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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Gangbang Fantasy

group livvy_uk 2018-08-25

Katie's pussy tightened its grip around Peters cock for one last orgasm before Peter shot his load deep into his wife's womb. Katie returned and quickly downed her wine before taking Peter by the hand and dragging him off to bed. Katie knelt up on the bed in shock, but before she had time to protest, one of the guys was quickly on her and rubbing his hands over her body. Before she had time to start riding the cock another of the guys quickly climbed onto the bed between her legs. Katie was soon exploding into another orgasm as the guy on top slid his cock into her pussy.

Taking One for the Team - Chapter 4: The Hangout

group mike_oxbig 2018-08-25

A few seconds later I heard the bathroom door open again and this time Kara came back into the living room. Kara looked back at me reassuringly and I got on the couch and mounted her while she sucked James' cock. James got on the floor in front of us and started rubbing her clit, touching my couch a few times in the process. James leaned over to continue sucking my cock and Kara stopped him. I sat down on the couch next to him and Kara got down in front of him, licking the our cum off his chest before moving up to kiss James.

The Johnson Party Ch. 02

group Orgin Grinder 2018-08-25

And when Maude wet her middle finger and slid it up into the German's butthole, Gretchen arched her back and screamed out something in her native tongue that I'm sure translated into, "My God is that fucking wonderful." "Pour me some champagne, will you dear," Maude said, as she lay down next to the well spent German, gently working her own pussy with the finger that had most recently been inside Gretchen. "I agree, but I'm only going to last about three minutes--the first time," I said, explaining that the cumless fuck I had with MaryBeth in the shower, combined with the dinner conversation and the performance I just watched, and participated in, had me locked and loaded.


Morning Orgy Ch. 02

group C Love 2018-08-25

"Good morning sleepy heads, Stephani's in the shower now." Steve greeted us with a mouthful of toothbrush. As soon as we walked in the door, in the little hallway that leads to the main area of the room, I had Kessia up against the wall kissing and biting her neck, while Steve and Stephani were behind us up against the other wall. Kessia pushed Stephani's body forward so that she was no longer sitting up straight, then Kessia buried her head in between Steph and Steve's crotches. Kessia and I collapsed at the foot of the bed while Steve and Steph were in a heap at the head of the bed.

Sister, Her Husband, Tampico

group rainy_shiver 2018-08-25

While Luke ran his tongue up and down the muscular man's now very stiff cock, my sister placed herself on the bed, on her hands and knees, yet facing away from the two men. Without touching my pussy, my heavy thighs dripping with rain and my own juices, crouched down in the mud, I swear to you, my clit pulsated and I had a deep, warm orgasm just watching Luke suck this strange man. As the man grunted primal, dumb noises when he pulled out of my sister and jacked off over her rear end, Luke glanced at his wife and the man, and back into my eyes as he shot cum onto his own body.


No Chants at All

group nicoloco 2018-08-25

Silvie's life was one of comfort and privilege, of chartered flights to the surf and the attention of wealthy men like Steven. Along an outer wall ran a set of open cells where apparently the monks prayed and slept. The monks retreated to their cells for prayer, leaving Silvie alone. Except for the trail she arrived by, nowhere in the long perimeter of the clearing was there any evidence of an opening in the wall of oaks and pines surrounding the monastery. The next day Silvie forced herself to the morning meal, aware that her night visitor was among these men but finding no clue in their hooded faces. Tomorrow she would leave as soon as there was enough light to navigate the trail, while the monks were in morning prayers.


Good Girl to Slut

group staciliv 2018-08-25

That wasn't as bad and honestly I felt a little flash in my stomach when he'd talk about it but I'd never had sex with anyone but Bill and didn't really want to have another man and I CERTAINLY didn't want him to fuck another woman! "Thank you, I really enjoyed that," he said politely but I felt his eyes linger a bit too long on me and suddenly realized that my traitor nipples were hard little points, clearly visible through my clingy top! I looked in the mirror, saw a stranger, a girl dressed like a slut, sweat on my brow, my hair wet, nipples clearly visible. I came almost at once, being fucked by a stranger in the bathroom while my husband waited at a table outside like a slut in heat!

83% slut

My Day as a Good Little Cum Slut Part I

group 2018-08-25

I took his cock in my mouth like a good little slut while he fucked my throat - every time he brought me to the brink of gagging just making me wetter and wetter. I couldn't wait to feel him inside of me - the first of four times that I'd be fucked and filled that day. He could hardly wait either, firmly instructing me onto my hands and knees on the bed, then pushing his cock deep inside my more than ready pussy. With several final thrusts, I could tell he was ready to cum and clenched my pussy walls even tighter around his cock as he filled me with his juices, ravishing every second of that just fucked feeling.

My Wife Makes a MILF Movie

group PO469 2018-08-25

While we were about half way thru our third drinks, George told me that he and his wife really enjoyed it when she sucked his cock while another guy fucked her. When I was out of my clothes, Vicky looked at my half hard prick and said, "Come over here Dan, I want to see how big that nice cock of yours gets." I stood at the side of the couch as she scooted over and took hold of my manhood. You may be older than my mother but I'm still going to give your cunt and face a good fucking." John was the smallest guy but he had the biggest equipment at a little over seven inches and almost as thick as her thin wrist.


CvsN 10: A New Addition

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-08-25

Debbie was going with Karen to clean out their old place, with the girls in tow, and Beth and I were going to finish some yard work. "That looks really good," he told her hesitantly, sticking to the script he'd learned with Karen, but clearly things weren't going as well as last time. "Listen, you've got a good thing with Karen, I wouldn't try to push it with Debbie, or Beth. Her version looked to be a lot more work, but it would work out with a large playroom that the girls rooms opened into, and adding a large bedroom with bath and walk-in closet for Beth.


Uncle’s Second Wife

group nehanair911 2018-08-25

Then she said let me use the bitch for some time and she asked him to drive She came to the back seat and she asked me to come in front near her feet. I nodded and started sucking her feet like a bitch. I said I like girls, but always wanted to suck a cock from the first time I saw blow jobs but I dint have the guts until yesterday. I said I FELT LIKE A GIRL waiting to be undressed by her guy . He smiled and said you are bit soft like a girl, why don’t you dress like a girl today for me.

How to fill a big pussy--part 1

group legalgus 2018-08-25

"OK, now shove those bananas into me so far that you can't see 'em anymore and fuck me in the ass," she said. I slid the first peeled banana into her cunt and then scooped some ice cream and pushed it in there. I sucked and licked all the drippings of the ice cream and pussy juice out of her and then licked her clit while I stuck both hands up into her still massive cootch. When she'd finished I slid one hand out of her pussy and grabbed one of the bananas that was still sticking out of her ass. I fucked her ass with the banana while I licked her clit again and hammered away at her cunt with my fist deep inside of her.

My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 5

group oddone 2018-08-25

As we continued to make small talk, Linda started stroking my cock again and I worked my hand back into her cunt fingering her and stroking her clit. It was almost time for the pool to close and, not wanting to waste a load in the hot tub, I asked Steve and Kim if they wanted to join us back in our room for a little champagne as Linda and I brought two bottles with us to celebrate Sue's and Paul's birthday. Paul's hand soon joined mine and we began to take turns sliding our fingers up her damp cunt and playing with her big rock-hard clit as we continued to suck on her big tits. Linda came a short time later and so did Steve, shoving his prick hard up into Sue's cunt.

lorie attends high school reunion

group 2018-08-25

She bent over and starting sucking his substantial dick into her mouth at which Gene let out a big sigh "Damn Baby, this feels so good." Meanwhile, Charlie stopped taking off his clothes to examine Lorrie himself and thought "Gawd, she looks like one of those Playboy women ... Charlie moved into position to join her on the bench but Lorrie held up her hand and said, "Wait, I want you behind me," and immediately turned over on her hands and knees and presented her ass to him. Lorrie released Gene's dick from her mouth, looked up at him with some of his cum leaking out the corners of his mouth and said ...

Tim and Liz Make My Day

group TybeeSnoop 2018-08-25

When he got hard, he'd maneuver his cock downward so it and his balls were visible between his legs and my strokes brushed against them frequently and he usually got off from the contact, making a mess on the towel under him – a bonus for the patient. I got a bit bolder with my strokes and my fingers came in contact with her lips in a way that I knew was sending sensations to her clit. I looked over at Tim who was now furiously pumping his cock and I let my fingers move inside her lips. Tim bent over and let Liz take him in her mouth and he proceeded to fuck her face while I filled her pussy. Tim rolled off her and Liz took my cock out of her mouth long enough to ask me to eat her.

Below Decks

group thingswhatmakemesteamy 2018-08-25

Crashing waves of pleasure rocked her as the boat rocked her, as the wine rocked her awareness grew, she realized that shewas laying on her back on a crate, her skirts raised to her stomach, while the sparkling-eyed Michael lapped at her dripping pussy. Please don't hurt me...but yes..." Anastasia gasped her desires as Michael gritted his teeth in an ominous, knowing grin, and pulled her hips back, impaling her with his hard cock. Anastasia gagged on the old sailor's cock, but couldn't help but moan as her pussy was drilled from behind...she rolled her eyes upward and stared at the man fucking her face...he smiled at her and she felt a new thrill of submission shiver through her spitroasted body.

Rick and Linda: Round Robin

group TruthAndLove 2018-08-25

Linda & I, KeeKee & James (a 35 year old), Ellen & Danny, and Arundati & Karam. A little later KeeKee and Ellen told us how they met at the women-in-academia conference when they found themselves sitting at the same table for the conference lunch with a woman who inadvertently revealed that her husband spanked her regularly when she overspent. (Linda and I kept poker faces.) KeeKee, his wife, suggested that two men in need of disciplining their wives could spank each other's wives; thereby ensuring that each errant girl got a good licking when needed. The others seemed to think of me as the leader, so I assigned Linda to the living room, Arundati to the bedroom, Ellen to the kitchen, and KeeKee to James's study.


Ron's Journal 07

group Hypoxia 2018-08-25

I was in a park near my old hometown, a park where in earlier years I'd watched a AAA baseball team's spring training, and heard live music by big-name surf bands. Will was a little reluctant but Cassie dragged his face to her cunt and inhaled my stiff dick, and I took Will's long uncircumcised cock into my mouth. (FAST FORWARD: Will died of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma a couple years later, some time after a farewell three-way fuck. Her stepdaughter Connie, seven years my junior, loved to ride behind me on the Kawasaki 650 I would borrowed from Dad. Linda and Connie split their time between an apartment in Santa Monica, a cabin at Lake Arrowhead, another cabin at Joshua Tree.


My wifes very first time teasing a mate

group frankie1944 2018-08-25

Strangely it was exciting seeing how looking at my wife pussy on those pics made him wank off infront of me. Unbelievably after years of fantasising about it I eventually persuaded her to 'go to sl**p' for us one Saturday night when we come back from the Pub. She said she might if she’s had a drink beforehand but I could only let him suck her tits & her pussy was out of bounds. . She’ll have known I’d want to go a bit further than showing her tits off & that’s why she’ll have put a short skirt on. He asked if he could lick it, so I sat bac onto the settee and sucked her tit as she took hold of my cock.


group Kellysed 2018-08-25

I blurt out what I'm thinking' 'I was going to ask you if she liked girls...' and he turns to me, smiles, and says 'yes.' My lips caress his fingers for a minute as we share her pussy; I'm licking him and her at once. Then I'm licking Statuesque, and I feel a mouth on my pussy'-is it Miles' No, it's the dark-haired boyfriend'-and sensation, again, is all I know. My vision of her blurs; his fingers inside me and his tongue on my clit start me moaning, grinding my ass against his face, and my eyes roll back as I come again, fucking his fingers, shouting, groaning.


group grgor 2018-08-25

Ginny looked alarmed, but Stefan calmly took her left foot, the one furthest from Anya and me, and put it in the towel in his lap and began drying it, soft and slow. Ginny's foot was on Stefan's dick at once, and she worked the head between her big toe and the others. Maybe even bigger than my husband's." Ginny glanced over, flushed and preoccupied, but Stefan craned his head around, toe still in mouth, and took a close look at my nice big fat cock while his wife stroked it lovingly and bounced my balls. Then I felt a left hand pulling on my balls, rolling them, Anya's left hand, and I knew then that Ginny was fondling Stefan's genitals with her left. Anya offered Ginny her right hand, clumped with Stefan's cum.

Summer Skin Ch. 05

group riverboy 2018-08-25

She turns eighteen, decides she needs an adult to talk frankly to about sex because she's a virgin, I make the mistake of falling into her comely trap, her best friend joins in, they trick me into bringing them here because I'm worried about them coming alone, I help them get an apartment and have sex with them regularly, her mother, who I guess has had a thing for me decides to join me on my morning walks, I fall into her comely trap, she files for divorce and moves out, the husband puts the house up for sale, the daughter tell her mother about this place and I bring her here tonight."


An Evening of Tease and Play

group LegLuvr43 2018-08-25

Think of me getting fucked by all those men, my legs in the air, my spike heels casting a shadow on the wall, my cunt and mouth getting filled with spunk, cum running down my lips." Then she smiled and turned away, wiggling her perfect ass as she joined the group of men. It wasn't long before the youngest guy produced a condom and buried his dick in Janine's dripping cunt, her legs wrapped around his waist as he fucked her on the couch, her red heels digging into his sides. She opened her mouth slightly to let the cum drip from her still-red lips and turned around to look at the guy who was fucking her doggy style.

Courtesan of Rome

group TheMuseViolet 2018-08-25

With his free hand that wasn't firmly grasping a breast, the older man roughly grabbed my mother from the base of her head pulling her to the side of the bath where he sat on the edge. Without a moment's loss, my mother had his semi-erect cock in her mouth; her hands planted firmly on the edge either side of the older man for leverage. She immediately took him deep within her throat, drawing as much suction as she could driving the older man's eyes back into his head, his face suddenly red from the inspired aspirations Lavinia's tongue was inflicting upon his hard member. A little annoyed at his pleasure palace being taken from him, the younger man took his long, thick cock and rammed it up inside of Lavinia's cunt, raising her body momentarily from its stance.