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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Slut On The Beach

group English Bob 2018-08-26

She immediately saw the reason for her husband’s hesitation; Keith may have been more than happy to share her with one man but how would he feel about a group of men, she wondered? Keith heard his wife moan deep in her throat and gurgle as the black man climaxed in her mouth. Now constantly massaging his throbbing member through his shorts, Keith joined the crowd of men as they watched his wife being butt-fucked. As the group of men started to make their way off the beach, Keith saw that they had left the small pocket camera that Dave had been playing around with earlier.

Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 6

group baddaddy59 2018-08-26

Ash slid her whole hand down to her rapidly moistening Vaj. Both girls knew Ashlynn’s hand was clearly visible to Mr. Clxxxxxn, lifting her ass to get better accesses; she thrust her two middle fingers into herself, working her clit with her thumb. I knew she was cumming, but, from that one photo, it sure as hell looked like ****, and good old Police Sergeant Bob pants around his ankles still in his uniform. I sit back, my cock in Brittany as she grinds away on me, we watch Ash. Sometimes Britt suck a cop hard, or stroke him to keep him hard, but, mostly she’s grinding my cock, and using her mouth to clean me, and get me back up, so she can do it again.

Pool Boy Ch. 41

group BigZeke13 2018-08-26

I noticed that Alexis was watching Fi too and she joined in by pulling her skirt up to expose her naked sex and started fingering her already soaking wet pussy. I'm in a mood.' Alexis stretched up and kissed my lightly on the lips and whispered, "Everything is going to be fine, Baby." I looked down at her and gave her a half-hearted smile. When she let her knees push back and my cock slid into her pussy she groaned, "Oh fuck Baby. Before she could even ask, I slid the seat back the one click remaining and Alexis stood up and threw her left leg across my lap and slid up to sit on my stomach.


Sydney Pool Party/Orgy

group speedodave 2018-08-26

One of my members/fans reached out to me asking me if I'd like to attend a gathering that he has regularly with a bunch of guys who are speedo friendly and he has a beautiful pool - it was to be a Speedo Pool Party/Orgy. Dave, I'm happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here - the speedo concept / pool party is likely to be put on hold until we hit spring again). Some of the guys already had hard-ons in their speedos so I knew it wasn't going to take long for things to heat up.

Amy Goes Shopping

group LibidoRex 2018-08-26

Amy and I have a big day of shopping ahead of us." She jerked her head towards the bathroom, "Give me a couple minutes and then come see how we're doing in there." Rising off the bed, she gave Josh's cock one last kiss and walked away. "Ohhhhh, fuck yes!" Amy groaned as Allie began to rub against her clit every time she pushed her fingers in. Then Allie chimed in, "Well, let's get that body naked so we can see what she brought." She punctuated the statement with a sharp slap on Amy's ass that made her jump a little and brought a raised eyebrow and inquisitive smile to Alicia's lips. Amy felt Alicia's hands come down to her head as her mouth and tongue went to work, alternating between fucking her and licking away at her slick lips and hardening clit.


Used and Abused Ch. 02

group nikkigreen 2018-08-26

It took about 3 hours to suck and fuck all of them, it was almost like a gang-rape, but I wanted it that way and that's how I got it! I was going to fuck someone else before I got home because I still wanted more cock. A few minutes after I left the friends house, a guy walked up behind me and slid his hand up my crotch and squeezed my pussy, which was sloppy and wet. One of them straddled my face and shoved his cock into my mouth, which I greedily sucked deep into my throat; the other one mounted my pussy and began to gently fuck me, slowly picking up the pace.

From A Married Woman To A Sexy Whore

group 2018-08-26

After some time he removed his cock from my mouth and asked me to take doggy pose I did so as this is my favorite pose mandar and manish use to fuck me this for a long time.He inserted it from behind and started fucking me fast and hard, but very soon he released his juice inside me, tony order his junior officers suhas and sachin to take charge at a time I was confused with this.

The wrong kind of threesome (Part 1)

group blackroduk 2018-08-26

My flaccid penis began to grow once more... until the bulge became quite uncomfortable: I rearranged myself as I sat dreamily in my office chair. I quickly looked around the office. A few moments later there was a video of some hot woman sucking a saliva covered cock as she hastily rubbed a well lubricated clitoris from a squatting position. I pulled my trousers and boxers down to my ankles and sat back in my seat. I rose out of my seat and watched as the veins of my penis pulsated with my climax. My phallic protrusion began oozing cum onto my desk, at exactly the same time Jen walked through the door...

Sex School Ch. 05

group Skibum 2018-08-26

Janet and Mike sat chatting quietly with Jim while they waited for Sara to return. "When are we going to have a chance to …uhm, consummate our marriage?" Mike was still not quite ready to speak as plainly as the coaches wanted. That does not mean that we expect both of you to have a perfect orgasm every time, but we do want to get you started right." From an early age I saw my parents nude and went naked with them myself. About a year ago, just before Mike and I started to get serious, something happened that has changed the way I thought about sex, and has fueled my fantasies ever since. Janet paused her story for a moment, but her fingers continued to gently stroke her engorged clit.

Sharing Brooke with Her Boyfriend

group whatchaneed11 2018-08-26

I reached down to pinch her small, hard nipple and thought I was in heaven, but judging from her nails digging into Brian's chest and the muffled moans escaping around my cock, she was enjoying this even more than I was. I began to slowly pull out of her before thrusting deep again, and she moaned "fuck" under her breath before wrapping her lips around Brian once more, now full at both ends. I pushed my thumb into her ass as I fucked her, and felt her fingers find her clit, working furiously for about 30 seconds before she started to convulse, clenching around me in orgasm. I stayed frozen except for my cock throbbing inside of her, and Brian began to fuck her with long, slow strokes.

A Magical Night

group StrangeTamer 2018-08-26

Happy to hear her whimpering moans of pleasure, I smile at my wife as I watch her cup one of Sheryl's soft breasts in her hand and run her tongue over her hardening nipple before sucking it into her mouth causing a ragged moan to escape Sheryl's lips as she wraps one arm around my wife and strokes her hair. Soon Sheryl is arching her head back and clutching us in her arms as she shakes between us as her first orgasm for the evening consumes her yelling, "YES, DON'T STOP, PLEASE DON'T STOP." Fingering her faster and sucking harder on her nipples, we hear her yelling moans turn into short panting gasps as her eyes go wide and her body goes rigid and we feel her hips and pussy convulsing under our fingers.

Shared Pleasures

group Shadowlands 2018-08-26

'Paul, you know I like to give Wendy what she wants, and I know you wouldn't want to have a threesome with us, in fact I think I would find that a little awkward too, but this seems a great opportunity for me to give two people who are very special to me a few hours to enjoy something special.' 'If I tell you that Paul was inside me no more than 15 minutes ago, and left me high and dry on the point of orgasm; yes, the bastard pulled out and said he wanted you to have the pleasure of my wet pussy, well, will you please take me into the bedroom, and fuck me hard'


La Playa Ch. 02

group Fog43 2018-08-26

Steve's cock stiffened under his caress, and he looked across the pool where he was pleased to see the heavy-set pair, Bill and Melinda from Kansas City, were recovering from their initial shocked shyness and were now openly staring as Roxanne stroked Herb's eight inch prick to hardness with the creamy lotion. Lisa's husband David entered the pool area wearing a thong bikini, a single blue armband, and looking for his wife. When he opened his eyes, Steve saw a gorgeous cock come into view as David lowered his thong and stepped out of it, intending to masturbate to the display his wife was putting on with their host.

Now I can tell her story

group strawhappy 2018-08-26

Without another word she got up and stripped all of her clothes off and walked over to the guy who was having the party. She fucked each guy differently and would announce what method she was using, Like missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie, and so on. And she did that for good reason, Randy had a cock about as big around as a beer can and it was about ten or so inches long, put everybody else there to shame. But she told Randy that he could come over to our house whenever he wanted. But that did start the fun of just about everytime we went to a party and after the other females left she would strip her clothes off and service whoever wanted it.

Belle Ch. 05

group Belle_toujours 2018-08-26

Monique recalled her own audible gasp as she viewed Belle's mouth envelope Alexander's proud cock. Feeling Alexander slide all the way in with no hesitation, Belle let out a deep moan muffled by Monique's slippery cunt. Belle had tried to slow her climax several times in the past, but Alexander's penis clearly pleasured parts of her inside that were autonomic. Monique could not avert her attention from Alexander's hard cock, coated obscenely with Belle's vaginal fluids. "I think I have never seen such a man like Alexander," Monique offered, unsure whether it was impolite to refer to Belle's husband by name. Without leave of the other two, Belle guided Monique's hand to Alexander's cock. Belle reached down to grip Alexander's shaft and push the tip of his penis into Monique's slit.

Camp Story

group alharris8818 2018-08-26

Kate and Jessica begin to play with each other while John and jack watch. Jessica starts moaning louder and louder, as Kate's tongue goes deeper into her vagina. She goes and gets Kate's husband jack, who is masturbating with Jessica's husband john. Then Jessica gets her husband john and stands him right next to jack. Kate dripping with cum from John, Jack, Jessica, and of course herself. Jack was cumming the same moments Kate was, and John was cumming at the same time as Jessica. For John, Kate, Jack, and Jessica there sex lives were changed forever. John and Kate feel closer then they ever thought possible, the same goes for Jack and Jessica.

Heavenly Bodies

group seaman01 2018-08-26

Jackie eventually moved onto another guy but we stayed great friends I started going out with Nikki an 18y/o dancer from the same show - she was very sexy and had a great tight body. Jackie started shaving and she could see Nikki was getting wet, she was giving Nik a hard time and Nik was saying how it felt so nice and she couldn’t help herself. As I relaxed and calmed down I rolled off Nik who didn’t get a break - Jackie started sucking my cum out of her soaking pussy. Nikki lay on the bed, her little pussy looking so sweet while Jackie knelt over her in a 69.

The Wine is Fine

group Toolmo 2018-08-26

The following Monday as I dropped mail at Helen's desk she was on the phone, before I walked away she stopped me, handing me a regular size envelope, not company mail, I did not think much of it and really did not look, but she did not let go until I saw it was addressed to me. Helen read the note before I left her desk, a smile grew on her face then she looked into my eyes as she brushed her hand across her breast making her nipples stand out and whispered with a wink, "Trust me!"


The Evening

group Thizbee 2018-08-26

The giggles turned to gasps and moans as Jason's tongue and lips pressed, and pushed, and caressed, and teased her labia and clitoris. And now, back in the kitchen, Leslie's mouth was slowly backing away from Jason's, her body exchanging places with his, as she put her hands on either side of Anita's knees, widening them further. As Leslie moved her face toward Anita on the counter, Leslie was at the perfect height to give her a bend at the waist that made Jason dizzy with an intoxicating blend of lust and love. There was just the slightest arch in Leslie's back as her mouth eased closer to that glorious place, passed where the garter belt met with the stockings, passed the brown skin of Anita's naked upper thighs....

Decadent Dinner & Movie Ch. 01

group MasonLane 2018-08-26

My wife Kelly and I had invited her best friend Jennifer and Jennifer's new husband Derek over for dinner. I heard Derek grunting from his end of the couch and guessed that Jennifer had brought him off with her hand right through his jeans. If the performers frozen on the screen provided the plate, then Kelly and Jennifer standing on either side looked like silverware in the most carnal place setting I could ever hope to imagine. As Derek and Jennifer matched our motions beside us, the girls would occasionally turn their heads to kiss. Jennifer leaned over to help her friend keep her balance, whispering words of encouragement to my wife and kissing away her tears of pleasure.

One for the Road Ch. 04

group jeffee27 2018-08-26

She liked picking up stray men for a good hard fuck before moving on. I've decided I want to fuck him. He told me that I could fuck her, if I wanted. Steven told me that his best memory was fucking on Cable Beach. I asked him to text a reply. Steven thought for a while and then said that a woman in a silver sedan had parked there for a while. I handed the room key to Ingrid and said that they should go up and have proper showers. It looked like June but I couldn't be sure. She had left the motel towel beside the pool so she paraded through the bar in her very skimpy bikini.

Scenes from a Reno Hotel Room

group Doug and Chloe 2018-08-26

Chloe’s left hand cradled Doug’s balls while the right gripped the shaft of his cock, occasionally stroking it as it moved in and out of her mouth. She watched as Chloe positioned herself just so, and then slowly and smoothly took Doug’s hard dick deep into her mouth, deeper than seemed comfortable to Sara. She could hear the sopping wet sounds of a soaked pussy being fucked and Sara smiled at the idea that her juices were now deep inside Chloe. Sara had heard them many times before and knew what they meant; the rock hard head of Doug’s cock was hammering Chloe’s g-spot. A moment later Chloe arose from where she lay and took Sara’s right breast into her mouth, her warm wet tongue played circles around the hard point.


Hedonism Ch. 03

group sweetlinda 2018-08-26

Adele gently broke the kiss and smiled briefly at Linda before lowering her head to lick at the white cum that splattered her friend's face. She could smell Dave's sex as it still lingered where his cock had so recently probed but the sweetness of Linda's juices overwhelmed the male aroma and she probed deeper by stiffening her tongue and sliding it gracefully inside Linda's pussy to bring forth yet another moan of pleasure from her mouth. Their trunks hit the floor before they reached the bed and, without speaking, they decided to swap girls and Linda found Howard kneeling at her feet and opening her ankles whilst Dave knelt at Adele's head with his cock inches from her mouth and a demanding look on his face.

My Fantasy Wedding

group SoNaughty 2018-08-26

I know that all the men in the wedding party was going to be wearing the same thing and when I saw the blue thong with his hard cock coming through then I knew I would fall in love with John's thongs! The wedding song we picked out was The Stripper song and I started walking toward John and he was looking at me with such lust and when I looked down and seen his cock was so hard I started drooling with pre-cum and my pussy juices was flowing and I knew that everyone could smell my arousal! John looked over at Susie who was sucking the preacher, Joey and I nodded to him and he walked over to her and had her stand up and bent her over a table and rammed home his cock into her pussy!