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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mrs. White Gets Promoted

group mikey5001 2018-08-23

"Carol, to get the job I would like you to get onto your knees and suck my cock" said the headmaster. Then the headmaster began to push his cock deep into Mrs. White's mouth. She pulled her mouth away from his cock and with one last stroke of her hand the headmaster grunted as his cock erupted five or six long squirts of cum all over Mrs. White's face. "First time for everything then, eh Carol?" Then with his hand gripping the bottom of his shaft, he began to press his cock head into Mrs. White's virgin asshole. Mr. Davis began to slowly move in and out of Mrs. White's ass with his cock.

A Woman's First Bisexual Experience

group Candi Kane 2018-08-23

I kept the thought of him standing there rubbing his cock in my head as she began to lick me...I felt my clit beginning to swell as my juices started flowing. We got into the 69 position and as I took the first taste of a female into my mouth I felt myself begin to drip down my thighs, her tongue following the river of passion licking and sucking it as it ran down my leg. After playing this charade a while, I excused myself to the ladies room and as I walked behind Diane's chair I grazed her neck with my hand under her hair, and leaned in and kissed her.

Room Mating

group amadthon 2018-08-23

"Well, I hope it wasnt't the ultimate goal", she said, reaching behind her and unclasping her bra and letting it slide down her arms, and watching me gaze at her full, heavy breasts capped by thick, brownish pink nipples. She moaned again and wriggled against my leg as I sucked her nipple and squeezed her ass.She shifted to slide her leg between mine and I could feel the heat from her pussy against my thigh and my own pulse through my cock pressed against her leg. Tracy pulled her nipple out of my mouth and leaned over and kissed Kelly and then straddled my throbbing cock.

First Time with My Best Friend Ch. 02

group married_but_curious 2018-08-23

Suck my cock." I reached down and stroked her straight dark brown hair, then grasped the soft skin of her plump cheeks and held her face still while I slowly pumped her mouth, just the cockhead slipping in and out while her tongue rasped the shaft. Carina's hand touched mine on one of her downstrokes, and she raised her head slightly and gave me a startled look through the valley of her breasts. When Carina's orgasm subsided, I gave Robert's softening prick a friendly squeeze, then reached up to Carina's lips and slid a cum-covered finger inside her mouth.


Joining A Couple Turns Bi

group bendigoboy 2018-08-23

As Mike moved past me and into the seat, I looked back to find a beautiful face inches from mine as she spoke with a breathy voice saying she was Cindy before pressing her lips hard to mine as I delighted at her soft sweet lips for a short moment until she broke away, telling me she was thrilled to meet me and hoped I still wanted to help Mike please her as she slid her arse across my now bulging crotch, letting out a little moan, giving me a lustful glance before turning to Mike telling him I sure feel like I'm ready to help.


A Cock to Remember

group iggyspear 2018-08-23

Nick eyes euphorically rolled back while he kept his hand on Sami's head as she caressed his cock with her mouth. While Nick kept kissing and licking away at Sami's snatch, she put her hand on his head and gently pushed him away. Ready to blow his load, Nick gently thrust his cock into Sami's mouth while she kept sucking away. Nick let her suck him for a little bit longer, but then his cock became just too sensitive, and he had to forcibly remove it from Sami's mouth. Nick was obviously getting turned on by the action, and wanting to get off again, he walked over towards Sami holding his thick, hard cock in his hand.


Joel and Carrie Ch. 11

group JoeDreamer 2018-08-23

The strawberry blond looked into my eyes and shook her head at what she saw there, but her lips curved slightly in a smile as she put down the towel she was using for her hair. "I guess it's time to stop thinking about old friends and start thinking about the new ones," I said to myself with a grin, but instead of entering the room I stood there and watched the two ladies for a while. Robbie and I exchanged a look and started working our cocks in and out of the dirty blond. I really enjoyed Tina tits before, but there was nothing like the sight of an ass with my cock buried deep.


Thank You God

group loveabigload 2018-08-23

After what felt like a life time; and as he slowly pumped the remaining drops of cum from his softening shaft, making sure to wipe them on any part of my face he could reach, he popped his fat balls out of my mouth. Licking what little cum I could from my lips, which is extremely difficult when your mouth is permanently wide open, I was getting wet at the thought of what could happen next. The fat cock currently fucking my mouth was not even fully hard, and it was already getting close to my gag reflex. He has to be getting close to the end, I thought emphatically as I could feel pressure on my abdomen from the head of his cock.


Two Girls, A Guy and a Blindfold!

group hotladyvanessa 2018-08-23

Candace and I are going to make all of your dreams come true," purred Jacqueline as she stroked Candace's long blonde hair and ran her fingers over the 22 year old's tanned and very hot body. His cock was liberally leaking pre-cum and one of the women ~ he thought it was his girlfriend ~ was sucking on the tip of his rock hard dick, taking in every drop of the delicious nectar. Seeing this and watching Candy drip her love juice all over his cock, Jacquie could not resist running her tongue over the bare lips of their new lover near the place where they were joined together.


Two Mothers in Trouble

group SierraSprite 2018-08-23

Alice was so pleased to end the stopped up drain problem that she paid for all the materials and bought a new sofa and bed for the guest house that would be delivered whenever Alex was ready. After a nice meal, they were driving away in the restored pickup, Marie close by his side, when she said, "I don't really feel like a movie tonight. Marie giggled and said, "Yes, mom." She turned and gave Alex a passionate wet kiss right in front of her mother. Alex was almost walking on air, but told his mom, Sheryl, only that he had a nice date with a girl from school and she wanted to help with the guest house project.


The Welcome Committee

group zeroman 2018-08-23

As the woman passionately kissed, Jen slid down the bed and pulled out Tim's cock. "Let's hurry it up Jen!" said April, as she quickly pulled off the woman's t-shirt. Tim began to dart his tongue in and out of her pussy, creating soft moans to come from her mouth. Jen came up and began to kiss all over Tim's face, sucking his lips and cheeks. After her frantic fucking, she removed herself from his cock and presented it to Jen. She immediately deep throated it and firmly rubbed Tim's balls. After a few more moments of sucking, Jen sat straight up and came on Tim's chest, causing April to pull forward and lick it up. April grabbed his cock and began leading it into Jen's pussy.

Bukkake Club Ch. 02-03

group susurrus 2018-08-23

Nevertheless, I finally broke down and took my hard shaft in my hand and started to make myself feel good, while watching my wife tongue all the women in the shower room to orgasm. At one point in the cleaning, the women washing Laura stood back, revealing my wife covered head-to-toe in soap suds. Todd looked like he was in voyeur's heaven, seeing his wife and the woman he'd just helped cover with cum showering together. When he was finished, and he saw that the ladies in the shower room were toweling each other off, Roger announced, "I think that's all for this evening." He then held out a hand to the girl on the floor, who had only wiped her face enough that she could open her eyes.


Brittany's first time

group Ajdj0403 2018-08-23

I had just graduated high school and wanted to take a job at a recording studio. As the days went on the first week I worked there, I was continuously hit on by these men. I started to see why my boss told me why the girls before me didn't last here, I didn't care though, I wanted this job and needed to make money when the internship was over. "This job is yours if you want it, but something needs to happen", he said. He continued thrusting his fingers inside of me, making me very wet. He stood back up and told me to get down and take my clothes off. Jarrod gave me my clothes and told me the job was mine.

Amanda's Awakening Ch. 04

group Bluepen451 2018-08-23

It was also when I decided that the best defense was probably a good offense, so when Art finally began to recover from his laughter, I said, "Guys, I think Linda and I missed lunch somehow. Linda set her pizza down, took a long pull on her beer, and then said to me, "Amanda, you have come a long way since the beginning of our Mexico trip. Finally when he could talk again, Art said, "So Amanda, since you seem to be leading this show tonight, what shall we do next?" Linda was still stroking his prick with her pizza-greased hand.

Chapter 01: The Right Touch

group shakenmartini55 2018-08-23

As the massage moved on and hot conversation continued, I decided to up the ante a bit and said, "Liz, I know you enjoy being naked. Several times her hands came very close to my cock, but she never touched it or moved the sheet. From comments Liz had made during my massages I knew that she really loves the smooth and bare look. She moved to the side of the table and said, "I love the look of your bare cock. After Liz was through cleaning my cock she handed me a small towel and I wiped the rest of cum from my stomach and sat up on the table. Liz told me many times that she loved sucking and playing with cocks.


Jackie Said What?

group grayduck 2018-08-23

Six months later Paul moved his business to town, Jackie moved in with him and six months after that Cassie had to wear a horrible coral color dress in the wedding. Jackie handled the boyfriend, getting Cassie's stuff, making arrangements for her to miss work for a day or two to avoid a stalker, even arranging an appointment with a lawyer. And Jackie had Paul drive to get Cassie when she thought she saw her old boyfriend's car following her home one night. He wants to suck on them." Tom was working his magic on her now, but in her mind Paul, a man that protected her at one of the darkest times in her life, was sucking on her breasts.


Two Porn Stars and a Lucky Redhead

group FindingRhapsody 2018-08-23

His ankles pushed mine further apart, and I hoped that he would fuck me now, that he would slide deep inside me and make me cum all over his cock and make the burning in my ass go away. I squirmed my hips away from the invading finger, and his hand slid back between my legs to pull me back by my pussy. One of Adrian's hands reached up to pull at the chain between my nipples while the other dipped into my pussy, teasing me with two fingers. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I moaned, arching into Sean's arms as Adrian slid four fingers deep inside my cunt.


Everybody Comes to Hollywood Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-23

The next thing I knew, Skye had turned her head and was dragging her lips along the left side of my shaft, and then I felt another set of lips as Sienna was dragging along the right side. With Skye's words still buzzing in my head, I responded in kind, erupting inside of Sienna's warm folds, my hands like granite claws pinning her hips tightly against me, her thighs trembling in my grasp. My head was up, watching the quakes going through Sienna's torso and body as we shared this simultaneous orgasm, and when the last shot embedded itself in her inner walls, I let myself relax, my head falling backwards and bouncing off the couch cushion.


Wife Loves Vegas

group SuperBill 2018-08-23

My wife is 5-8 with dark brown hair and a spectacular set of C-cup tits, nice legs, as well as a tight ass. While I was in the bathroom, I heard her ask my friend if he liked her dress, and he said yes. I caressed her bare ass and back, while my friend moved one hand to find her furry pussy. I started at her tits while I let my friend began with her pussy. I poured a little liquid onto my cock and my wife began to lick it off, while my friend started to use his cock on her pussy. My friend was almost ready and my wife asked him to cum on her face, while I filled her cunt.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 14

group thewhitestripe 2018-08-23

Carmen waking me quietly by sucking my cock, then coaxing me from the bed-careful not to wake Sylvia this time-and bringing me to the chair I had been tied to earlier, now right next to the window, straddling me, fucking me slowly as we gazed out at the nocturnal city skyline, or seeing the lights reflect like stars in each others' eyes. Her body was turned to face her companion, and she held the other woman's upper arm tightly with both hands as she looked at me with wide, light blue eyes, her pale cheeks blushing deep red. Ellen helped by holding Lenka's breasts firmly together around my dick, then began lifting them and dropping them on me, my cock sliding easily on their spit as I tit fucked her.


Have a cock intuit

group cumluv33 2018-08-23

the next week as I stroked my cock in bed at night. uncle's cock was while he stroked it during the videos The second time he did it, he squeezed my hand and cock pushing the head of his cock into my mouth. cock in my mouth as I started to cum. Lampkin started pushing his cock into my ass. "Oh yeah, you wanted a man's cock, you wondered how it time I was reminded of the cock in my ass with a hard "Open your mouth, hurry," David said. mouth, sucking his cock as hard and as fast as I could. cock pushing into my mouth or my ass. never played with my cock again, but I did cum several

1, Coverlid Place

group philipmitchellstein 2018-08-23

There was a second room to the right—as she walked past Jade saw there was a large screen on the wall furthest from the door, playing what seemed to be teaser videos—they were brightly lit and choppily edited, with women clad in underwear in each shot, arranged in revealing poses, but there was no sex taking place. The cock was thick, and she couldn't quite get her fingers all the way around the shaft, but when her first hesitant movements produced an audible groan of pleasure from the other side of the wall, she began to move her wrist more quickly, until after a few strokes her hand was pumping away vigorously enough to pull the foreskin back from the glans with each down-stroke.



group lianello 2018-08-23

With just about five minutes to go before midnight, I began to wonder who I would be next to for my New Years kiss. I watched George as he would gently sway with Maryanne for a few minutes, stop, kiss her, and begin to dance again. As I went through the living room I saw Jack and Alice sitting on the sofa kissing. As we were laying living room floor, and very close to each other, I felt Georges hand on mine. Sure, we kissed new people, flirted a lot, maybe felt someone’s privates for a few seconds; but the magic of having sex with just the right combination of people never happened again.

Daddys Girl chapters 7&8

group hard_rocks_23 2018-08-23

With that i spring off the bed and shove 2 fingers in her dripping wet cunt as daddy moans he is cumming.I begin to finger her feverishly as he shoots the first 2 squirts in her mouth n then i reach up n grab her hair pulling her off his cock yelling for her to jack him off on her face and tits. Kissing him deeply and passionately as my tongue pushes deep inside her in the same rhytum as daddys cock goes in and out of me.Daddy again begins to moan and i can feel his cock swelling in my pussy amking me moan n shove my tongue deeper in Beth causing her to moan in daddys mouth.