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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Freshman: Pledging

group Eagle1 2018-08-22

Before I moved on, I heard not one, but two grunts coming from the room and, curiosity getting the better of me, I peered around the edge of the half-closed door and spied first one naked guy, his back to me, and then another, facing my direction, both standing. As his johnson slid into her cleavage, the guy groaned again and quickly started massaging her breasts with both hands, bending up and down with his knees while still standing, running his dick in and out of her cleavage slowly, rubbing her tits against his cock continuously. Groaning, the blonde continued her mad rush, furiously rubbing her own breasts and the first guy's rod in front of her while she rode the jerking, shivering man beneath her.


Trip to the hot springs goes weird

group bufffreak 2018-08-22

One of the chicks came up and played with Amy's ass as we sucked off two more guys A girl about 25 grabbed Amy and I got a biker chick that was approacing 60 "Hey you got a bald dick, just like a young boy" (Amy and I both shave our crotches As I began to thrust I looked over at Amy. The yong biker chick had her lickng he and a youg guy was exploirng her pussy and ass. The young guy came at me from behind and positioned me to fuck my ass as Hog pulled my fac back to his huge member I looked over and young guy was fucking Amy as young bitch sat on her face

Living With a Goddess Ch. 07

group WellHungNerd1 2018-08-22

"Well you'd checked a whole bunch of doors before you found us," said Mel. She reached out and put a hand on my arm. "You heard the lady!" Returning her smile, I took my length in my hand, stroking it as I walked over to where Lillian's ass was just hanging off the edge of the bed, her legs spread and her pussy practically flowing with wetness. Melissa moaned at the attention, and began fingering herself, her other hand groping Lillian in time to the schlicking sounds coming from her own pussy. Violet saw the opportunity and ducked her face down by my cock, slathering Lillian's cum along her cheek and taking me into her mouth to clean.


The Pleasure Van Ch. 02

group Many Feathers 2018-08-22

I looked quickly towards Tracy, but she simply nodded her head yes, she obviously had no problem with doing that, nor did Amber it seemed as she was already standing up behind Mike, sort of walking him over to stand in front of where Cindy was sitting as Brad sat back, pouring another cognac for himself, content to watch the show. I soon joined Mike as he stood there, now the two of us side by side, the girls behind us, as they began pumping our pricks, though also rubbing them back and forth against Cindy's breasts as she cupped each of them separately, enjoying the feel of our dicks being rubbed against her nipples as Tracy and Amber caressed her with us, all the while still jerking them as well.

84% van


group dre_jones 2018-08-22

Shaun and I stared dumbfounded as Kim looked over her shoulder and with a sly grin said "is it HARD for you boys to get out of your underwear?" She giggled and settled into the hot tub next to Jack. Shaun closed his eyes and after a few strokes she took Jack's hand and along with hers she moved it to assist her stroking the big black dick. Kim started to quiver more and bark obscenities, "Fuck Me, Fuck My Ass with your tongue, mmmmmm so good, look at you cock suckers you've got me so fuck'n HOT!" As Shaun and I continued in our 69 I could feel Kim's hands rubbing my ass, and then suddenly felt her tongue.

My Wife The Band's Groupie

group Friskee_cpl 2018-08-22

During the rest of the week I contacted Mick and Ben along with the other members Stan and Dan. I cleared out the garage and took all the rubbish off the pool table that sat in the corner of the room. "Look at the telly." I said to Jim. He looked up and it registered with him that it wasn't just some porno he had been watching but Mick and Ben fucking Sharon. Sharon gave Jim's cock a few hard pulls and took his first spray of the night straight down her throat. Mick stood up so that Sharon had two cocks to suck and she didn't waste any time in taking him into her mouth. "Fuck me." She said after pulling Mick's cock from her mouth.


At the Biker Bar Ch. 03

group Thecoffeeprincess 2018-08-22

"It certainly felt like she enjoyed it from where I was!" I followed the voice from over my shoulder and saw the guy with the long dark hair who had filled my pussy as Si fucked my arse. I gasped and pushed back it felt so damn good.The finger was soon followed by a warm wet tongue running the length of me, pushing deeply inside my pussy hole, I had to fight to hold my hips still. "I already came just watching you downstairs, so I hope you're ready for a fucking long night beautiful." I sighed as he slowly pulled out I reached up grabbing handfuls of his thick wavy hair pulling his face down for another deep kiss.

Adult Reality TV Ch. 3

group bamboomoon 2018-08-22

"Sounds fair," said Sam. Maybe he wanted to know what it is like to make love to another man. We tried to protest but Fred said that we know more about survival than the others, and he wanted more action in the other groups. I kissed Celeste and played with her clit ring and gave Sam's penis a loving caress. Straddling Anne's face looking at Graham between her legs, I opened my own pussy lips for her to pleasure. "Sorry to break up your little love nest," I said, "but I need your help to carry the rest of the animal." Graham and Curt accompanied me while Anne and Delia prepared the meat.

Ghost Riders

group Mike Franklin 2018-08-22

Bobby laughed, "You better get used to having a lot of liquid in your mouth, cuz once we're done fucking your pussy and ass you're going to swallow all that we have to give you." He reached out and tweaked a nipple hard as if to punctuate his statement and Karen started to say something like, "Pussy and Ass?" or "No need to be mean about it, of course I'll let you cum in my mouth" but she never got the words out, when she opened her mouth to speak Luke jammed his cock in her mouth and she forgot all about what she was going to say.


The Dinner Party

group Timkitten 2018-08-22

"I think I'm going to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable, and then we should pack the gear down." Said Julie as she picked up her bag that contained her jeans and T-shirt. Julie was chatting to the Landlord arranging another gig, and Bill sat at a table, lit a cigarette, and kept his eyes on her. "Well that Rose looks like a right tart." Said Julie. Julie mumbled something about not feeling well, and I pulled away from her and laid on my back, and looked at my cock pointing into the air fruitlessly. "I really feel like shit, my nose is blocked, my head is thumping and I've got a sore throat." Said Julie.


Apricot Wine

group Firegrl124 2018-08-22

I felt those fingers spread open and start curling on the inside and I moaned on Anzu's breast. The alcohol was really taking its toll, because I came to her and kissed her hard on the lips, my hands snaking around her head and twisting her over to Rob's side. Although I usually don't appreciate cum on my body, at that specific moment, when Anzu started licking the white sticky stuff off my nipple, I thanked Rob quietly with my eyes, because she was doing SUCH a marvelous job. She pinched my nipples and then started licking my clit again, sometimes playing with Rob's balls, sometimes going deep into her self to get some juice for me to suck on.

Susan at work part 8

group zandy661 2018-08-22

A few minutes before they were all due to leave for home the tannoy system crackled and Lee’s voice came over the speakers: “I’d like everyone’s attention please, it has come to my notice that men are harassing Susan, getting a feel of her tits and other bits. There were 5 of them surrounding her and their hands were everywhere, tits, arse, pussy, they were all over her until one guy took charge and told them all to stop. She tried to cover her pussy with her hands but 2 guys grabbed her arms and a third said he was cumming so they f***ed her to her knees and he shot his load over her face.

Sounds of Wife's Ecstasy...

group themin11 2018-08-22

We met in at a hotel lounge to get acquainted and chat and decide whether to proceed further.Two young couples,middleclass,attractive and each with one young child.My wife was kind of nervous,her hands were slightly trembling,but her gaze at this handsome black male told me she was going along with this. Soon my wife,breathing heavily,said in a husky voice, "Shouldwe go to separate rooms now?" My stomach tied into a knot. Really thin walls allowedme to hear my wife's giggles responding to something he mumbled.Then whispers,anothergiggle and then a deep moan from him.I just thought," She's sucking himalready!" More moans from him and just 'mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" over andover from her.No doubt,she's sucking her first black cock,that's why she quickly wanteda separate room.

The Gift - Our First Cuckold Experience

group damonaffleck 2018-08-22

I told him I wouldn't cum before Pete fucked me, so he slowed down, and we began kissing some more. I moaned as he pistoned in and out of me, looking up at John's face, telling him how amazing Pete's cock felt inside me. I told him to slide his finger inside me; I wanted him to feel Pete's load inside me. I knew he was so horny that he wouldn't last long, so he slid his cock into my well fucked and sore pussy. Knowing that he was willing to clean up another man's cum just to please me put me over the edge and I came hard on his face.

A Four Day Escape

group Graniteknob 2018-08-22

Chad, not wanting to miss out on the fun came over and slid his dick into her facing her while Amy and I went at it next to them. Amy did not think she would come by masturbating in front of us, but with Renee doing such a remarkable job sitting next to her with three fingers pressing and rubbing hard against her pubic bone she got into it and eventually did have a decent orgasm. Chad sent Renee and me to clean up breakfast and the two of them went back to the living room couch and he ate her like he had done two days ago.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 20

group Silverfox0551 2018-08-22

She knew that her pussy was already wet inside and her lips were swollen in anticipation and she could hardly wait to experience Ed's throbbing manhood enter her body for the first time. Then, with a heavy, low throated groan, she allowed herself to relax even more opening her cunt as wide as she could giving it freely and lewdly to the black man that fucking her. Terri's nostrils flared wide, and she screwed herself up hard as she could on his heavily thrusting cock and locked herself to him with all the strength of her thighs while her loins jerked spasmodically against his belly.

Hoodwinking My Two Doctors

group th43 2018-08-22

I thought - what if I asked them if I could have sloppy seconds sex with both of them and say that "Leon" was a clean living guy that I knew who would fuck them, cum in their pussy and then go. Catherine then told me that she'd suck his cock after he had fucked her pussy and swallow his cum. I told Catherine that "Leon" had indicated that she was a much better fuck than Susan. After thinking about it for a while it occurred to me that I wouldn't even need my brothers next time -- there are probably lots of guys out there who would love to fuck a young female doctor.


Kelly Celebrates Freedom Ch. 05

group kappacino 2018-08-22

At the same time my new friends, Cathy and Jake a young rich Australian brother and sister had acquired a controlling share in a European porn business, and offered me the role of financial director, based in London and Paris with frequent trips around Europe and occasionally to Australia, to meet the other shareholders. Tatia moved to my head and we began to share tongues, whilst Cathy's fingers played below. I was handed a small vibrator, whilst Tatia set to work on Cathy's breasts, I watched her pecking and teasing them with her mouth and tongue and then flicking the nipples with her thumb and forefinger.



group MichaelG74 2018-08-22

My girlfriend began stroking me as we kissed, eventually sitting on the small bench inside the shower and slowly guiding me in and out of her mouth, making me tingle all over as she sucked me. As I reached down, playing with her pussy under the hot water I looked over seeing that our fan was leaning against the tile wall of the shower, stroking his cock with soap to the same tempo I was fucking my girlfriend's mouth. She reached down and began rubbing her clit, moaning for me to fuck her, alternating between watching me slide in and out of her and our fan stroking his cock, pumping his hips back and forth like he was standing behind her.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 05

group FinalStand 2018-08-22

"I figured he would have bragged about it." Seeing Tawny's uncertainty, Christina gave a clever smile and clarified, "Zane is a freshman at FFU." "Zane's turning out to be a very clever boy," Christina grinned knowingly to Tawny who nodded back as if I was a mere mortal amongst titans. "Come with me," Leigh urged, as she took my hand and led me into the house. Paris was rapidly getting redressed but when I crawled around her to free Leigh's hands she turned on me, pressed me to the mattress and gave me a serious oral assault. I'm not sure what look of surprise/horror must have come over my face because both Christina and Tawny burst out laughing.


Valentine for Three

group sexdiamond 2018-08-22

As he fucked my cunt, he talked on and on about how he could not wait to see me sucking on a stranger's cock tonight. I now had two hard throbbing cocks in front of my face, and each of them wanted my lips to suck them. I want you to fill my cunt with your huge cock, while I continue to suck Chuck down my throat." I could feel his cock stiffen even more. Chuck grabbed my head and held it still while he fucked my face like a wild man. My cunt lips were grasping at Jay's cock in a way that they had never done before. Jay remained up my ass, while Chuck gave a few more thrusts to my cumming pussy.

Motivation Ch. 01

group techsan 2018-08-22

Mary Beth had a fleeting thought about something that might motivate the boys but then pushed it to the back of her mind as she headed to work that Wednesday. She had a full slate of five girls' PE classes to handle every day, but then liked to get home in time to have dinner ready for John when he came in. Mary Beth also knew that the boys were in the habit of following her movements when she went about her job and they were in the area. Mary Beth told John about Mr. Kennedy changing her schedule so she could cover the PE class for the senior footballers.


Absolute Bisexual Bliss

group danielblue 2018-08-22

Sophie lay down on the bed and Carl's face was instantly between her thighs, eating her out like she was the last pussy he was ever going to have. Elliot's eyes were out on stalks as he watched Carl's tongue delving into Sophie's pussy; the sight of the sex munch made him even more horny than he had been up to now. Carl started rubbing his ass all over Elliot's face, freeing Elliot's hands to wank on his very hungry and hard dick. She was in the throes of her second when Elliot bucked underneath her and pumped off into Carl's tight ass.As he did so Carl's cock exploded shooting thick, hot jizz all over him and Sophie.

First Threesome

group rantfor 2018-08-22

Glancing around, and seeing that I was not likely to be observed, I slipped my shorts down and began to stroke my burgeoning cock. "Now the other breast, please." Naturally, I was only too pleased to oblige, and I got even more pleased when she reached down and cupped my crotch in her hand, fondling my balls and stroking my cock through my shorts. I put my hands on her hips and pushed my cock forward, feeling her labia slip over it. Then I pushed gently forward, feeling my cock slide into her gorgeous vagina until my balls touched her pubic hair. Peter was now gasping regularly, like a man who was not far off filling his lover's mouth with his cum.