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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Traci Spencer's First Threesome

group Traci Spencer 2018-08-27

Mark was jerking off his cock while I masturbated Matthew and fingered myself. I told Matthew I wanted him to eat me out while I sucked Mark. Mark pulled out of my mouth and just stood there over me watching Matthew fuck me. "She's all yours, buddy." Matthew said as he pulled out of my slutty cunt and patted Mark on the back. I moaned yes as Matthew slid his cock into my mouth, forcing me to take all 8 inches down my throat. "Ohh fuck yes...choke on that cock you dirty whore!" Mark yelped as he started filling my pussy with his cum. Mark pulled out and Matthew started cumming in my mouth.

The Party Ch. 2

group Spirit of the Tao 2018-08-27

All the girls let out a groan of disappointment, knowing that Lexi was ruthless when playing "Slave quarters." She had a reputation of making them do the most embarrassing things, like the time she made Adrianna finger herself to orgasm on the table in front of the group. John pulled his finger out and started to shove his cock inside, when Samantha's head quickly shot up. "Yeah Samantha, here it comes Prom Queen!" John groaned, "Ughhhhhhh," and felt his cock spasm, as he shot his cum deep inside Samantha's ass. "Lexi told you I was here?" Samantha asked, pulling herself back onto her hands and knees, her dripping ass and pussy only inches from John's face.


Breast Friend Ch. 09

group RockSteele 2018-08-27

They were not technically supposed to have boys up to their room, but they would sneak him past, and in any case, the other sisters probably did not much care about Molly and Kelly (the "big-boobed freaks") anymore. "Besides, Peter." Molly added, "We figured it would be a little more fun for you if they knew you were in our room, having the time of your life." After another couple of minutes, Peter gave the signal for Ellie to dismount, and he sat there, face and napkin slathered in dessert toppings, looking expectantly at Molly. Molly shrugged off her apron, dunked her rack in her big bowl of fluffy, delicious whipped cream, and without a word, sauntered up to Peter and began feeding him.

The Woodworking Shop

group tinman69s 2018-08-27

She smiled and took hold of my dick again and started slowly stroking it, then she licked it and put her mouth over the head and held it till it was good and wet, then she started sucking like a professional on that thing! But you'd better hold some back to give me in my pussy if I suck you off!" She sat back down in the chair and leaned over and took my wet cock in her mouth and moaned and looked at me and I could see the smile in her eyes as she started sucking my tonsils out through my cock!


Simon Says

group darcysweet 2018-08-27

Paolo grinned, first at Marina and then at Jade, but when he took out his cock it was Kurt he was watching. Jade came down to watch, linking her fingers with Marina's she pressed against her, watching Paolo spread her boyfriend's ass. While Paolo opened up Kurt's asshole with his probing fingers Marina delved into Jade's soaked slit. Hot wet walls contracted around her fingers as Jade watched Paolo sheath his cock and push against Kurt's ass. Look at him," Jade gasped out as Paolo brought a hand around to grasp Kurt's cock. She drenched Marina's fingers with her cum moments before she saw Kurt's cock spurt in Paolo's hand.


group Safe_Singularity 2018-08-27

My love meanwhile was asleep but Shea, the woman of the night, the slut for migrants and thieves and anyone else (for the right price) paid that situation no mind. No matter what, given time and access, I had little doubt that Shea could pull any man, or as she was no displaying with my love, woman, into her bed. I could feel the connection between my love and Shea the likes of which I had not encountered before, and my body, now that I did know it, certainly was not going to complain. It was as I thought on this that my love, uttering a moan of over-stimulation, finally pushed back onto the whore and the meeting of feminine lips truly became a kiss.

Three Tales: Wifey, Girl And Hubby

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-08-27

"What has my sexy man's big dick all thick 'n hard -- y'all got som'thin' on yer mind, that's got y'all turned on like a concrete pole?" My hands were around his neck, feeling his tall, manly body moving above me, while I spread open my knees to give him full access to his wife's wet, juicy slit. "You're so fuckin' gorgeous, Kelli!" roared my sexy husband, pounding his cock into my twat but imagining something else very different, "your teen ass and tits are so fine -- I'm so glad my wife let me fuck you -- you're such a hot fuck, Kelli!"


Taking A Chance

group krispy430 2018-08-27

Kayla took John's large cock into her mouth, and awaited Dante's large cock in her sweet pink pussy. Kayla moaned as John fucked her mouth, and Dante slowly fucked her pussy. Kayla took John's cock out of her mouth, turned her head to the side, and said "go faster dammit!" Dante backed up from her sexy ass, and saw his cum dripping from her wet pussy. John got underneath Kayla, and stuck his cock in her pussy, and started fucking her. John yelled, and Dante could see the cum dripping down his cock coming from her pussy. I love the feeling of your guys' big cocks ripping into my two tiny holes" she said to them, as she was still licking the cum off her ass.

A Firm Grip Ch. 2

group IrishGrl 2018-08-27

Shane and Brad were sitting at the kitchen table; I could tell by the way they were chuckling they weren’t talking about anything work related. “ You should really listen to him Shane.” I said as I softly kissed Brads blonde locks. Shane sucked on the nape of my neck as he continued to roll his fingers over my clit. “Please Shane, I really want to feel this cock deep inside me. “ What ever you wish my pet.” Shane and I continued to kiss as I raised my hips to allow Brad access to my moist slit. I buried Shane’s cock deep inside my mouth, allowing him to come all over my face and chest.

Memorial's Day Mischief

group Grifter16 2018-08-27

I looked over in time to see Gretchen pull her hand out of Luis' pants and smile, she then crawled towards me and Lola motioned for Luis to come closer as she had done with me. After what felt like far too short a time, I forced my brain out of its selfish mode and withdrew my soaking wet cock from Lola's mouth, a thin string of drool and precum dropped to the floor and her chin. Surging with lust, I only was aware of two things, the delicious feel of Lola's pussy against my invading fingers and tongue and the fact that my cock wanted nothing but to plunge into one of these women and give them the fucking of their lives.


Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 04

group MrFalkirk 2018-08-27

For once our lust was not so hot that we had to fuck at the drop of a thong, but the eyes told of our want, our need, and our love for each other. I reached over and draped my hand across your tit gently kneading it and rubbing the nipple with an occasional light pinch that brought moans from your lips. I knew that today we would just drive and leave the fun for whenever we got to where we were spending the night so I didn't play with your tits like I really wanted to. I want to get you on a bed and have you stick your "dick" up my ass as you suck my cum out of my prick."



group hotRobertXX 2018-08-27


An Older Model

group TxRad 2018-08-27

Wild Bill stared at the famous model with his mouth open as she fingered her pussy and rolled her clit around right before his eyes. Looking down he whispered, "Two fingers fucking her pussy is a tribute to you my dear." There was a very loud moan under the desk and then Bill gave out with a deep moaning groan of his own. Dijon laughed and then asked, "If potential customers are this satisfied, I'd hate to think what it feels like to be a long time customer." Lara Olsen shivered on her husbands lap and asked in a whisper, "Is that a dick she's sucking or is it the taste of her own pussy that's getting her off?"

Au Pair Delight

group Bkat 2018-08-27

One night in early June, Jan rolled over in bed, slid her hand down to my cock and whispered, "You are not going to believe what Charlize looks like in a bathing suit." I said, "What do you mean?" She explained that they had gone swimming earlier that morning in the lake and that the best way to describe Charlize in a bathing suit was "Sports Illustrated." I said, "no way" and she replied with a gentle squeeze, "front cover!" We made love twice as often and our pillow talk included, "Wouldn't you just love to take Charlize to bed?" At that point my already thick 9-inch cock would somehow grow just a bit bigger filling up Jan's pussy with streams of cum.


Karen's First Year Ch. 02

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-08-27

The past two and a half days had been a blur as Karen tried valiantly to purge the x-rated thoughts she had of Paul and Jeannie. Jeannie kept the wine flowing, and by the time Paul announced that there was Tiramisu for dessert, Karen was feeling the effects. Jeannie took her toke as Paul returned with the Tiramisu and passed the pipe to Karen. As soon as Karen headed upstairs, Jeannie slipped into Paul's arms and gave him a deep kiss. As it started to play, Karen realized Paul had actually selected a soft porn channel to watch. Jeannie saw Karen flinch when Paul made his selection, and knowing Paul's rules for the house, offered her a way out.


The Club

group jim313 2018-08-27

As soon as his lips covered Don’s cockhead, he slid down on the bed on his side so that his cock never left his mouth as he buried his head in his crotch and breathed in his sexy aroma before licking his balls and running his fingers over his magnificent organ. I had Don’s erection in my mouth and was lovingly sucking his cockhead just as he was doing mine when we saw the girls trade positions and Tyko squealed in delight as she grasped Sven’s thick organ and began taking it deep down her throat while Leese settled down on his face and groaned as his tongue entered her wet hole.

A Weekend at the Cabin

group cknthisout 2018-08-27

Jodi said that it took Jay a long time to get fully hard but usually was never more than semi-erect. Nichole said that she liked giving head ok but that she really enjoyed eating pussy. When I asked what Stephen thought about it she said that while he didn't really like it, he was open enough to let her have her fun. With Jay and Stephen helping out and paying close attention to Vi and Jody that left Nichole, Jennifer, Richard and me to lead the way. As the horses headed back to the stable, (they knew where they were going better than we did) I told Nichole how I had been thinking about what she had said.


Justice of the Peace

group JosephWrites 2018-08-27

"Ooo, Scott, glad to finally meet the man that's going to make my naughty wedding dream come true." She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Calvin, Bart and Angie then turned back to face the door again. "And, Tricia, did you come to your own wedding with a vibrator on your pussy and a butt plug in your ass?" Calvin pushed the button and the buzzing got louder. "Are you here today to take big Calvin to be your husband?" Tricia looked at me through glazed eyes. "Do you promise to keep and care for Calvin, through good and bad, as long as you both shall live?" I pointed the remote at Tricia as she watched me, and pushed the button.

The Drifter Ch. 01

group harding 2018-08-27

Dressed in shirt and jeans, with my best boots on, I looked like some old time cowboy as I walked down the street. I pushed the door open with my hip and put the food away: milk and eggs in the refrigerator, bread and fruit on the small side table, more beer left out but three bottles slipped down on a shelf next to the milk. The clientele were mostly working men and women, dressed up like me for Friday night, drinking beer and eating burgers that were cooked in the small kitchen out behind the bar. I saw the swing coming in Troy's eyes and stepped aside, lifted my arm and pushed the fist aside.


Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 09

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-27

"How can you stand there and claim that you love Jeremy, care about him?" Scarlett was in all-out, full-on screech mode, horribly upset, as she berated Alison, who looked defeated and pale with her eyes downcast in the corner. Once Kristanna and Pamela left the bedroom, there was another 10 seconds or so of strained, tense silence (save for Alison crying) where Lindsay and Scarlett refused to even look in the others' general direction. Fact is, despite our family and the (very abnormal) way things happen within it, I should have stayed with Scarlett that evening and comforted her because she was actually further advanced in her pregnancy than Kristanna was at the time, and was not feeling well at all.


Our First Swinging, House Party Ch. 01

group MADMADMADMAXine 2018-08-27

Suddenly feeling jealously possessive of his young, pretty, sexy wife having sex with older, obese men, Skip has reservations about participating in the swinging lifestyle with his wife, Yvonne. It never sat right with me watching my wife looking up at the man with his cock in her mouth in the way she looked up at me while he felt and fondle her tits and fingered her nipples. Because of Yvonne's unsated, sexual appetite and loud, vocal sexual passion when having sex with other men, swinging filled me with three things that I should never feel as a swinger in the swinging lifestyle. I watched the man put a firm hand to the back of my wife's pretty head and hump her mouth while fucking her face with his hard, hairy cock.


Sam's Story

group Hitchhiker 2018-08-27

The idea of having another man, fuck his wife, whilst he watched, ate away in Sam's thoughts for the next few days. On Valentines day he took Melanie out for a romantic meal, she dressed to please her man and Sam as usual was pleased to see other men take a closer look at his wife. "You look so beautiful tonight my love and I have a little surprise for you when we get back home." Sam teased his wife all evening and she drank quite a lot of wine too, so by the time they got home Melanie was rather tipsy. Sam stood to the side "go on" he encouraged soundlessly, and James moved forward and pushed his hard cock into his, friends wife's unsuspecting pussy.

CathyLynne's Second Three-Way

group CathyLynne 2018-08-27

I don't know if it was the realization of the trust that we were sharing, or the fact that it made me feel so sexy knowing that there was another man out there who was genuinely horny for me, or maybe it was the way it brought out the excitement in Mark seeing me having sex with Brian. So Mark and Brian climbed into the tub, and were sitting there watching me as I let my dress drop to the floor and peeled off my bra and panties. I love it when a guy starts out soft and then gets hard as I am sucking on him, and Brian's cock was stiffening nicely.


Donna's Summer Afternoon

group Mookman 2018-08-26

The guy in her pussy said he was gonna cum soon, so I pulled my dick out of her and told him to take it out and shoot it on her ass. I lay there for a second catching my breath then stood up and pulled her up on her knees facing me, I told her to suck my cock clean and if she did a good job I'd let her lick her juices off the cock that was just in her pussy. I looked around for the third guy but he had left after cumming on my girls face, then to my surprise the guy she was sucking got up and walked behind the guy sucking me, pushed him to his knees then we watched as he shoved his huge dick in this guy's ass.