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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dana's Diary: Three in a Van

group tinatart 2018-08-24

I gasped into Freddy's mouth and felt all tingly at what Chris' finger was doing inside me. Freddy's van was parked outside, and when we went out Chris was right there with us. Get her inside!" I had forgotten that Freddy was there, but Chris slid the door open, lifted me through, and dumped me unceremoniously on the floor of the van. The door scraped closed and it was totally dark, but I could feel hands going under my skirt and pulling my panties. I was so hot and so wet that all I wanted was cock in me, and when it happened I still didn't know which guy it was. But when I opened my mouth to scream, Chris' big cock slid into my mouth.

Football Frolic: First Quarter

group Dorado 2018-08-24

The bulge in Jacks pants started to grow as he looked at Heather. Heather looked at Jack, the flowers in his hands and his attire and smiled. All of the guests were looking at each other wondering what the heck was going on when Heather proclaimed “Okay everyone, you were all invited here today because at one point or another you all hit on me and I turned you down for many different reasons. Steve was a typical looking IT guy Jack thought, short, round and wearing glasses. Waves of pleasure shutter through Steve as Jack watched him and he saw his body start to relax. As Heather stood up she looked around the room she smiled at the guys who had been jacking off.


group pk1729 2018-08-24

It was prominently pinned to her left breast and it drew his attention to the fact that her chest, encased in a very lacy black bra was quite visible between the open buttons of her white smock-dress uniform. Alex pretended to examine a bra and panty set on the rack while in reality he was enjoying the sight of a black suspender strap leading from the dark top of her hose and up underneath a shiny red satin slip. Chloe had taken some bras and panties off the rack on the right and brought them over to Jen who reached behind the curtain and received a similar batch of garments from the unseen customer.



group happy_camper 2018-08-24

She likes to watch my dick slide in and out of my wife's pussy. I had finished my wife Gretchen and was fucking Heidi for all it was worth. Gretchen was underneath us, dutifully sucking Heidi's clit, and she gushed all over my wife's face. When she shifted her mouth and started darting her tongue in and out of my wife's pussy, you could see the engorged clit standing proudly, a lone sentry guarding her cunt. Soon, my wife's hand joined Heidi's on the nightstick, and it became a group effort. Heidi jumped off, twisted, and put the cop's dick in her mouth. When he pulled his dick out of my wife's mouth, I saw it was full of the cop's white cum.


group Badabingaling 2018-08-24

The next morning we met up for coffee to clear the air, and make sure that no matter how honest we got last night, we are and always will be close friends no matter what. She looked like she just rolled up to work after a massive night of hot and steamy sex. He looked at me shocked, and while maintaining eye contact I led him beneath my skirt so that he could feel that I wasn't wearing underwear and that I was very, very wet. Juan still had a twinkle in his eye but it was Harriet that was on her phone, and then looked up at me with her eyebrows raised.

Going to the Movies

group Kum_Kitten 2018-08-24

Once her arms are tied her date pulls her close to him, and using his hand on her throat to keep her from struggling with him he steps behind her and reaches down to her pussy and roughly slams his fist back inside her pussy this time lifting her off her feet, she barely feels the two guys behind hold her up as the fist in her pussy begins to slam into her again and again, hard and fast. He stops and the fist in her hair lets go as he brings her chin up so that she is forced to look in to his eyes as he tells her, "just so you know, I love seeing you struggle, I WANT reasons to beat your pussy and you will be absolutely quiet and willing the entire time, and already you've given me 2 reasons to beat you."


She Wore It Well - Getting to Know

group ManosHands 2018-08-24

Prior to this encounter, Vicki and I played as exhibitionists with Bill and Janet at the clothing optional beach. I didn't tell Vicki ahead of time; if it was going to work with Bill and Janet, then I'd spring it on her. Vicki and I had a couple of Skype sessions, role-playing that we were exposing ourselves to our new beach friends. Janet said that in all of her years in visiting that beach, she had seen a lot of interesting sights, but that was one of the most erotic. Vicki smiled, gave my cock at a little squeeze and said "Good answer! Bill didn't say anything, but Janet, only getting a back view of Vicki, said "Nice ass!" getting a laugh from Bill.


A Unique Therapy

group embracelust66 2018-08-24

Of course, neither Steve nor Emily, if asked, would have been able to explain why they thought a sex therapist's home would be somehow different than that of a teacher, plumber or accountant. We thought we would just sit and talk over some wine and snacks, at least to begin with," Fiona said, closing the door and giving her husband a significant look. Emily and Steve looked at each other, grinned and gave a sort of shrug and nod that told Roger he had guessed correctly. "A lot less guilty about the fact that I wanted to fuck my spin instructor till I couldn't walk, and he knew it." Emily smiled at Steve. Roger cast a knowing look at Steve, who'd been staring at the floor, silently listening to Emily.


Taste the Rainbow

group RejectReality 2018-08-24

"Come on," Brett said, and leaned against the door, trying to act as if he was unfazed by the whole thing. "Taking your shirt off," Kylie said while continuing to pull the material free of his jeans. "You go, girl," Amanda said as he hardened in Kylie's grasp. Kylie used the convenient handle already in her hand to pull him toward the bed, and said, "Lay down." "Damn, girl," Trina said when she saw the wetness on Brett's face. Brett sucked Trina's clit hard and rolled it with his tongue. She lifted her pussy away from him, and looking beneath the hem of her skirt, he could see flashes of Jun's tight ass peeking out from beneath hers, and smacking his thighs.


Selina's Bound to Enjoy

group tonyatll 2018-08-24

Kathy starts to smack Susan's arse; Susan then lets go with a scream of "oh God, yeah, I'm going to blow again" and then her pussy squirts again, this time on TvTerry's and Roger's hands and down the shaft of the strap-on. Roger took his place as soon as he pulled out and started fucking her long and hard while tweaking her nipples and fingering her clit while TvTerry and I got our cocks cleaned by the now partially recovered Susan, till he to filled Kathy's pussy with his cum and moved over for Susan to suck his cock clean.

A Walk in the Hills

group Starlight 2018-08-24

They backed off a little, and the small boy said, "Sorry lady, we just wanted to…" "No," said the small boy, "We just wanted to have sex with you because you looked so good." I had often wondered what it was like for an older woman having sex with younger virgin boys, and here was an opportunity to find out. He sat, and I went on, "Do you really think you'd like to touch a woman's breasts?" "What's the matter?" I jeered "I thought you said you'd like to touch a woman's breasts. I waited a few minutes, and then said, "Okay, let's go and find these friends of yours." We rose and I took his hand and we walked back down the track.

The Impressionist Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-08-24

When Odile's car was brought around, they headed home and, as she drove with her left hand on the wheel, her right hand was massaging his penis through his pants until he warned her that he was very horny and couldn't wait to get her in bed and removed her hand as he didn't want to waste any of his juices now. Soon after they got up, Maria called and he gave her Odile's address and told her how to get to the apartment entrance in back of the gallery and asked her to be there by 6 pm as they would have an early dinner so they would have plenty of time to get to know one another afterwards.


Theater Night: Jenna Pt. 4

group Jimbow 2018-08-24

Now he's down on his knees he pushed his head between your heavy fat thighs and turns his face to your waiting cunt. A trickle of pussy juice ran down your leg as you watched her fuck and jack off two men at the same time Sir James whispered in your ear, "Alright Jenna my little sex slave present your ass so the gentlemen can fuck it." Each man took his turn: he entered; he would pound your pussy; he would cum then exit without even a thank you…then again and again. Sir James' balls contracted and his pent up jism flooded your adoring cunt he spurted three times and continued to fuck until he was as soft as putty.

The Tape

group fluidline1 2018-08-24

She swayed her body from side to side and slowly began to slide down so that his cock head dragged over her navel, over the small bulge of her belly, through the lush valley between her tits till it was brushing her neck and chin. Gradually, more and more of the length of his cock began disappearing into her mouth as she relaxed her throat muscles and accepted him inside of her and he began to feel like he was fucking her in her cunt. Next thrust and she was managing to have the tip of his cock in her mouth, giving the head a deep suck before letting go to allow him to pull back.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 27

group Reindeer58 2018-08-24

"Thank you and sure," Veronica answered as she walked toward Mary Claire and with a light but prolonged kiss on her lips rested one hand on her bare hip and then lightly caressed it with her nails. Mary Claire stood, "Let me help you." She stepped in front of Veronica and I, looked each of us in the eye and asked "What would like?" as she released her long reddish brown hair from the pony tail and let it cascade down her back and over her shoulders As Caroline and Angela walked into our bathroom, Ashley and Katrina headed for theirs, Mary Claire turned down their offer to join them, saying, "I need a few more minutes to cuddle."


A Shared Wife Ch. 02

group ava23 2018-08-24

Justin looked at Bill, "I want you to fuck my wife hard, don't hold back, and make her come until she screams." Bill started fondling his hard cock, as he looked over at Tracy ready and waiting on the bed. His hand moved to her glistening wet pussy, spreading the lips open gently, to slide a finger inside, stroking the tender flesh, until she started moaning. Pulling his finger out, pussy lips still spread, he held his cock at her entrance, and guided just the head inside, and stopped there. Bill groaned, the inside of her pussy was squeezing his cock tighter and tighter, and he knew he couldn't hold it much longer, so he started moving again, thrusting as hard as he could, relentlessly.

True Love

group readcarefully 2018-08-24

After the first day tension in the HoneyMoonSuite, Elise tossed out the idea of our entire team going hairless to make the Beta1000 feel less like gerbils in a cage. The system would log their activities as Beta1000 participants, but they could place the data with anomaly readings that Elsa would ignore - essentially discarding the results. I could hear some of the action, but Elsa could monitor the activity in the room given the tons of data we'd already collected and the HoneyMoonSuite spray that coated the insides of the clothes we placed them in. The reporters found themselves focused on questioning the Beta30 while Van Hoy and I headed out to view Elsa's data. "Nobody's perfect, Elsa," Van Hoy shrugged as I laughingly read the data about the reporters activities.


Alice in Cumland

group Raynne 2018-08-24

I suggested he bring Tom, his room mate, instead, and have him dress up like a woman to make Alice think he preferred men or queens but he said she knew he didn't so it'd never work. Tom had his hand on Alice's leg and she started rubbing his back. I bent down and took him in my mouth as he pushed Alice's thong aside to lick her hot little clit. I moaned and reached my hands up to fondle Alice's little tits while she sucked on Tom. Alice expertly sucked my clit and Steve rubbed a finger into my slit and his tongue slid over my holes. Steve and Alice were just watching, wide-eyed, as Tom's fat cock filled me repeatedly.

Alone in My Room

group MmmmPerfect 2018-08-24

I walked back into the bedroom, drink in hand, and placed a towel and my vibrator on the bed so it would be ready and waiting for me when I finished taking a bath. Another set of hands touched my other arm and tied my right wrist to the chair. He felt like I imagined that my girlfriend's husband, Will, would feel -- strong, large, in control, masculine and gentle. Jerking off the cock with one hand and my mouth and propping up myself on the chair with my other arm, I bucked my hips against this fleshy, soft mouth, his tongue exploring me in deep penetrating rhythms,...


New Job

group jasliz 2018-08-24

"Miss Conner you really need to try him out yourself, his cock is amazing," Jenny said as I inserted it again. Occasionally I would look at one of the cameras as I drove my cock in and out and played with Jenny's tits and ass. Now if you would be so kind as to finish up and let me sample your load," Miss Conner said as she rubbed my tight balls. As soon as I pulled out of Jenny's well fucked pussy, Miss Conner fell to her knees and started stroking my cock with her mouth wide open. Mrs. Bergoin doesn't want romance, she just wants to be fucked as hard as possible and as long as you can," Miss Conner said.


At the Movies - XXX Rated

group joan658 2018-08-24

In spite of my initial shock, I really liked the way the guy's big cock felt in my hand and I realized that I was getting even wetter than I had been moments before when I was watching the sex show on the screen. "I need your fucking cock inside me!" Sally was coming down from her plateau -- still shaking -- and thankfully, the old guy was still mostly hard so it looked like I was going to get what I so desperately needed. As I kept up a steady rhythm on top of my old guy's dick I saw Sally's guy slowly insert his cock into her glistening cunt in one fluid motion, then, he lunged into her while holding her hips tightly in his large powerful looking hands.


Gifts from My Boyfriend

group patdown 2018-08-24

I was doing my usual fine job of giving head but Mark showed an incredible amount of restraint because I must have been sucking on his dick, kissing his balls, stroking his thighs and squeezing his butt for 20 minutes before it felt like he was ready to go. I was so happy getting everything I could hope for from three attentive guys, I didn't know how I would ever be able to thank Lyle for bringing me Mark and Brian. Despite the pleasure I was sweating like it was a workout and I needed a little break from being the center of attention so I decided a second quick warm bath would refresh me and I took Lyle with me while Brian and Mark changed the sheets on the bed.


Tanya Supertits Ch. 03

group Full_time_stud 2018-08-24

He ran his thick piece of meat up and down Tanya's Chest and stomach as he went the cock leaked pre-cum form the head. "Yes," thought Jordan, "another one bites the dust." But before she could turn her attention to Timmy a load of thick red hot cum splattered her toned stomach, it was followed by another, bigger, spurt that carried up towards her chest. Like a shotgun Jason would let loose another volley every time Jordan cocked his piece. Jason saw this awesome sight and watched helplessly has Jordan ran her red fingernails along his throbbing cock. On the end of his shaft Jordan was in a different world: When Timmy had thrust her upwards Jason had stuffed his mighty cock down her throat.

Our First Swinger's Club Pt. 02

group chilemanTX 2018-08-24

We were about to watch a white milf get her pussy pounded by a big black cock a mere 5 feet away. Just as we start to lose interest, the milf decides to suck some cock and she puts on a show. Then she starts to lick his balls and strokes his cock. While watching the suck show, Vickie decides to stroke my cock. Suddenly, the black male and milf decide to start their fucking-squirt show again. With Vickie's pussy juice literally in my nose, the licking instinct takes over. I stick my tongue in as far as it will reach inside her pussy and start licking. I grab my cock and tell Vickie its time for her to eat some cum.