own pussy. He then motioned for me to get onto the desk and spread my legs, which he then plunged his hot fuck tool inside me, grunting hard as he pumped in and out of my cunt, Trish not missing a beat as he fucked me harder and faster.

Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 03

group kappacino 2018-08-27

Again I was lifted and Mr Quin left my pussy, he lay on the bed and I straddled his cock, half me and the rest them, I lowered onto his cock, it went even deeper, I had not thought I would be able to take it to the hilt, but I had, with the help of the others I rode it, pushing up and dropping down, orgasm after orgasm ran through my body as Mr Quin held my breasts, we both reached a crescendo, he fired his come into me, my body spasmed and jerked, I screamed as I came, I collapsed on him, my face buried into his beard, I felt his companions tossing beside me and felt as their cum shot into my hair and drifted into a deep, deep sleep.

Nude Beach Threesome

group M_Sirk 2018-08-27

When I reached my towel I was disappointed to see that the hippie girl was preparing to leave, She had put a ragged pink T-shirt on and was sitting cross-legged facing me, still naked below the waist so at least I got look at the reddish cunt lips peeking through her brown pubes. I knelt down beside Carol so I had a perfect view of Tim's cock, rock hard and veiny and curved upward now, going in and out of her lovely mouth. When we got back to our spot on the beach, I asked if I could join them, and Carol said, "Of course, sweety," and I moved my towel next to theirs. "Stop," I said, "I'm going to come." Carol stopped sucking me and Tim let go of my dick.


Doing it for Art

group amoreprofondo 2018-08-27

Rosa had Bev's legs trace Tom's legs so that their two bodies were merged into one solid form and backed off so William could move in with the camera eye. Tom's cock emerged through the open legs very close to Bev's excited pussy. She felt the heat and the slippery wetness as Tom's cock was moving up and down like a piston, between Bev's pussy and Rosa's hand. Like gravity, Bev's pussy was being pulled down to Tom's face, her head to his cock. Like a slow kiss, Bev's open, engorged, wet pussy lips approached Tom's wanting lips. FUCK MY PUSSY!" Tom watched as William put Rosa on her knees and got behind her.

Amy Caught in the Middle Ch. 03

group mrhmann 2018-08-27

The boys, John and Matt, had taken their shirts and pants off and were approaching Miss Amy wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. Timing it to correspond with John's movements at the front, Matt slid his love muscle into Amy's pussy. Without realizing it Mr. Kay had taken his rock-hard, nine-inch cock out of his pants and was stroking it in rhythm to the pounding that Amy was receiving in the next room. Amy's pleasure ride kept going for anther two minutes as her pussy muscles contracted and milked every last drop out of Matt's cock and her mouth sucked up every drop of John's cum.

Amy's College Experiment

group jeffcamaro 2018-08-27

Christy began to play footsies under the table, rubbing her legs against Amy's and gently massaging her calves. Amy could only imagine the scene she walked in on - Peter was fully naked and vigorously face-fucking her roommate on the floor in the middle of the room. WIthout warning, Peter pulled out of Amy, stood up, and walked around the room to the other side, where he repeated the same thing, stuffing his cock this time into Amy's mouth, letting her taste herself, and then plunging into Christy's tight lesbian pussy. He shoved his cock into AMy's mouth and fucked her face until he felt himself about to come, then he pulled out, took over and splashed his come all over he face, and Christy's.

The Bar Pick-Up, Chapter 3 and Last

group satinlvr_mwf 2018-08-27

For lack of a better term, Lawrence made me feel like a woman, and not some piece of meat to be fucked. I was able to lift my knees, and widen them, allowing Lawrence the fullest access to my depths, and my lips closed when I lifted my head, to plant a soft kiss to Lawrence’s mouth. Lawrence made sure I didn’t want to by beginning to cycle his hips, and make his cock thrust in and out of me. My pussy was pulsing, my body shaking in want as Lawrence thrust inside me, his pace growing faster, and harder. He wanted another time with me, and I looked to Lawrence, and with soft eyes, I spoke gently.

The Adventures of Jade Ch. 03

group MistressSea52 2018-08-27

Missy continued eating my wet cunt but she was soon really fucking me with her tongue, and moaning deeply into my pussy. (Just the memory is making me want to go out and get fucked….I think I will soon.) As much as I loved Missy eating my pussy and the team fucking my mouth I wanted some cock in my cunt or asshole and Missy's wet sloppy pussy in my mouth. Anyway, Missy looked up at me with her big doe eyes and cooed, "Hmmm please let my pussy feel your tongue, wrap your lips around my clit and make me cum. I loved licking and sucking her slick cunt lips and feeling that huge black cock in my own wet pussy.