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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Eight university students and me. The final chapter

group jazzman1975 2018-11-26

I looked down between my opened legs and watched as two guys got on the floor in front of me and both buried their heads between my legs, I let out a huge sigh as they both started munching at my pussy and bum hole at the same time, trying desperately to bite a hole in the gusset of my tights with their teeth. The guys fucked me so hard, every time a guy was replaced by another guy my pussy lips throbbed, cum poured out of me, I felt like a complete slut and I was loving it.

Hot Aunty Group Sex With College Boys

group bava12 2018-11-26

I was dejected , in that time Dinesh told , Boudi can we come inside and drink water, its soo hot outside. When I saw him he smiled and told me he has called Bapi to come and wait near this house. By hearing that my dick got hard and again I saw Dinesh giving her milk by mouth but this time Priyanka was also sucking Dinesh’s lips. Dinesh told Bapi this Boudi is talking too much, just shut her mouth. Boudi was feeling horny by how, I sucking her pussy, Dinesh drinking her milk and now this big shaft in her mouth. She grasped his dick and opened the condom from his dick and told but Bapi I like one thing, the taste of your cum.

Do Me Here

group XpinkyX 2018-11-26

She walked back to her boyfriend who was smiling at me too, and Max pulled me close for a slow dance. I shot my eyes away, watching Max deep in discussion with Joe. Tegan shuffled on the arm and exclaimed “I’m going to the toilet. As we walked into the toilet, Tegan pushed me against the door and breathed “You are so sexy, I’ve been wet thinking about eating you out all night.” I didn’t know how to feel, I just know that Max was gripping my hand and I saw the excitement in his face as he smiled. I lay back on the bed where Tegan and Joe were fucking and moaning and Max pushed his cock inside me.

Guess Who?

group flumbajoo 2018-11-26

I was enjoying this immensely And although blindfolded I was sure I could hear belts been unbuckled and skirts and pants coming down, and after a few minutes and a hand change on my cock two fingers came into contact with my lips and went inside my mouth. Up until now the third girl had given the best blowjob and had been able to take my full size in her mouth but this final blowjob was even better than that and who ever was sucking my cock knew what they were doing and when their time was up she even gave it a little kiss on the tip. As I worked on Jess's breasts squeezing the other one softly and pinching her nipple, soft moans escaped her mouth before she said "Oh Mark please fuck me, I need your cock inside me!"

Great ending for a cookout

group acecruiser 2018-11-26

One hand cupped her mound as she watched two guys kissing and touching the woman on screen. I slid my hand inside her panties and slid a finger deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her. His cock was right in front of her face as she eagerly swallowed the length and began to mouth fuck his erection. I began to finger fuck her puckered ass as she moved to it and was moaning around the cock in her mouth. My friend had her head in his hands and was fucking her mouth long and deep. He moaned loudly as he tilted his head backwards, looked at me and squirted his hot load deep inside her mouth.

Lucky Bastard

group OldGeezer 2018-11-26

The après-ski was pretty great as well, and many was the night when after meeting new friends for food and drink, Maggie and I staggered back to our rented room and continued the festivities. When we concluded that no-one was coming immediately for us, we decided we had better start to walk, as we’d lost most of our ski equipment, apart from a couple of poles. We’d taken to swimming naked, and being naked in the house as well, so it seemed that whenever a couple of us we in the same place, sex followed, whether it was Emily trying to get my 9” down her throat and then her ass, or Maggie using a dildo on Emily while easting her out, while being fucked from behind by me, or whatever combination came to mind.

College Fantasy Comes True Decades Later

group gemstory 2018-11-26

You both giggle and you tell her that was fun and joke, "I kissed a girl and I liked it." You know I am watching and can see I'm a little shocked but go back to the party. You move up on top of me, giving me a wicked smile as you feel my excitement and whisper, "I was gonna put you in the chair, but thought it would be more fun to have you next to us, helpless, knowing how bad you want us, hearing the sounds, smelling the sex and there is nothing you can do but ache and throb." I see Susan next to me, smiling as you torment me, wanting you so bad.

Bonding Time 3

group Butterfly4629 2018-11-26

His hands began to explore my body, he gently leaned me back, he kissed his way to the outer lips of my pussy. "Now it's a party!" Evan began licking my pussy again as Sophie tossed her clothes onto the chair. I watched as Evan placed two fingers in her pussy and began to move them in and out while teasing her clit with his tongue. As I watched Evan licking Sophie's beautiful pink pussy I spread my legs wide and began rubbing my own pussy. "Let's both give him a better view," Sophie spread her legs open, putting one legs over mind and began rubbing her pussy.

Butterscotch Part 5 - The House of Ariadne

group Piquet 2018-11-26

I’ve never been inclined to pull out of a woman at this most intimate time, so now I let what felt like the entire contents of my balls shoot into the sweet depths of this mysterious Cat. I saw her onyx eyes as she turned - momentarily bright with joy, then she regarded me with cool detachment. An hour later we were all at breakfast on the back porch: the lovely Juliet with her long, chestnut hair; our venerable host Ariadne Thorne, formerly of RAF Bomber Command; Tamsin, beautiful, wild and mysterious; the ravishing maid Lilia serving us breakfast, with her hair glistening in the morning sun.

Haitian King of New York

group Samuelx 2018-11-26

Now, the Black dude was fucking the fat chick in the ass while the white guy fucked her pussy. Man, I love watching porn videos where dudes cum all over a chick's face. The video started with a sexy, big-booty Hispanic girl and a slim white guy making out. The Hispanic female and the white male started sucking the Black guy's dick. I stroked myself furiously as I watched a sexy Black man fucking a pretty couple. They went at it like this for some time until the Black dude pulled out and came all over the guy's back. The Hispanic chick sucked the cum out of the Black guy's hard cock.


Her Toy 3

group Hisb 2018-11-26

Her body slips around quickly around the side of you and her warm wet little whore mouth is almost immediately hovering over yours just waiting for me to release my pull on your leash. My eyes beam with fucking pride at the look of you as you mock pout and I release my hold just enough to let you scamper back down to your nasty little girlfriend and look at me bright eyed and teasing as you tonguefuck her mouth slowly. I let another hot little drip fall from my mouth as I pull your head hotly to the side and let the dirty fucking drool dribble down your neck from my mouth, only to have that hot lil whore lick up your neck with slow savoring passion.

Black Studs Prefer Strapons

group Samuelx 2018-11-26

I love sucking on his big black cock and lick his ass. I like fucking men in the ass with my big strap on dildo. It really turns me on when I poke the sexy black man in the ass with my strap on dildo. Still not satisfied, I spread my ass cheeks wide open and welcome Omar's big cock inside of me. I personally spread Candice butt cheeks wide open and guided Omar's big black cock into her asshole. I fingered my pussy, watching Omar as he shoved his cock in and out of Candice's asshole. The redhead policewoman was screaming her lungs out as the sexy black stud fucked her in the ass.

A Walk in the Sun

group OzzieBlue 2018-11-26

Maybe it was the shock of the situation, maybe just the pleasurable feeling of the warm sun beating down on her cold wet shoulders, maybe Michael had just been gone too long, But suddenly Patricia realized that there was a part of her…a deep dark part of her…that wanted desperately to find out if the vibes she was getting were really what she thought. As she stood there looking at the two young men, shirtless and wearing nothing but ragged shorts and old tennis shoes, she felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement. Joe pressed his body against her back and his hands wandered across her breast, down her belly and his fingers began to slowly caress the little button just above where Charles' cock was pressing so urgently between her legs.

Black Sexual Politics

group Samuelx 2018-11-26

My pals Louis Smith, Kimberly Isidor and my lady friend Veronique Anglin. Veronique Anglin is a tall, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young black woman of Jamaican descent I met while still in high school. She was walking around with my pal Kimberly Isidor, a tall, busty, big-booty light-skinned biracial chick I've known for years. The light-skinned chick unzipped my pants and began sucking on my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock like her life depended on it. Smith squealed as the tall black woman began fucking him in the ass. While Veronique buried her face in Kimberly's crotch, Smith shoved his dick into the tall black woman's pussy while I shoved my cock into her asshole.


Miss Abrahams' descent into depravity

group pentup47 2018-11-26

which toilets would those be, Miss Abrahams?" Melanie knew how to turn on 'dumb innocence' when cornered. She couldn't be bothered to tell them about her narrow squeak in Miss Abrahams' office, or divulge the steamier details of her practical research project with the Deputy Head. Came like a fucking fire hose." The two girls giggled and then hugged affectionately, as Clare tenderly stroked Melanie's pussy. Melanie and Clare swapped high-fives with Greg, while Miss Abrahams shyly hung back in the shadows. Melanie and Clare led Miss Abrahams to the centre of the clearing and laid her down in a figure X position on the ground. A bemused and emotionally-spent Miss Abrahams then watched as the two girls painstakingly collected up most of the men's cum from her body.

The Marine's Reward

group hornycouple 2018-11-26

I reached out with my hand and started rubbing my girls pussy, using the end of my finger to tickle her clit. I told Andy to lay on the lawn chair so she could take her time letting his cock sink into her pussy. My girl climbed off of Andy and Lacy sat on his cock while I slid into her ass. Lacy figured since I just got done fucking her ass that maybe Andy could fit his massive cock in there, and wanted to give it a try. I used the wetness of her pussy to stroke my cock, it looked as if Andy had a similar idea.

Initiation (Part One)

group blondewife 2018-11-26

The older one said he wasn’t stopping till he got his cock up "honey’s ass." The younger one wanted to go but was talked out of it. Everything started feeling very good as they both thrust into me at different times, the thin sheath between my pussy and ass stretching as the two cocks passed each other in their travels in and out of my body. As soon as the older guy saw my husband he started humping my ass again, and as I laid there sandwitched between those two he finally came, shooting a load of cum far into my ass as he pushed his cock as far inside me as he could go.

Swing Time

group Vilhelm1970 2018-11-26

He and Mary headed inside once the list was finished, leaving Bruce outside enjoying the view with Hannah. "That suit looks HOT!" She took Mary's hand and helped her turn and model it a little more, then stepped into the hot tub. "I wish I had legs like yours," she told Mary and handed Bruce a glass of water. She slipped the suit aside and rubbed Hannah's lips, pulling them wide with one hand while stroking Bruce with the other. "Wow!" Bruce exclaimed as he got his first up close look at Mary's tight ass and long sleek legs. Bruce rested his head on the edge of the tub and looked up along the long thighs to Mary's smooth shaved pussy.

My Camping Trip

group _O2_ 2018-11-26

“Yes, we went down to the pond just after lunch and had a nice swim.” Cherise smiled as she pulled Sandy a bit closer. The girls looked a bit worried as the coyotes let out different cries, trying to locate each other for the evening hunt. If I didn’t know better I’d have sworn, Cherise hugged me just a bit longer than Sandy. Cherise showed off the main course, “We wanted to thank you properly for being such a good neighbor last night, Jay.” Sandy, not wanting to miss what Cherise had discovered, turned so her sweet pussy was directly over my anxious mouth. Cherise would pause from sucking on me and take a moment to suckle Sandy's nipples while stroking me with her hand.

Swing Party Part 1

group MotelMILF 2018-11-26

There were 2 girls getting fucked in the gang bang room and right next door was an orgy going on. In one room, Patty was getting fucked on the bed while her husband was on the floor banging some younger woman. After watching and listening for about an 45 minutes, I heard this scream come from down the hall, in the bondage room. I took a quick walk to the bondage room, the woman that I had seen earlier was asleep, with her hands still cuffed to the bed. There were 2 girls getting fucked in the room, Carls friend was spanking another girl, and 2 or 3 blood curdling screams came out of the bondage room.


Denise becomes Brandy Crush

group ohgirl1 2018-11-26

It felt so good, during that moment, feeling so many black men sliding into my wet slit from behind and the pot kept me wet as I smoked one bowl after another, in between being fucked or sucking one of the guys off. His nine inch, uncut cock was more than ready when we finally entered his house and he tore off my clothes and took me in both my ass and pussy before filling my mouth with a huge load of cum for me to swallow. I was fucked good over the next hour as they filmed the process of my encounter with the hikers and then I laid on my back, with my legs spread wide, while each guy pumped my gaping cunt and then pulled out to jizz in my mouth and on my face.

Wife fucks right in front of me

group woreout 2018-11-26

It was just after nine o clock when I heard the garage door on the house opening, I jokingly said Jack, your girl friend is home. I watched his face as he started at her hills and slowly looked up her legs pausing at her crotch then up to her hard nipples held back by the thin red lace. After several minutes of having her nipples toyed with stood up and stepped back, she undid Jacks belt and worked his pants down. Then she stood and pulled her panties down, she turned to face me then sat down on his cock. She said oh baby Jacks cock is longer than yours, he is getting pussy you could never reach.

Dinner and a Night Out Part 3

group MrJackVeil 2018-11-26

You feel hands move on your abdomen, sliding down to your hips, fingers pressing against your pelvis. You feel hips in front of you and pull the dick towards your mouth as you reach behind to grasp my ass and pull me forward. “Ahh, now, I want to feel you inside of me,” you demand and start to roll over. I lean close and whisper,”It’s up to you.” I kiss you lightly on the lips and continue to rub my hand over your breasts. Suddenly someone puts a warm mouth and tongue on your nipple, and a hand, mine you think, slides between your legs. Fuck me!” You reach a hand back and grasp his ass as he continues to pound his cock into you.


group ladyjessamine 2018-11-26

Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand. It wasn’t that she had never seen her friend naked before - they worked out together three days a week, and so changed and showered together three days a week - but she felt like Lissy was at the edge of Hell, and Cyrene didn’t want to witness her friend‘s enthusiastic dive. Mark couldn’t see her face anymore - she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying - but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.