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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 02

group DocCIS 2018-08-25

Several days later she and I were watching television at her parent's house when her mother came in telling us Mrs. Strauss had called to ask if Anne-Marie could baby-sit again this coming Saturday evening. I knew the guys would obviously try something else, and the way Annie responded the last time, and knowing how much she loves sex, there was a good possibility they would again succeed. Brian had a friend over--William, of course—again explaining how she didn't feel confident the two boys would be observant enough to watch the baby, hence their reason for having Annie over and pulled out of the drive.


Goddess Initiation

group AfroerotiK 2018-08-25

There were a handful of women that were also high ranking priestesses in the order, but this weekend they were acting as maidens to Divine Mother Olutuunde. Graham watched as the men prepared and secretly hoped that their sperm would be the one to impregnate the Divine Mother Goddess. He wanted to drink the cum from the Goddess Mother more than anything, he wanted to run, he was aroused at being controlled by the sexy men that towered above him and he wanted to stroke his cock with a desperation of a man that needed it to live. Graham reached up and spread the full, brown asscheeks of the Divine Goddess Mother and dove his tongue in to taste what cum had collected there.

Viju and Mahesh Swing in Scotland

group indianswinger 2018-08-25

In anticipation of meeting Viju, He had called the hotel earlier and asked them to leave a bottle of Krug Champagne in the room chilling to start the celebrations. Realizing that she wanted to feel him he stopped and quickly got out of his shorts and as his erect cock came out Viju grabbed it and started sucking on it like a child with her first lollipop. Viju was wonderstruck Orgy that too in a castle would be the best weekend ever in her life , "but first things first" she said as she reached up to his hardening cock and taking it into her mouth...

Mindy's Massage Ch. 03: Breaking in a New Man

group hornyolperv 2018-08-24

Mindy looked at her, leaned over and kissed her on the lips, "No, baby, you go ahead and make him happy." She started to kiss him again, as Brenda slowly worked her way down to his cock and the large balls hanging beneath it. Rusty shuddered in sensation and Mindy bent to kiss him again, swirling her tongue into his mouth and over his, then she slid off onto her knees into the floor and leaned in to start kissing and tonguing his balls as Brenda continued to suck him. After a minute, Brenda rose up to kiss Rusty's nipples and Mindy let the head of his big cock slide into her mouth.


My Cock is Yours...and Yours! Ch. 02

group MyCockIsYours 2018-08-24

I'm thinking "No shit, Sherlock." Then you pull on the chain attached to the nipple clamps and ask Lauren, "Slut, would you like Kevin to see how excited you are getting?" "Kevin, I want you to notice that the more I inflict pain on this little whore, the more turned on she becomes." You pull on the chain and tighten the nipple clamps a bit more, and sure enough, the wet spot increases in size. Watching us 69, you begin to finger yourself, slip your panties off, and tug on Lauren's nipple clamps and her hair, pulling her mouth from my cock.

Joining A Couple Turns Bi Ch. 02

group bendigoboy 2018-08-24

My cock now started to grow between her arse cheeks, as I moved one hand from her tit and down to my cock, rubbing it up and down her arse, still slick and wet from her earlier orgasms on the seat while she watched Mike and I, soon finding her arse, gently pressing my knob against her hole and with no protest, eased myself into her arse, listening to her moan deep and tell Mike I am in her arse, how good it feels. As soon as Mike's cock left her cunt she began to slide her arse along my shaft, working it almost from her before sliding to my base again, driving me crazy and in no time I told her I was ready to cum, Cindy telling me she would not stop until she also came.


Marriage Exchange

group Romantic1 2018-08-24

A week later, seething with her latest frustration with Brad, something to do with his anger over her meals and his drinking problem, Marybeth trod into Starbucks, her mind full of thoughts about how soon she could extricate herself from her husband. At work she read the little brochure about a dozen times, but it provided no further information about Marriage Exchange other than what Tara had told her. Marybeth just sat in an astonished state and said, "Wow!" Finally she asked, "What did they do -- the Marriage Exchange?" Tara said looking at her desk calendar, "We'll book a couple of days for you to come in to share a lot of information with us about yourself and about Brad.


A Journey to Desire Ch. 03

group swingerjoe 2018-08-24

Maria poured hot oil into her hands and began rubbing Michelle's shoulders and back. Maria then filled her hands with oil once again and began rubbing Michelle's breasts. She filled my hands with warm oil and demonstrated how she wanted me to massage Michelle's breasts. When we arrived back at our room, Michelle offered to finish me off, but I just wanted to wash off all of that massage oil, so I took a rain check. On that particular day, as Michelle and I stood and chatted with several couples in the crowded hot tub, I instantly recognized a woman who was backing down the ladder and into the water.

Sue, Jill, and Me

group Justtoold 2018-08-24

"We felt so good after buying these we celebrated by having a couple of extra wines at the bar." She looked at Jill and said, "Let's go try these shoes on now and break them in a bit. I was so surprised I almost didn't hear Jill say, "Like what you see." The two of them faced me, spread their legs displaying the neatly trimmed bushes over their pussies, and pulled their shoulders back making their firm tits stand out. After exhaustion finally set in, Jill lay there and said to Sue, "That was fun I bet if your husband knew about this threesome he would want to try it to."

Swingers' Halloween Costume Party

group andtheend 2018-08-24

All this time they had been filled with as much guilt as sexual excitement by Jack groping Marsha and Diane allowing Roy to grope her. Certainly, after seeing her first live circle jerk close up and first hand, she learned a lot from watching this woman dispassionately service so many men. As big a deal as going from virgin and having sex for the first time to a swinging woman, a woman of the world, she'd have a new attitude, that for sure, about sex, men, herself, and sexuality. The circle jerk was the premier spectacle of the swingers' orgy room, right up there with the wife being gangbanged, while the husband watches from his chair scenario, and the two gorgeous women who don't look like lesbians going at one another.


Double Stuffed

group dirtyjoe69 2018-08-24

My moan must have brought an idea to my hubby and he acted on it by shoving three fingers deep in my mouth as if they were the stud's cock. Just the thought of having two cocks to service was turning me on so much that I started to cum as I felt his digits drive further down my throat at the same time his cock drove into my cunt. My cock deep in your hot cunt and my fingers sliding down your throat like another cock!" He said. I continued to ride his hard cock and suck his fingers deep in my throat when I looked at the television once more; this time the guy had pulled his cock from the starlet's throat and moved in behind her.

Cornfield Chronicles-The Following Night

group WVGayman 2018-08-24

He fucked my face as well as Brown beard fucked my ass, and in the meantime, Red beard crawled beneath me and took my free-swinging cock into his mouth. Brown beard liked how willing I felt to get fucked; how my hole would take his entire cock, especially the way I’d give him something to slam to when I tightened my fuckhole. “You want my load in your mouth, right cocksucker!” Black beard asked in a tone that made me moan in heated agreement. “I need to jack it ‘cause I’m gonna shoot soon!” Red beard freed my cock and changed position beneath me so I could watch him stroke his meat.

The Bitch, My Wife's Best Friend

group kspor 2018-08-24

Hi, Susan, it's me, Heather; I wanted to let you know you have the best husband in the world. I tried to suck his cock, but he pushed me away and left me feeling like an ass and a fool. Now Susan gives great head but has never deep throated me and Heather took it all and then some. Suck that cock good Heather; I want him to cum inside your mouth. I love the taste of me on a woman's lips and I guess Susan had told Heather this too. I dove into Heathers pussy and sucked her clit hard, stroking it with my tongue as I held it tight with my lip covered teeth. Susan stood and leaned over the table as Heather moved to eat her.


Bad Penny Ch. 10

group MVPrimetime 2018-08-24

Tara watched this with a smile, and then casually turned to address the young man, who was fully dressed and handing round a plate of biscuits and another of cake, and said "Boy, strip off and fuck the Girl there." I missed The Boy kneeling down behind Penny, rubbing his cock against her pussy lips to get himself hard, pushing into her, taking a few strokes to get his shaft wet, then grasping her hips and starting to pump his cock in her, making her tits swing in time with his balls. He was starkers, and so were both girls, with Naimh sitting on his face and Lucy sucking his cock, when Mike and Tara came back in the room.


Greek Soccer Fans

group loucas_e 2018-08-24

Without removing his three fingers from Maria's asshole, Yiannis winked at Nikos who, understanding what was in his friend's mind, slipped under Maria and planting a hungry kiss on her lips, his tongue penetrating her mouth, shoved his hard cock in her pussy. They had never done that before, but soon managed to find the right tempo, Yiannis thrusting in Maria's now widen ass-hole, as Nikos was withdrawing from her well-fucked pussy, their thrusts making slurping and slapping sounds accompanied by Maria's moans and screams of ultimate joy and ecstasy.


Alexis and Amber - A quickie for the guys

group Violet42 2018-08-24

I slide up to you still seated, and I turn my cute little butt towards you, a quick shake, and I sit on your lap Oh my, I think I feel a lump in your pants Amber moves in and straddles your other leg, she giggles her boobs in front of your greedy eyes.. I know you guys like having them played with in a soft way that only a girl can :) I give them a slow massage as Amber pumps her mouth up and down you. She looks up at you and smiles :) I was kinda hoping you'd cum on our tits, but Amber does what she wants!

Legal Tender

group BelindaCath 2018-08-24

Whether it was buying our new home in our expensive neighborhood, or filling it with lavish furnishings, or even the Volvo I was now driving, my quest for instant social status probably taxed him to the limit Even though Dwight was well on his way to his family's life of plenty, he was still only a junior lawyer in his father's firm. "Mr. Chance," I said, and for the first time I felt I had a little strength in my own voice, "is there somewhere you and I can talk?"


Glory Daze Ch. 09

group Eagle1 2018-08-24

"I never understand why you jocks use that expression," he said, a little too animated, "Look, I just wanted to let you know that Mrs. Miller called off work on our scenes tonight, so you're free to go home early if you want." "Yeah," he said low and dirty, after setting the beer down, putting his hand on an imaginary ass, and mimicked humping the air like he was doing a girl doggy style. Taking in every detail of the size of my cock with her eyes, but saying nothing, and then she returned to Ryan who watched us all with the benevolent patience of a man who knows he's going to get everything he wants.


Just Friends

group SexyJennaInk 2018-08-24

"No, it was this crap called Her Civic Duties, with like all of the guys and New Found Glory," Jen shook her head slowly, dismissing the piece of writing. "What'd they say this time?" Amberly sighed, understanding her friend's clear aggravation with the world of the written word. "What'd they give as a reason this time?" Paul inquired softly as he followed Jen toward the overstuffed brown sofa in the center of the small den. "Did I get to be the bald sexpot that got all the girls?" Chris grinned, sipping from his beer and staring intently at Amberly as she fixed an errant bra strap inside her tight baby doll t-shirt. "Can't fault someone for writing the truth!" Paul laughed, pivoting his body to eye Amberly questionably.


Story Time

group shylisarah 2018-08-24

He joined us on the bed and started kissing my neck and moved his hands on top of mine and over to Amy's chest. Then Brian grabbed a condom and Amy moved around to my side to play with my tits. Sometime while Brian was fucking me I reached over and started fingering Amy. It surprised even myself that I could touch a girl like that. Then Brian, still wet with my juices, grabbed Amy and fucked her from behind until she came. As Amy held each of my arms and legs and Brian tied me down I couldn't believe what I was doing. as Brian was fucking me, very slowly at first, Amy was explaining to me that I was going to relax and enjoy as she kissed my neck.

Donna Me & the Chubby Teenage Chav

group maturemancock 2018-08-24

Donna sat up as Amy sat up also she said “That was fucking awesome” then Donna said “Your turn” as she laid on her back Amy spread her legs and licked her nipples, her hand was soon on Donna’s slit rubbing her wet snatch through her knickers. As Amy screamed, bucked, moaned and groaned her climax had never been this strong before and she squirted her cum all over the dildo Donna was holding, I pulled out and slotted myself back inside Donna as Amy snogged her face and finger fucked her ass, and soon enough I was coming, as I groaned I pulled out and Amy’s mouth was over my helmet.

Lois's Threesome

group SBMandLOIS 2018-08-24

The first problem we had was that Steve wouldn't let us film him unless he got a copy, that was no good as Lois works in a professional field and her f****y members surfed porn sites and videos of her sucking dick and getting fucked wouldn't be the best thing for her with her face on the internet. With me fucking her dripping pussy of cum and her sucking his dick a few inches from my face we were all having a great time, Lois had orgasmed twice by now and was rolling her eyes back into her head and I knew that was a sign of another on the way.

Pool Boy Ch. 10

group BigZeke13 2018-08-24

As she turned further I could see that she had a very pretty face with sculpted cheek bones accentuated by dark, curly brown hair to her shoulders and ice-blue eyes like Alexis'. When Emma touched his cock to pull it from his underwear he collapsed his body forward and said, "Oh Fuck. I sat there quietly for a couple minutes and then said, "You can remove your blind-folds now." Their eyes squinted from the brightness of the room and looked down at their exposed cocks. I pulled back out of her mouth and quickly moved around to the other side of the bed and climbed up to her splayed knees and pushed my cock into her pussy to replace her fingers.


Weekend Plaything

group numbsain 2018-08-24

She was my girlfriend after all and it was so kind of her to find this Amazonian sexpot and set this thing up, I felt a little guilty because we were both paying so much attention to Amber that all Sheila got was a blast in the face for all her hard work. I abruptly got up and yanked my dick out of Amber's butt so fast it went 'POP.' I stood up and faced Sheila looking a little guilty. She was giving me a look like, "Do me now damn it!" then she slapped me in the face really hard which got me so fucking turned on I was ready to explode.