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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cum Bucket Night Ch. 02

group RobynG 2018-08-23

Pulling out his cock, I looked up and thought his eyes would pop out when I licked the tip of his dick. His quick cum surprised me, as I'd only had him in my mouth for a minute, but the guy had no control. "Clean the cock, baby, suck it," said number two as I lowered my head and sucked more dick into my mouth. Working his dick like I had many times in front of the dorm with guys after dates, I played with his balls. "Oh I'm going to cum," grunted the guy, inserting his cock into my mouth and jerking it. "Looks like that blow job counts, Courtney, I see the cum in your mouth and on your face.


Johnny, Lynne, Jennifer & Rex

group whbonney 2018-08-23

Jennifer looked at Johnny, his cock was about 9 inches of so and his balls were fairly large, but the thing that surprised her the most was his pubic hair was as white as the hair on his head, and she smiled to herself. Jennifer and Lynne sat in the back seat and talked while Rex guided Johnny back to the house. Lynne said to Rex, "I know you realize I'm a slut and I've got a huge pussy, but tonight, I'm going to make love to you. Johnny pulled from her ass moved next to her head she turned over and he grabbed his cock and jerked as he felt his balls tighten and he sprayed her face with streams of his hot cum.

Pre-Birthday Treat Ch. 01

group icebunnys 2018-08-23

We look at you and see that you're starting to fidget and get a bit antsy, but we don't stop what we are doing, next she says "It's my turn to undress you." And she slips from my warm wet grasp and then ducks under the water and slides between my legs to comes up with the black bottoms of my suit in her hands then just as I did she tosses them into your face. Moving a bit closer to you, she raises one leg out of the water, resting it on your shoulder, I then remind you, "your hands are to stay in your lap" She gently extends her foot, and rubs the side of your neck caressing it teasingly saying "Wouldn't you just love to run your hand up the inside of my thigh and join hers?"


group Joeehartley 2018-08-23

We were cleaning up after last night's poker party when I looked over and said to my lovely wife, "You know, I am a very lucky guy." Her hands were still on my arms, she looked me in the eyes, and said, "I know that you tell me and the guys that you don't mind us flirting with each other, but there is that invisible line that no one can cross. The third time she came out and asked if we needed anything, Jim said, "Yeah, I need my hand on your ass." She smiled and went over to him, gave him a kiss and stood there having her ass kneaded and said, "This is more like it, I feel lusted after!"

My Shy Homely Wife Turns a Slut

group altaff143 2018-08-23

I wondered who they were.“Prabhakar, iska baaki kapda bhi utaar de” ordered Saleem to the fourth guy.(“Prabhakar, take the rest of her clothes off”)In a few seconds the guys tore away her kameez , like lions attacking their prey.My wife couldn’t stop her crying, lying only in her white bra.“Kya gora badan hai, Kya aam jaise choonchiyan hain, top maal hai, achi randi banegi” said papoo lustfully(“what fair body, what juicy breasts, she is top class, will become a good whore”)As Papoo spoke he kept squeezing my wife’s breasts and Suri kept caressing her inner thighsMy wife’s sobs suddenly became a scream, when they tore her bra away, making her completely naked.

Tax Debt Solution Ch. 04

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-08-23

"I see, Mrs. Cole was correct, you have a fine ass, a good man ass," she giggled, "but it is, as she said, a little hairy." She applied the depilatory cream with her hand, coating his cheeks, and working it into the crack, applying it delicately around his crinkled hole. "She was very sorry that she could not be here to give it to you tonight, the good time," her hands ran over his smooth, hairless butt cheeks, admiring the feel of her work, and ran a fingers down his crack, to his ass hole, and below." She told me that you may require me to, how she said, 'cover for her', if you like."


The Sales Call

group QueenSql 2018-08-23

"Hello Mr. Dave, I'm Molly J, vice president of 'ADEL-MOL LTD" said the red head. As Adelaide kissed her neck, Molly remembered the first time they met and fell in love..... I stared back, slowly lifting my dress exposing my thighs, then my red panties, then my belly, all the while looking into Adelaide's golden brown eyes. Adelaide took my hand and we left the stage and went to a red leather couch, where she sat me down. Molly walked over a kissed Dave her right hand feeling his crotch. The velcro quickly came undone, Molly removed her high heels and stood in front of Dave naked. Molly walked to the desk and lay upon it her face towards Dave's crotch, her feet facing Adelaide.


Heading to L.A. (Clay, Cole and I continue)

group atlsexyguy 2018-08-23

Clay and Cole sat in the pool house for a while and talked while Nate and I cleaned up, made some dinner, and chatted about new swim and under gear styles coming out. Nate stopped fucking Clay for a minute and they turned to Cole as said “Again!?” You have fucked before? Clay started with big spurts of cum that shot over he and I and hit his father’s pecs and abs. Nate told Clay that he had never cum so much or so hard, and Clay said he had edged for the whole weekend. Cole came and kissed me, and licked the cum from my chest with his softening cock still in me.

Chore Wheel

group OriginalWori 2018-08-23

Amanda bent and immediately began to unfasten his belt and his fly, glancing up but not losing her place as Scott began to grind against her, rubbing the head of his cock against her tight asshole. He closed his eyes, rubbing her tit in a circle, unable to believe the tightness inside and the sensation as the pressure dropped when Scott pulled back, and tightened again as he thrust into her. He allowed her to guide his tongue over her nipple, still bouncing as she rode Scott's cock, and the salty, metallic taste filled his mouth as she let him close his mouth around a small bead of cum.

The Summers of 66 & 67

group 69plus1 2018-08-23

Steve and I are only thinking about the pleasures we could share with Kath and not thinking about the other doing the same when she says: "Before you agree you need to know something and agree to my terms. When I was in school I felt free, around here I was worried about what the other girls thought, you and the other guys and fuck, what if my parents knew I was having sex? As we three tumbled into bed Kath she easily fell into the middle with Steve kissing her and having removed her bra has both hands caressing one of her breasts. Not wanting to leave the wonder of her mouth Steve moved and holding her grand tits together slid his wet cock between them fulfilling a long time dream.


Sara with Paco and Kiko

group SaraPeal 2018-08-23

The thought of being naked on my own with these two hot guys was amazing, especially when I remembered how ripped and tanned their bodies were and, how big Paco's manhood was of course. As I watched Kiko's hand gently encircled Paco's huge cock. Paco was getting impatient, he placed his strong hands on my head and pushed his big throbbing cock deeper into my warm wet mouth. Paco's huge lump of meat was almost dislocating my jaw and Kiko was going at my pussy like a jackhammer. Then Paco moved Kiko aside pulling out his big cock and from about 2 ft away shot an enormous load of cum in my direction, it was splashing everywhere, on my face, my tits, my legs and feet.

Special Delivery

group parts guy 2018-08-23

I could hear him fumbling with the ribbon by my head, and the box slowly filled with light as he lifted the flap. I could hear him fumbling with the wide ribbon, and it almost seemed like he wrapped it around the box several times before tying it off. It felt like it took forever to get to Paul's house, but I finally heard the oaf knocking on the door. Besides, how often does a girl get gang banged by a couple dozen hot looking guys anyway?" I said as I worked my way down the bed to get an up close and personal lick...I mean look at a ten inch cock.

The Going Away Party

group Georgepat 2018-08-23

"We just heard that you're leaving for the service in a few days and wanted to invite you over to my house for a going away party tonight," Karla said. Sarah saw what Karla had done and then pulled her nightgown up, opened her legs wider and placed my other hand on top of her pussy. "Lick me from the top of my slit to the bottom and then, when you get to the top again, suck on my clit gently until I tell you to do it harder." I did as she asked and when my tongue first touched her pussy she moaned and removed one of her hands, putting it behind my head.


Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 02

group johnnydrama 2018-08-23

With the buoyancy of the water and Elise's tightness, gravity wasn't enough to force my 8 inches into her tiny box so I motioned for Michelle and Meghan to help and they took hold of her shoulders and brought her down slowly but surely onto my dick. She gasped in surprise and here eyes popped wide open, but I just quickened my pace and started really bouncing her up and down on my cock, but I felt I wasn't getting enough thrust going, so I collected Elise in my arms, brought her out of the water and laid her on her on her back on the chaise lounge, got her legs up over my shoulders and started pounding this little beauty like crazy.

Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 03

group hotmann 2018-08-23

Anna and Amanda had been best friends in high school, and while they hadn't lived in the same place since, they still spoke regularly and saw each other a couple times a year. After that was completed, we moved to the hotel's indoor bar where Amanda took up residence at the bar while I found a quiet, dark table in the back where I could see my wife and the entrance without being in Anna's direct sight line when she came in. Amanda was probably a little tipsy and focused on the guy in front of her so she didn't see Anna until the redhead was only a couple steps away.


Pleasure for Three

group HanShotFirst 2018-08-23

A thought runs through my mind that he will be kissing Lisa that way and I wonder if I will feel jealous? Michael sits on the edge of the bed, as far away from Lisa as possible. I move myself lower, bringing my lips to her pussy, and Michael leans in to kiss Lisa first on the mouth (how do you do?) then on her breasts (nice to meet you). She is lovely on top of him, and I want to kiss her, but Michael is pulling me, wanting my pussy on his lips. Kissing her, feeling her nipples on mine, Michael fucking her with his dick, fucking me with his tongue, I cum again.

My Girlfriend's Sister

group rajonrondo9 2018-08-23

When she finally reached it, I let out a moan, and it wasn't long before her right hand was stroking me and her left was cupping my balls while I fondled Melissa's boobs and pinched her perfect nipples. She stood up and leaned toward me, pushing her tits near my face as she leaned her head over to Amanda and brought one hand to the side of her sister's face, tilting her head back slightly. As Melissa's body began to gyrate slightly and she began to moan more, I moved my tongue up to her clit, flicking across it a few times before gently sucking into her mouth.


The Lesson in the Sauna Ch. 02

group Sexysmith76 2018-08-23

Willow sat down on the bench as the woman kissed down her naked body, first her lips, then down onto her heaving breasts, flicked the tight red nipples with tongue, cupping them gently with her hands, and then down her stomach before reaching Willow's sex. The vibrator was pulled out of her pussy one final time and before Willow could come down, the man got between her legs and slammed his shaft into her cunt smoothly and easily. Willow wrapped her smooth legs around the man, pulling him closer, pushing her sex into the air to give him full access to her body while the woman continued to suck on her nipples. Willow loved the feel of the man burrowing into her pussy, pleasuring her sex, making her cum.

One Orgasmic Night

group GMB 2018-08-23

The look on their faces was one of excitement as I thanked him and said, "I know and she is all mine, sorry" as I walked from the kitchen into the living room where Kathy was still talking to that girl about music. Kathy looked at us and said in a sexy voice, "So guy's, do you like what you see?" Our mouths dropped open at the sound of what she said and I felt my cock trying to break threw my zipper in my pants. Kathy was looking as Kevin and Brian had some words and then she interrupted and said, "all of you can watch if you want, if you promise you are going to be good boys." I looked at her as she smiled at me and I nodded to her to show her I approved.


The Affair

group Pld 2018-08-23

I could feel you were ready to cum, so as you continued to work on Vanessa, I climbed up and lowered my wet pussy, sliding down the length of your cock. I could feel your legs tremble as I went down on your hard throbbing cock, sucking you into my mouth, Vanessa tonguing your ass at the same time. Your cock, so rock hard, I could feel the veins pulsating as I once again took you into my mouth as Vanessa slowly inserted her finger into your wet ass. The ecstasy filling you, you grabbed my head and pulled it in hard, sending your cock deep into my throat as I felt you release the long thick stream of cum, savoring you as I sucked and swallowed.

My Annual Doctor Appointment

group flashpoint2 2018-08-23

Their bodies were very similar, muscular and in good shape, but when I looked at Dr Woods' cock, I was in shock! My husband put his fully erected cock to my lips and I started sucking on the head of his hard cock. So while my husband shoved his hard cock into my cunt and began fucking me, I began sucking on that 10 inch monster cock. My husband was fucking me so hard I began to cum again, as if on cue, they both got between my legs started licking me again until I cum! I knew what was cumming, my husband and I enjoy anal a lot, but never like this!

I Won Pt. 03

group nkdoldman 2018-08-23

At Sonya's urging, Doug told me that he and Tony had rented a one bedroom apartment in a large coastal community with a board walk after their Freshman year at collage. I explained to Doug and Sonya what I had in mind as a 'special surprise' for Tony, if he wanted to participate, and they agreed enthusiastically. While we were all standing, trying to drink in the beauty so we could remember it forever (we hadn't bought the island yet, and this is how I felt), Sonya looked at first Doug, then me. When we finally got back to the bedroom, we explained that Tony was to make love with Sonya first, then I would be second, with Doug last, and other details.


Ladies Club Ch. 02

group jehoram 2018-08-23

My cock slid into her cunt easily, as she was already wet; the girls had been masturbating during Maria's introduction, as had the men to bring their penises to full hardness. As I got back to Maria, I noticed that her pussy was streaked with her juice, her chest was flushed, and her large nipples were rock hard on her heavy breasts. I noticed that many of the other men were getting hard again, in expectation of some more hot sex when they got home, and my own cock was beginning to swell. "Fuck them, Joe. Fuck my girls." I wriggled in pleasure as I watched the head of my cock disappear into the valley between her breasts, then re-emerge, pre-cum mixing with the oil.

The Proposition Ch. 01

group island_man 2018-08-23

"Yes. We need your help in having kids." George said. You want me to have sex with your wife?" I asked George. "Chris" Stacey said..."you and George look like brothers. They were both close friends, especially George, whom I had known since we were kids, and of course I loved Stacey. I reasoned that at most I would make love to Stacey two or three times until she fell pregnant, at which point, my job would be sadly over. As it happened, later that evening, while at home, my wife (who is a chemist) informed me that the following week she would have to go to Brussels for a five-day refresher course on European pharmacy laws.