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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dogging Chauffeur - sometime in the future

group chrisukbishare 2018-08-24

This is a story which you could turn into a true story by being involved. I would love, as a gentle voyeur of male and female forms, to be charged with taking you to a suitable spot, and keeping a watchful eye on you as you get surrounded by the appropriate number (not too many) attentive men or women. I would enjoy being the one person that doesn't get carried away, that keeps an eye on your safety, and in the end, takes your home - maybe to ensure that you are tucked up after a drink and a bath/shower. I see from women the desire to be excited, challenged, taken (a bit), but also satisfied and safe. Maybe what's needed is someone to be the chauffeur.

Game On

group jdodg 2018-08-24

Despite my total nakedness and the very unusual feeling of playing squash with my hard cock on show, I managed to win the next point and it was my turn to kneel in front of Gemma to remove her thong. I couldn't believe my eyes and both the girls must have noticed my stunned expression as they burst out laughing and Sophie said she did not want me to feel left out and gave me an equally sexy kiss with her hand gently stroking my cock at the same time. While Gemma kissed me Sophie started to quickly undress and we both watched as she took off her shirt, very short squash skirt, bra and thong to reveal a perfectly formed body.

Grad party time

group lion9655 2018-08-24

Kendra ate my hot cum greedily, and hopped up and ran over to the threesome...she knew both Isaac and Chris would not last long in Krista's pussy. Kendra didn't miss a beat....she sucked Isaac to get all the cum out, and then leaned over and pulled Chris' dick out and started jerking was COVERED in Krista's pussy cum and Isaac's fucking HOT. Kendra wanted to get gangbanged really as Krista watched, Isaac fucked her mouth while Chris and I pounded her teen pussy together. We double fucked Jess for about two minutes, but with Chris' cum all over our cocks and Jessica's pussy, we both came really hard.

The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 9c

group FuzzyB 2018-08-24

Uninhibited and free with her body, Lianna has been entertaining Paul, Martin, Anne and Beth with a sensual, erotic dance. She pressed her sex onto the mouth awaiting it and ground her hips to completely coat Beth's face with her juices, and those that Martin had left insider her an hour before. Paul was aghast at the idea; Martin was equally unsure, although he had enjoyed the ass-fucking Lianna had given him with her dildo. Without thinking, Paul reached into Terry's crotch and took the man's cock into his hand. Beth had her head near the foot of the bed and could watch Terry sucking Martin from close up. Terry had to stop blowing Martin to ask Paul, "can I come in your mouth?"


Dances in Erotica Pt. 02

group ShaeLeeTanner 2018-08-24

I looked at Brian lying on the bed, somewhat exhausted from the wonderful head and fucking he received from Megan, and felt he needed a rest to recuperate before we asked him for any further servicing on his part. Brian moved his hand and placed it over Megan's mouth to stifle her moans, which were quickly getting louder and soon might turn to screams. We parked and Brian took his tools out and I said that we were going to go to Megan's place and get her tent poles and anything else she had forgot to bring. I told Brian about our idea of making some fun drinks of the day to try and that Megan was okay with smoking some herb.


Brazilian Beach Girl

group rfhalvor 2018-08-24

According to plan Cindy suggested that she and Lydia start playing and Ray could join later it that was all right with him. Ray got the small dildo and handed it to Cindy telling her she and Lydia should try some little pleasure between them. She took Lydia's ass cheeks and spread them with one hand in a little v seeing her asshole shine from the juice and saliva that was not clean off. Now she inserted the dick like dildo into the ass of Lydia slowly as not to cause too much pain but enough to excite and drive the girl higher in her sexual feeling. Ray seeing this option bent down and also spread Cindy ass cheeks and started lick and sucking her asshole.

Bachelor Party Ch. 02

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-08-23

I do not have to wait long, and I feel his hand come down hard on my left cheek, then my right. He pauses for a second to let the pain sink in, and then rains down four quick blows, all over my ass. I think that he is done, because he pauses for a long time, but am brought back to reality sharply as his hand comes down hard right on my wet pussy. For your final blow, you hit me right in the middle of my ass, low enough that the tip of the paddle hit me lower than I expected, just missing my pussy. I realize that the thing invading my pussy is the handle to the paddle you so recently used to cause me pain.

Start with the end in mind? (part two)

group valandjayne 2018-08-23

Stella was smaller and more petite and had a lovely bum and like Hazel was waxed within an inch of her life with just a thin landing stip of pubic hair. Hazel and Stella had known each other since school and often came to the club to have a good time, with and without their husbands. I now realise it’s hard to keep focussed my mind was on pleasuring Stella’s pussy, but at the same time wanted Hazel to know by keeping my dick hard how much I was enjoying her sucking me off. I did not want to stop giving Stella anal or for Hazel to stop rimming me, but the feeling of suction and such a tight fitting holed on my cock meant I just exploded.

Sally Does Room Service

group twistedgraygoat 2018-08-23

When room service arrived she went to the door in her see-through party bra holding her perky "B" breasts and tight see-through panties that clearly showed her camel toe. I put my hand on the bulge in his pants and say, "Ellie, I think we need to help this young man before he bursts." I gently pull down his briefs and his cock pops straight out flinging drops of pre-cum which hit me on my right breast. She proceeds to really work him up to the point where he is nearly ready to cum and says, "I think we need to make you more comfortable." She holds his pants and briefs to the floor while he steps out of them.

Sensory Overload Ch. 03

group MidWestPrincess 2018-08-23

Orlando ducked his head under the table to see the girls starting to suck the dicks in front of them, "Wow X, I didn't know this was that kind of party," With her mouth already on Lawrence's dick, Stella noticed Savannah undoing D'Angelo's pants so she did the same for Orlando. Lawrence, D'Angelo and Savannah paired off as Xavier and Orlando lavished attention on Stella. Looking over, she noticed that Stella was on her back with her legs over Orlando's shoulders, her head cocked to the side with Xavier's dick in her mouth. As things came back into focus, she looked over to see Stella's mouth open, trying to catch the come spraying out of Orlando and D'Angelo's dicks.

its cuck time

group manfed 2018-08-23

I don't think he ever knew but it was a GREAT turn on for me." I asked "So you LIKED having a guy eat another man's cum out of your pussy?" She said "HELL YESS!" I was hard a brick by now. I think you like the idea of swallowing another man's cum, dontchya?" I laughed sheepishly and answered, "I guess it's too late to lie about that one." I was still dying to know so I had to ask again..."So who was the first guy? Again...I had to ask..."SO who did it all those other times?" Mitzi grinned and said "Don't worry Honey; you were ALWAYS the second guy..." I said "So I have eaten his cum several times?" She said "Yes Baby....but not just his.

Our First MFM Threesome

group riv2002 2018-08-23

Slowly and with the most sexy look I've ever seen, my wife removed this man's cock from his underwear and took it into her mouth without breaking eye contact with me. She then, with this mans cock in her face, gently tugging on him with her hand said, "I want you to lick my pussy." Only then did she break eye contact and begin to work on our friend again. I think my wife sensed this as she looked up at our new friend and said, "I want you to cum on me, can you do that for me?" He looked eager and replied to her, "With a little help from you!" He began to get a bit more forceful.

Rebuilding Self Esteem

group AJ Mosmer 2018-08-23

When it came time to choose swimsuits, Janet talked me into purchasing a tiny tanning bikini, one I never would have bought if Ray was coming along. After Tony and Rob got situated, they grabbed something to eat, then decided to hang around the house, saying they were a bit tired by the drive and they didn't feel like going out. I thought I'd feel like a fish out of water hanging around with people so young, especially without Janet to talk to, but Tony and Rob were very charming and friendly. I confess I was a touch worried that the talk from last night had been momentary and the guys might start thinking of me in terms of being an old woman, but one glance at their lustful leers and I knew that, if anything, their opinion of me had shot up.


First Swing

group Arthur121 2018-08-23

Our first swap was one sided, I was giving some oral attention and Sue was doing the same to her partner, I stopped and was just licking her breasts when she grabbed hold of my cock and pulled me towards her she was laid on a massage table, it was obvious what she wanted I looked towards Sue she was busy, so being a horny mail offered a wet pussy what else could I do, I plunged deep inside her, that was the first time since I was married I had ever fucked anyone else, she was close to coming and started to make get a bit noise, as his wife came, and I was driving deep emptying a sack full, that triggered her husband who to Sue's surprise grabbed her head and shot his load (I was not to popular for a while).


Dinner For Two: The Long Sigh Ch. 02

group MissSenses 2018-08-23

John and I were talking about how hungry we both were." Denna said, closing the door behind her as she leaned forward to give Jen a tight, welcoming squeeze. How much I wanted John to touch me, just like he was touching you Denna." Jen looked into Denna's eyes and then back at John, as the secret voice went off in her head, turned on by the possible truth being revealed. John asked a few questions, but his sexy eyes told a different story, as he sat patiently watching Denna and Jen. At the side of John's chair and only a step away from Jen's pillow, Denna reached forward and set the glasses down on the coffee table.


More Slutty Wife Behaviour

group Annatartywife 2018-08-23

Frank and Mike added to my collection of lingerie sets by buying me a couple of new pairs of high heels, one black and one white, a new basque and suspender set, two pairs of new silk stockings and a matching bra and pantie set. I was very quickly relieved of my bra and this now left me in just the black, seamed silk stockings and the 'come fuck me' high heels. We gave a couple of the guys the pantie sets as a little gift, each of them saying they would get their wives and girlfriends to wear them, not knowing how they had enjoyed such a willing dirty slut in them already!

Becumming an EMT

group stevewittier 2018-08-23

Tera and Lynn lay down on the bed for a nap while Tim pulled up a piece of floor. As Tim worked his tongue in and out, Lynn continued pleasuring Tera Tim got up from between her legs. Soon Lynn came hard and covered Tera's face with her cum. Lynn climbed off, turned around and beginning kissing Tera and licking the cum from her face. As Lynn and Tera were making out, Tim took some time to recover. As Lynn was kissing and nibbling on Tera's nipples, Tim began eating her pussy. Seeing Tim's cum dripping from Tera's hot pussy, Lynn couldn't help but get in there for some of that creampie.


group bradley_stoke 2018-08-23

In through all the trance and hard house came a clear single note, held for a beautiful long moment, gradually building up tension, other rhythms patterning themselves within it, and then bit by bit as Kirsten and Sophie and Paul and Barry sank to the size of midgets on a small corner of the earth, in a vortex of spinning ravers, it built up inexorably and powerfully and ever greater, wave upon wave of emotion and power, to finally climax with beats so heavy and dense that Kirsten could feel her stomach give way beneath her, her long hair swaying onto her breasts and hardening nipples, the ring in her belly-button transmitting hard signals of joy.


group zandy661 2018-08-23

She obviously felt it soften a bit so she took her hand away and put her hanky in her pocket and gave me a smile: “I hope you’ll last longer next time” she said. After what seemed like hours the film finally ended and we went back to her place, me wondering if Karen was still up or would prevent us having sex. The bitch was bending forward looking into the fridge and her skirt was quite high at the back and I knew she had no panties on so I reached forward and stroked her arse saying “why don’t we finish off what we started earlier?”

A Hung College Stud

group randombeauty 2018-08-23

I imagined him sitting in the position just as he is in his picture with me standing right in front of him and my wife facing me with her back to him and slowly lowering her perfect frame onto his cock; first swallowing its large head with her pussy lips, then slowly gliding, inch by inch, further down its length. When the conversation died down a little, I asked my wife if she remembered the image I had sent her a few weeks earlier – "the image of the nice long cock from the story site?" She quickly glanced at me with big surprised eyes and said "yes, why?" as she adjusted herself in her seat and looked at Dan, then back at me.


Born Naked

group KittyO 2018-08-23

Before we got out of the car Adri put her hand on my leg and pushed the hem of my skirt up to expose my thigh. Adri had spent the end of summer is this house for most of her life; packed off to her Great Aunt when her parents thought a dose mountain air would compensate for months of beachy decadence. I wondered, as Adri had never been to a school that would have asked to have books handed in at the end of the year. Then she swam in a circle before she took her other partner by the hand and walked out of the water onto the opposite bank.

Ashley's Dark Times

group redking99 2018-08-23

Her body shuddered and shook violently, fucking upwards, and tried to swallow more of his hard cock into her quivering cuntal passage, prolonging the lustful waves of her orgasms which had just begun to crash into her. Then, she felt yet another pair of hands on her thighs which pushed her harder against the fucking cock already pumping violently into her cunt. Ashley felt a large cock head spread open her back passage, grinding its way inch after pleasurable inch up into her belly. Her pussy and ass gripped down hard on the two large cocks in her orifices as she came causing both the black men to spew their cum deep inside her.


The Birthday Present Ch. 01

group Lustyleo 2018-08-23

"That feels so good." She said, "I want you now!" She got up and pushed me on my back and straddling me, takes my cock in her hand and places the tip against her moist lips as she slowly impales herself on my manhood. That's it push it in" she says as I feel Sandy's tongue pushing in and that makes me also explode filling Donna with my love juices, as I reach up and kiss her. As we slowly start to fall asleep Donna kisses me again and says, "It will be hard to top this gift next year!" And I just look into those dark brown pools and smile at her...

The Gardener

group SimonMDrew 2018-08-23

Leaning back into Simon's lap, still impaled on his shaft, she reached forward with one hand and pulled the towel from his waist, letting it fall to the ground, revealing his now fully erect penis, right in front of her face. Turning her head towards Joe, she reached out for his penis and pulled it towards her mouth, running the underneath of his shaft over her lips and kissing it along its very full length. Simon slowly pulled out of Julie, and she eased up the bed, still holding Joe's still ample penis in her hand. The men woke and, on realising why, raised their heads and smiled at Julie as she glanced up towards them, not taking her mouth off Simon's penis or letting go of Joe's.