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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-22

Pei-Hua opened her legs, and as I stared into her eyes I positioned my hips at her entrance, pressing the head of my erection into the folds of her nether lips. Pei-Hua only made little moans as he fucked her, her eyes squeezing shut every now and again before she would open them and stare at whatever happened to be in front of her as her upper body slid back and forth a few inches with every push. One time, before I was able to sneak a peek, my mother noticed the door was cracked open while Pei-Hua and my father were audibly screwing inside, and she closed the door discreetly before continuing along her way.


Star Time Motel

group sex4u4647 2018-08-22

All getting in the same bed Ralph and Jack laid back while the girls mounted them, lowering their pussys to their husbands cocks and started to fuck. Nobody bothered to get dressed, the men wanted more sex and the girls were happy to let them so they enjoyed another orgy, taking turns sucking and fucking every cock and cunt in the room. The three teachers were kneeling on the bed with bare asses facing the door and as Ralph, Charlie and Frank saw them they just dropped their pants, took hold of their cocks and each went to a pussy, not really caring which was which, pushed in and started to fuck them doggy style.


My Mum Got GangBanged of sum Germans guys On Hol

group bigwillyuk 2018-08-22

when we got in our room , my b*****r got changed and went to bed , i was too hot so i went and stood on the balcony for a minute and all i could hear ws the germans laughing and cheering , i looked down and saw them sat with my mum at the bar with a few other couples ,

Our best Friends.

group blrmkr_2000 2018-08-22

The four of us, me, my wife Kathy, Jill and her husband Rick were at a party and Jill and I were dancing. My wife had a big smile on her face and she leaned toward me and whispered in my ear "You two make a great couple." Then she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. When we got to the car, Kathy directed Jill and me into the back seat and she sat up front with Rick. After Jill and Rick went home, Kathy explained that she and Rick had seen us kissing and all they needed was a look and a smile to know how things would turn out.

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 14

group ILienBagby 2018-08-22

And, as her out outcry eased itself into a low, throaty groan and then a deep moan of pleasure, the witnesses to her pleasure, the men and mostly women sitting in their seats in the oval surrounding the stage, began to clap and shout themselves, applauding in a wave of exuberance that continued past even the time it took MaryJane to return to a near normality from the volcanic eruption of her orgasm. Then MaryJane Huffman had just enough strength left to lift her knees and spread her thighs as she felt one of the men approach between her spread legs and begin to slide his enormous cock into her cunt and begin to fuck her.

Just for Her

group ladielovie 2018-08-22

She heard the small click of a bottle being opened, then felt his strong hands on her scalp, massaging as he washed her hair. She felt a hand on her shoulder and heard her James's voice. James had always joked that his was "curved for her pleasure." She lightly ran her hand down the length of Sean's throbbing member and placed the tip between her lips, wondering how it would feel to have him inside of her. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began to slowly rock back and forth, gradually taking his entire length into her until she could feel her clitoris resting against the base of his dick.

Threesome Fun for Mature Wife Carol

group TJGlasgow 2018-08-22

We both find the attention she gets from showing off her unbraed breasts, her sexy big rear in tight miniskirts and her thighs and stocking tops to younger strangers a real turn on both on the Levitra fuelled nights and even at others times by looking forward to them I could manage a fair erection without Levitra. Although she had the jacket fastened to cover her very much on display breasts , her big mature ass and ripe thighs in the very, short tight skirt got some admiring looks from young guys in the bus queue and when the bus came I suggested we go to the upper deck.


Bi-curious Ch. 08

group KY ridgerunner 2018-08-22

She came running up to Dave and their embrace was more intense than when she greeted Tom for the first time knowing she was finally going to fuck him. I opened it and there was a picture of Tom's cock just at the entrance of Sharon's pussy with just the note, "just a reminder of what is waiting." We both laughed and went to join the guys for breakfast. Ursula started things going again when she took Jason's limp cock in her mouth. When we came in the opening to the yard Dave and Ursula were laying on the other beach towel fast asleep but Dave's cock was still in her so we know they enjoyed themselves as well.


Campfire Stories Ch. 04

group Good Burger 2018-08-22

Images of Julia's wet pussy, Marie's heaving tits, and cum shooting out of Joe's cock filled Colin's head as he rubbed away. As Marie felt Colin's manhood grow hotter and hotter in her mouth, she gave Julia some room and the girls began to tongue kiss each other across the swollen head of Colin's fuck toy. Julia moaned and looked on as Marie's fist enclosed Colin's deflated penis, which had sunk back down to a flaccid inch and a half. Colin took Marie's hand from his now small cock, and sucked the cum off of her middle finger. Her lovers moaned and pressed against each other, trapping Marie's hand between them as Colin's cock explored Julia's depths for the first time.

Hedonism at the Shore Ch. 01

group Irish Moss 2018-08-22

Katy was gently gripping and stroking the bulge in my shorts while I was slipping a finger in and out of Linda’s pussy, licking her clit at the same time. While I was licking and sucking Linda’s clit and pumping my fingers in and out of her, I felt Katy shifting around on the bed. Katy raised her head to see what Linda had gotten up to and, seeing her with a mouthful of my cock, moved down the bed herself to join her. I could have gone on like that for the rest of the night, but Katy and Linda started murmuring to each other about eating each other’s pussies and suggested a change of position.


Pixie, Joy and Me Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-08-22

The night Mel had told me about her threesome with Dan and Katie, I'd tested how I felt about the philosophy, at least as it involved Mel. Well it certainly made me feel horny and desirous of her body, I found myself at the edge of my comfort zone at the time. Later, I became more comfortable when I met Dan and realized he felt about Katie the way I did about Mel. We loved our primary girlfriends yet appreciated the opportunity to engage with others. Mel told me she was open to the idea but wasn't sure how Katie or Dan would feel after our weekend.


An Anal Awakening Ch. 3

group C_Duke 2018-08-22

Jack surprised them both (and himself) when he fondled Cliff's sac with his fingers, to coax the good stuff out, and then by taking the cock in his hand when Cliff had apparently finished cumming, liberating it, hot, sticky, sweaty and slimy from Jo's cream-filled and overflowing mouth and licked the end as a last couple of drops appeared, then sucked on the spunky head briefly, cleaning it up. Cliff's face screwed up and then smiled and then opened up in joy and awe as he felt himself being penetrated, that big wet prick, a little bigger than his own forced first into his hole and then up, deeper inside him, and he started to pant and grunt and "oh yea" as Rad's strong chestnut coloured hands gripped his hips, and seconds later, as both guys adjusted their feet and hips he was getting fucked.



group LadyBlueMoon 2018-08-22

His mouth was hot, devouring her own, their tongues twisted, tasted, savored His hands moved to her ass, tightened around her buttocks, squeezed, at the same time, two other hands reached around her, covered her breasts, bringing a rush of pleasure coursing through her. The short man had shifted, his mouth still glued to her breast, his tongue teasing her hard, pink nipple. She reached a hand up, grabbed the dangling cock, took as much into her mouth as the position allowed, about an inch past the head. He turned her in the air, pushed her forward, the head of the short man's penis just inside her burning pussy lips.

School Delight

group sheepthinksaswolf 2018-08-22

Your body never fails to excite me as my hard cock rubs your ass crack, letting you feel the power you have over me. I continually look in your eyes as my fingers start to run up and down your slit, rubbing it through your panties, feeling the lips swell and moisten. Embarrassed, yet not moving, her eyes drinking in the sight of your naked body, hands bound, cock in your ass. She stands before us, naked from the waist down, fingering her pussy in time to our fucking, to your moans. Pounding you forward on your desk, deeper into Jan. Her hands grab your hair, moving your head around.

Enjoyed by all ay boyfriends b'day party.

group down-onu 2018-08-22

He wanted me to lay on my back, on the bed with my head hanging over the edge so he could fuck my mouth. Slowly fucking my mouth, pulling almost all the way out then slowly pushing his cock into my throat. I could tell by the taste, the cock that was now in my mouth was the one that gave the devious plan away. I am not sure how many loads I swallowed or how many times I was fucked but I have to tell you, I outlasted each and every guy. One of the guys when fucking me from behind would pull all the way out, aim his dick at my pussy and slam it in.

The Carpenter's Daughter

group sinera 2018-08-22

Finally Tad raised his head and looked into my eyes as Jake breathed into my ear. I could almost feel Tad's eyes on us as Jake started kissing me. I still had my fingers wrapped around Jake's cock and had Tad's cock still inside me, so I knew when they started to recover. Just as he said that, I felt Tad remove his fingers, I could hear the sound of a condom being unwrapped, the elastic noise as he took off the one we'd used, then rolled the new one over his cock. Jake held me as Tad slid his cock deeper into me, then suddenly I felt him thrust all the way in. At my words the men started thrusting into me, Jake from underneath into my pussy, Tad from behind into my ass.

Things Can Change Quickly Ch. 03

group mrnoname93 2018-08-22

Both of their eyes scanned each other until finally Sam turned her head away from Rose and looked towards me. Sam's eyes turned to look at Rose and she gave her a smile just as she wrapped her small hands back around my pulsing cock and ran her fingers down the length and then back up again to just under the head. My head lulled back slightly but I forced myself to look back down just in time to see Rose move a hand up from her own side and raise it to push hair from Sam's eyes and hold it into a pony tail.


The game

group funforus288 2018-08-22

I asked what she meant by "properly." She said that she wanted to be chased and caught and that she would make some attempt to fight them off but ultimately they would win and she would end up being gang fucked. She said that she did stop momentarily and began to rub herself, all the time looking around for her "attackers." Diana said she was already wet. Diana said she started to scream at this point not that she didn't want this to happen but that she felt it added to the effect. Diana said she carried on screaming and the chap fucking her ordered one of the others to gag her. She said that there was a small group left who hadn't touched her and they all came forward.

The Neighbors Ch. 05

group RiversEdge2010 2018-08-22

Ashley watched the veins on Cody's penis throb as her baby sister continued to slobber all over the tip, pre-cum and saliva spilling out of the corners of her mouth. "Here, why don't you watch me fuck your sister's throat," Cody said as he took Nikki's head into both of his hands and rammed his whole cock violently into the back his wife's throat. Then, before Ashley could protest, she was stunned to see Cody's throbbing penis jolt as a thick rope of thick white sperm rocketed out of the tip and splashed into her little sister's forehead, sending cum flying into her hair an across her face.


A Man, Two Women, and an Old Friend

group jakebarnes06 2018-08-22

The second story found Jake and Suz about leave the bar, when Suz's incredible, dark-haired, and longtime lover, Michele, the bartender in the first story, asked to join them. This sixth story begins with Jake, Suz and Michele getting ready to go out for dinner with three women. Anna began to make the introductions, "Suz, I think you already know these women, but Michele and Jake, you don't..." Just then one of the women, an older, but quite attractive blonde, with short, spiky hair rose, burst into a huge smile, walked toward me, wrapped her arms around my neck, tilted her head back and looked me in the eye.


The Interview

group LoveMenLoveSex 2018-08-22

He walked behind her and from between her legs she saw him kneel behind her, felt his hands spreading her cheeks and lips as he looked at her pussy and ass, his eyes slightly narrowed. Distantly she could hear - could feel against her clit - the woman's soft moans and she explored her more slowly, sliding her fingers in and curling them a little against the smooth flesh, letting her teeth graze over the hard nub between her lips. There was another set of fingers in her and she opened her eyes as the blonde straightened up, leaving her with the cooling liquid coating her face, sticky and thick, then a cock slid into her and she arched up, driving it in more deeply.


Beach Party Ch. 02

group Babee_girl 2018-08-22

Then Angel looking at Sandy and saying, "Oh honey, I want to feel Mike's dick fucking me deep and hard as my tongue tantalizing every inch of your pussy." Sandy crawls up under both of you and starts to lick Angel's pussy lips, suck on her clit and using her tongue to guide Mike's dick into Angel's fuck hole. After fucking Angel for awhile, he pulls it back out and Sandy takes the head of his dick into her mouth and sucks on if for a couple of minutes. This hot action continues with changes of Mike pulling his dick out and presenting it to Sandy so that she can lick and suck your deep pussy juices off of the head of his big fat dick.

Jenna with a J!

group Groucher 2018-08-22

"Then I'll fuck her now!!" the stranger shouted and attempted to pull Miles of Jenna. Jenna came one last time as Miles' jism joined the stranger's sticky saltiness in her well-used cunt. Jenna was revitalised and the stories she'd heard about Miles and Darren started to turn her on. Jenna had been so turned on by Miles' finger-play and the cabbie's perverted mind. Jenna's clothes were near ripped apart and Miles pushed her down onto a small sofa in the corridor. Spider pulled out his cock and with some force picked up Jenna so that she was kneeling towards the back of the sofa, allowing him to enter her cunt from behind.

Threesome Fun

group dragonangel25 2018-08-22

I feel him come up behind me, grabbing my ass and running his finger under my panties as I kiss her lips, thrusting my tongue in her mouth and moaning when she grabs my breasts. I feel his cock against my ass through his jeans as he moves close to kiss my neck and shoulder, rubbing against me. We go to the bed, me lying on my back while she licks my soaking pussy and sucks my clit, and he kisses my lips and my tits, and then shoves his cock in my mouth. We push her husband down on the bed and start licking his cock, our tongues coming up the sides and licking each other's tongues over the swollen head of his hard cock.