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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Emotion and Anique

group Idiot Grin 2018-08-27

I know you are eager to get your hands dirty, to use a vulgar expression, but remember with me, if you will, the time when you were not so reluctant to reach out and have what your will dictates. So you're here right now licking her clit watching this foot-long, clean cut looking, fellow have his monster washed by Anique's precious twenty-five year old lips. When you've sucked it to the satisfaction of all involved, it is indeed dripping with your saliva and as he insinuates himself into her magnificent arsehole you have an out of body experience that runs down Anique's chin as she spasms to climax with Uncle Doug rapid firing his monster load deep inside her arse.


Present from my Stepmom

group ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-08-27

She caressed my ass, and made my back arch, as she spread my cheek a little and slide a finger over my little pink asshole, right in full view of the guys, who by now were bursting to get out of their shorts. I was getting so horny, I decided to suck on the head of one of the cocks I was stroking, I really moaned around it, as my stepmom added a second finger along with a generous helping of baby oil all over my ass, I purred as it made my ass all shiny and slippery, I shivered a little as it ran between my cheeks, over my asshole and around her fingers.

Threeway on a Bet

group Tavlor 2018-08-27

Then, you begin sucking Steve's cock right in front of me! I reach down to feel your wet pussy, only to find that Steve's cock is still thrusting inside you. As you slide your cunt down on his dick, you let out a load "Oh!" You look at me and tell me you can feel every inch of his cock deep inside you. I hate to admit it, but it is a rush to see your glistening pussy riding up and down on this guys cock and to see his hands grab your ass, spreading your cheeks, and rubbing his finger to the rim of your ass. Steve climbs between your legs and begins eating the pussy he just fucked so hard.

Caroline Pleasured by Two Ch. 01

group NaughtyCaroline68 2018-08-27

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, her tongue slipping into my mouth, she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear "Thank You." She smiled and turned to Aaron and bent and did the same, kissing him and giving him the first look at her tits, fully exposed and her waxed smooth pussy. This time when we got to her chest after a little teasing we finally rubbed our hands over her nipples working them with our fingers. The feeling of four hands on her body, rubbing her tits, rolling her nipples between their fingers quickened her breathing and made her nipples rock hard. Aaron gives her clit one last gentle rub, as he finally removes his fingers, the wetness of her pussy covering his hand.

Kristen Finally Fucks Daddy Pt. 08

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-08-27

On the carpet were the other three -- Jimmy, a thirty-something married stud with the most amazingly hot body ever whom Daddy found on the Internet, sound asleep on his back with his arms on both sides of his fantastic frame filled with my naked brunette cousin Riley (she's in her twenties), and another first-time orgy participant, Debi's slutty blonde pal from another school, Alexis. Father and daughter started having sexy, doggy-style, while on the bed in front of us Jack was taking turns hammering his huge adult cock into Alexis's and Debi's two tight blonde pussies. The smell of the room that early Sunday morning was intense and exotic; then when Crystal joined us twenty minutes later, we had two adult men and four horny teenage girls all nude on the big bed, fucking wildly.



group peterswiftt 2018-08-27

As we turned, I introduced Tammy to Bear and Vicki as our Technical Administrative Director and after the pleasantries of smiles and handshakes, I asked them what they were drinking and ordered us all a round that upon receipt, we took directly to the table. As the girls chatted about everything from Zumba and what brand of treadmill Tammy prefers to Vicki's art, Bear got right down to business with the standard concerns and appropriate questions until the Hostess handed out menus, recited the specials and asked if she could freshen our drinks. When Vicki suggested an after dinner drink, I graciously declined and said that we needed to get back and situated in our rooms, but told her that we may take a rain check tomorrow evening.


Amanda's Supplier Fuck

group fireplacelady123 2018-08-27

“Sorry about the room,” Amanda thought best make a joke of it, “we only take the suppliers who give us good discounts to the nice ones,” she laughed, Steve laughed, Jane didn’t. “Well, as you know, we are continually reviewing our supplier pricing and discount arrangements, and yes Dave has asked me to enter into negotiations with yourselves to make sure we continue to receive best value pricing.” Amanda was sticking to the company line; she didn’t know Jane and therefore wasn’t going to become too familiar. “He’s been taking the piss all morning hasn’t he Amanda?” Jane definitely knew too much, “And if you don’t go back with even 1% extra discount you life is going to be hell for weeks to come, I know his form don’t worry.”


Tina Taken by 10 Guys

group mechanicray 2018-08-27

The first time I felt his hot breath on my pussy lips I thought I was going to climax instantly, His tongue barely touched my lips and I could feel my pussy start to contract. Then looking straight into my eyes, Mike told me that I was going to fuck and suck every guy here before the night was over. Mike grabbed me, bent me over and told the guys that he had first dibs on my pussy and mouth and that when he was through with me, I was theirs for the taking. Obediently, I took the cock and started sucking it hard and fast like I had with Mike. Mike suddenly thrust as much of his cock as he could inside my ass and I felt like I was being ripped wide open.

Vacation- young couple

group bufffreak 2018-08-27

Cindi spread a blanket as I got the drinks ready and then we stripped and enjoyed the view Sandy lay down as Cindi and Dan were finishing. I did Sandy from behind and Dan and Cindi watched. The next day, Dan and Sandy showed up again. I looked at Sandy blowing me and Cindi blowing Dan. I came again Dan could reload every 15 minutes so I tried to give Sandy longer fucks I must have motivated Dan because Later I watched him fuck Cindi from behind. I had been fucking this young girl during the day and Cindi all night. The next day we walked past Dan and Sandy as their folks as they were checking out

cousin Kathleen

group dusty48180 2018-08-27

We were both 19/ She fucked me 3 times and then as I was coming on the third time she pulled off of me and aimed my cock on her husbands face. She then pushed my cock in his mouth and I said what will you tell him when he wakes up with dried cum on his face and his mouth tastes like he was eating cum. she said than you suck him off cause i am not going to give him any pleasure after he got trashed on my night. she got real horny and said you're thinking about it aren't you. she was so horny that she stripped off naked and was helping get him hard and then she sucked my cock while watching me give her ol man head.

Marco & Rose

group Marcothegod 2018-08-27

As I squeeze and pull her tits she starts to move up and down my cock, I move my right hand down and press my thumb against her clit rubbing in time to her thrusting, not too hard, just enough pressure to leave her wanting more...she must be very turned on as her breathing is already getting quicker and shallower as she starts to pump faster and faster, crushing down on me, desperate for release. "Pick up the vibrator." I tell her "let me see you make yourself cum." I hold her lips apart and as she starts to gently buzz her clit I can feel the vibrations running into my cock making it throb and pulse.

Scarlet Queen Ch. 06-07

group angellily 2018-08-27

Though, oddly enough, she hadn't hated Rain and Dante, more feared them, but that's because she thought that that they would make her into a mindless vampire and take over her life completely. Ellie, beyond the point of pride, looked up at Dante and pleaded, "Please thrust harder and faster into my pussy." Dante kissed Rain quickly and responded to Ellie with a smile, "Sure, not a problem. Dante continued to kiss Rain until he heard the faint click of the door being closed then locked. "Give her a few moments, then we'll go in for 'round two'," Dante said as he lazily kissed Rain again. "Turn around, Ellie, hands on the wall," Rain said slowly using the 'voice'.


Larry's Adventures Ch. 01

group BradentonLarry 2018-08-27

After minutes of this, during which time I was crossing the living room and noticing Mindy, Leslie decided she wanted to have Rick's hard shaft sliding in and out of another warm wet orifice. Pulling her fingers out of Daphne, Leslie got up over Rick and took the head of his cock and pushed it into her waiting pussy. While Mindy was sucking on my cock and bringing herself to orgasm in the living room, Daphne was bracing herself against the wall over the head of the bed as she came in waves on Rick's tongue. Looking back down at Leslie's ass flexing as Daphne tongued fucked her pussy, and rubbed her nose against her clit, I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.


Lucky Man Ch. 09

group Mentalcase 2018-08-27

Duncan came in then and led Marie to the shower, reappearing a few seconds later as Kelly and Kara continued their session on the bed. "You didn't want to hop in with Marie?" Kelly asked, turning as Kara's hand slid lower and began to gently rub at her pussy. "You know, I think I should get my nipples pierced just so we can screw with people," Kara said as she helped Kelly fold a pile of warm clothes. Kelly had a cousin that was getting married in a few weeks and he had to plan things around that, as he had an overnight work trip coming up that he, Kara, and Mark had to go to.


Two Lovers

group foreversojourn 2018-08-27

My lover didn't seem to mind, so I began flirting a bit with both of them, and getting very touchy with my friends husband. Before long, both of them were on either side of me, and my lover taking the queue began rubbing his hands on me, no where inappropriate at first, but it was just getting me hot as hell. When I began to stretch and enjoy the treatment, my friends husband changed his demeanor, he began rubbing me as well, becoming more insistent than even my lover. Before long, he was fucking me hard while I moaned and gagged on my friends husband's giant cock. Shortly after, he came around and I began licking the cum off of his dick while my lover pounded my pussy furiously bringing himself to climax.

Candy's 1st Job

group SparkleKitty 2018-08-27

And that goes for all of us - anyone that doesn't respect Candy has no place in the game." The other men quickly chimed in, agreeing with Paul - and Jeff apologized. Candy felt nearly overwhelmed by the attention of the men, her tongue rolling around Alex's cock and Paul's long cock banging the underside of her chin with each titfuck thrust. "I think you'll like it." George stopped fucking Candy and Paul went over to Jeff and gently set his chair down on the ground sideways so that Jeff was leaning on the ground. He then began to reverse titfuck Candy, his scrotum rubbing against her mouth and his cock penetrating her breasts and nearly hitting Jeff's face, which was thrashing upon Candy's belly.


New Type of Strip Poker

group Storytruth 2018-08-27

She was not a very good poker player so she lost all her clothes and those she had won in a few hands. She began to negotiate for the rest of her clothes with the games winner, and failed to take notice that the other girls had gotten dressed. OK, they were friends and playing strip poker may have sounded like fun at the time. The other girl told her she lost the last time they played and that there were five men that night. One of the men offered to call Bill, but was told no by the two girls. She felt him explode inside her as waves of pleasure engulfed her body.

New Neighbors

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-27

Sandy tilted her head back a little moving her mouth back from mine and whispered lets go inside I want to watch Dave fuck Linda almost as much as I want to fuck you right now. With my hands wrapped around Sandy’s head and my fingers gripping her hair I slowly started fucking my cock into Sandy's mouth. Linda let out a moan like scream as Dave sank his massive cock all the way into her pussy and held it all the way in her for a few moments. When I felt Sandy's hips start to rotate, I slowly withdrew my cock out of her pussy until just the head was inside her.

It's the New Neighbors

group The1Paladin 2018-08-27

Moaning loudly, I lean over and take her nipples in my hands pinching and pulling on them as she fingers me and sucks hard on my cock. She takes the head of my cock in her mouth and begins to suck on it making sure I get nice and hard. Jewel swallows my whole length making me moan so I start to lick him a little sucking softly at the tip. Vandi grabs my ankles and drags me to the end of the bed, pulling a giggling Jewel with me then positions himself to slowly enter her ass. We get a fairly good rhythm going and it's clear that Jewel is close to cumming when Vandi slips out of her ass and slides in next to me in her cunt.

My Friends Daughter Chapter 4

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-27

A big smile appeared on my face as I let go of her hips and slowly slid my cock back along her ass and away from her body, a disappointed moan came from Lexi as I pulled away. I pushed forward just a little bit, and as soon as Lexi felt my cock head split her lips open she shoved back driving my cock deep inside her, trapping her mothers hand between us on my cock. Karri had a shocked look on her face as she felt her daughter’s pussy slam into her hand as Lexi tried to drive my cock deep in her pussy. Lexi quickly moved to straddle my hips, grabbing hold of my rock hard cock and pulling it up so the head was aligned with her pussy.

Turning the Tables

group Kapricorn71 2018-08-27

I got up to clear the table, but Craig took me to the living room while Dequan cleared some dishes. "Oh shit, sis!" Corry grabbed my head and pushed his dick back in my mouth. "We thought you might like that," Dequan smiled, and gave my pussy lips a long lick. Craig went to the dining room and Dequan took over squeezing my breasts as I sucked his dick. That was a middle setting, and we'll take that as a yes it works!" Dequan gave a pound to Corry and Craig. Then he and Dequan tied my ankles to the back legs of the chair, while Corry turned the clamps on low. Corry spread my legs, and started licking my pussy while Craig and Dequan undressed.


Being Watched Ch. 02

group dominatemeplease 2018-08-27

I was completely shocked that Adam wanted to include our friends in our little romp session, and that he didn't even ask me, but I was so turned on by the thought of doing three guys at once that I didn't say anything to object. In a chain reaction, the contractions in my pussy and ass pushed Mike and then Adam over the edge, both of them spurting their semen into my hot, slick holes. I squeezed my muscles, desperately trying to milk all the cum from their cocks into my body as I softly licked and sucked Brandon's cock until it was clean of his juice.


dr. who clara and amy

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-08-27

"Maybe those lips," Amy grinned, "but I bet I know another pair that wouldn't stay closed for the world." She placed her palm over Clara's warm, moist pussy, feeling its innocent, silky folds through the thin fabric of her panties. She clasped her hands onto the globes clamping her face- quite possibly the best ass this side of the Medusa Cascade- and squeezed, eliciting long, drawn-out moans from Amy, muffled by Clara's soaked little pussy. Amy knew what was coming, and delivered a powerful spank to Clara's sopping cunt, making the cute brunette scream out in equal pain and pleasure as Amy's open lips stopped the bulk of the wildly spewing cum from getting all over the floor.

Quick Hot Threesome

group mochalatte0583 2018-08-27

I very badly want to touch her wet pussy, but she keeps brushing my fingers away because she doesn't want to get too hot. I finally can't take it anymore, I want to touch her so badly, so I push her down, and force my finger into her pussy. Brownie is happy to feel my fingers inside her, and starts moving to build more friction between us. I'm bent over fingering Brownie, and my wet pussy it sitting there, waiting to be fucked by him. My body is very hot, I can't think, I can't move, all I can feel is the building pressure inside of me that needs to be released.