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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

All Text & No Trousers

group millennium_angel 2018-08-22

If I know Jack he will have only bought one for himself." With that, she thrust something soft and black into her hand, and then reached for Jack's crotch, gave a squeeze, winked and skipped towards the imposing hall that stood tall and erect in the summer evening, a grey prison against a pink sky. Dressed in a tuxedo, a tall, slightly greying figure stood holding the door slightly open invitingly and Jack and Corinne entered the house. Her other hand was outstretched feeling for anything that may cause her to stumble but she was grateful to Jack for leading her away; he must have sensed that she did not want to participate. "Jack, don't," she began but the hands reached under her dress and went straight for her sex.

One Incredible Night

group spatch 2018-08-22

Michelle came up behind me and started massaging my back as I kneaded Amy's tits, and Beth came and sat down on my other side. Beth and Michelle looked at each other and giggled, then Beth brought her hand, covered in my cum, out from under the blankets, and started licking off the jizz. But as I started to poke into Michelle's pussy, Amy decided to remind me that there was one other girl in the room. While I had been occupied with Beth and Michelle's naked bodies, Amy had become completely naked, and was now climbing towards me on the bed. Then the girls disengaged, and Beth started rubbing my chest while Michelle worked her way down to my still flaccid dick.

Swim Sex: A Coed Team

group mccrea 2018-08-22

Then to my surprise, she reaches over to the guy dancing next to her and pulls him to her ass, and starts grinding with him as well. Mike reached over, grabbed my cock, stroked it a couple of times and then said "go fuck her brains out", heh, who was I to argue. Mike found his position at Robin's mouth where he proceeded to fuck her face. I think that Mike could tell that I was coming and he too started to come into Robin's mouth. Mike pulled out of Robin's pussy without having cum yet and stuck into her mouth. But Mike reached over, grabbed my cock and started stroking it until it was hard again.

Pizza Delivery Mishap.

group marie5555 2018-08-22

Hal squeezed in, grabbing the shower head on its flexible hose, and directed the spray on full power right between Angie's wide open legs.playing it around until it was hitting her clit and open pussy. "Hal, you have not enjoyed Angie yet?" he asked, "and who else still has to try her?" Jim and John both raised hands. Another shower was needed, this time with just Rod helping her, and she had to thank him of course by climbing onto his newly hard cock and letting him fuck her while the warm water ran down her tingling body, and she came hard for him, the muscle spasms of her satiated pussy squeezing a fresh climax from him.

Dreams & Diversion

group ruckum_fruckum 2018-08-22

I turn my head and see David's large, black cock pounding Erica's pink, wet pussy. I was in a trance fixated on his dick when I hear Ms. Erica shouting again – "FUCK HER NOW DAVID!" With that, I guided his cock to her hole and he push forward just enough to where his big, black head was right at her pussy. Just as I was saying that, David's cock slipped out of Deidre's pussy and plopped right onto my face. You gonna share Paul's cock with me?" With that I feel Deidre's mouth come off my cock and replaced by Erica's. She stopped and sat on the massage table next to us and started fingering her pussy while watching her husband and Deidre suck me off.


Tale of the Unexpected

group alicefun 2018-08-22

Slowly I felt my breasts being massaged first through my top then a hand slipped under the material and warm fingers crawled up reaching my bra before running round my back to unfasten the clasp. Parting my legs I could feel the wetness of my pussy as Johns fingers toyed with the lips before inching inside me. He momentarily removed his fingers from my pussy and took my hand, guiding it to his groin, where I was greeted by his cock, erect and pulsing. (I must have been well consumed with my encounter as I don't know when he had opened his trousers) Slowly he eased my hand to clasp his cock gentle making me slide it up and down before leaving me to continue his invasion of my pussy.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 98

group SteveWallace 2018-08-22

The night before our flight to the island, Kate, Tori, Mel, Sheila, and Elsa came into my study as I was gathering some papers and portable technology so I could do a little work at the villa. Kate set the stage, "Mark, I wanted you to hear our plan for Tori on the island to get your thoughts and hear any issues." She turned to her daughter and said, "Tori?" Mark's airplane, and all he wanted to do was hold me, kiss the side of my head in an exceptionally loving way as he held me close, and tell me he was so glad that I was all right.


Heading to the airport

group brcrbf 2018-08-22

One of my favorite ABSs was on the way to the airport, so I finished packing, popped a couple of condoms in my pocket just in case and headed out the door. Both guys had their dicks out and action ready, but I got them to pull their pants down so I could kneed their asses as I sucked. The older dick was nice shaped and just short of 6 inches the younger guy was well over 6 and uncut. At that point I realized that the door’s broken latch had allowed someone to push it open and a couple of guys were watching us and stroking in the hall. I sucked his never quite hard, but nice-sized dick like crazy and I went down on his balls which he really enjoyed.

Hot Threesome

group fotisampini 2018-08-22

Then, I quickly pulled down Julia's pants and stuck my throbbing dick in her ass and Angie started licking Julia's clit. My, you're a dirty bitch!" Angie asked, "So, ever had your pussy licked by another girl before?" to which Julia answered "no, but I loved your tongue inside me!" She tongue-fucked Angie at the same time that I was banging her as hard as I could, so her moans were a bit muffled. Then, Angie slid the short pole into Julia's ass and one end of the long pole into her pussy. Julia reached her hands around Angie and clutched her firm melons, lightly pinching her hard nipples as she thrusted in and out of her ass.

Seduction Ch. 01

group ravaged_wench 2018-08-22

I looked into her eyes as I allowed my hand to move slowly down her back to caress her ass and pull her body closer. I moaned softly into her warm mouth as I felt her hips move slightly, pressing her warm pussy tighter against my thigh. As I had with his Lady, he allowed his hand to move down my back to cup my ass and as he leaned down to touch my lips with his, he pulled my ass toward him and ground his thigh into my pussy. He held me closely, my breasts pressed tightly against his chest, his leg firmly between my thighs, crushing my clit between our bodies.

Stranger Danger: Gangbanged by my friends!

group Fuckmebad27 2018-08-22

I was wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt. "Hello, what would you like to order?" I knelt down to pick up my notepad when I spotted some of them coming my way. I tried to run but soon they grabbed my feet. Lifting me off the ground i said "Please, let me leave!" They pulled off my skirt and they carried me to the table. "Hey, guys, her ass looks like it needs a good fucking!" "Help!" I screamed. "Ok that's it." they picked me up and held me in the air while they individualy took turns sucking my tight pussy. I felt a sensation of warmth as the took out a phone and called some guys to come over.

Riding Lessons

group E.NonnyMuse 2018-08-22

Roy's erection had gone down some, but the sight of Miss Chambers' big tits hanging over the hay bale combined with her wide ass spread out, soon had him at full song. I got behind Carl and massaged his balls and cockroot as he filled Miss Chambers' cunt with his big, hard tool. Carl kept fucking her hard as she came, and as she was coming down, he pulled out his big, steaming cock and plopped it in her butt crack. Heather ground her pussy against his cock trunk, yelling and bucking, while my hard clit throbbed in his tongue cunt and I drenched his face with my cum.


The Visit: A New Day

group SexySuzy 2018-08-22

She moved down further, caressing my stomach with her tongue, and I felt her tongue licking my arm moving closer to my fingers as they moved in between the outer lips of my pussy, pushing them out to let my clit raise it's head out of my soft folds of flesh. I moaned with the pleasure of his tongue, and watched Trish sucking Eddie's huge cock, her mouth stretched to the limit around him, while he plunged in and out, holding her head against him tightly. Danny was pounding me with long, violent strokes, as we both watched Trish swallowing Eddie's load, his cock half in her mouth, her mouth coated with cum and still sucking and licking it.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 26

group riverboy 2018-08-22

All tangled up in The Kylie Orgy, as Liz likes to think of that afternoon, with Ryan fucking her deep with the most perfect cock she'd ever seen — well, it was about as good as it gets, and she let herself go in front of the cameras in a way that surprised her. Tucker knew the guys sometimes used Marsha as fantasy material, locking eyes with her as they fucked women that they didn't find attractive, so he wasn't surprised and didn't mind at all when Ryan's eyes locked with Liz's as he fucked the shit out of the trailer park mama. "Wouldn't Ryan's long cock feel heavenly right about now?" Marsha said, on her knees under the cascading water, teasing Liz's clit with her tongue.


Always Bet On A Winner

group Don Grampa 2018-08-22

I do know you're about the luckiest bastard I've ever seen," Ann said, laughing and shaking her head back and forth. But," I said, looking up and down her body, ogling her perfect breasts and the curve of her slim waist, "you'll do the haircut, pedicure, and manicure . Finally looking me in the eye, she laughed and said, "You've got a deal." "I've got something to ask before we get started," Ann said. "This is too hot for me," Pat said, scrambling up to sit on the edge of the tub, only her feet remaining in the water. When Pat finally slid back into the water, Ann took her place on the edge.

An Impromptu Threesome

group prickasso 2018-08-22

I could see Caroline weighing my statement in her mind, then she smiled, and leaned in to kiss me, sliding her tongue into my mouth, while sliding her hand up my leg to encase my growing cock in her grip. I smile into Caroline's cunt as I feel Becky's warm breath on my scrotum, while Caroline has my shaft deep into her throat. Caroline decides to move upright, sitting firmly on my face, and Becky moves up to sit on my extremely stiff cock, slipping her wet pussy down my length in an excruciatingly delightful move. Caroline lets her hands roam down Becky's body, feeling the warm flesh. Slipping her hand into Becky's warm wet pussy, Caroline rolls Becky over onto her back.

A Dream Come True...

group CathyRose 2018-08-22

I can remember thinking how hot Jane looked when I first saw her; she had long black hair, a really cute ass and shapely rounded tits, not too big and not too little. I took the glass out of her hand and put it on the coffee table, which was placed at the head of the sofa and stood beside her for a moment, just looking. I had a feeling that Jane was enjoying being watched, so I plucked up the courage to ask her to do something I had been longing for her to do, ever since that first glimpse, coming out of her bedroom. "Tell me about them." Jane asked, looking into my eyes and smiling.


A fantasy: in progess

group lasci 2018-08-21

"I'm sorry I haven't got any money; my master says I must find some other way to pay..." I try to make a suggestive look. "OK, well show me your cunt and I'll consider you fucking whore." I move away from the bar so he can see properly and then lift my dress and move my g-string to the side so he can see my bare, waxed mound. My master makes me remove my dress and lie on a table with my cunt on display and tells me to spread my lips apart. For the next 5 hours I am fucked in my cunt ass and mouth by more than a dozen men and made to drink all of their piss (they drink lots of beer).

A Night Out

group jadepixie 2018-08-21

The waiter started asking me what it felt like sitting there with two men knowing that one of them had my underwear. My friend and the waiter started discussing my breasts as I sat there and waited for the last hand to be dealt. My friend put his hands behind my head and started driving his cock in and out of my mouth. I started to work his cock with my tongue as I felt the waiter fucking me harder from behind. I quickly forgot anything about it when I felt the fourth hand rubbing my pussy and started to feel the two fingers playing with my anus start to work their way in.


Charlie's Summer Cabin Ch. 02

group j3zza 2018-08-21

Though a few weeks ago, I could never have imagined myself saying words or thinking thoughts like this about a guy, with Ryan I felt able to express my hopes and feelings. I moved back to his crotch, this time hovering above it, maneuvering his cock and balls around with my hand and licking, flickering my tongue wherever it could reach. I pulled my legs up, and for the second time that summer, got lost in the sensation of a large cock entering my ass. I positioned it right at his small anal opening, taking a moment to look at his body, exposed and ready for me. He could tell what was coming and encouraged me with his body, pushing his ass onto my cock as far as it would go.

Ellie, Dave and Gino

group DavidFun 2018-08-21

Her dress was now scrunched around her waist, her breasts were bare and being sucked adoringly by two mouths and as she stepped out of her undies she felt Dave slide a finger between her legs and over her aching clit. As the sweet ecstasy of the orgasm flowed from her she was left with a warm divine glow that filled her body, and was in no way lessened by Dave's fingers slowly stirring her cunt juices or Gino's cock still thrusting into her mouth. As she watched her husband giving a blowjob to his best friend with her fingers wrapped in his hair she suddenly felt the appeal that Dave must have had the few times when she let him roughly fuck her face.


Scripted Passion

group shortload 2018-08-21

"Fuck you!" Eleanor cut him off, "You want some of this, you're going to have to work for it!" To Andrew's amazement, the older women tore open her shirt and thrust her amply supported bust towards him. Eleanor stepped back as Olivia reached up to kiss Andrew teasingly. The young woman's tongue worked magic on Andrew's erection, but his steely glare held firm and he kept the floodgates closed. While the young woman quivered in ecstasy, Andrew saw the tell-tale lifting of the older man's nutsack, the clenching of his urethra as he pored his sperm into her vagina, and the dribble of pearly white essence squeezing out around his pistoning cock.


Bisexual Farmer Fuck

group danielblue 2018-08-21

A half hour later Riana came in and told Koos that his bath was ready. Koos' big, heavy uncut cock started rising. I was so incredibly turned on I felt like my cock might explode. He reached over and took my cock in his large paw and started slowly jacking it. Riana got up from her chair and came and knelt as Koos' side. When she came to his cock she took that delicious sausage in her mouth and made love to it. When she came to my cock she looked at Koos. Koos' kisses were hungry, a man in the mood for sex; Riana's were sweet and gentle. She had an incredibly beautiful, firm ass, so different from Koos' beefy, hairy man mound.

A New Year to Remember

group njswingcouple 2018-08-21

Amy cornered Drew and grabbed his cock through his pants, I danced with Tom and let him grab my tits. My D cup breasts were lit by the moon streaming in, and I showed off my ass to Tom and Drew as I crawled over to Amy. She was laying back on the blanket, and I leaned over to kiss her. All that mattered was being pleasured by this man, to move my hips in time with his, to feel his hands grabbing my tits and his cock pumping inside of me. I glanced over as Tom was pounding my tight pussy, and I saw Amy riding Drew. We turned to see Drew on top of Amy, thrusting his hard cock into her tight pussy.