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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tension Release

group Downforeverything 2018-08-26

He pushed and leaned forward and my hand slipped over the band at the top of his sweat pants allowing my fingers to brush against his hard cock. "I want a better view of this shit." My girlfriend said as she got up and crawled onto the table laying underneath me so she could watch the man she paid for a massage pound my tight ass. I loved my girlfriends pussy the sweet taste of her juices in my mouth and that hard cock plowing into my ass had me going nuts, but I really began to lose it when I felt my girlfriends lips close around the tip of my nearly forgotten dick.

New Years Fun with Katie

group SuperBill 2018-08-26

When my wife left to use the restroom, Katie slid her fingers along the length of my shaft and kissed me passionately on the dance floor. I began to caress Evie and kiss her, then I turned and did the same to Katie. Evie started to giggle as I slid my hand inside Katie's halter-top and brushed across her stiffening nipples. Katie began to lightly stroke my shaft while I gave Evie's boobs a tongue bath. Then, Evie began to fondle my balls and cock and I pulled up the bottom of Katie's dress. Evie said that it was her turn to cum, so she and Katie began to work my cock back to life. Katie began to rub Evie's big boobs and suck on her nipples.

Agents of Pleasure Ch. 06

group derek33 2018-08-26

"For sure," the light ahead turned red and she reached over and took Marie by the hand, "at the moment, I have two very sexy people in my life; expanding my horizons isn't a thought I need in my head!" Marie pulled off again, "Just remember one thing, don't say a word to Chad; Paige will tell him everything when she's ready...understood?" And she sucked him in again! I'm gonna make you suffer some more so Paige gets a good, long look!" Marie climbed up into his lap, and leaned into his face for what soon became a torrid kiss!


Alicia Gets Her Way

group bigcanuck 2018-08-25

"You're going to love it baby!" She sucked Robert's cock for a minute, letting Jon continue to eat her, then she pulled away from both of them. "Are you guys going to fuck me or what?" she asked a few minutes later as Jon rubbed his dick against her face. "This feels so fucking good baby!" Alicia cried as she took her mouth off Robert's cock for a moment. A minute later, as she was sucking Robert's cock, she got up onto her feet and pulled Jon in behind her. I love your big fat fucking dicks so much!" She started to cum again, and as her mouth opened Jon stuffed his cock back into it.


group Erlikkhan 2018-08-25

Henry looked around the gathered audience and noticed Julie Rogers staring at his hands with her mouth agape. Henry stiffened and his eyes got big when he felt her fingers brush against his cock. Julie pulled herself out of the pool pausing to give Henry a bird's eye view of her shapely ass through the wet bottoms of her bikini. Julie reached back, grabbed his cock and guided it to the open folds of her cunt, rubbing the smooth skin of his knob along her juicy gash. Julie's screams slowly faded but her body was still shaking with his cock buried deep inside her cum filled pussy. Henry pinched her nipples hard and thrust up into his wife each time she plunged her pussy down on his cock.


Just A Business Trip

group Jaywesal 2018-08-25

She pushed the jacket away leaning across the arm of the chair I felt my cock slip between her lips into the warmth of her mouth. We ordered the last drink and turned to the still unanswered question 'what about Sharon?' Esther wanted to call her in the morning and explain, but I suggested allowing me to talk to her first then I would give them a call, or depending how she reacted she would call. I turned and walked off towards mine, my hand in my jacket pocket feeling her panties, my cock getting harder as I thought of wrapping the silkiness around it when I got back to my room.

Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 05

group shakenmartini55 2018-08-25

In addition to the non-stop fucking at home, Carrie and Daniel embraced the swinging lifestyle that Gwen and Mitch had introduced them to and partied almost every weekend having unbelievable sex with their new friends. Mitch led Carrie to a small table which held a chest much like the one in Daniel's room. Just before going out the door, Mitch turned around and said, "Carrie, you look marvelous and you're going to love the rest of the evening." She looked at Mitch and then into John's lap and said, "I remember him very, very well." For some reason Carrie hadn't fucked John since the very first night she met him and she hoped that was going to be remedied tonight.


A Second Opinion

group princecity 2018-08-25

After she began to hook up with Orchid, Diva would take me out to dinner, reach under the table and stroke my dick while she whispered stories in my ear how they fucked. Orchid moaned as I began to finger fuck her, coming up from my dick for enough air to scream. With her pulled back and her face raised up, Orchid willingly opened her mouth and let Diva's tongue snake inside. Then Orchid bent her head over Diva's exposed backside, stuck out her tongue and slid it up and down the crack of her ass. She opened her mouth and let Orchid slowly stroke the come soaked fingers back and forth.


group rthnck 2018-08-25

"He said 'we certainly made her airtight last night' and then the rest of them laughed." Ann was cradling the phone against her shoulder as she studied her nails and relayed the overheard conversation to her best friend Shelly. If they made a girl 'airtight' then they were fucking her in the mouth, the pussy and the ass all at the same time." He watched with a satisfied grin as his sister's mouth dropped open and phone fell onto the bed. Ann was suddenly back in the moment and ignoring Marley as the boy on The trolley began to slide his cock into her pussy. Drops of cum decorated her breasts and mouth as she smiled down at Ann. In her hands she was holding what looked like three dildos joined together with a strap.

Miss Sanders' English Class

group Hollow_Eyes 2018-08-25

By the time she got back to the front of the class the back of her underwear was pulled up between her cheeks exposing her butt, her pussy sopping wet and soaking through for all to see either through or just the dampness, and her nipples hard from wandering hands reaching up to touch, squeeze, or grab. Few moments and she hopped off the edge of her desk, back facing the class and she pulled the first three perfect quizzes out by the corners sticking out of the pile and read off the names to come get their reward. Monica placed her hands on Ben's shoulders placing him in front of her and Marie and Hillary stood next to him looking at the class and at their teacher.


My Time with Tracy

group Firsttimeguy 2018-08-25

What Bill said was true, she wanted a dominant man to treat her like a whore, degrade her and basically use her for his pleasure. I grabbed a handful of hair and told her "You don't pull your mouth off my dick. I pulled my cock from her lips and told her "maybe you would like it better this way." She was doing a good job playing with my balls with her left hand, scraping her long manicured nails along them while using her right hand to hold my cock straight while she slammed her mouth up and down on my dick. I pulled my cock out again and told her that I wanted to see how much of a slut she was.

A Stormy Flight and Perfect Landing

group The Style Guy 2018-08-25

During the three hour wait and the two-hour flight, I got to know both Becky, the pudgy redhead and Carla, the thin brunette. Carla smiled at Becky and said, "If you give Chris a good kiss, he's going to invite us back to share his room." As Becky continued to work my cock with her throat, I pulled Carla to me and kissed her again. Carla finished by pulling the short jean skirt and red silk G-string down Becky's legs. I pulled Carla's fingers from Becky's pussy and slowly slid the head of my excited cock into her wet hole. I could feel Carla's tongue continue to lick Becky's clit as I pushed deeper into her tight snatch.

82% milf

From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 02

group meddlesome 2018-08-25

I let him cum in my mouth all three times just like Wednesday night, and I put on a big show as I swallowed every drop and licked him completely clean. The guys were telling Brian to make me take it all and I did my very best to open up my throat and take his whole cock, but my gag reflex kept making me choke. The next thing I felt was Stef's cock forcing its way into my pussy right above Mario's. I started swelling up inside in a way I hadn't felt before and in a few minutes I was shaking like a leaf and cumming like a possessed person telling them how much I loved their cocks.


My Boyfriend's Fantasy

group JayLikestoRead 2018-08-25

Sam and I tried to push each other away and just licked and sucked whatever part of Todd's dick we could reach. Todd was moving back and forth, fucking my mouth while Sam fingered him. In fact, when I saw Todd start to come, I rose up a little and Sam's thumbs pushed my underwear down a little. This time Sam got my pants down past the right knee and pulled them all the way off. Todd's next spurt landed on my chin just as Sam got his hand inside my panties. "That's it, Sam, fuck my boyfriend!" I sat there and watched him pound Todd's ass while I fingered myself.

Carla & Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 02

group Marlene 2018-08-25

We were both looking through the hole and could now see the guy jerking on his big hot dick. The guy pulled down the front of his shorts and this big seven or eight inch cock pops out all red and veiny and hot looking. Get his ass hot and big you little cocksucker." I had three and then four fingers up in Jerry's ass fucking in and out of him while the guy egged us on. Gonna fuck that hot ass!" He said as he positioned the head of his big dick at Jerry's opening. The guy fucking his ass pulled out and told me to suck on his cock a little bit. I was mouthing Jerry's dick as the guy fucked his tight little ass.

Roxanne's New Neighbor

group MrPayne 2018-08-25

Then Kathy noticed Roxanne's long eyelashes, deep green eye shadow, sultry emerald eyes and glistening red, full, lush lips. Gooseflesh tingled all over Kathy's tits as Roxanne's long red talon scraped her skin too. Roxanne brought the drinks and sat on the sofa a safe foot away from Kathy. Somehow Kathy's hand had landed on Roxanne's silky, golden brown thigh, and she was lightly caressing that hot piece of flesh. Roxanne's right hand crept up and unbuttoned more of Kathy's blouse, her left still caressing her neck. Roxanne's hand was again inside Kathy's bra playing, squeezing, and pinching her tit and nipple. Kathy wanted those red lush lips pressed against her pussy, that tongue probing deep in her slit.


Saturday Night Fever

group watchdwag 2018-08-25

"Watch me me suck his cock," Terry said as she closed her soft lips on the head of his dick which disappeared slowly in her mouth. As I moved my head up and down on Jim's shaft, Terry kept encouraging me on as I felt Rick spread my legs and push one of his wet fingers into my ass. "Fuck, that's hot," Terry continued as she moved back up on the couch and began playing with her box, teasing her clit with her finger that she would wet with her mouth and then stick back in her twat. I felt Rick shift from under me and I assumed he was headed over to the couch to fuck Terry who was moaning as she masturbated herself to the sight of three guys making out on the floor beneath her.


Harried Dicks Ch. 3

group belab 2018-08-25

My body once more allowed the man holding my hair to direct my head as the large cock in front of me fucked my mouth. I let it push my lips apart as it slides in, and felt my lips come slightly together as the head moves into my mouth and I wrap my lips around the shaft. I use these pauses to stroke the bottom of his shaft with the tip of my tongue; After quite a bit of time I feel his tip reach the back of my throat, and I pause disappointed; there is still at least 3" of his magnificent cock left still outside my mouth.

My BBW Love Goddess Ch. 03

group RomeoNevathera 2018-08-25

I bend over and start to lick away at your clit, driving you mad with each pass, only stopping when I think your pussy is dripping wet enough to give you what you want, sliding it in deep as you moan on his cock. Your friend here isn't sure what to do, with each stroke I fill you with, you moan hard on his cock, making him want to cum. I do ask you say, and you follow me over, straddle me and proceed to slowly impale your tight asshole on my cock, reaching for your friend, pulling him close and directing him into your sopping wet pussy. You don't want to cum as much as you love the feeling of my hard cock deep inside of you, filling you up.

New Carpet

group happywife 2018-08-25

We sort of flirted a little but nothing too serious (like one time as Tony past Heather was talking about giving two guys head and he said "that must have nice" to which she replied with a grin "Wouldn't you like to know!") and continued our conversation. I looked over at Heather and saw that she was now topless and going to town on Darrell's cock while James knelt in front of her and had opend her sarong and was rubbing her through her light blue panties. I looked over at Heather who now was sitting on to of James with her back to him while she stroked Tony and Darrell's cocks in her hands.


Exposing In Goa

group altaff143 2018-08-25

As I rubbed lotion on her back and standing behind her massaged it into her boobs from behind she sat toward the side of the lounge chair making sure to give our waiter and the old brit guy a good view of what was happening. Suddenly looking at me she said “babes could you untie the panty I would like to get a tan on my bum the panty covers too much.” She propped her front up onto her elbows, giving the old guy a clear side angle view of her boobs hanging freely right till her brown nipples and anyone infront of her a perfect view of her lovely breasts.

Garden Meeting with Neighbors

group rockhard4uc 2018-08-25

"Don't worry, sweetie," she consoled me, "I was world champ too, for five years." With her gorgeous naked body right up close to me and her lovely firm breasts heaving with her heavy breathing, water sparkling on her skin, she looked wonderful. Here I was completely naked after orgasming from a beautiful naked woman's tongue, yet I was staring with unbridled lust at the huge erection of someone she called her brother Jim. And it was clear that looking at me and maybe his lovely sister too was having quite an effect on him. After first not imagining I could get any of him inside my mouth, I was now pushing my head along his fat shaft further and further, watching his belly getting closer to me all the time.


ANR Ch. 05

group CSK 2018-08-25

I told her which rooms had the X platforms and said that since a hot girl and a hot guy were going to be there, a lot of them would fiddle with the handle and knock to see if they could come in. I wanna see you with another guy and you seem to chicken shit to do it on your own, Mark here has always wanted to suck a cock in front of a girl and you, will I think you've been dying for something like this to happen." He looked at me and seemed tentative, but my hand rubbing and stroking his cock gave him the sexual courage to lean in to kiss me.


Ski Weekend

group mdgsparks 2018-08-25

I guided Sarah's hand out of my slit and brought her adventurous finger to my lips tasting my juices on her. Slowly I brought Sarah's other hand up and let it touch Dan's erect cock. The flicking of my tongue caused Sarah to moan loudly the sound stifled by Dan's cock. She turned around still on her knees and licked his balls a little; I couldn't help but take his shaft into my mouth seeing it glistening and straight from Sarah's pussy. Dan thrust harder into me as his balls banged against my cunt and Sarah's tongue as she licked me. I headed towards the shower Sarah following with a grin, both of us leaving Dan exhausted on the bed.