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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ebony Euro Trip

group WhiteCockWorship 2018-08-24

Tourism in which millions of women from all over the world travel each year to a European country to hunt for a man or men that could get them pregnant; so that they could return to their home countries with a mixed baby. For the past month a group of 9 other black women from around the world were planning our trip to participate in the "impregnation tourism" craze. So it was quite a sight to have ten black women in the same room getting fucked by ten white men. The men layed on top of us, kissing and cuddling passionately, some with their dicks still in our black pussies.

Mary's weekend workout

group filledcreampie 2018-08-24

"Darling, there is no need to fear," gently he rubs her clit while moving his boner deep inside of her, John licking her nipples and Marc slowly fucking her mouth "we just want you to have a special evening. She gagged twice more, but then the pleasure that overtook her body due to her pussy getting pounded deep and hard let her climb the ladder to the relaxing climax.-just the first of many others this evening^^-Her saliva dropping out of her mouth and over her cheeks, the cock fucking her troat continuously, pulsing and growing in thickness, he hold still and squirted his cum deep into her troat.


group ScareletRaven 2018-08-24

As I worked his cock with my mouth, I felt a gentle hand slide against my pussy. I groaned against my husband's cock as I felt the carefully manicured fingers enter my pussy. I felt the head of his cock pulled gently from my pussy and I whimpered disappointment. Looking up, I took in the voluptuous blonde behind him working his cock and knew those hands had been the ones stroking my pussy only moments before. As the bearded man pounded my pussy from behind, I squealed in pleasure around my husband's cock. When my husband finally pulled out, I felt his cum leaking out of my ass and on to the unfamiliar mattress and I grinned.

Cockometer Ch. 04

group voucher776 2018-08-24

Sheri was up on her hands, watching Lori's large breasts move as she drove into her pussy, her own tits swinging in concert, and looking down between them she watched the pink strap-on dick pushing and pulling on Lori's sex as she screwed her girlfriend, the clit nubber rubbing and squeezing her clitoris, her butt cheeks pulled wide by Lori's hands, a fingertip brushing over her anus, a smear of lube as they pleasured each other, then a small finger slid in her, then out again, a second finger joined in and Sheri clenched her cheeks, holding the fingers tightly as they drove deeper each time she slammed the rubber cock into Lori's sexy body.


Gangbanged in the Alley

group spitnshove 2018-08-24

His dick is fucking huge and will ruin him for the rest of us." The pisser said, "Fine, I'll go last in his ass, but I get in his mouth first!" He turned to me, his cock hanging out of his jeans. No reason one of these assholes can't be fucking you while you blow me." I dropped my pants, and then I bent at the waist to suck Casey's cock back into my mouth. "Fuck, man, this dude can deep throat a cock," Casey said with awe. Then, the guy fucking me buried his cock in my ass and began taking short, deep jabs at my ass.

my fantasy

group bertibassett 2018-08-24

The cock in my ass is the biggest thing that has ever been in me and I am loving it I rock back and forth encouraging him to fill me, before I know it I can feel his balls against me, I have taken him all he starts to fuck me back and forth steady building a rhythm the woman has positioned herself in front of me I stick in two fingers, I suck her clit into my mouth as I fuck her velvety hole, I can see the juice running onto her star, I angle my head and lick her brown hole she cums and cums hard she is shaking her cunt muscles in spasm gripping my fingers she cums and she is squirting in my face, I can take it no more I have to cum.

Adventures in Wonderland

group Kubaba 2018-08-24

She finds herself watching him move, observing his long lean body as it stretches and lifts, marveling at his wiry strength and wondering how he will use it to dominate Jen. She watches his hands as he plays a board game or prepares lunch for his daughter, imagining that same delicate sureness of touch being applied to the wielding of a paddle. She feels like she is playing with fire, and even though it was Benton who first suggested that they watch Mark in sexual action, the delicious frisson of guilt that comes from thinking dirty thoughts about a man who is not her husband only heightens her arousal even more.


Cynful Enticement Ch. 1

group Cyn 2018-08-24

She begins to roll my soft flesh in her hand as she grinds her hips into mine, keeping the same tempo as I plunge into her mouth. I slide my finger between her cunt lips, feeling her wetness. As I start to draw the letter A on her clit I slide a second finger into her love tunnel, pushing them hard and deep. He kneels behind me, parting my lips wide and slams two of his large fingers deep into my pussy. I move my head back down to her gaping cunt, licking and sucking her clit, pushing a third finger into her. "Ahh yes, dominating." He growls, slapping my ass hard, rubbing then slapping, still fucking me with his three fingers, stretching my cunt.


Sure Cure For Depression

group Rumple Foreskin 2018-08-24

While he recuperated and Tony went to take a leak, Todd and Frank danced with Cindy and Sue. Once everyone was back, the seating order changed. There was no doubt in Cindy's mind that Sue was getting back into the swing of things and had picked up where she'd left off with Frank's tool while Tony started kissing and fondling her. "Well," said Jim, "now that you've got it, what are you going to do with it?" Sue stared at her cum covered hand for several moments, and then, with lady-like gentility, began to lick it clean. Frank was now sinking long deep thrusts into Sue, Jim was at her head getting prepped for his next turn with a blowjob, and Todd was sitting slumped in the chair.


First Swing, a true story

group Fredlake 2018-08-24

We found them sexy and exciting and (a month later) I told Fred that if we were going to swap, Bill and Linda would do quite nicely. When Linda got naked, she took over as full-time dealer, and I later wondered if she could actually stack the deck while shuffling. Linda acted like she was disappointed, but Fred followed by lead, and we said our good-byes and went home. The next day we got home from work and were fixing dinner when Linda called and suggested we come over and finish what we started. After we cleaned up again, we got dressed and Fred and I went home and fucked again.

Friends with Benefits

group him28she26 2018-08-24

Hannah called Dena and asked her if her and Paul would like to come over for a few drinks and a dip in the pool. I felt Hannah reach over and start stroking my cock and when I opened my eyes, Dena and Paul were engaged in the same activity. Dena pulled Paul’s cock from her lips and told me fuck her hard so Paul could watch. Now Paul got between her legs and started driving his cock home while Dena blew me. Dena started saying she needed more cock so Paul and I got out of the pool and stood next to her just watching the sex before us.

Hot Tub Surprise

group showife 2018-08-24

This quickly got T going as she asked Karen how long it had been since she'd had sex, and finally Karen admitted that it had been many weeks since they'd done anything, but what she missed the most was that it had been years since she'd gotten an orgasm orally her husband. I wasn't sure what Karen would do but as soon as one finger started to slide into her ass she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her. I quickly moved up out of the water as T started to suck my cock as she's done so many times in the past. As Karen moved between my legs and grabbed a hold of my cock I knew that I had no hope of lasting a long time.

Sex at Senior Living Center Ch. 05

group jonusstory 2018-08-24

Until her early 30's, Linda attended to the needs of her body by masturbation.  Things looked up then when she was promoted up a notch and given the chance for travel throughout the States and to Europe.  The work hours were more lenient, as she now had young lawyers to do a lot of the legwork, but to set a good example and confirm her good work ethics she still put in long hours.  The business trips did allow her to have sex, which she limited to picking up men and women in hotels and in connection with airline travel - in terminals and on planes.  She always chose older married men and women to avoid complications, people who, like herself, were looking for sexual frolics away from home.  She preserved her anonymity by insisting on meeting them in their rooms.


Bangkok Threesome Ch. 01

group Franglais Gent 2018-08-24

I sat down at a table and a stunning girl came over, said her name was Pearl and asked what I'd like to drink. It took a moment for her to release them, and I reached round Bea to pull her back to lie next to me and put my right hand between Sunitha's legs to play with her clit. I pulled Bea with my left hand so that I could play with and suck her nipples and try to kiss Sunitha at the same time. I pushed her away, took Bea's nipple into my mouth and started to rhythmically suck on it as I squeezed it with my left hand. I removed my hand and placed Sunitha's around Bea's breast while I turned to the other nipple and started to milk it with my mouth and fingers.

Dog Days of Summer

group Evil Alpaca 2018-08-24

Yeah, I'll talk to him." Vic wasn't sure which was worse: getting a cell phone or telling his parents what the number was. At that moment, Jack's beautiful dick was firmly in his hand as Vic ploughed his ass with tremendous fervor. Jack turned back around and Vic wasted no more time in entering that cute little butt. He and Jack even got along, though Wes kept looking around to see if the dark-haired god was checking out his ass. Apparently, Kim was one of those girls who expected to be fondled during these things, and she actually placed Dawn's hands on that muscular little ass. Vic couldn't tell for sure, but Jack had kind of an unusual look on his face that he couldn't quite decipher.


Four Girls Ch. 04

group Taunus 2018-08-24

Sam had to face her exam in Electronics and Magnetism (AKA EE&M) and Susan had her swim meet. As Sam patted her sore asshole with a damp wash cloth---she dared not use the school brand double-oh coarse sandpaper that they put out for bum fodder---she remembered her late father's complaint's about his hemorrhoids. There were times after the exhausting applications of integral and differential calculus, physics laws and principles, and total lapses of memory that she would have trouble remembering her name, where she was, or even the current month and year. At last Sam blurted out: "Do you want me to kiss you?" In reply Butch shouted: "Yes!" But both were still mesmerized from the physics test. Susan, Sam, and Trisha lived in university dormitories.

The Birthday Gift To Remember

group Flamejob 2018-08-24

The video continued to play as Jane removed David from his trousers and slowly wanked and kissed his cock. The camera moved around and David could see a good looking dark haired bloke in his early twenties with his tongue buried in his wife’s pussy. He parted her pussy lips and continued to lick her clit with his tongue at full extension so as to give the best view of the action, After a few minutes the camera zoomed out to view the whole of the action. David looked down at Jane who was slowly and gently sucking on his cock. As Karen kissed around Jane’s face she licked up all the cum the young lad had deposited.

My First Threesome

group Aussie_Ton 2018-08-24

Angus's hands tightened in my hair, but I kept his prick deep in my mouth, eagerly awaiting the hot, jetting spurts of cum I could feel building up in his balls. I took my hand out of my pussy and held onto Angus's cock for dear life, gasping for air through my nostrils as the final spurts of jism filled my throat and I gulped them down. I was immediately rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her as she lifted her hems and pushed Angus's hands out of the way so she could bury my face in her own beautiful pussy.

Secretary to Slut - Susan's Journey Ch. 09

group CiaoSteve 2018-08-24

Happy at the thought of wearing knickers for the first time in a few days, Susan couldn't help noticing though that the fabric was pretty much see through and left nothing at all to the imagination. Master returned to the wheel and away they went with the three guests sat on the sofa in the inner cabin and Susan enjoying a few rays on the sofa at the rear. The process was repeated as Susan took five Champagne glasses from the bottom cupboard, cue a view of the red knickers now risen slightly further into her crack, and placed them on the table, cue another view of her tits. The now topless Susan laid back on the leather sofa dressed purely in red knickers, a pair of knee high black stockings and a smile.


Wedding Revenge

group hrshie40 2018-08-24

It will be a wonderful place for the women to enjoy a weekend and as you suggested I asked Jeana not to mention who owns the cabin." Bill stated as he walked into Jacks cubicle. If this goes as planned I may need your services in the future." "I look forward to seeing the tape on Monday." "It had better be good." Jack said as he walked to the cabin door. My cock continued to grow in my pants as Kimberley aided by the BMI lost her inhibitions and began stroking Jack through his pants. I was sitting in the attic stroking my hard cock and watching as the woman sucked Kimberley's' nipples while Jack fucked her in the ass.


Diane gets a delivery

group wa8ting4agirllikeu 2018-08-24

Matt and Chuck came in, each with two bottles of water thrown over their shoulders. As I approached the window, I heard Matt speaking and Diane was giggling like a school girl. I watched through the open window as Matt approached Diane, put one arm on either side of her, pinning her against the sink. Looking in, I saw Matt still had her arms pinned and Chuck was unbuttoning the two buttons that held my wife’s blouse together. Diane was giving him her version of the long slow blow-job and after a couple of minutes I could tell Matt was close. Matt and Chuck each grabbed a pant leg and started to tug. I opened my eyes to see Matt pulling his dripping still huge cock out of Diane's pussy.

Truth Laid Bare

group dinosaurdragon 2018-08-24

He passed those same compliments on my figure, heaping generous praises in return and I always believed him, staring fixedly into those ocean-blue eyes and that laughing mouth as those honeyed words escaped from his full and bee-stung lips, while his large and heavy hands kept wreaking havoc inside every inch, every fold, every curve and every crevasse on my skin. Linda was driving, Christine was sitting beside her in the front seat, looking a bit disheveled, with her eyes closed. Linda and Ian cracked up too, I smiled and calmed my nerves as Christine kept us regaled with her jokes and one-liners, mostly dirty stuff, but they made me feel at home to a large extent.


Club MiXXXer Ch. 01

group tv46 2018-08-24

"We look for a party." He tapped the Teal House and brought up a registration screen. "Fucking A," Edie said, giving him a suspicious look. "Lets keep going, we can always go back and change it." He tapped on the calendar icon and got a list of dates, but they were all grayed out. Let me try the top range." The date went gray when the slider moved down to 62. Edie took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Let me be the first to welcome you to Teal House, my name is Samantha and I'll guide you through the check in process." She opened Carl's door. Samantha led them up to the main house and took Edie into the women's locker room.


Joe's Friend

group Joe Peters 2018-08-24

I don't know if it was because we were friends or not but I seemed to have an affection for Jim's cock as I made love to it licking the shaft and sucking on his balls very lightly before kissing the head and engulfing it in my mouth all the way to the base. She got to get more beers and when she walked by Jim he commented on how great her ass looked to which she replied that if he could get it up again she would love to have his cock fill her hot little pussy. Mia screamed as Lisa sucked hard on her pussy drawing Jim's load out of her body into her waiting mouth as her tongue darted across her inflamed clit.