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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lexi, Jenna and the Cabin in Vermont pt. 3

group fenom 2018-11-27

It was nice to get a good look at their faces and not just their body parts. Mick settled in on my side, Jack sat next to him near Smith and Little, Jenna remained on my right. Her right hand was still under the water on Smith's lap and she seemed to be stroking him. Not to be outdone, Smith whispered in her ear and soon my sister's breasts were also free and bouncing along the bubbly hot tub water. I looked away and focused on the slow tense moment when Jack slid his cock balls-deep into Mick's mouth. and sure enough, Mick slipped his dick into Little right next to Jack and together they fucked my sister.

Between Friends

group Syren74 2018-11-27

“I’m just so curious to experience some of those things you’ve told me about, you know, I’ve orgasmed but, not in the way you describe it – I just feel like there’s so much I haven’t experienced, and Kareem... Thing is, a few years back Kareem had gotten a big promotion and the extra cash he was bringing in went straight to his head like a fine wine. “You know those lazy girls won’t dare show their face in here until they’re sure the table’s set,” I countered, matching his tone. I don’t know how Simone feeds these desires that she’d kept dormant for so long, no more than I tell her of my own adventures.

my wife keeps busy

group woreout 2018-11-27

I watched her try on at least a hundred things before she decided on a flirty little skirt that came just mid thigh and a low cut blouse. I got a drink and found a couple of guys talking and stood in to listen. As we talked one of the guys said in almost a whisper I smell pussy. He said I do smell pussy, which one of you guys has been fucking? He said I don't know her name but she is wearing a low cut blouse and a short skirt with no panties. This time when I entered I found her still leaning over the vanity with her skirt pilled up her back and her pussy wide open and leaking.

Independence Day, Part One

group Delphi 2018-11-27

Her brown eyes widened when she saw Daphne, a smile bursting over her face. Putting it to her lips, she closed a finger over the pipe’s hole then watched the bunched green light up as she sucked the hot smoke into her lungs. “No. Thanks.” Smoke bled from his lips as he spoke, his eyes on Daphne. “Fourth of fucking July.” Daphne stretched forward to see the little chains of light raining on either side of the pop, splashing the stars with lines. Steven looked at her hand and let his gaze travel up her arm to her face and met her eyes again. Daphne didn’t look back, keeping eye contact with Steve.

Back Door Mysteries

group Samuelx 2018-11-27

Beatrice kissed Paula and started caressing her and sucking on her breasts and at the same time, playing with her pussy. I stroked my cock while watching Beatrice eat Paula's pussy. Paula was kissing me while Beatrice was sucking my cock. Paula's pussy felt good around my dick but I actually liked a tighter fit around my stuff. Beatrice slid another lubricated finger up my ass while stroking my dick. Beatrice held the plastic cock in her hand and slid it against my ass. It actually felt good to have a plastic cock up my black male ass. A stunningly beautiful bisexual woman and a good-looking black man in bed together, naked and talking about everything from business and politics to sex.


Rachel's Reward

group Jaymal 2018-11-27

“Of course there’s one person joining us there to whom Kyla and I owe particular thanks.” Reece glanced down at Rachel, and his bride turned her garlanded head to bestow a radiant smile. “You’re holding my husband’s dick.” Rachel automatically went to let go, but Reece folded his strong hand around hers and clutched her to him, running the palm up and down his shaft, so she felt all his lovely thick inches. The bride’s hard nipples were brushing her own bosom, those fingers still teasing between her legs, when the question came: “Would you like my husband to fuck you?” She was looking past Rachel when she said it and suddenly the bridesmaid felt Reece’s mouth upon her neck, his kneeling body closing in on her back, so that his upright cock pressed to her spine.

Three Days of Hedonism 2

group Kim 2018-11-27

Lily, unable to rip her gaze from this scene, watched the second man get up and sink his cock deep into the first man’s ass. “Likewise,” Master P said, “It seems that my Penny wants to suck my cum out of your pussy.” Lily buried her face in the sheet, as Penny pushed the bottle of lube flush with her anus and forced a large dollop of it deep inside her. Penny, not wanting the woman to cum to soon, stopped sucking on her clit and moved to Master P’s bouncing balls. With each contraction, her pussy squirted cummy cream into Penny’s waiting mouth; when her body was drained of energy and cum, Lily’s arms buckled, and she lay, weakly, atop of Penny.


group komrad1156 2018-11-27

I know you keep telling me you don't want me, but once you hear this, you'll be able to have your wife and eat me, too!" She laughed at her lame stab at humor, looked over at me and smiled and said, "Cal, you're gonna love this, I promise!" Karen shot me a look that meant to say, "What was that all about?" Instead she said, "I was really busy at the time and wanted her to leave me alone but when she mentioned Green River I told her my husband went there and she waited for me to finish what I was doing and, well, here we are!" We were all enjoying a second glass of wine after dinner and chatting when Allison said, "So you guys aren't married, right?"


The School Part One

group 1941aaa 2018-11-27

I sat down at one of the tables with Kathy, the half Chinese girl, and Ann. Martin joined us and we chatted about nothing, all being wary of saying the wrong thing until we got to know each other a little better. She’s a very nice girl in fact.’ We were interrupted by the other three fellows coming up to the bar and Debbie, bare breasted and looking pert and saucy, gave me a smile and turned to Ann. I saw that it was just after six, so there was only an hour left till getting up time, so I took my sarong, not bothering to put it on but slinging it over my shoulder, went and made my way down to the little room that was called the gym.

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 05 [MMMF Strip Poker]

group JENnRASP 2018-11-27

It was about three months after I had met the artist, my hubby and I were on the bed chatting and he asked, "Darling, do you remember you had met two of my friends, Simon and Robin? My hubby then took the cards and dealt it to them again and he finally broke the ice by saying that since we were already fully naked and had nothing more to strip, whoever won this round could choose what he wanted. My hubby won the first round but instead of asking one of the guys to do something stupid, he looked at me and chose me instead and said, "Darling, I request you to suck my cock now and shake your ass like what you did just now."

Peaches the Limo Slut

group slutmaster 2018-11-27

Tossing his mobile aside Steve Richmond grabbed the blonde roughly by the hair "You hot little prick-teaser!" For a long moment his eyes savoured her perfect white teeth and luscious lips before he thrust his aching cock into the girl's willing mouth. Peaches took a few moments to savour the incredible scene around her: a hot sexy guy on his knees vigorously fucking her pussy; two guys holding her stocking clad thighs open and watching with obvious excitement; another two, jerking their hard cocks at either side of her face, ready and eager to be given head; and yet another two guys standing behind her chair, also watching with great excitement.

Bisexual Bank Robbers Inc.

group Samuelx 2018-11-27

Like lots of young black guys, I've fantasized about fucking a white woman in the ass many times. I've heard stories from black college guys about white chicks who not only suck dick really well but also will drink a brother's cum and also let him stick his cock in their pussy and ass. Miguel and Steve kissed and fondled each other while Greta, a tall and busty, statuesque blonde woman with the biggest ass I'd ever seen on a white chick sucked both of their cocks. Alice, a tall, red-haired young white woman who looked like a centerfold was riding his cock while Lee sucked the dick of Eric, a slim Hispanic dude with a huge boner.


Carmen's Fantasy

group Dickie 2018-11-26

When he touched himself it’s what he most often thought of or watched when perusing porn; thinking of Carmen moaning, screaming out in joy as she got fucked by a new cock. Rich imagined how excited Sebastian would be to touch her, taste her, tease her, make her moan and, of course, fuck her tight pussy.  Rich looked at her face intently in that moment, noticing with contentment the smile on her face as she closed her eyes and felt Sebastian’s cock in her drenched pussy. “Lay down,” Rich told Sebastian as he guided Carmen to climb on top of him. She looked back at her boyfriend just as his hand slapped her ass hard.

Dirty Girl Takes 20 Inches Of Cock

group ukmarky 2018-11-26

The third and final choice for my girl was a black man who lived miles away, but possessed what seemed to be the biggest one of them all, “ ELEVEN INCHES OF BLACK MEAT” his profile screamed, “I’ve never fucked a big black dick before”, she said with a cheeky grin on her face, “Maybe I’ll build up to one that big!!, she added. When I showed our guest into the room where this vision of naughtiness was waiting, he flashed me a look that said, “I’m going to give your girl the fucking of her life.” I had to smile back knowing that he was probably right, judging by the photo of the monster in his trousers. “What’s the matter?” she said, looking at me, rubbing her hands along the massive cock that was inches away from her face.

Brockton Big Girl's Anal Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-26

Watching these two big chicks, one dark-skinned and one light, eagerly sucking my dick turned me on like you would not believe. While Kimberly sucked my big black dick, Bernadine licked my ass. Especially anal sex with a big black woman with a huge ass. As I rubbed my dick against Bernadine's asshole, Kimberly came over and spat on the big black woman's puckered butt hole. Folks, if you haven't fucked a big woman in the ass, then you haven't lived. She pointed to Bernadine's flushed face and laughed as the big black woman gritted her teeth while getting drilled in the ass. Bernadine's asshole gripped my ass like a vise, and it didn't take me long to cum after that.

Captivating Catwoman

group fanatasize 2018-11-26

Jake held Sarah's shoulders as the girl's hands roamed her body from her hips to her breasts to everything in between. The song ended, the girl grinned, kissed Sarah on the cheek, and she said she hoped they had a good time. As the woman stroked and squeezed her breast, Sarah stared at Jake with wide eyes as if imploring him to choose a course of action for her. As if sensing agreement, Catwoman stood, took Sarah by the hand and said, “It is time we found some privacy. As they passed the large play room on their right, Sarah caught a glimpse of couples engaged in various sex acts and a small crowd gathered to watch them.

The nymphs of summer

group DanielG 2018-11-26

"Looks like you are feeling good," said the taller of them, a blonde girl in jeans shorts and a white tank-top. I was thinking for a brief moment and came to the conclusion that this could be as good as it could get, but the risk was that the girls were a bit too skillful and that I soon would be sitting there butt naked, with a big, hard cock between my legs, impossible to hide. I turned around and she went down on me and took my cock as deep as she could in her soft mouth and started to suck like her life depended on it. I squeezed Clarissa’s amazing tits and felt how Jenna played with my glands between Clarissa's slippery pussy lips.

Truth or Dare 01

group DanSouthwest 2018-11-26

"Fine, as Sophie said we are all friends here and it's about time we got to know each other a bit better," said Camila as matter of fact before standing up to pull her skirt down. "That's time," said Camila as Sophie gave Pete and I a quick smile before sitting down. After making sure Camila was ready to continue the game, Sophie dared Pete and me to pull off our pants and compare our cocks. Pete had his hands all over Sophie's ass cheeks as he pulled them apart before sticking his tongue out and kissing her pussy lips. Sophie held on to his cock like a champ and swallowed every drop of Pete's cum as she continued rubbing her pussy on his face until she exploded in her first orgasm of the night.

Hockey Season

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-26

My man said Cheri and Charlie were going and they would look out for me, which did not make me happy. She sucked him before it went back in me and she rubbed my clit as he fucked me. I could tell I got Cheri to cum as she dug her nails in me. She was replaced by an older woman who grabbed my chain telling me to lay on my back. I looked at Cheri who told me to do as she said. It was midnight and Cheri told me nobody would tell what happened here tonight. I thanked her as she showed me a text from my man.

A very tight hole

group DanielleX 2018-11-26

It had been a while since Lisa and Holly had had any proper girl time, and right now seemed perfect with the British Open Golf completed and the next competition a few weeks away. Greg took Lisa through the back lift and then left her to take the swing and like Holly, she sent a perfect ball down the course, landing close to Holly’s. “Okay, well it’s this way,” said Greg, pointing up a little area where a bunker rose up a fiendishly tricky-looking lie. Lisa gave them a little squeeze and the girls kissed again and Holly returned the favour, removing Lisa’s bikini top. Lisa sighed and pinched her own nipples as Greg fingered both girls and Holly licked her fingers and teased the tip of his cock.

The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B

group p90sex90 2018-11-26

She had one massaging her breasts and upper front section; one bent down on his knees, squeezing her ass and taking care of the lower back section; one lying on the floor of the shower in front of her scrubbing up and down her legs carefully brushing over her pussy with every stroke; and one on her side rubbing himself up against her as he washed her back and neck. Natalie moved back and in unison Nadia and Allie lifted the buckets up over their heads and poured cold water all over Kim. She squealed with delight as her white business shirt became completely transparent. “My love did I just feel your cock twitch when Natalie orgasmed?” Nadia said to John.

Bisexual Anal Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-26

Hector was a good-looking Latino hustler Nestor met a year ago. Helen Henderson and Nestor Sanchez lay there, watching Achilles as he played football with his buddies. In Nestor's fantasy, he was an aspiring young reporter interviewing football stud Achilles Johnson after a football game. Helen fingered her pussy furiously as Achilles pumped his cock into Nestor's asshole. Achilles continued to fuck the hell out of Nestor's ass, until the Latin stud begged for mercy. Helen looked at the black stud's hard cock and licked her lips. Nestor watched, stroking himself and recovering from the serious pounding Achilles' cock just served his butt. Achilles continued to pound into Helen, shoving his cock deep into her asshole.


A Middle Earth Odyssey - Chapter 3

group JessLuvzSara 2018-11-26

Yanina and I watch Starial give head to Balzak and watch Mogash and Gorfuk bounce the hobbit lass up and down on their merciless cocks.I look over at Kirien and Eria, snuggling and kissing each other. The orcs fuck her tiny body for several minutes until Mogash grabs her waist and falls backward, taking her with him; his huge cock still imbedded in her ass. Mogash shoves Yanina out of the way and grabs Starial by the throat, pulling her ass off of Gorfuk's cock and off of the chair. Yanina takes on all three orc cocks, sliding her holes onto Mogash and Balzak while her mouth slides off Gorfuk's throbbing cock.

The Towel-Part 10

group gubica 2018-11-26

As Mary held my hands over my head and trapped my mouth with hers, John raised my legs to his shoulders as he put his cock deep into my cunt. Even though Mary was smothering me with the deepest kiss I have every had, I still moaned as I felt John erupt inside me which was soon followed by my own explosion. John was holding my legs and I was trapped in a viscious circle of feelings I could not control. Using my tongue I attacked her clit first, then as I felt her body go ridged, I ran my tongue deep into her pussy. I felt John pull his cock out of my pussy as Mary climbed down from the table.