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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Falling for the Neighbors

group tonyl65 2018-08-23

I was going to come over and let you know before I started but it looked like there wasn't anybody home." I told them we usually don't wait this long to introduce ourselves, that the winter months got away from us. With our black-out window coverings it feels like night time doesn't it?" I just stared at her as she continued to talk, "Steven and I are both nurses and we work the swing shift so we need to sleep during the day. Then Jade let me in on her little surprise as she continued to orgasm, "While you were napping baby, Steven fucked my pussy good and filled me up with a huge load of real man cum.


Cold Winter's Night

group friendswithgum 2018-08-23

My frozen fingers struggled to unbutton my blouse, but the rest of my body froze when I heard a noise. My entire body spasmed trying to keep his hands from me, but he used his meaty arms to hold me down. My thighs burned, and my body tingled as his fingers inched closer to my wet pussy. His large hands grabbed my shoulders and pushed my to the ground. My small hands struggled to grip his balls, and he pushed his large length down my throat before I could blink. He had one hand behind my head pushing it deeper and deeper, and the other one was grabbing and ripping at my breasts. Suddenly he threw me onto the bed with my breasts exposed.

Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears

group fluidline1 2018-08-23

Now she reached down to grab Ears’ head closer to her cunt and wrapped the other hand over the remaining part of Smith’s cock that was fucking her mouth. Smith, his shirt knotted at the waist, knees firmly planted on the armrests of the chair, plunged his dick in and out of her mouth squeezing her mountainous tits, while Ears, fondling his cock with one hand, thrust his tongue in and out of her wet and hot opening, at the same time, clawing at her thighs. “Oh yeah?” Ears asked, helping his friend by pushing and pulling her body up and down, his blind eyes rooted to the spot where Smith’s cock slid between the melons, the cock head firmly trapped in her voracious mouth.


Steph's Big Night

group Leslie 2018-08-23

Leslie watched lovingly as Steph and Leah began a long, slow frenchkiss. Leah settled to her knees before Steph, lightly gripping her cock with both hands, before turning to Leslie. Leah was an expert at the deep throat, and she easily took all of Steph's cock in her mouth, which Leslie could never do. When Steph was ready, Leslie removed the dildo and rolled a thin-skinned condom down Leah's erect cock. Holding the back of the couch for support, she rode Steph's cock, automatically driving her erection in Leslie's sopping-wet pussy. Steph felt Leah's cock swell inside her, and she began to tremble at the feeling of her own approaching orgasm.

Not Just Another Day

group tomhardon 2018-08-23

Glancing over the scene to determine if there was any reason I should not let her out of the car, I noticed that the manner in which she had been stopped caused her short skirt to ride up over her knees and come to rest about mid thigh. I noticed that her skirt was now half way up her thighs accentuating her ass under the material, the shirt which was loose while she was standing was now taut by the position of her arms, and every detail of her breasts was evident including the hard nipples straining the fabric. With my handcuffs in hand, I reached around her body from behind, pressing my hard prick into her leg and snapped the first cuff onto her wrist, she gave a sharp intake of breath but said nothing.

87% work

Ladies Club Ch. 05

group jehoram 2018-08-23

As Angela passed around bottles of mineral water to the guys (to "help cleanse our palates," she said with a grin), the girls mounted their chairs, draped their legs over the armrests, and slid their bodies forward until their cunts were at the edge of their chairs. Ladies, it's time to give these boys some relief!" I was already hard -- indeed, for the past hour I had never really gone soft -- and I felt a hand grab my cock and pull it forward. Anne hugged me close, pressing her little tits into my chest and her bald pussy against my cock while Bret kissed Maria goodnight in a similar fashion.


my spouse cought me part 2

group 2018-08-23

I missed my heart beats after seeing her.son of my landlord Dash slided out his dick off my ass and moved to my spouse, shockingly she took his dick in her mouth...Dash as so fearless about fucking her infront of me & my spouse ignored me & started gagging on his 8 incher. u r such a spouse kept dropping load of saliva from her mouth & she kept gagging deep inside her throght..i figured out my spouses links vid my landlord n his son

Her Soulmate's Wife

group alcyon1977 2018-08-23

She stuck her tongue into Kate's hot pussy, lapping up the cream off the walls, licking the cervix, and sucking on the lips when she pulled out. As she slipped a second finger into Kate and devoured her pussy, Colin closed his mouth over the top of her mound, sucked in a little, and then hummed. Marie slid her hands up and pinched her own nipples, enjoying the view of Kate's brown head bobbing between her legs. Marie felt Kate's breath quicken as she licked her deeper, sliding one of her long fingers into her pussy. Marie began to lick Kate's clit as she watched Colin slide back into the sopping cunt. Kate came again, moaning around Colin's shaft, her pussy walls trapping both his and Marie's tongues inside.

Never Too Late? Pt. 03

group KansasFun 2018-08-23

When I told her about our little get together, she was shocked at first of course but as I got further into the details she was really getting turned on and by the time I was telling her about Jim cumming in my mouth she had my shorts off and was on her knees in front of the couch sucking my cock until I unloaded deep in to her. Not wanting to lose her courage, when Joe came out of the room and walked in to the living room she went over handed him his drink and ran her hands along his chest over his t-shirt and continued on down to his silk pajama pants and felt his hard cock and softly said gave a little moan of happiness.

Training My Sissyboi Husband Gangbang PT2

group 425olds 2018-08-23

The other three guys shifted down so my hands could still touch their hard cocks and the guy with the drooling six inch dick rubbed his meat across my waiting lips.  "Yes master, I want it bad," I groaned as the guy continued to tease me by rubbing the slick head of his cock against my waiting asshole. Julie continued to tape the gangbang as I lay on my back in the well lit dungeon of my new master with a cock in my ass, one in each hand and another in my mouth. I moaned around eight inches of hot throbbing cock as another beautiful dick relentlessly fucked my ass. 

Bastille Day Ch. 04

group leBonhomme 2018-08-23

Petra nodded, but they both smirked and grinned, and left the room, thinking to ask me to tell Marge good morning from them. 'Play with his cock I suppose, the best way they know how,' I replied, adding: 'I think like Thursday night with you.' They grinned with humming chuckles, and one said: "Lucky man!' I replied: 'And lucky girls, both of them, I hope.'" While Petra sucked my cock, Anna sat on my face - nice young muschi, if you don't mind my saying so." By then they had taken turns going to the bathroom and washing a little, and I had flung back the covers, and their cocks both looked like they wanted to be sucked.


Sara & Teri Ch. 03

group XceptMe 2018-08-23

Emily continued, "If you hadn't talked me into coming over here, Sara, I probably would have gone out and fucked the first guy that bought me a drink. I could tell Sara was getting hot, thinking about the dual-pussy licking she had received earlier in the night from Teri and me. Leaving Emily's heavenly snatch, I moved between Sara's legs where now two of my fingers were fucking her pussy. Looking over at Emily I saw her fingering herself as she watched me fuck her sister, pumping my cock deep inside of her. And Emily did not even hesitate, running her mouth all around her sister's tits, a hand caressing one while she kissed and sucked on the other.

Countdown To Consent Ch. 3

group Stardog Champion 2018-08-23

After coating his tastebuds with Dana Muncie's languid vaginal secretions, Melvin slipped Stephanie's spitstrewn fingers free from his mouth and dropped the naked girl's right hand down against her flushed cheek. When he saw Jamison raise up and back off the pool table, only to be replaced by the completely nude and angelic Dana Muncie, Melvin had to bite his lower lip and swallow hard, trying to keep his spunk inside for as long as possible so he could savor the exquisite feel of Stephanie's vaginal muscles caressing his manhood. Watching as Melvin's head disappeared between the massive round swells of Stephanie's titties, Jamison slowly traced his gaze up the length of his girlfriend's naked body until he saw the way Stephanie's mouth was chewing at Dana's pussy with utter desperation and sheer sexual hunger.


A Week to Remember Pt. 02

group O2 2018-08-23

Kissing her neck, face, and lips as my right hand softly grazed over her warm soft skin. You still have a really nice growth there daddy," she giggled, her soft hand massaging my dick. "It's fine, I'd be worried too if some old pervy guy watched and recorded some cute girl devouring my enhanced boobs like she was famished." When they returned we sat around talking about the wedding, Susan's work schedule, and things they would like for dinner the following week. They each in turn kissed me good bye, Cherise planting a sloppy one on my lips before heading out while Susan was putting the finishing touches on her pretty face.


Intramural Threesome

group Thorre 2018-08-23

Before I know it we are kissing and Caroline has come over and it is a big three way hug. Caroline and she are kissing and Karla is moaning as I flick my tongue over her clit, up and down her slit and suck each of her lips gently into my mouth. Caroline Grabs my dick and gives it a long hard suck before taking it from her mouth and positioning it at Karla's pussy. Karla worked me with her hand and mouth and Caroline sucked each of my balls hard until they ached. Karla and I kissed as I put one leg up on the bed and Caroline buried her tongue into my sphincter, licking and probing me like crazy.

Who Says I Don't Know How To Tip!

group onwardbob 2018-08-23

And then, he told me "Edgar's on his way with our beer, and this is what I want you to do!" He actually had the nerve to laugh while he added "You can start by slipping back out of that thong, you're going to be bare ass naked and in the pool when our buddy gets here. For a few delightfully delicious moments, I watched Edgar's eyes following my naughty play, before deciding to remind him "Edgar you haven't answered me!" That stupid receipt was still spread out on my thigh, and that pen sure was getting to know my clit real well. Or, well you know if you like, I could give you a tip you'll never forget!" Sure enough, poor Edgar was trying to figure out just what I'd meant, while I sat there smoldering, and thinking Murphy you silly bastard!


Two Bad Girls Get Taught A Lesson

group ronsdirtygirl 2018-08-23

I caressed the bud with my tongue as I massaged the other, and a quick bite into her tender flesh elicited a murmur of “Oh, baby, that feels so good.” I moved to the other nipple, but before I could finish properly licking it, she had sat up abruptly, and pushed me over, so that I now lay in the same position as she had just a moment ago. When I had finished undoing his buttons, I ran my hands up and down his manly chest, running my fingers through his chest hair, and moved my mouth to massage his nipples.


One Debauched Weekend Ch. 04

group Lionheart72 2018-08-23

After finally washing the cum of something like nine guys off her already well-fucked body, Ally had wrapped herself in a towel and sauntered out into the dorm floor's common area. "The lady thinks you're not the only one who needs to be returning some favors," Ally said in her best sultry voice, looking past him at the other guys. While the other guys hooted and cheered, he reached out and slowly unwrapped the towel, revealing Ally's full, naked breasts, fair skin and bare pussy to his gaze. Ally moaned as his hard dick filled her, sliding deep and touching her in just the right places inside with every thrust.

A Summer Break

group Wundermutt 2018-08-23

Mark sat by quietly while Becky sucked on Karly's hot pussy, but his attention was momentarily diverted when the door swung open and Mrs. Carmichael slipped. Both Becky and Genni Carmichael looked on with contented smiles on their faces as Mark fucked Karly's tight little pussy with loving affection! "Of course you can dear," Genni replied, "her vagina is like a highly tuned sports car and requires a great deal of maintenance, but I'm sure that Mark's hard penis is up to the task, after all, he's been fucking her for over a year now!"

House work

group miltep4evr 2018-08-23

I watched as they got in their car let roll out of the driveway and drove off we I went back to the room in looked in and it was Gladys lying on her side with her knees up to her chest and her nice juicy ass hanging of the bed . Her adjustment had made her but cheeks open more so I could clearly see her anus contract around my finger I pulled my finger out and lined up my dick and slowly pushed into her ass, with the head in, she let out a gasp said oh frank and went silent again (thinking frank?

Walking up to the Door Ch. 02

group CandleLit 2018-08-23

My tongue went deep inside her, making her moan around Steve's cock. Her legs grabbed me hard, she pulled off of Steve's cock and cried out while her body began shaking uncontrollably. Steve said, "Let's trade places." We moved around and he wasted no time slipping his hard cock into her. Steve pulled back from her and in the candlelight I saw his cock, wet with their mixed come. Steve looked at my hard cock and motioned to Tracy, saying, "Your turn." I moved towards her and she lifted her arms to welcome me, opening her legs and wrapping them around my back. Our mouths together, I moaned and held her tight as it took over my body, my cock started squirting into her.

The Day before Thanksgiving

group loloishorny 2018-08-23

Daddy said he wasn't going to let me suck him off, but he was going to slide his dick deep into my pussy. First his dick got slick, then his fingers went into my ass with lube. I walked in to see my mom getting fucked by some big black man with a very large dick. Mom grabbed my arm and told me, that he was hers and to keep my slutty assed pussy off of him. I called daddy and told him of mom's doings and that I didn't even ask her to dinner. This time he licked and sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy until I began to squirt in his face.

In Her Bed

group SexyFetishKitten 2018-08-23

My dad said it's ok, Heather went home." Jessica asked her best friend Sara. "I'm getting tired," Sara said "Lets go to sleep." It was 1:45 in the morning, so Jessica agreed, and they went into her room. Keep going, I've always thought the same way." And with that, Sara leaned down and began to suck on Jessica's chest; leaving little red marks on each breast. Sara licked it clean, and spun herself around so her now again wet hole was in Jessica's face. After a little bit of chatting, Jessica and Ryan started feeling each other's legs up and down; going higher each stroke up. Ryan turned Sara around, and began eating her from behind, in turn positioning his cock right above Jessica's face.

Closing Time

group Ember_on_ice 2018-08-23

Knowing that he had won my complete attention and there would be no more pretending to ignore him, Jack removed his hand from my pussy and slid it behind my head to bring me in for a full, deep kiss. I quickly opened his belt and waistband, then slid down the zipper of his jeans and slipped my hand inside to find his beautiful cock, which was hard already, of course. I couldn't resist breaking eye contact and looking down to the point of entry -- as my nether lips parted and his cock forced them further open, my mouth dropped open, too, and a groan gasped out of my throat, my head tossed back and my whole body arched forward to accept his length.