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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group goldbloke 2018-08-26

I'm just about to draw my legs up to rest my feet on the surface of the bed just below the level of my hips to grant her full access to my eager ring, when suddenly I feel her stop what she's doing, allowing my cock to slide wetly from her mouth and pulling her finger from my arsehole at the same time. Lifting my face from the delicious taste of her pussy only briefly, I stare underneath myself along the length of my own body, past my own hugely swollen erection and tightened balls to peer at the thighs and crotch of the man knelt on the bed behind me, whose concentration is locked on filling my arse with his fingers.


Party gets real fun

group slapnuts69 2018-08-26

I got back to Jenn and I was sucking and playing with her nipples and she reached into my sweatpants. Right on the other side of the long couch where we were there was a guy who had two girls on their knees sucking his cock. My cock was ready to burst soon and so I took off Jenn's shorts and slide my sweats down my legs. Soon the friend worked her way down Jenn's body until she was kneeling in front of us. One of my buddies came over and Jenn sucked his cock while she fucked me. I got to fuck Suzy in the doggy position while Jenn and her 69ed.

Mummy and I in the back of the cab

group 2018-08-26

As this was happening mummy sat up and kissed her boyfriend on the mouth, 'Thanks darling' she said, then reached out to the driver and touched his sweaty face, said ' you can do better than that, come on man, Fuck her, bang it in', I was looking up at her, her face aglow and my legs over my shoulders, the poor man could not hold back as he convulsed each time sending a hot spurt of semen into my womb, 'I'm fucking cumming' he mouthed, to which mummy laughed and mouthed, 'I am seeing the birth of my grandc***dren', leaving me detached from my body, as its fertilization was being carried out, and she was witnessing it with glee and satisfaction, we were mother and daughter in name only, I was a piece of fuck meat created by her for her voyeuristic sexual needs.

Readymade Porn

group Cal Y. Pygia 2018-08-26

Of course, Mona was up to the challenge of having me jam my cock into her ass and wrench it free so that I might plunge into her bowels again--and again---and again--and, although it seemed impossible that her little anus, even stretched to many times it normal size, could tolerate my continued assault, she weathered the attack until the moment that orgasm seized me, my belly heaved, my legs quaked and shuddered, my cock convulsed, lurching frantically within the depths of her bowels, and, my breath coming in quick, hot gasps and my heart pounding like machine-gun fire, my thick viscid semen spewed into the chamber of her lower intestine, spraying the walls of her rectum with repeated volleys and jets until, the reservoir of my seed spent at last, my penis softened, dwindling, and withdrew from Mona's round, wide-stretched anus, trailing white fluid down the cleavage between her buttocks, over her perineum, and down the back side of her scrotum.


Phone Sex Ch. 2

group minifun 2018-08-26

"FASTER, EVAN, FUCK ME OHHHHHH PLEEASEEEE!" "MMMMMMMMMM, yes Evan fuck her hard and fast baby, for me, MMMMMMMMMMM" Jenny slams 3 fingers in and out of her wet hot pussy. Watching her long tongue going up and down, he pulled her fingers to his mouth with one hand and pushed her head down to his lap. Jenny slid a finger into Shanni's wet pussy, while flicking her tongue in circles around the clit. Jenny sucked her clit into her mouth, pushing two fingers deep into her pussy. As Jenny pushed her ass back to take all of Ryan in her ass, her clit slid back and forth over Shanni's tongue.

How I Became a Slut Part 3

group vegasbadgirl 2018-08-26

we fucked a lot for about a week and then one day we didn't have condoms but I still needed fucked so after sucking his cock, I wet my finger with the juice from my pussy and got my ass ready. It felt so good having a big black cock in my mouth and I took down as much of it as I could.It wasn't long before he pulled out and sprayed a load of cum all over my face. He fucked me hard for a few minutes before pushing his cock all the way in my ass and filling it up with his cum. Soon, the guy who had gone down on me replace his mouth with his cock and they stated fucking me like the total slut I was.

My Girl's First Visit To Strip Club

group dirtywarren 2018-08-26

As the next song began, she moved to me individually, she had me sit on my hands, so as not to touch her "illegally", she climbed into my lap and started grinding her pussy against my obvious hard on, which was easy to feel in my dress slacks, and she rubbed her lovely natural tits against my face which i promptly kissed, she would bit my earlobe in this amazing fluid routine she had, should would slide off my lap and trace her fingers down my chest and over my crotch, just skimming over my hard on, which by now was oozing precum through my slacks.


An Old College friend

group charlessmythe 2018-08-26

I kept taking turns kissing her and sucking on her breasts for about ten minutes or so while Vince intently enjoyed the pussy he hadn't had the chance to eat for nearly three years. After she cummed, I took over in Vince's position between her out stretched legs while he moved up to the couch so Barbara could suck his eight inch cock. I moved back to my chair so I could take in the sight of my sexy wife with her amazing naked ass pushed up in the air, with her knees on the couch, bent over with a big hard cock slowly sliding in and out of her mouth. For the next few minutes we took turns kissing each other and sucking on Vince's big cock.

Schoolgirl Uniform; Danielle Ch. 03

group PrevertedMe 2018-08-26

"It's time, Sweetie," Mr. Grant eventually whispered, his hands sliding away from her breasts to hold her waist. Cupping her other tit, Mr. Craig lowered his lips over the nipple to suckle at it, his tongue swirling over and around the swollen bud. As the two men continued manipulating her tits; one of them suckling on her nipple, the other kissing her passionately, Mr. Stone's breath caressed her crotch. One arm slipped around her leg, holding it while his fingers reached out and pulled back her clit's hood, exposing more of the aching bud to his tongues attentions which were gradually growing in force. Mr. Craig's hand mauled at her tit, his fingers clutching and pressing while he continued to suck on her nipple.


Erica's Story Pt. 02

group philipmitchellstein 2018-08-26

Jim has a satisfied grin on his face as he lies back on the bed and pulls Erica down onto his thick cock, rock hard and projecting vertically from his body, "Yeah, she's fucking fantastic isn't she?" Grabbing Erica's ass cheeks, he switches his attention from Andy to Erica, "C'mon you cock hungry slut, ride me." While he's equivocating, "I dunno guys, this doesn't sound like playing anymore," Jim pushes Tina's mouth back onto Erica's pussy, and the three men watch as Tina licks her out, slipping her fingers in and frigging her to a small, but gushing orgasm, while her tongue works on her clit.


A House at the Beach

group Joey Burdette 2018-08-26

Instantly, time came unstuck, 36 years fell away, and it was 1969 again: NASA was about to try to land some guys on the moon, a big rock festival was supposed to be happening someplace in the Catskills next month, and these kids were Rick and Allie and me unpacking our stuff at my uncle's summer place on the beach in Chatham . "My hero!" said Allie, perched comfortably in his arms--Rick was a big guy. Allie rose to her feet, and hugged us both, the way she had downstairs, but this time, Rick and I took turns giving her intense, messy kisses, while our hands were all over her--me fondling her breasts, and Rick exploring between her legs.


Michelle Goes To a Party Ch. 01

group sarahsmith1989 2018-08-26

Damn girl you got to come party with us more often." Eric added, "I guess you were not practised enough before though." "You should wear something pretty and swing by this weekend, we're having a bunch of people over." Eric told me. Eric is having a Halloween party and I want you to come with me, I'll even ask him to find you a date. Eric took my hand and escorted Allison and I to the middle of the room where a circle had now formed. Eric shouted to the girls in the crowd, "OK get the men ready for these sluts." Allison, like a seasoned pro, took the dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

My Preacher Drugged Me for Sex

group Bakers_dozen 2018-08-26

The night of graduation came and Pastor Dave, Ginger and Deacon Ronny all came to the house to take me to the stadium for Graduation Ceremony. Pastor Dave stood up and told me and Ronny we should come inside and all have scripture study together for my graduation. Ginger and Ronny took a seat together on the sofa and Dave stood and asked for a blessing on us. Ginger took me into the kitchen and Dave and Ronny talked in the next room. I watched Ronny's big cock slide back and forth between Gingers lips and it made me so fucking horny I started to rub my pussy. Dave and Ronny took off their swim trunks and Ginger sucked both their cocks at the edge of the bed.

Midwest College Groupsex Ch. 01

group TriumphTread 2018-08-26

"Come on Maria, one little beer isn't going to change a thing." Said Josh handing her a cold one. "Sure, but don't blame me later all right?" said Josh handing Maria another cold beer. They also both noticed Maria looked real good tonight; She was wearing a Loose fitting black T-shirt and a very short jean skirt. She slowly started bouncing her seductive butt to the music while swaying back and fourth, teasing Josh and Andy with every second. "You like feeling me up don't you?" asked Maria blushing with a smile sitting in Josh's lap. Andy was sitting to her left and started kissing the other side of her neck and caressing her left breast while Josh was making out with her and squeezing her right breast under her t-shirt.


f****y holiday pt4

group GrithBrooks 2018-08-26

But to his joy young anjia licked the fingers clean and said "thank you". Peter hadn't gone soft since watching his daughter lick those fingers clean. The guys sat between Anna and her daughters. Laura flanked the girls the other side while Sara might as well have sat on Peters knee. Anna was very keen to beat her daughters to test riding the guys and kept them interested by allowing her dress to ride up and show off her puss. This was enough for Laura "boys" she said "this woman needs to see what Poland can offer". Anna smiled as Kiss took her by the hand and followed by Jan and Michael they left for a room. Anna mounted him before Michael joined him, inside her sweet pussy....

New Year

group sirdave64 2018-08-26

Your eyes close and you enjoy the sensation of my toes manipulating you, then suddenly your legs close on my foot and I am aware that Cole and Belinda have returned from the dance floor. "C'mon ladies," Cole spoke first, "let's dance the New Year in." I moved beside you grabbing your hand and squeezing it as we walked to the still packed dance floor. She rubs her thigh between my legs, causing a reaction, and consumed with alcohol and lust and the vision your oral union with Cole I unashamedly slip one hand from her waist onto her breast, gently kneading it through the fabric of her top, my palm massaging the erect nipple and enjoying its firm but yielding consistency.


My Cousin Jackie

group shortstroker 2018-08-26

We said our good byes and I thought the evening was over but Steve insisted Jackie come up to our room. Steve had cousin Jackie on her back, kissing her and feeling her tits up. I guess Jackie came to her senses and realized she and Steve were not alone in the room and she looked at me in the eye and motioned for me to come over to their bed. I looked over and realized that while Steve was sucking her right tit he had taken his cock out and she was two fisted pumping dicks while we kissed, sucked and fondled her. I didn’t want to cum on Steve’s bed so I stood up and Jackie pulled away from Steve to ask what I was doing.

Lucky Alan Ch. 07

group TLMorgan 2018-08-26

Deep in his mind, Alan wondered why would a hot Argentina-American girl with butterscotch skin, dark brown eyes with a black French braid at shoulder length, and possessed a remarkable waist to hip ratio with bigger-than-her-own-head sized boobs, could possibly see in Melanie besides her huge boobs? "Come take over keeping his big dick nice and wet while I get naked," said Melanie, dragging her fat lips off Alan's turgid cock and stood up. With his face smothered and engulfed in Melanie's deep crayon of cleavage and his big cock being mercilessly pummeled by a pair of immeasurable tits, Alan submitted to pleasure and unloaded rope after rope after rope of enormous wads of his sticky, hot spunk between Jasmine's immense tits.


Bad Boys Make Being The Babysitter Blow

group 2018-08-26

little magic marker drawings all over my body, I’m tied to a bed in front of an open window, tree with both of my arms holding the branch, can’t use my hands to cover up at all. ?Listen Johnny, I’m going to talk to your mother when she gets home. Try to hold my legs together, cover my breasts with my hands, but I’m still naked ?Bitch, if you don’t open your legs now so I can hit your pussy, then I’m going to want to rub myself, feel my body climax, but I can’t now, not in front of the boys. Can’t take it, so I open my legs up, knowing that they can look right into my pussy.

Cum Quest

group SouthernScribbler 2018-08-26

While she paid tribute to the licorice cock, then Trish began a more intense and deliberate licking of her ass and pussy lips. We then saw as Raven slipped her dark pink tongue from between her lips and upward into Trish’s pussy. Raven stopped lapping and sucked the blondes pussy lips into her mouth as she climaxed her lust all over the black meat pole that slammed into her. While Raven held his cock captive in her mouth and throat, Trish lifted her head to his ass. Each time more cum raced down his throbbing cock shaft from Raven’s hot mouth, Trish would lick and suck each ball, cleaning him completely.

Another threesome

group mysexy38 2018-08-26

Petrus saw what was happening, he moved his chair closer to me also and started to join the fun with his hands caressing my other thigh. Andrew suddenly got up from his chair and whispered to me " I am going to the restroom, please follow me in a couple of minutes" I could see his throbbing cock underneath his pants crying to get out. It tasted so good I started to suck his cock real good " oh yeah baby, suck it, suck that cock baby, ahhh" I was so horny hearing him moan, I put my other hand on my pussy and slide my finger between my labia to find my already wet clitoris.

Cindy Becomes A Member

group Wildfire46 2018-08-26

Also it said she should discretely make sure that all club members would be able to get a nice view up her short skirt. She felt embarrassed knowing he had seen right up her skirt when she crossed her legs but at the same time that warm tingly feeling came back again and she could feel her nipples harden and poke out at the fabric of her halter top. She had several drinks and noticed allot of people checking her out and she made sure she moved around enough to let anyone that looked see up her skirt. She noticed several people watching what he was doing and knew that they too must be club members.

Pair of Aces es Muy Caliente Pt. 01

group PairOfAces76 2018-08-26

He said that he and Candy had been playing with another couple for several months, and thought that the other couple should meet Eric and Joy. Eric and Joy had recently talked about looking for a second couple to put in their 'swinger stable.' They liked Richard and Candy and figured they would have good taste, so they agreed. Maria took Eric and Joy's arms and led them toward Jake. When Joy asked about how nice his hands were, Jake just motioned to Maria who chimed in. With a mischievous grin Maria grabbed a handful of Eric and Joy's asses. Maria and Jake mounted their steel horse and set off, leaving Eric and Joy to themselves.

Waterloo to Balham

group Shiggle 2018-08-26

I got home with a ready meal, a pair of black hold-ups, a cheap pair of black nylon panties and a hard on. if you'd like me to make some proper coffee for the meeting ..', she tailed off and continued to stare at my legs as a mischievous smile started to play around her lips. 'She is', I almost whimpered, now trying to hide another embarrassment working its way up my panties and pushing against the plush dressing gown. As I did so my dressing gown opened and my pantied cock poked out. As she looked at me, ridiculous in my stockings and panties, my cock twitched up as she took off the top and told me to sit on her lap ...